1894 Graduates of the Friendsí Select School

Transcriberís Note: Information was taken from the June 2, 1894, edition of the Washington Post (Washington, DC) at Page 2.

Commencement Program:

Presiding Official: Thomas W. Sidwell, Principal.
Presentations by the Graduates:
   Welcome: Miss Altemus.
   Life and Education of Helen Kellar: Miss Owen.
   On The English Statesman Gladstone: Miss Burns.
   The Ideality of Childhood: Miss Clark.
Music: U. S. Marine Band.
Location: Friends Meeting House School, 1811 Eye Street, NW.

The Friendsí Meeting House (Sidwell Friends) Graduating Class of 1894:

Sarah Amelia Altemus
Christine Queen Owen
Una Atherton Clark
Belle Elizabeth Burns