Some Early Marriages Reported in DC Papers (1796-1802)

Note that some of the marriages took place in Alexandria, then a part of DC

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MarriagePrintedGroomResidenceBride ResidenceNotes
12/29/1796Jan 13Beall, Upton, Esq.Williamsburgh, Montgomery Co, MDMiss Matilda PriceFrederick Co
1/31/1797Feb 3Laird, JohnGeorgetown, DCMiss Mary DickBladensburgh, MD
3/7/1797Mar 10Weems, Dr. JohnMiss Eliza FrenchGeorgetown, DC; Married by Rev. S. B. Balch. Eliza was the dau of George French, Esq
3/8/1797Mar 10Smith, Jeremiah, Esq., CongressmanNew HampshireMiss Eliza RossBladensburgh, MDMarried at Bladensburgh, MD
8/22/1797Aug 29McClean, ArchibaldMiss Mary JonesMarried at Alexandria by Rev. Dr. Rogers; groom was principal of an academy in Alexandria, Va; bride was dau of Rev. Mr. David Jones of Chester Co, VA
10/11/1797Oct 13Alexander, AmosMiss Ann RickettsMarried by Rev. Dr. Muir at Cameron, the seat of John Thomas Ricketts
10/13/1797Oct 31Eppes, John W., Esq.Chesterfield Co, VAMiss Maria JeffersonBride was the dau of Thomas Jefferson, Esq., Vice-President of the U. S.
10/14/1797Oct 18Penny, Johnthe ship SaratogaMiss Betsy HillAlexandria
1/23/1798Jan 26Lewis, HenryAlexandriaMiss Eliza HuffAlexandriabride was dau of Lawrence Huff
2/7/1798Feb 9Lindsey, BenjaminAlexandriaMiss Amelia RobinsonAlexandriaMarried at Alexandria
3/1/1798Mar 2Butts, Capt. MarkAlexandriaMiss Betsey WinterburyAlexandria
3/6/1798Mar 14Gowen, JohnsonAlexandriaMiss Sarah RussellAlexandria
4/12/1798Apr 14Claggett, ThomasMarylandMiss Julia DulaneyAlexandriaBride was the dau of Benjamin Dulaney, Esq
11/8/1798Nov 15Scott, Charles R.AlexandriaMiss Lucinda StantonFauquier Court House, VABride was the dau of Col Stanton of Fauquier, VA
11/18/1798Nov 20Sims, ThomasAlexandriaMiss Fritter (Fritser?)Alexandria
12/18/1798Dec 25Gantt, John Mackall, Esq.Georgetown, DCMrs. Mary Sprigg HermancePrince George’s Co, MDMarried by Rev. Edward Gantt
2/13/1799Mar 12Brookes, BenjaminMrs. Elizabeth HalkersonUpper Marlborough, MDMarried by Rt. Rev. Bishop Clagett. Benjamin was a major of the Artillery Corps of the U. S.
4/14/1799Apr 16Beatty, Col. CharlesGeorgetown, DCMiss Verlinda OffuttMontgomery Co, MDMarried by Rev. S. B. Balch
4/16/1799Apr 19Ringgold, TenchGeorgetown, DCMiss Polly LeeWash, DCMarried by Rev. F. Neall. Polly was the dau of Thomas Simm Lee; Tench went on to be the DC Marshal
4/16/1799Apr 18Robinson, MatthewAlexandriaMrs. BoaAlexandriaMrs. Boa was widow of Cavan Boa
5/2/1799Apr 30Dempsey, ThomasAlexandriaNancy FlemmingAlexandria
7/20/1799Jul 18Card, JohnAlexandriaMrs. J. AllenNorfolk, VAMarried by Rev. Dr. Muir
8/22/1799Aug 28Hunter, John ChapmanMiss Sally D. TriplettMarried at Abington by Rev. M. L. Weems
9/17/1799Sep 20Bowie, WashingtonGeorgetown, DCMrs. ChewGeorgetown, DCMarried by Rev. Dr. Gantt
9/17/1799Sep 20Peter, DavidGeorgetown, DCMiss Sally JohnsGeorgetown, DCMarried by Rev. Dr. Gantt
9/19/1799Sep 27Chandler, Walter S.Georgetown, DCMiss Margaret RogersMarried by Rev. Mr. Higgenbotham at Annapolis, Md; bride was the dau of the late Chancellor of Md
10/30/1799Nov 2McKnight, Capt. JohnAlexandriaMiss Kitty PiercyAlexandria
11/28/1799Dec 6Forrest, HenryGeorgetown, DCMiss Jane LoveMarried at Salisbury, Loudon Co, Va; Henry was a Georgetown Merchant; bride was dau of Samuel Love
12/5/1799Dec 6Lovering, WilliamWash, DCMrs. WhiteGeorgetown, DCMarried by Rev. Dr. Gantt
12/25/1799Jan 3Rawlings, Dr. DanielSt. LeonardsMiss Ann ChesleyPoint Patience on the Patuxent, Calvert Co, MDAnn was the dau of John Chesley, Esq
12/29/1799Jan 17Robertson, SamuelMontgomery Co, MDMiss Rachel HowardFrederick Co, MDRachel was the dau of Joshua Howard
1/5/1800Jan 7Seton, John CursonBaltimoreMiss Ann WiseSumner Hill, near AlexandriaMarried by Rev. Mr. Balch at Georgetown, DC
2/8/1800Feb 10Moore, JohnAlexandriaMiss Mary HalleyAlexandria
3/10/1800Mar 13Alexander, Charles Jr., Esq.AlexandriaMiss Mary Bowles ArmisteadFredericksburgh
4/12/1800Apr 15Bartleman, WilliamAlexandriaMiss Margaret DouglassAlexandriaWilliam’s occupation was merchant
6/5/1800Jun 6Brooke, RichardAlexandriaMiss Nelly OlwayAlexandria
6/10/1800Jun 13Becraft, JonathanMontgomery Co, MDMiss L. HigginsMontgomery Co, MDMarried by Rev. Mr. Balch
9/4/1800Sep 15Young, Robert, Esq.AlexandriaMiss Elizabeth ConradWinchesterMarried at Winchester, VA
10/15/1800Oct 31McCarty, DanielVirginiaMiss Matilda MagruderMarried at Prince George’s Co, Md; bride was dau of Dennis Magruder
10/17/1800Oct 28Jackson, HenryGeorgetown, DCMiss Harriott StuartMarried by Rev. Mr. Elliot. Henry was son of Samuel, late of Philadelphia; Harriott was dau of the late Dr. Stuart of Mount Stuart, Westmoreland, VA
10/17/1800Oct 31Magruder, John Reed Jr.Upper Marlboro, MDMiss Nancy AddisonMarried at the seat of George Lee, Esq.; bride was dau of the late Col. John Addison
10/27/1800Oct 31Mudd, AlexanderMiss Mary MuddMarried at Charles Co, Md; bride was the dau of Henry Mudd
11/29/1800Dec 1Pomery (Pomeroy?), WilliamAlexandriaMrs. Elizabeth WrightAlexandriaMarried by Rev. Dr. Muir
12/26/1800Dec 27Muir, JohnAlexandriaMiss Mary LangAlexandriaMarried by Rev. Dr. James Muir
2/19/1801Feb 20Wood, William WallbridgeAlexandriaMrs. Eleanor DixonAlexandriaMarried by Rev. Mr. Muir
3/15/1801Mar 16Hopkins, Major DavidMiss Isabella Ford late of Jamaica.Married by Rev. Mr. McCormick. Groom was Marshal of Md
4/1/1801Apr 3Levering, AaronMiss Polly Lawranson (Lawrenson?)Married at Alexandria
4/2/1801Apr 3McClean, IsaacMiss Polly TurnerMarried at Alexandria
4/6/1801Apr 7Wilcox, WilliamAlexandriaMiss Eliza Ratcliffe PalmerAlexandria
4/16/1801Apr 17Wise, GeorgeAlexandriaMiss Patty NewtonAlexandria
1801Apr 22English, D.Miss Sally ThrelkeldGeorgetown, DCMarried by Rev. Mr. Balch at Georgetown; groom was an editor of “The Museum” newspaper
5/7/1801May 14Harper, Robert Goodloe, Esq.Miss Catharine CarrollCarrolltonBy Rt. Rev. Bishop Carroll. Bride was dau of Charles Carroll
6/16/1801Jun 24Hall, WilliamAlexandriaMiss Betsy ShepherdMarried at Orange Court-House; bride was the dau of Andrew Shepherd, Esq
9/17/1801Sep 18Maynadier, William Murray, Esq.BaltimoreMiss Sarah BrownMarried at Chesnut Hill, the seat of Mrs. Catharine Brown, by the Rev. Mr. Davis
9/17/1801Sep 18Stewart, RobertAlexandriaMiss Eliza WardAlexandriaMarried by Rev. Mr. Muir
9/24/1801Sep 25Grub, CurtisBerkley CoMiss Sarah TomlinsonAlexandria
10/8/1801Oct 12Selby, BriceWilliamsburgh, Montgomery Co, MDMiss Kitty MarkerWilliamsburgh, Montgomery Co, MDMarried by Rev. Mr. Reed
10/13/1801Oct 14Moore, ThomasAlexandriaMiss Barbara WardColchesterMarried by the Rev. Mason L. Weems. Groom was a Merchant
11/5/1801Nov 11Shreve, ThomasAlexandriaMiss Ann HopkinsAnn Arundel Co, MDGroom was a Merchant
11/10/1801Nov 20Myers, Moses, Esq.South CarolinaMiss Anna PolockWash, DCMarried at the house of Isaac Polock in DC
11/26/1801Nov 27Patterson, EdgarGeorgetown, DCMiss Margaret SuterGeorgetown, DCMarried by Rev. Stephen B. Balch
11/26/1801Nov 27Scott, James S.AlexandriaMrs. AdgateAlexandriaMarried by Rev Mr. Muir
12/10/1801Dec 12Rankin, Lieut. RobertMiss Elizabeth ScottWash, DC.Married by Rev. Mr. Gantt at Rock-Hill, the Georgetown mansion estate of Augustus Scott; Elizabeth was the dau of Augustus; groom was adjutant of the Marine Corps
1/7/1802Jan 8Snowden, SamuelMiss Nancy LongdenMarried by Rev. Mr. Maffett; bothAlexandria; groom was editor of the Alexandria Advertiser
1/21/1802Jan 22Scott, John C., Esq. Georgetown, DCMiss Ann LoveSalisbury, Loudon Co, VAMarried by Rev. Mr. Davis at Bush Hill, VA. John was the son of Augustus and Elizabeth Caile Scott; Ann was the dau of Samuel
3/4/1802Mar 9Treat, Samuel (late)Boston, Mass.Miss Lettice M. NaylorWash, DC
3/7/1802Mar 10Baum, John ChristianGeorgetown, DCMiss Catharine CokendofferGeorgetown, DC
1802Mar 19Loring, IsraelWash, DCMrs. Frances DeanMarried at Newport, RI; Israel was a merchant of DC
1802May 12Shreeve (Shreve?), IsaacAlexandriaMiss Hannah VeryMarried at Salem, Mass; bride was the dau of Capt. Samuel Very
5/9/1802May 15Van Ness, John P., Esq. CongressmanNew YorkMarcia BurnsWash, DCMarried at Wash, DC
5/16/1802May 19Evans, JamesCentrevilleMiss Elizabeth GardinerCentrevilleMarried at Georgetown, DC
5/20/1802May 25Lewis, Henry (late)AlexandriaMrs. Mary HagerHagerstown, MDMarried at Hagerstown by Rev. Dr. Bowers
1802Jul 8Shaw, John A.Newport, Rhode Isl.Miss Elizabeth MuchmoreMarried at Newport, RI
6/23/1802Jul 2Heiskell, Capt. JohnMiss Ann SowersBuckmarsh, Frederick Co, MDMarried at Winchester; bride was the dau of Jacob Sowers
8/28/1802Sep 9Goldsborough, Charles Washington, Esq.Wash, DCMiss Catherine RobertsPhiladelphia, Pa.Married by Rev. Bishop White at Philadelphia; bride was the dau of Hugh Roberts, Esq
10/12/1802Oct 15Fenwick, Thomas, Esq.St. Mary’s, MDNelly YoungWash, DCMarried by Rev. Mr. Plunket; Nelly was the dau of the late Notley Young
10/28/1802Oct 29Taylor, ThomasAlexandriaMiss Sally ShuckAlexandriaMarried at Alexandria by Rev. Mr. Muir
11/30/1802Dec 4Carter, Bernard MooreMiss Lucy Grymes LeeMarried at Sully, the seat of Richard Bland Lee, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Thomas Davis. Groom was the son of Charles Carter, Esq., of Shirley; bride was the dau of Gen Henry Lee of Stratford
12/9/1802Dec 16Sprigg, W. O., Esq.Georgetown, DCMiss Eliza GanttPrince George’s Co, MDEliza was the dau of Levi Gantt, Esq
12/30/1802Jan 3Rowles, Joseph E.Georgetown, DCMrs. Hannah E. FitzhughLoudon Co, VAMarried by Rev. Mr. Balch