Western High School, Graduating Class of 1895

Transcriber’s Note: This information was taken from an invitation to attend the commencement exercises for the 1895 graduating classes of the Washington, DC, high schools. The schools represented were Central High, Eastern High, and Western High. The invitation, which was hand-addressed to Mr. Robert Guard and Family, was in booklet format and listed the names of the 1895 graduates along with the names of the junior students slated to graduate in 1896. These are the Western High graduates and the list of Western High juniors. If you have questions about an entry, please contact the transcriber Susan Salus.

1895 Western High Graduates

Bremermann, Lillie May
Crowley, Alice Jane
Janney, Gertrude Margarite
Lanman, Lula Elizabeth
Lynch, Alice Jane
McGowan, Mary Loyola
Philips, Mary R.
Roche, Elsie Ida
Trunnell, Mary Louise
White, Maud

Western High – Third Year
(Students Slated to Graduate in 1896)

Benkert, George Felix
Blackford, Lucy Landon Carter
Berry, Alice Mary
Calhoun, Edna Norris
Cassin, William Deakins
Cheyney, Edward Gheen (Green?)
Clarke, Alice Richardson
Coyle, Alice Kearney
Coyle, William Radford
Davis, Josephine Miller
Fisher, William Cummings
Graves, Emily
Hutchins, Amelia Annie
McKee, William Pinkney
Wescott, Edna Rose
Wilson, Jesse Henry, Jr.