1912 Business High School Photos

1912 Business High – Baseball Team:

Back Row (From L): Richard Gessford, Jacob Flax, Magnus P. Wood (Captain), Mr. King (Coach), William Zupnik, Willard Alfred Warthen, Ralph Boernstein, Edward Widmayer, Walter E. Donn, Norman Barrett.
Front Row (From L): Neville Black, E. H. Heitmuller, Horace B. Der rick, Edward McAleer, Adolph Dreis.
Not in Picture: C. W. Schafer, Robert Brennan.

1912 Business High – Basketball Team:

Front Row (Seated): Henry L. Harris (Captain).
Second Row (Seated): Harry Wilson.
Third Row Row: Henry Charles Spengler, S. L. Struble, Irvin Theodore Frank, LeRoy R. Pedlow, R. Ehrmanntraut (Manager).
Back Row: __?__ Brodie (Ass’t Manager), Dr. William B. Hudson (Coach).

1912 Business High – Rifle Team:

Back Row: W. R. Seltman, Joseph Finckel (Faculty Advisor), Edward L. McAleer. Front Row: Charles Andrew Robinson, J. H. Molineu.

1912 Business High – Captains of Teams:

(From Left): Magnus P. Wood, Captain of Baseball; Robert Byron Moore, Captain of Track; Henry L. Harris, Captain of Basketball; J. H. Molineu, Captain of Football.

1912 Business High – Track Team:

Back Row: Robert Byron Moore (Captain), Albert Austin Spear (Manager), Henry L. Harris, W. G. Moore.
Front Row: __?__ Hyland, Mark Patterson.