1914 Business High School Graduates (January Class)

Transcriber’s Note: Business High had two graduating classes, the January (mid-year) and June classes. These are the January graduates. The list of names was taken from the January 31, 1914, edition of the Washington Post (Washington, DC) at Page 11.

Commencement Program:

Presiding Official: John B. Lamar, Board of Education.
Invocation: Rev. John Van Shaick, Jr.
Address Before the Graduates: Secretary of Labor Wilson, speaking on "Ideals."
Presentation of Diplomas: Mrs. Susie Root Rhodes, Board of Education.
Music: The High School Orchestra.

The List of Graduates:

Beavers, Lucy May
Bender, Alma Amelia Frances
Bennit, Elizabeth Woodhull
Beuchert, Katherine
Beuchert, Nettie
Bieber, Mary Philabena
Blackford, Dorothy Frances
Bruce, Alice Ellen
Burdette, Laura Edith
Burns, Margaret Alicia
Carr, Doris Elizabeth
Carroll, Mildred
Cleary, Josephine Winifred
Cottrell, Grace Elise
Cowsill, Arthur Rutherford
Delaney, Martha Katherine
Dickey, Frederick Morse
Dickey, Howard Noble
Duvall, Mabel Margaret
Flynn, Lucy Kathleen
Gardner, Marie Joseph
Gibson, Helen
Gladstone, Harry
Goodman, Nathan Leonard
Gorman, Minnie Esther
Grieb, Elfrieda Marie
Grossberg, Katherine
Haase, Agnes Catherine
Hainsworth, Edith Octavia
Hoffman, Ethel Maureen
Holbrook, Elmira Valietia
King, Raymond Francis
Kunkel, Margaretha Hoffman
Lazerow, Bessie
Lucas, Marie Ellen
Malcolm, Kilda DeWolfe
Marks, Frank Henry
Marks, Mary Magdalen
Meyer, Ellen Marguerite
Nash, Charles Byron Matthews
O'Day, Wilbur James
Parkhurst, Margaret Gittings
Presnell, Theodora
Pyles, Blanche Valesca
Rector, Mamie Lois
Regan, Agnes Mary
Sauner, Gertrude May
Schutrumpf, John Conrad
Simmerman, Edith May
Sisson, India Etta
Sniffin, Cecil Dulin
Thomas, Adele
Thompson, Delevan Rodfield
Viehman, Philip Joseph
Walsh, May Margaret

1964 Class Reunion

Classmates Attending Reunion

Marjorie Bartlett Abbott, Silver Spring, MD
Adah Louise Bagby, Washington, DC
Emily Jefferis Baxter, Arlington, VA
David Becker, Washington, DC
Lucile Price Blundon, Silver Spring, MD
Ralph A. Boernstein, Washington, DC
Marion Shannon Carwithen, Washington, DC
Ruth Beck Connell, Silver Spring, MD
Mary Shea Connor, Washington, DC
Nona Mae Cox, Washington, DC
Frances Davis De Lawder, Santa Monica, CA
Dorothy Davidson Detwiler, Washington, DC
Leopold V. Freudberg, Washington, DC
Minnie Belle Hohn, Washington, DC
Edna Carmel Manning, Washington, DC
Katherine M. Miller, Centreville, VA
Thelma R. Miller, Centreville, VA
Clara Warneson Omohundro, Arlington, VA
Arthur Lee Perry, Hockessin, Delaware
Julia Farr Robertson, Silver Spring, MD
Dennis Martin Rogers, Washington, DC
Florence Elinor Sharswood, Washington, DC
Josephine Ginechesi Stone, Washington, DC
Carrie Neeb Toone, Arlington, VA
Harry M. Turnburke, Clearwater, FL
Charlotte Heine Webster, Washington, DC

At the request of Harry Turnburke, everyone rose, joined hands while Clara Warneson Omohundro read the names of the eighteen deceased members, and all remained standing for a minute of silent respect to the memory of those members. Their names are shown on the attached list, based upon information obtained to date.

During the course of the excellent luncheon Harry Turnburke spoke briefly, expressing his pleasure at the holding of the Class reunion and the appreciation of all present for the splendid and untiring efforts of Clara Warneson Omohundro and her assistants Minnie Hohn, Charlotte Heine' Webster, Adah Bagby, Thelma and Katherine Miller, and all others whose good help made the affair possible.

Mrs. Omohundro gave a talk describing the decision of a few members to undertake the fiftieth anniversary reunion, and ex-pressed her appreciation of the assistance and co-operation given her by several Class members in handling the project. She reported having received expressions of regrets from Ellen Carmody O'Connell, Helen Linkins Opitz, Ida Zirkin Small, Judith Barbaux Wilson, Loy H. Brodie, Henry Hyland and James L. Martin, all of whom because of illness, travel plans or other personal reasons were unable to attend. She stated that five members have not been located, these being Elva Fitzhugh Beck, Frederick Daniel Connor, Thelma Mills Payne, Besse Ramsey Campbell (Mrs. Eliot Campbell) and Hester Mildred Tancre. Mrs. Omohundro stated that if anyone knows where any of these unlocated members can be reached she would appreciate being furnished the address.

Classmates Deceased as of 1964: In Memoriam

Rcbert Brennan
Floyd Houston Crews
Walter Edmund Donn
George Earl Elliott
Agnes Marie Gaskins
Harry Lewis Harris
Clarissa Mullikin
Elsie Ellett Offut
Theodore Louis Blaine Otte
Raymond Leroy Pedlow
Roger Calvin Power
Evelyn Thelma Richman
Jesse Bernard Sanford
William Ernest Schaaff
William Howell Sheehan
Minnie Rose Tauber
Henry Fred Vanderlip
Eleanora Marie Warneson