1889 Spencerian Business College Graduates

Transcriber’s Notes:
  1. Brief History: Spencerian Business College was established in 1864, originally named the “Washington Business College.” By 1879, the name had changed to “Spencerian.” For several years, it was located at the corner of 7th & L Sts, NW. On June 27, 1881, the school was severely damaged during a hurricane storm, the roof having been completely blown off. By February 1882, the school had relocated to 9th & D Streets, NW.
  2. This was the Spencerian’s 23rd annual graduation ceremony. The school held separate day and night classes but the graduation ceremony covered students of both. Two of the graduates, W. Randolph Smith of Virginia and Samuel Z. Walker of South Carolina, were African-Americans. As he presented the diplomas, Postmaster General Wanamaker had a kind and appropriate word for each student; but it was only to the two African-American graduates that he vouchsafed the honor of a handshake.
  3. Information was taken from the May 15, 1889, edition of the Washington Post (Washington, DC).

Commencement Program:

Presiding Officials: Mr. Henry C. Spencer, Principal & Miss Sara Spencer, Vice Principal.
Invocation: Rev. Teunis S. Hamlin, D. D. of the Church of the Covenant.
Salutatorian of the Gentlemen’s Class: Mr. R. Lee Maddox of Kentucky.
Salutatorian of the Ladies’ Class: Miss Pearl B. Beverstock of Ohio.
Address to the Graduates: Mr. Henry C. Spencer, Principal.
Valedictorian of the Gentlemen’s Class: Mr. Theodore F. Mauss of Washington, DC.
Valedictorian of the Ladies’ Class: Miss Jeanette R. Talbert of Washington, DC.
Presentation of Diplomas: Postmaster General John Wanamaker.
Music: Marine Band, led by Prof. John Philip Sousa.
Location: Albaugh’s Grand Opera House.

Graduating Class of 1889 (List of Gentlemen):

G. Raymond Acton – Virginia (Day Class)
Edwin M. Bennett – Cass, Missouri (Night Class)
John S. Bradford – Illinois (Day Class)
Jesse Columbus Brooke – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Samuel S. Coggins – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Adelbert Willis Cox – Holderness, New Hampshire (Day Class)
John D. Cross – Kansas (Day Class)
William J. Elder – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Charles J. French – Kentucky (Stenography and Typewriting)
Thomas F. Gillespie – South Carolina (Day Class)
Stephen A. Green, Jr. – Virginia (Day Class)
James C. Hatton – Trenton, New Jersey (Day Class)
Ernest P. Hoff – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Frank H. Hough – Mount Pleasant, Maryland (Day Class)
Edward E. Hunter – Virginia (Day Class)
W. Bladen Jackson – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Robert H. Lacey – Virginia (Night Class)
R. Lee Maddox, Salutatorian – Kentucky (Night Class)
Theodore F. Mauss, Valedictorian – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Daniel P. McCallum – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Will H. McCormick –Wash., DC (Night Class)
W. Sewall McDevitt – Virginia (Day Class)
Frederick W. McReynolds – Indiana (Night Class)
Emory G. Moore – Maryland (Day Class)
Eugene T. Mower – Iowa (Day Class) (Penmanship Certificate, Teachers’ Course)
R. Lee Orwen – West Virginia (Day Class)
Don R. Patterson – Virginia (Day Class)
William D. Porter, Jr. – Wash., DC (Telegraphy)
Edward L. Renick – West Virginia (Day Class)
W. Randolph Smith – Virginia (Night Class)
Frank G. Strong – Indiana (Day Class)
John R. Taggart – Ohio (Day Class)
William H. Trouland (Tronland?) – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Oscar G. Vogt – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Samuel Z. Walker – South Carolina (Night Class)
Victor V. Watkins – New Jersey (Night Class)
John E. Weidman – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Henry A. Whallon – Alexandria, Virginia (Telegraphy)

Graduating Class of 1889 (List of Ladies):

Serene A. Bayne – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Mary V. Beauchert – Wash., DC (Stenography and Typewriting)
Annie M. Coughlan – Wash., DC (Stenography and Typewriting)
Pearl B. Beverstock, Salutatorian – Milan, Ohio (Day Class)
Katie C. Cullen – Davidson, Tennessee (Night Class)
Mary A. Cullen – Davidson, Tennessee (Night Class)
Eva L. Cummiski – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Lena H. (L.?) Dahler – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Alice G. Edmonston – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Theresa C. Gately – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Elizabeth R. Goods – Virginia (Day Class)
Annie M. Griesbaner – Wash., DC (Night Class)
Jaffa Elcho Haslup – Baltimore, Maryland (Stenography and Typewriting)
M. Ada Larcombe – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Mame (Mary?) M. Lazelle – North Carolina (Day Class)
Florence E. McKenzie – Wash., DC (Stenography and Typewriting)
Anna W. Loyd – Minnesota (Day Class)
Nataline E. Pavarina – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Lily Beal Porter – Wash., DC (Telegraphy)
Jeanette R. Talbert, Valedictorian – Wash., DC (Day Class)
Carrie Louise Walker – Wash., DC (Day Class)