Baptisms of Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown

Submitted by Carolyn, Posted 2/9/2012

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Given NameSurnameDate BaptizedParentsDate BornNotes
John AlbertAdamson1/16/1889Albert (Richard Albert) Adamson and Cora12/16/1888Cora's maiden name was BROWN
SophroniaAthey8/07/1884Thomas Athey & Sophronia7/18/1884
Emma MayAthey6/09/1889Thomas Athey and Sophronia3/24/1889
William YerkesAthey6/09/1889Thomas Athey and Sophronia1/08/1887
RandolphBirch5/17/1874John Birch & Sarah9/23/18__
Charles VincentBrown1863Wm Henry Brown and Ann Maria
Frances LeannaBrown4/08/1872Thomas Brown & Rebecca3/06/1872Thomas is actually John Thomas BROWN
Mary MargaretBrown5/25/1890Emory Brown and Ida6/21/1889Emory, son of John F. and Anna Mary Trundle/Trunnel Brown
Annie LouiseBrown2/18/1893Emery/Emory Brown & Ida10 mos old when bapt.Emory, son of John F. and Anna Mary Trundle/Trunnel Brown
Arthur BurtonColeman4/17/1892John Coleman & Ruth4/17/1891
Ruth RueColeman11/02/1893Ruth C. Coleman & John
Carrie BellGraves1866Wm Henry Graves & Jane Amanda6/12/1866
George WashingtonGraves1/05/1868Joseph Graves & Ann Jane8/01/1867
Anna VirginiaGraves9/20/1875 (?)William Henry Graves and Jane9/20/1875Born in Fairfax County, VA
Chas. Albert TecumsehGraves4/07/1878Joseph S. Graves & Eliza J.
Robert BonnerGraves3/25/1883Joseph S. Graves & Eliza J.7/03/1852 ?
Charles EdwardHenderson9/26/1875Charles Henderson & Elizabeth4/04/1872
John Joseph AlbertJohnson9/08/1878William Henry Johnson & Mary6/20/1875
William RobertJohnson10/13/1878Robert Johnson & Laura7/05/1878
Mary RosettaJohnson7/10/1881Robert Johnson & Laura
Charles AustinJohnson5/02/1886Charles Henry Johnson and Ivy Isabella2/06/1886
Elsie VirginiaJohnson12/18/1887Charles Henry Johnson and Ivy Isabella9/08/1887
Charles MackallJohnson6/02/1889Charles Johnson & Ivy3/13/1889
Isabella MayJohnson5/25/1890William H. Johnson & Mary4/03/1890
Ivy ElizJohnson12/02/1890Charles H. Johnson & Ivy
James EdwinJohnson6/27/1892Charles Johnson & Ivy
Ethel MayJohnson8/13/1893George Johnson & Ida May
Mary ElizabethKing4/14/1867Alonzo H. King & Ann Maria1868
MaryKing7/14/1890Richard King & Ada7/14/1890
Bessie LeeMiller2/10/1883Byrd Miller & Harriet9/28/1878
AlbertaMiller2/10/1883Byrd Miller & Harriet6/19/1881
Rose S.Pasco10/10/1890Joseph W. Pasco & Rose4/19/1890
JosephRitter6/19/1872Frank Ritter & Angelina2/10/1869
Thom AlexRitter6/19/1872Frank Ritter & Angelina2/12/1872
FlorenceRitter8/04/1880Frank Ritter & AngelinaAge 15 mos when baptized
Lillie FlorenceThomas3/12/1882? and Margaaret1/10/1882
LouiseThomas7/01/1893Samuel Thomas & SarahAge 6 mos when baptized
William LeonardThomas7/01/1893William Thomas and wifeAge 3 mos when baptized
Joseph FranklinThomas12/01/1867Joseph Eli Thomas and Mary Virginia5/31/1867
Maude MarieThomas9/26/1873William Thomas & Virginia2/13/1873
Clara VirginiaThomas12/19/1875Joseph Thomas & Mary V.10/04/1874
TheodoreThomas7/08/1877Joseph Thomas & Mary V.
Elizabeth FlorenceThomas4/27/1879Joseph E. Thomas and Mary V.7/12/1878
JoshuaThomas4/17/1881William Thomas & VirginiaAge 15 mos when baptized