1940 Fairmont School and Junior College Yearbook,
"The Owl and the Parrot”

Transcriber’s Notes:
  1. Fairmont had two graduating classes – the seniors of the Junior College and the seniors of the Preparatory School. Names of graduates are entered in all CAPITALS. Curiously, the junior college used the term “seniors” to refer to those who had completed the two year curriculum and the term “freshmen” to refer to the first year students. Three students are listed as “Specials of the Preparatory School.” It is not clear what that term means; however, since these girls are not listed with the Preparatory school graduates, they are entered using lower case. Faculty and other names mentioned also appear in Lower Case.
  2. While this yearbook includes the full home address of each student, my transcription includes only the city and state. This yearbook was originally owned by freshman Nancy Frudden. If you have questions about an entry or would like details about a student, contact the transcriber Susan Salus.

ALLEN, LEANNA (Senior, Junior College) (Denver, CO)
Anderson, Dot (Freshman, Junior College) (Starkville, MS)
ANDERTON, HELEN E. (Senior, Junior College) (Oil City, PA)

BAILEY, BETH (Senior, Junior College) (Denver, CO)
BAKER, BARBARA (Senior, Preparatory School) (Denver, CO)
Ballantyne, William & Son (Advertisement, Books and Stationery)
Bartley, Miss Marie L. (Faculty, Hygiene/Athletics/Study Hall Proctor)
Bauer, Dorthea (Freshman, Junior College) (Cleveland, OH)
BELL, BETTY McLIN (Senior, Junior College) (Pittsboro, NC)
BILLUPS, ALLETA (Senior, Junior College) (Greenwood, MS)
Blount, Major Walter E. (Faculty, Fencing Master)
BOLLINGER, MARGARET LOUISE (Senior, Junior College) (Seymour, IN)
Bolz, M. Elizabeth “Bette” (Freshman, Junior College) (St Louis, MO)
Borst, Georgiana Whittlesey (Freshman, Junior College) (Hamden, CT)
Boteler, Miss Alice M. (Faculty, Commercial Art)
Bowron, Mitylene (Student – Class not stated) (Birmingham, AL)
Bremerman, Jane (Freshman, Junior College) (Evanston, IL)
BROOME, CARYL (Senior, Junior College) (Pass Christian, MS)
Brosius, Mrs. Edythe Marmion (Faculty, Harp)
Brown, Dorothy (Student – Class not stated) (Chattanooga, TN)
Brown, Molly (Student – Class not stated) (Denver, CO)

CAMPBELL, ANN (Senior, Junior College) (Forest City, AR)
Caskie, Georgette Dupuy (Faculty, French and Spanish)
Champagne, Mlle. Marguerite C. (Faculty, French and Spanish)
CHARPIOT, JEANNE (Senior, Junior College) (Denver, CO)
Clarke, Norman N. (Faculty, Riding Master)
Compton, Betty Jean (Student – Class not stated) (Springfield, MO)
Comyges, Margaret Lewis (Faculty, Interior Decoration)
Corn, Joe (Female) (“Specials of the Preparatory School”) (Cleveland, TN)
Crowe, Miss Ellen B. (Faculty, Dramatic Art)

DAVIES, CLARISSA JEANNE (Senior, Preparatory School) (Palm Beach, FL)
DAVIS, DOROTHY (Senior, Preparatory School) (Lynchburg, VA)
Dethoff, Virginia (Freshman, Junior College) (Reading, PA)
Dorsey, Dorothy (Student – Class not stated) (Dallas, TX)
Duke, Miss Nell (Faculty, Domestic Arts)

Eareckson, Mrs. John F. (Faculty, specialty not stated)
Eareckson, Page Carter (School Staff, Hostess; married December 1939 at Fairmont to Randolph Breese Baker)
ECKERD, SALLIE (Senior, Preparatory School) (Erie, PA)
ELLIS, NANCYE (Senior, Junior College) (Louisville, KY)

Feckler, Miss Guinevere (Faculty, Merchandising)
FINLEY, JACQUELINE (Senior, Junior College) (Oklahoma City, OK)
Floehr, Miss Elsa (Faculty, Secretarial Science)
FOULKES, BETTIE (Senior, Junior College) (Milwaukee, WI)
Fritz, Peggy (Freshman, Junior College) (Wichita Falls, TX)
Frudden, Nancy (Freshman, Junior College) (Dubuque, IA)
FULLERTON, MARY LU (Senior, Preparatory School) (Warren, AR)

Garfinckel, Julius (Advertisement, Department Store)
GENTRY, ELIZABETH (Senior, Junior College) (Kansas City, MO)
Gerber Millinery (Advertisement, Hats)
Glenn, Agnes Anne (Student – Class not stated) (Pittsburgh, PA)
Griffith, Gloria (Freshman, Junior College) (Lookout Mountain, TN)

HANSON, JANICE M. (Senior, Preparatory School) (Chicago, IL)
HARBOUR, BETTY Jane (Senior, Junior College) (Muskogee, OK)
Heck, Dorothy T. (Mrs. Lewis Heck) (School Staff, Hostess)
HOGAN, EDITH (Senior, Junior College) (Oklahoma City, OK)
Howard, Miss Margaret Ellen (Faculty, Piano/Harmony/Music History)
Howison, Mrs. Mabel G. (Faculty, English and Philosophy)
Hughes, Miss Regina Maria (Faculty, Science)
Hulcy, Mary P. (Freshman, Junior College) (Dallas, TX)
HUMES, MARTHA JOAN (Senior, Junior College) (Columbus, GA)

Jacobson, Elaine Clare (Freshman, Junior College) (Denver, CO)
Jones, Mrs. Laura W. (School Staff, Hostess)

Kaspar, Anton (Faculty, Violin)
Kasper, Henry R. (Faculty, Piano)
Key, Connie (Freshman, Junior College) (Marshall, TX)
Kilfoy, Mary Ellen (Student – Class not stated) (Oklahoma City, OK)
King, Mary (Freshman, Junior College) (Lookout Mountain, TN)
KING, NANCY WITCHER (Senior, Preparatory School) (Greensboro, NC)
Kirby Lithographic Company (Advertisement)
Kitterer, Lilian (Freshman, Junior College) (Jersey City, NJ)
KRAUSE, DORIS) (Senior, Preparatory School) (Milwaukee, WI)

LACKNER, ADELAIDE L. (Senior, Junior College)
LEE, BETTY ANN (Senior, Preparatory School) (Racine, WI)
LUNDELL, MARY Louise (Senior, Junior College) (Grosse Point, MI)

Manahan, Mary (Freshman, Junior College) (Tulsa, OK)
MAPES, SADIE CLAIR (Senior, Junior College) (Birmingham, AL)
Marcotte, Miss Mary I. (School Staff, Hostess)
McClelland, Miss Ruth M. (Faculty, Bible History)
McGOWEN, BETSY (Senior, Junior College) (Ardmore, OK)
McGuire, Mrs. Mollie (School Staff, House Director)
McWHERTER, JEAN (Senior, Junior College) (Cairo, IL)
Mitchell, Amelia Martin (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
Montgomery, Valerie (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
MOORE, JANE (Senior, Junior College) (Knoxville, TN)
Muller, Dr. Herbert V. (Faculty, German
MULLER, MARY (Senior, Junior College) (Decatur, IL)
Munroe, Mrs. Katherine (Faculty, Fine Art/Commercial Art/Costume Design)
MURRAY, MILDRED) (Senior, Preparatory School) (Birmingham, AL)

NEUWEILER, BETTY (Senior, Junior College) (Allentown, PA)

Oakman, Ann Brooks (Freshman, Junior College) (Ann Arbor, MI)
Orgill, Polly (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
Otrich, Rosemary M. (Mrs. McClure Otrich) (School Staff, Hostess)

Parker, Alice Kennon (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
PATRICK, ANN (Senior, Junior College) (Oak Park, IL)
PETERKIN, SHIRLEY (Senior, Junior College) (Avon, NJ)
Philips, Nancy K. (Freshman, Junior College) (Jackson, MI)
Pollio, R. L. (Advertisement, Manager, The Mayflower Hotel)
Purse, Dr. Grace G. (Faculty, specialty not stated)
PUTNAM, BETTY V. (Senior, Junior College) (Hammondsport, NY)

Rafferty, Sheelah (Freshman, Junior College) (Pass Christian, MS)
Ramsey, Mildred (Freshman, Junior College) (Fernwood, MS)
REED, BETTE (Senior, Preparatory School) (Hollywood, CA)
Rizik Brothers (Advertisement, Clothier)
ROBERTS, HAZEL (Senior, Junior College) (Washington, DC)
ROGERS, ELIZABETH (Senior, Junior College) (Morristown, TN)
Root, Miss Frances (Faculty, Librarian)
Ross, Miss Grace Irene (Faculty, Dramatics/Dancing)

SAMPLE, JANE (Senior, Preparatory School) (Birmingham, AL)
SANDERSON, MARTHA ELIZABETH (Senior, Junior College) (Orlando, FL)
Sarles, Miss Ruth (Faculty, Current Events/International Relations)
SCHEIDINGER, RUTH (Senior, Junior College) (Monroe, MI)
Shafer, Helen Louise (Freshman, Junior College) (Pittsburgh, PA)
Shoemaker, Miss Elizabeth (Faculty, Mathematics)
SIMPSON, BETTY ANNE (Senior, Junior College) (Harrisburg, PA)
Skinner, Jane (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
Spellman, Patty (a/k/a Jo Jo) (Freshman, Junior College) (Savannah, GA)
Stephens, Dolores (Freshman, Junior College) (Oklahoma City, OK)
Stovall, Juanita Angela (“Specials of the Preparatory School”) (Washington, DC)
Stringfellow, Bobbie (Freshman, Junior College) (Birmingham, AL)
STROHECKER, NANCY (Senior, Preparatory School) (Utica, NY)
Swagart, J. J. (Advertisement, Grocier)

Torovsky, Adolf (Faculty, Organ)
Tschiffely, Douglas (Advertisement, Druggist)
Tutwiler, Peg (Freshman, Junior College) (Birmingham, AL)

Vaile, Elizabeth (Freshman, Junior College) (Fort Smith, AR)
VAUGHAN, MARY ELLEN (Senior, Junior College) (Oklahoma City, OK)
Vinton, Anne (Freshman, Junior College) (Memphis, TN)
Volkmann, (also spelled Volkman) Miss Minnie H. (Faculty, Voice)
Von Moy, Maud (College President)

Wallis, Dorothy (Freshman, Junior College) (Waco, TX)
WAMPLER, MARTHA JEAN (Senior, Junior College) (Denver, CO)
Ward, Miss Aline (Faculty, English)
WARD, ANN (Senior, Junior College) (Dallas, TX)
WASHINGTON, MARTHA (Senior, Junior College) (Dallas, TX)
WEBBER, CYNTHIA (Senior, Preparatory School) (Bedford, MA)
WEEDON, BARBARA (Senior, Junior College) (Detroit, MI)
WEST, MILDRED (Senior, Junior College) (Houston, TX)
Wilcox, Frances L. (Freshman, Junior College) (Lookout Mountain, TN)
WILDER, NANCY ANN (Senior, Preparatory School) (Syracuse, NY)
Willse, Lillian D. (Mrs. H. R. Willse) (School Staff, Registered Nurse)
Wilson, Arlene Alexandria (“Specials of the Preparatory School”) (New York City, NY)
WILSON, MARY ELIZABETH (Senior, Junior College) (New York City, NY)
Woodward, Velma K. (Mrs. H. R. Woodward) (School Staff, Secretary)

YOUNG, LOUISE K. (Senior, Junior College) (Los Angeles, CA)
Youngson, Georgia (Freshman, Junior College) (Evanston, IL)

Zehner, Dr. Henry (Faculty, specialty not stated)
ZINKIL, MAY (Senior, Junior College) (Oak Park, IL)