1909 Snowden Manual Training School (Alexandria, Va.) Graduates

Transcriber’s Note: Information was taken from the June 17, 1909, edition of the Washington Post (Washington, DC) at Page 11.

Commencement Program:

Presiding Official: J. F. Parker, Principal
Address: F. E. Parks, Jr., Instructor
Honors: Presentation of gold sleeve buttons to F. E. Parks, Jr., for working without compensation.

The 1909 Graduates Receiving Certificates:

Alphonse Barbour
Louis L. Bentley
James W. Berry
Raymond C. Boisseau
Lawrence M. Dawkins
Page W. Durham
Perry R. Felton
Charles Fortune
Courtland Howard
James Howard
Walter Jackson
William C. Kyer
Ralph Lane
Frank P. Lee
Charles B. Nickens
John A Simms
Walter Smith
Isaac R. Terrell
James T. White
Roscoe S. Whiting