1912 Business High School Yearbook,
"The Orange and Blue"

Transcriber’s Notes:
  1. This transcription contains the names of students, faculty, and persons mentioned in yearbook advertisements. Business High had two four graduating classes: the 4-year February class; the 4-year June class; the 2-year February class; and the 2-year June class. Generally, individual photographs are included only of the 4-year graduating students, the officers of the 2-year classes, and the officers of some of the clubs. The remaining students appear in group class photographs and are not always individually identified. If a name appears in all UPPER CASE letters, it indicates that an individual photograph of the student is in the yearbook. Where an individual has been clearly identified in a group photo, the name is also placed in UPPER CASE. All other names are set in lower case.
  2. Underclassmen are not identified by name. However, where a new name appears in connection with a school club, I have presumed it to be that of a lowerclassman and have identified it as such.
  3. While this yearbook contains the home addresses of the students, those have not been included in this transcription. If you would like a home address, a scan of a photo, or have questions about an entry, contact the transcriber Susan Salus.

Addison, Elizabeth Flournoy (Faculty: Shorthand and Typewriting)
Adler, D. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Akers, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Alheit, C. S. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Anderson, C. H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Astor, John J. (Presenter of Rifle Club Medals)
Auffort, Violet Claire (2-Year June Class)

Baggett, Leslie R. (Dramatics)
BAILEY, CATHERINE EDNA (4-Year February Class)
Baker, Sibyl (Faculty: English; Advisor of the Balance Sheet)
Baldwin, Elizabeth Birth (Faculty: Shorthand and Typewriting)
Bannerman, C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Bannerman, Graeme (2-Year June Class)
Barrett, Norman W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Football Squad; Baseball Team)
Barrows, Florine Rebecca (2-Year June Class)
BEALL, FLORENCE MAY (4-Year February Class)
Bearce, Ira Mellen (Faculty: Bookkeeping, Physics, and Chemistry)
Becker, D. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Bedinger, J. (Dramatics/Dance)
Bell, Grace Elizabeth (2-Year February Class)
Bell, Hettie Bates (Faculty: Arithmetic and Bookkeeping
Belt, Charles (2-Year June Class)
Benton, Marion Helen (2-Year June Class)
Bergazin, Lillian (2-Year June Class)
Bergman, Ethel Leona (2-Year June Class; Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
BIGHAM, CHARLES. J. (Underclassman/Cadet, Co. E; The Balance Sheet Staff)
BLACK, NEVILLE (Football Squad; Baseball Team)
Blumberg, E. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Boe (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
BOERNSTEIN, RALPH (Lowerclassman/Baseball Team)
Bohlayer, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Bonnet, Frank Herbert (2-Year February Class)
Bornet (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
Boswell, Camille, Virginia (2-Year June Class)
Bovee, Helene Elizabeth (2-Year June Class)
Bowers, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Bowie, Ruth Worthington (Alumni)
Boxwell, Elsie Katharine (2-Year June Class)
Bradley, Myrtle Elizabeth (2-Year June Class)
Bradshaw, May Paul (Miss) (Faculty: Geography, English and Arithmetic)
Brand, D. (Dramatics/Dance)
Brandon, V. N. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Branson, Elsie Anastatia (sic) (2-Year February Class)
Brenizer, W. Spencer (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Brennan (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
Brennan, Robert (Underclassman/Awards)
BRIDGET, MARY BERNARDINE (4-Year February Class)
Brodie (Daniel Webster Club; Basketball Team)
BROMLEY (Football Squad)
Bromley, C. (Dramatics/Dance)
Brooks, Ethel May (2-Year February Class)
Brown, Hazel Cecelia (2-Year February Class)
Brown, Inez Mildred (2-Year June Class)
Bruce, C. (Dramatics/Dance)
BRUCE, HAROLD EUGENE (2-Year June Class)
Brunger, Percy Allen (2-Year February Class)
Buckingham, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Burns, Minnie (Faculty: Shorthand)
Butler, Josephine Chesney (Faculty: Typewriting)

Camp, William Madison, Jr. (2-Year June Class)
Campbell, Ida May (Faculty: Physical and Commercial Geography, History)
Campbell, T. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Caplan, Henrietta Freda (2-Year June Class)
Carter (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
Carter, B. (Dramatics/Dance)
Cayton, Harry (2-Year June Class)
CHALK, SALLIE JANE (4-Year February Class)
Chartron, Altona (Dramatics)
Childs, Edna Adele (2-Year June Class)
Cissel (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
Claiborne, Dana Elizabeth (2-Year June Class)
Clark, Edna Anna (Faculty: English)
Clark, L. (Dramatics/Dance)
Clark, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Clark, Rose Marie (2-Year June Class)
Clements, L. (Dramatics/Dance)
Coates (Senior Girls Basketball Team)
Coates, Mildred A. (Underclassman/Awards)
Cohen, Annie (2-Year February Class)
Colburn, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
COLE, ARTHUR BUIL (4-Year February Class)
Coleman, N. (Dramatics/Dance)
COLLIER, E. DAVIS (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Wash. DC High School Bank)
Comley J. F. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Connor, F. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Conway, F. F. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Coon, Elsie Christine (2-Year February Class)
COPES, ETHEL MARIE (4-Year June Class)
Corder, R. (Dramatics/Dance)
Cornish, Madeline Ruth (2-Year June Class)
Cowsill, A. A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Crandall, Perry Bruce (Faculty: Bookkeeping)
Creecy, J. R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Crow, Mary Minerva (2-Year June Class)
Curtis, Garnette Imena (2-Year June Class)

D’Orsay, L. (Dramatics/Dance)
Davies, Margaret (Faculty: Library)
Davis, A. M. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Davis, Allan (Faculty Board, Wash. DC High School Bank)
DeGrossart, Mildred Murray (2-Year June Class)
Deming, C. G. (Doctor of Pharmacy) (Advertisement, Deming Pharmacy)
Derrick, Horace B. (Underclassman/Awards; Football Squad)
Deuterman, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Dietz, Wilhelmina Dorothy (2-Year June Class)
Donn, Walter E. (Underclassman/Awards; Baseball Team)
Donnelly, B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Donnelly, Ralph (Faculty: Football Coach)
Dowrick, Lillie Belle (2-Year June Class)
Drake, F. G. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Drane, Estella Constance (Faculty: Drawing)
Draughon’s Practical Business College (Advertisement)
DREIS, ADOLPH (Lowerclassman/Baseball Team)
Drown, Orville B. (Advertisement, Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins.; Alumni, ’01)
Drown, Orville B. (Alumni)

Eaton, A. S. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Eckert Lithography Co. (Advertisement, Photography & Engraving)
ECKERT, JOHN PAUL (4-Year June Class)
Edwards, E. Eugene (Capt) (Advertisement, Edwards & Zanner, Jewelers)
Ehrmanntraut, R. W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Basketball Team)
EISEMAN, JULIAN (4-Year February Class)
Eisenbeiss, H. E. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Ellett, P. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Elmore, Laura (2-Year June Class)
EMMNER, OLA BELLE (4-Year June Class)
Emory, Rufus H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)

Farrar (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
FARRAR, KATHERINE WATSON (2-Year June Class/The Balance Sheet Staff)
Faunce, C. (Dramatics/Dance)
Faust (Senior Girls Basketball Team)
Faust, F. (Dramatics/Dance)
FINCH, ANNA MARIAN (4-Year June Class)
FINCKEL, JOSEPH (Faculty: German; Advisor, Rifle Club)
FINOTTI, MARY ELLA (4-Year February Class) (Name listed as Mae E. Finotti elsewhere)
Fischer, Jeanette (2-Year February Class)
FISHER, H. COCHRAN (Lowerclassman/The Balance Sheet Staff)
FITTON, MARY RUTH (4-Year June Class)
Fitzgerald, Florence Mary (2-Year February Class)
Flaherty, G. Nash, C. B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Flannery, Mary Philomena (Faculty: Shorthand)
FLAX, JACOB (Lowerclassman/ Football Squad; Baseball Team)
Ford, Charles K. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Fowler, John Edward Jr. (2-Year June Class)
Freeman, W. R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
French, C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Freudberg, Leopold Victor (2-Year June Class)
Fry, C. M. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Fuhrman, Carl J. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Fuller, Frank (Principal) (Advertisement, The Drillery School)
Fuller, Miles (Founder) (Advertisement, The Drillery School)

Gamble, Jesse (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Gannon (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
Garrett, R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Gensburg, I. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
GESCHICKTER, GERTRUDE (Lowerclassman/Wash. DC High School Bank)
Gessford, Richard (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Baseball Team)
Gibson, Mary Jean (Faculty: Bookkeeping and Penmanship)
Gingell, R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Glanzeman, Herman (2-Year February Class)
Goepfert, Mabel (2-Year June Class)
Goldsmith (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
Goodman, N. L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Gordon, Geneva Wise (Faculty: Shorthand and Typewriting)
Gordon, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Gotthold, Cecelia Marie (2-Year June Class)
Grady, Elizabeth Cecelia (2-Year February Class)
Graham, Agnes Montgomery (Miss) (Faculty: Law; Yearbook Dedication)
Graham, Edith Louise (2-Year June Class)
Graham, Margaret (Faculty: Arithmetic and Shorthand)
Grant, Ernest A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Graver, Richard (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
GRAY, EDITH M. (Lowerclassman/The Balance Sheet Staff)
Grossberg (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
Guilford, Anna (Senior Girls Basketball Team)
GUILFORD, CHARLES C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Guilford, D. (Senior Girls Basketball Team)
Gunning (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
Gunning, E. (Dramatics/Dance)

Hainsworth, Edith Octavia (2-Year February Class)
Haislip, E. S. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Hall, Virgie Aletheia (2-Year June Class)
Hanson, G. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Harbers, Adelaide Ruth (2-Year February Class)
Harbin, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Hardisty, Nettie Elizabeth (2-Year June Class)
Hardy, Marion Stewart (2-Year February Class)
Harper, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
HARRIS (Lowerclassman/Track Team)
Harris, Harry L. (2-Year June Class; Basketball Team)
Harris, R., (Advertisement, R. Harris & Co Jewelers)
Hart, Charles (Faculty: Head – Business Practice Department)
Hart, William Eugene (2-Year February Class)
HARTIG, KATHERINE (4-Year February Class)
Hasse (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
HAVENER, H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Hay, Frances Steele (Faculty: English)
Hay, William Perry (Faculty: Head of Department of Biology and Chemistry)
Hazelton, Anna Sarah (Faculty: Arithmetic and Bookkeeping)
Heinzmann, Alfred Harry (2-Year June Class)
Heitmuller, E. H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Baseball Team)
Heller, Mary Elizabeth (Faculty: German)
Hellman, Greta Isabelle (2-Year June Class)
Hereford (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
HESS, MARY CATHERINE (4-Year June Class)
Hessick (Mr.) (Possible Baseball Coach)
Hessick, Fred (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Heyden, Alice Leola (2-Year June Class)
Hobson, Miriam Louise (2-Year February Class)
Hoey, Nita (Lowerclassman/Athletic Association)
Hoffman, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Holbrook (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
Hoover, Halstead Peirce (Pierce?) (Faculty: Music)
Hoover, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Hoover, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Hopkins, R. T. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Horne (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
Houghton, A. C. (Advertisement, A. C. Houghton & Co. Real Estate)
Howard, Arcturus Lee, M.D. (Faculty: Bookkeeping/Auditing, Accounting/Finance, Bus. Org.)
Hudson, William B., M.D. (Faculty: Physical Training; Basketball Coach)
HUMRICKHOUSE, MARIE VIRGINIA (Vice-President, 2-Year June Class)
Hunt (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
Hunt, C. W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
HUNT, LUCY JONES (4-Year June Class)
Huske, George L. (Advertisement, Optician; Photographic Supplies)
Hutterly, G. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
HYLAND (Lowerclassman/Track Team)

Irwin, R. (Dramatics/Dance)

Jaffa, B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Jardine, Janet (2-Year June Class)
JEFFRIES EMILY (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
Jeffries, Mary Magdalene (2-Year June Class)
JOHNSON, E. H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E; The Balance Sheet Staff)
Johnson, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Jones, Agnes A. (Faculty: Arithmetic and Bookkeeping)
Jones, Charles A. (Alumni)
Jones, Lillian Gertrude (2-Year February Class)

Keeley, Cora Larimore (2-Year June Class)
Keeley, Jennie Sanderson (2-Year February Class)
Keely (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
Keene, Gerald E. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Keene, Margaret Evelyn (2-Year February Class)
Kehoe, W. A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Kelser, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Kendrick, H. (Dramatics/Dance)
Kilerlane, Michael Joseph (2-Year June Class)
Killian, Pearl, (Dramatics/Dance)
Kimball, Helen Lucretia McLean
Kimmell (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
King (Coach) (Baseball Team)
King, Beatrice Frances (2-Year June Class)
Kintz, Elizabeth Mildred (2-Year February Class)
Klopfer, H. (Dramatics/Dance)
Kluh, C. J (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Kluh, Oscar J. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Kubel, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Lange, Dorothy (Faculty Administrative Staff: Clerk)
Lanigan, Agatha Mary (2-Year June Class)
Lanman Engraving Co. (Advertisement)
Law, Emily Epsey (2-Year February Class)
Lazerow, Frances (2-Year February Class)
Lee, Clarence Fitzhugh (2-Year February Class)
Leese, E. L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Leishear, Elsie Louise (2-Year February Class)
Lennon, Julia Mary (2-Year June Class)
Lewis, Dorothy (2-Year June Class)
Lewis, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Long, Florence A. (Dramatics)
Loudermilk & Co. (Advertisement, Book Store)
Louis, M. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Lucas (Mr.) (School Calendar: Marriage of)
Lucas, Fay Elwood (Faculty: Arithmetic and Bookkeeping)
Lumpkin, Lyllian Boinseau (2-Year June Class)
Lusby, D. (Dramatics/Dance)
Lynn, E. L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)

Maddox, Elizabeth Southwick (2-Year June Class)
Mahoney, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Mallory, H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Malone, May Stanhope (Faculty: Drawing)
Mann, Gertrude (Underclassman/Awards)
MANN, ROSE ELEANOR (4-Year February Class)
Marks, F. H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
MARSTON (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
Marston, Helen Adams (2-Year June Class)
Martin, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Martin, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
Martin, R. B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Matthews, L. J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Mattingly, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
MCALEER, E. L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet; Rifle Club)
McCabe, John E (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
McCabe, M. J. (Advertisement, Florist)
McCarty, L. J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
McCawley ( Mr.) (School Calendar: Arrival at Business High)
McCawley, Harrison B. (Faculty: Bookkeeping and Penmanship)
McDevitt, G. (Dramatics/Dance)
McDowell, A. Lynn (Alumni)
McGhan, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
McKee, John A. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
McKlay, H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
McNamara, Agnes Catherine (2-Year June Class)
McNelly, Hester Ellen (Miss) (Faculty: Arithmetic, Law, Bus. Org.; mentioned in Graham bio.)
McQuay, A. (Dramatics/Dance)
Mentzell, R. F. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
MEREDITH (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
Meredith, D. (Dramatics/Dance)
Merillat, Fannie May (Faculty: Shorthand and Typewriting)
Meriwether, Colyer (Faculty: Geography, History, Government and Industrial Problems)
Merrill, May Day (Faculty: Shorthand)
Meyer, O. (Dramatics/Dance)
Miller, Alvin Wilson (Faculty: Math, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Physics)
Miller, Margaret Anna (2-Year June Class)
Milloff, (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Mills (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
MOLINEU, J. H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G; Rifle Club)
Moncure, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Montague, G. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
MOORE, ROBERT BYRON (Treasurer, 2-Year June Class)
Moore, William A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
MOORE, WILLIAM G. (Lowerclassman/The Balance Sheet Staff)
MORGAN, CHARLES GRAHAM (2-Year June Class/The Balance Sheet Staff)
Morgan, Helen Emma (2-Year February Class)
Mueller, Eda Sadie (2-Year June Class)
Munday, Mary Ann (2-Year February Class)
Munday, Mary Ann (Possible duplicate) (2-Year June Class)
MURPHY, DAISY HELEN (Vice President, 2-Year February Class)
Murphy, L. (Dramatics/Dance)
Murray, Florence (Faculty: English)
MURTO, MARY FRANCES (4-Year June Class)

Nash, E. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
NASH, ROBERT SLOAT (4-Year February Class)
Nelson, A. (Dramatics/Dance)
Newcorn & Green (Advertisement, Tailors/Clothing)
Newton (Lowerclassman/Track Team)
Nichols, Herbert L. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Nicolaides, Kimon J. A., Jr. (Designer of School Medal)
Niehus (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
Nilson (Senior Girls Basketball Team)
Noetzel, C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
NOETZEL, G. M. (Lowerclassman/The Balance Sheet Staff)
Norris, A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Norton, George Howison (2-Year June Class)
Nutwell, Goff Norval (2-Year June Class)

O’Brien, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
O’Hagan, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
O’Leary, Veronica Gertrude (2-Year June Class)
Orem, William Luther (2-Year June Class)
Oscar, H. (Dramatics/Dance)

Pack Brothers (Advertisement, Photographers)
Padgett, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Parker-Bridget (Advertisement, Clothing Store)
PARSONS, KATHERINE (4-Year February Class)
Patchell, William (Advertisement, Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins.; Alumni, ’10)
Patchell, William (Alumni)
PATTERSON (Lowerclassman/Track Team)
Patterson, Mark (2-Year June Class)
PAYNE, THELMA MILLA (Secretary, 2-Year June Class)
Pedlow, Leroy R. (Possible duplicate of R. Pedlow) (Lowerclassman/Awards)
Pedlow, R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E; Football Squad; Basketball Team)
PEET, WILLIAM (Coach/Football)
Perry, Carrie Virginia (2-Year June Class)
Phillips, Clistie Minerva (2-Year June Class)
Pillow (Miss) (Daniel Webster Club)
Pillow, F. (Dramatics/Dance)
Plunkett (Col) (School Calendar: Visit by)
Poston, F. (Dramatics/Dance)
Preissig, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Pribula, Stephanie (2-Year June Class)
Price, L. (Dramatics/Dance)
Pursell, C. C. (Advertisement, Bookseller and Stationer)
Putnam, Pearl Augusta (2-Year February Class)

Quigley, Frances Marguerite (2-Year June Class)
Quinn, E. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)

Raber, Katherine May (Faculty: Biology, Physical Geography, Typewriting)
RAEDY, DANIEL JOSEPH (4-Year June Class)
Ramsey, B. (Dramatics/Dance)
RAUM, ESTHER (4-Year June Class)
Rawlings (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
Rector, John Mayo (2-Year June Class)
REEVES, MILDRED (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
Richards, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Richardson, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Richardson’s Drug Store (Advertisement)
Ricker, A. (Dramatics/Dance)
Rivnitski, L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Roberts, Henry Hurd (Faculty: Geography and History)
Roberts, J. (Dramatics/Dance)
Roby, Elizabeth Pauline (2-Year June Class)
Rommel, George Frederick (2-Year June Class)
Root, Sarah (2-Year June Class)
Ross, Lily Aurelia (Faculty: Bookkeeping and Shorthand)

Sanderlin, Rosalie Payton (Faculty: Physical Training)
Sanders & Stayman (Advertisement, Pianos, Musical Merchandise, Victor Victrolas)
Sanders, B. (Dramatics/Dance)
Sanford, J. B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Schaaff, E. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
SCHAEFER (Football Squad)
Schafer, Charles W. (Underclassman/Awards)
Schickler, Frederick Ludwig (2-Year June Class)
Schmidt, Alma Elizabeth (2-Year February Class)
Schoenborn, W. (Underclassman/Poetry)
SCHRAM, JOHN THOMAS (4-Year February Class)
Schulteis, H. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Schweinhaut (Mr.) (Daniel Webster Club)
Scott, C. (Dramatics/Dance)
Seiver, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
SELTMAN, W. R. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E; Rifle Club)
Shanely, Rebecca E. (Faculty: English)
Sharswood, Nina L. (Alumni)
Shearer, Mary J. (Dramatics)
Sheehan, A. (Dramatics/Dance)
Shipley, W. C. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Shreve, Clyde M. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Shreve, Enos R. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Siebel, William (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Siebert, Frieda Katherine (2-Year June Class)
Sill, Helen Dorothy (2-Year June Class)
Skinner, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Slye, Genevieve Alice (2-Year June Class)
Smith, Alida (Faculty: Physical Geography)
Smith, Norman Samuel (2-Year February Class)
Sokal, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Soper, J. A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Soper, James (2-Year June Class)
SPEAR, ALBERT AUSTIN (2-Year June Class; The Balance Sheet Staff)
Speiser, B. (Dramatics/Dance)
SPENGLER, HENRY CHARLES (President, 2-Year February Class)
Starr, A. P. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Stobbe, Charlotte Louise (2-Year June Class)
Struble, Edna Eugenia (2-Year February Class)
Struble, Sidney L. (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club; Basketball Team)
Strudley, Edna Margaret (2-Year June Class)
Stutz, Mabel Henriette (2-Year June Class)
Suit, A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Swartzell, M. F. F. (Faculty: Arithmetic and Bookkeeping)
Sweeny (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
Sweetman, Donald Richard (2-Year February Class)

Tate (Lowerclassman/Freshman Girls Basketball Team)
Tate, Gladys (2-Year June Class)
Taylor (Miss) (School Calendar: Resignation of; Marriage of)
Taylor, F. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
THOMAS (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
Thomas, Pauline Margaret (2-Year June Class)
Thompson, E. (Dramatics/Dance)
Thour, C. E. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Throckmorton, Frances Estelle (Faculty: English)
Throckmorton, Robert William (2-Year June Class)
TILLETT, ANNEBEL LEE (4-Year February Class)
Tobin, N. (Dramatics/Dance)
Tracy, Robert C. (Alumni)
Turnburke (Mr.) (Daniel Webster Club)

Vale, Grace (Faculty: English)
Van Overmeer, J. P. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Vanderlip (Mr.) (Daniel Webster Club)
Vitale, Mary Agnes (2-Year June Class)

Wallace, Sarah Agnes (Faculty: English)
Walters, Helen Louise (2-Year June Class)
Walters, W. N. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Wannan, Robert (Lowerclassman/The Rifle Club)
Ward, F. B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Ward, Margaret Edmonia (2-Year June Class)
Wassman, K. G. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Waters, Somerset R. (Advertisement, Wholesale Grocer/Coffee Roaster)
Watts, Mary Jane (Faculty: Bookkeeping and Arithmetic
Weadon, W. M. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Weber, Edward L. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
WEIDEMANN, CLARENCE C. (Alumni/The Balance Sheet Staff)
Weinberg, Lena (2-Year February Class)
Wentzell, W. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Wescott, H. A. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
WHELAN, WILLIAM M. (Lowerclassman/Wash. DC High School Bank)
WHITACRE (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Basketball Team)
WHITACRE (Lowerclassman/Sophomore Girls Basketball Team)
WHITE, HELEN REGENA (4-Year June Class)
White, M. (Dramatics/Dance)
White, Sarah Evelyn (2-Year June Class)
WIDMAYER, DAVID (President, 2-Year June Class)
Widmayer, Edward (Underclassman/Awards; Baseball Team)
Williams, Arthur Fisher (2-Year June Class)
Willis (Lowerclassman/Senior Girls Basketball Team)
Willis, H. (Dramatics/Dance)
Wills, Dorothy Crandalll (2-Year June Class)
WILSON (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
WILSON, HARRY (Lowerclassman/Basketball Team)
Wilson, J. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E; )
Wilson, Maude Elaine (2-Year February Class)
Windridge (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
WISE, J. M. (Lowerclassman/Basketball Team)
WISE. R. (Lowerclassman/Football Squad)
Wolf, G. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Woltz, Myrtle (Lowerclassman/Poetry)
WOOD, MAGNUS P. (Lowerclassman/Baseball Team)

Yeatman, N. S. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. G)
Young, Edna Elizabeth (2-Year June Class)
Young, T. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)

Zanner, Charles A. (Advertisement, Edwards & Zanner, Jewelers)
Zeiler, W. B. (Lowerclassman/Cadet, Co. E)
Zinn, G. (Dramatics/Dance)
Zirkin (Lowerclassman/Junior Girls Basketball Team)
Zirkin, I. (Dramatics/Dance)
Zirkle, J. C. (Advertisement, A. C. Houghton & Co. Real Estate)
ZUPNIK, WILLIAM (4-Year June Class)