Congressional Cemetery

This list is not a complete list, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

Carrie Opie Carrie Opie 18701949Charles Raymond Duvall
Maria A. Maria A. abt 17755 MAY 1845Philip Baker
Mary A. Mary A. 18221912William H. Worthington
Ann Elizabeth Adams Ann Elizabeth Adams 19 OCT 18536 SEP 1904George Thomas French
Susan Peyton Armistead Susan Peyton Armistead 18101884James Innes Randolph
Adeline W. Bacon Adeline W. Bacon 18574 APR 1892Joseph Robert Fague
Margaret L. Baggett Margaret L. Baggett 18361908Samuel Beall
Mildred H. Baker Mildred H. Baker abt 180626 FEB 1850John P. Ingle
David C. Bangs David C. Bangs abt 1860
James C. Bangs James C. Bangs abt 18241901Mary Gormly
James E. Bangs James E. Bangs abt 18491901Ida R. Dearing
Laura Bangs Laura Bangs abt 18571917
Richard E. Bangs Richard E. Bangs 18531862
Mary E. Bartlett Mary E. Bartlett 26 JAN 18431927Lemuel B. Smallwood
George Beale George Beale abt 176316 DEC 1824Mary Dixon
George Beale George Beale 17924 APR 1835Emily Truxton
George N. Beale George N. Beale 18291912Elizabeth Brown Wheeler
Alethea C. Beall Alethea C. Beall 13 FEB 189818 AUG 1899
Alice Beall Alice Beall abt 1846MAY 1849
Benjamin Beall Benjamin Beall 5 MAR 18091 FEB 1891Susana Connolly, Caroline Middleton
Caroline Beall Caroline Beall abt 1843FEB 1849
Clarence Beall Clarence Beall 11 JAN 18571920
John Edward Beall John Edward Beall 30 JUN 187515 JUL 1899Beatrice W. Carter
Lizzie Beall Lizzie Beall abt 18547 AUG 1899
Samuel Beall Samuel Beall 15 NOV 183016 FEB 1901Margaret L. Baggett
William J. Beall William J. Beall abt 1850DEC 1874
Lydia A. Birth Lydia A. Birth abt 181815 FEB 1841Benjamin H. Duvall
Edward Morgan Boteler Edward Morgan Boteler abt 18301 JAN 1875Mary Jane Davis
Edward Morgan Boteler Edward Morgan Boteler abt 185229 OCT 1889
Harry Lee Boteler Jr Harry Lee Boteler Jr 18 FEB 18955 NOV 1917
John Wesley Boteler John Wesley Boteler 12 MAR 182912 APR 1896Susan Hester Printz
Lovick Pierce Boteler Lovick Pierce Boteler 14 MAY 18722 MAR 1954
Overton C. Boteler Overton C. Boteler 17 NOV 18509 APR 1921Anna A. Garnied
William Shock Boteler William Shock Boteler 16 AUG 189028 MAR 1961
Willie Printz Boteler Willie Printz Boteler 3 JUN 185922 JAN 1901
Guy E. Burgess Guy E. Burgess 9 MAR 18859 AUG 1914
Josiah F. Caldwell Josiah F. Caldwell 177416 NOV 1859Maria Magruder
Susan Chilkis Susan Chilkis 8 DEC 181614 SEP 1855Joseph Ingle
George Clagett George Clagett 18761951Mable A. West
Agnes J. Cline Agnes J. Cline 2 DEC 183714 AUG 1920James Barnet Pumphrey
Catharine Combs Catharine Combs 13 MAY 18459 JAN 1927George Thomas Howard
Susana Connolly Susana Connolly 29 MAR 181714 MAR 1897Benjamin Beall
Catharine Alice Coolidge Catharine Alice Coolidge 25 SEP 184519 DEC 1867
Helen Elizabeth Coolidge Helen Elizabeth Coolidge 15 MAY 185010 JAN 1929
Dr Richard H. Coolidge Dr Richard H. Coolidge 10 MAR 182023 JAN 1866Angeline Hardy, Harriet Bowen Ringgold
Mary Jane Davis Mary Jane Davis abt 183010 OCT 1903Edward Morgan Boteler
Katie Dittrick Katie Dittrick 186311 AUG 1912Robert C. Langley
Francis Dorsey Francis Dorsey abt 181812 AUG 1863Mary A. ___
George H. Dorsey George H. Dorsey 18641949Annie B. Medley
Governor William Pope Duval Governor William Pope Duval 09/04/178403/19/1854Susan Browne Christian, Nancy Hynes
Addie M. Duvall Addie M. Duvall 18661901
Andrew Brown Duvall Andrew Brown Duvall 20 MAR 184712 SEP 1905Mary Morsell Walker
Andrew J. Duvall Andrew J. Duvall 8 MAR 18151 MAR 1863Eliza Brown
Benjamin H. Duvall Benjamin H. Duvall abt 181010 DEC 1898Lydia A. Birth
Charles Duvall Charles Duvall abt 18521899
Charles Raymond Duvall Charles Raymond Duvall 18691940Carrie Opie ___
Elizabeth Trueman Duvall Elizabeth Trueman Duvall abt 185116 DEC 1918
Helen Duvall Helen Duvall 28 JUN 18821 APR 1884
Helen Louisa Duvall Helen Louisa Duvall 27 NOV 185220 AUG 1925
James Walter Duvall James Walter Duvall 1 NOV 184811 JAN 1920Rebecca Moore
John Albert Duvall John Albert Duvall 19 SEP 185711 MAR 1913
Mabel Moore Duvall Mabel Moore Duvall 16 APR 188413 AUG 1892
Thomas Jefferson Duvall Thomas Jefferson Duvall 18441908Martha E. Murphy
William Clarence Duvall William Clarence Duvall 22 NOV 18543 DEC 1930May Gilfillan
William D. Duvall William D. Duvall 18751918
William T. Duvall William T. Duvall abt 18079 SEP 1886Elizabeth Trueman
Joseph Robert Fague Joseph Robert Fague 11 JAN 185621 MAY 1917Adeline W. Bacon
Sarah A. Ferguson Sarah A. Ferguson 24 JUN 182014 MAR 1890Otho Pumphrey
George Thomas French George Thomas French 18491912Ann Elizabeth Adams
Mary Gormly Mary Gormly abt 18261897James C. Bangs
Virginia A. Harbaugh Virginia A. Harbaugh 18411920John G. Thompson
Angeline Hardy Angeline Hardy abt 182215 SEP 1850Richard H. Coolidge
Frances McCauley Howard Frances McCauley Howard 25 OCT 188027 MAY 1954
George Thomas Howard George Thomas Howard 18 JUL 183928 JUN 1895Catharine Combs
Lillie Howard Lillie Howard 3 JUN 187418 MAR 1876
Robert C. Howard Robert C. Howard 8 OCT 187012 OCT 1932Georgette Ross
Elizabeth B. Hutchinson Elizabeth B. Hutchinson 24 MAY 180715 SEP 1847William Beans Magruder
Edward Henry Ingle Edward Henry Ingle 9 SEP 183920 NOV 1920Imogen Tayloe
Henry Ingle Henry Ingle abt AUG 18073 SEP 1807
Henry Ingle Henry Ingle 24 MAR 17641 OCT 1822Mary Pechin
John P. Ingle John P. Ingle 4 DEC 17912 FEB 1863Mildred H. Baker
Joseph Ingle Joseph Ingle 9 FEB 179626 APR 1863Susan Chilkis
Margaret Ingle Margaret Ingle abt JAN 180615 AUG 1807
Mary P. Ingle Mary P. Ingle 28 FEB 184913 JUL 1868
Goldie M. Johnson Goldie M. Johnson 18931980John Walter Thompson
Kate Kearney Kate Kearney 30 APR 18399 JUN 1921James Lake McCord Henry
Rebecca Knight Rebecca Knight 186410 OCT 1947Millard F. Thompson
Josephine Kooner Josephine Kooner 17 JUL 185929 OCT 1936Henry Clay Thompson
Annie May Langley Annie May Langley 30 APR 188016 JUL 1909
Charles C. Langley Charles C. Langley 15 MAY 187626 DEC 1907
Robert C. Langley Robert C. Langley 25 SEP 184219 FEB 1904Elizabeth ___, Katie Dittrick
Samuel Langley Samuel Langley abt 180912 MAR 1886Sarah ___
Susan E. Lee Susan E. Lee OCT 1846DEC 1926William A. Thompson
Edwin Linthicum Edwin Linthicum 18611889
Annie B. Medley Annie B. Medley 18661946George H. Dorsey
Caroline Middleton Caroline Middleton abt 1816MAR 1843Benjamin Beall
Sarah Miller Sarah Miller abt 180717 SEP 1849Levi Pumphrey
Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore 30 JUN 185123 JAN 1915James Walter Duvall
Martha E. Murphy Martha E. Murphy 18471901Thomas Jefferson Duvall
Mary Pechin Mary Pechin 6 JAN 17663 OCT 1844Henry Ingle
Edgar R. Pettit Edgar R. Pettit 7 AUG 18731 MAY 1916
Lewis C. Pettit Lewis C. Pettit 30 SEP 187115 AUG 1872
Zachary Taylor Pettit Zachary Taylor Pettit 2 SEP 184827 APR 1902Martha Fletcher Small
John Beckett Peyton John Beckett Peyton 18481926Jennie Kane Peyton
Josephine Blake Peyton Josephine Blake Peyton 16 FEB 185230 DEC 1918Charles Fullerton Whiteley
William J. Peyton William J. Peyton 18551888Pauline Lancaster
Florence Pumphrey Florence Pumphrey 18791961
James Barnet Pumphrey James Barnet Pumphrey 22 FEB 182931 OCT 1874Agnes J. Cline
James Levi Pumphrey James Levi Pumphrey 186528 APR 1933Lydia V. Reid
Levi Pumphrey Levi Pumphrey AUG 179723 SEP 1858Sarah Miller
Otho S. Pumphrey Otho S. Pumphrey 18441929Eleanor Addison Tolson
Samuel W. Pumphrey Samuel W. Pumphrey 18821933
Sarah E. Pumphrey Sarah E. Pumphrey 1 SEP 187713 JUL 1969
Armistead Randolph Armistead Randolph abt 184222 JUL 1847
Peyton Randolph Peyton Randolph 17831853Anne Brown Innes
William Read William Read 24 APR 182329 APR 1884Mary Eliza Beale
Lydia V. Reid Lydia V. Reid 18701944James Levi Pumphrey
Harriet Bowen Ringgold Harriet Bowen Ringgold abt 182010 NOV 1912Richard H. Coolidge
John E. Robey John E. Robey 22 JAN 181722 AUG 1872Mary Ann ___
Georgette Ross Georgette Ross 21 NOV 187712 NOV 1968Robert C. Howard
Florence Roberta Schmidt Florence Roberta Schmidt 24 DEC 186931 MAR 1945Harry Lee Boteler
Martha Fletcher Small Martha Fletcher Small 23 JAN 185331 JAN 1945Zachary Taylor Pettit
Lemuel B. Smallwood Lemuel B. Smallwood 1 JAN 184012 OCT 1873Mary E. Bartlett
Martha Ann Smallwood Martha Ann Smallwood 1801/180825 NOV 1808
Samuel Nicholas Smallwood Samuel Nicholas Smallwood 09/05/177209/29/1824Ruth Beall
Imogen Tayloe Imogen Tayloe 13 FEB 184723 SEP 1917Edward Henry Ingle
Edward Graham Taylor Edward Graham Taylor 21 MAY 184914 MAR 1920
Col. Sydney Wentworth Taylor Col. Sydney Wentworth Taylor 21 MAY 184911 JUN 1941Elizabeth Grindley Thomas
Elizabeth Grindley Thomas Elizabeth Grindley Thomas 13 AUG 185326 MAR 1928Sydney Wentworth Taylor
Amanda C. Thompson Amanda C. Thompson 184712 JUN 1927
Ernest G. Thompson Ernest G. Thompson 18661920
Frederick A. Thompson Frederick A. Thompson 19 FEB 187321 JUN 1898
George R. Thompson George R. Thompson 26 AUG 18668 JAN 1905
George R. Thompson George R. Thompson 2 SEP 183520 OCT 1877Elizabeth V. Robey
Henry Clay Thompson Henry Clay Thompson 4 JUN 185021 MAY 1921Josephine Kooner
Ida May Thompson Ida May Thompson 18761935
John G. Thompson John G. Thompson 4 APR 184022 SEP 1893Virginia A. Harbaugh
John Walter Thompson John Walter Thompson 18741962Goldie M. Johnson
Maud Amanda Thompson Maud Amanda Thompson 3 APR 18788 APR 1922
Millard F. Thompson Millard F. Thompson 18571937Rebecca Knight
William Thompson William Thompson 20 MAR 180431 JUL 1862Amanda Courtney Donn
William A. Thompson William A. Thompson 1837JUL 1901Susan E. Lee
William Edward Thompson William Edward Thompson 16 JUL 186023 OCT 1941Ruth Burgess
Eleanor Addison Tolson Eleanor Addison Tolson 18461931Otho S. Pumphrey
Elizabeth Trueman Elizabeth Trueman abt 18187 NOV 1892William T. Duvall
Emily Truxton Emily Truxton abt 17981 MAY 1885George Beale
Ann Tucker Ann Tucker abt 17891 OCT 1863William Duvall
Mary Morsell Walker Mary Morsell Walker 18501937Andrew Brown Duvall
Mable A. West Mable A. West 18791955George Clagett
William Wirt William Wirt 11/08/177202/18/1834Elizabeth Washington Gamble
Charles E. Worthington Charles E. Worthington 18551927Annie R. Speiden