North Capitol St Methodist Episcopal Baptisms


Transcribed by Toni Lake

A/I = Adult or Infant; Click column heading to sort
Baptism DateGiven NameSurnameA/INames of ParentsInfant BirthDate / RemarksPlace of BaptismOfficiating Minister
03/15/76Lucy JaneWagnerIEmily V. and Wm.Liberty, MdD.M. Browning
03/26/76Ernest E.HillI54 Defrees st, DCD.M. Browning
03/26/76Alice M.HillI54 Defrees st, DCD.M. Browning
03/26/76H.M.J.LawrensonI54 Defrees st, DCD.M. Browning
04/02/76Chas. F.GettingsIProvidence ME ChruchD.M. Browning
05/07/76Ivy FernMayIProvidence ME ChruchD.M. Browning
06/06/76Mary JMacnicholIat home on H stD.M. Browning
07/02/76Ida SMatinelID.M. Browning
08/14/76Elizabeth LMillerIWashington Grove CampD.M. Browning
08/14/76Mollie O.ShipleyIIsaac & EllaWashington Grove CampD.M. Browning
08/17/76George D.MartinIWashington Grove CampD.M. Browning
09/17/76Allie T.HodesIduring tremendous rain120 G st nwD.M. Browning
09/17/76Harry K.HodesIduring tremendous rain120 G st nwD.M. Browning
11/12/76Alice ESchultzItwinsProvidence ME ChurchD.M. Browning
11/12/76Martha ESchultzItwinsProvidence ME ChurchD.M. Browning
12/06/76Edward SPatchIH st eastD.M. Browning
12/14/76Mary Wade HamptonHooverCor. 11th & ?, nwD.M. Browning
12/19/76Charles HSchlosserIat Geo Jenkins, Del aveD.M. Browning
01/09/77Anetta RoseMerriamI622 N.J. avD.M. Browning
01/10/77Annie LauraBurcheIH st, nwD.M. Browning
01/11/77John Thomas Robert FranklinKing2nd st eastD.M. Browning
01/23/77Charles EdwardCarsonE st near ? RoadD.M. Browning
01/27/77FrederickWagnerI605 N.J. avD.M. Browning
01/28/77Eugene HRaderickIH st eastD.M. Browning
03/04/77JesseGrayIF st btw 2nd & 3rd westD.M. Browning
03/06/77IreneErnestI10th st east btw G & HD.M. Browning
04/22/77Lillie MayKimmalIGeorgie & Frankie P.KimmalJan 22 77North Capitol ME ChurchChas T.Weede
07/28/77Cora ElizabethTroxellIPricilla & Wm Henry TroxellOct 12 65800 10th stChas T.Weede
08/01/77Florence MayBrashearsShipley & Mary Eliza BrashearsApr 19 77, excursion to Piney Pointon steamer Jane MoseleyChas T.Weede
08/02/77John WilliamKolbIJames & Florence G. KolbAug 13 76914 2nd st, WashingtonChas T.Weede
09/25/77Edgar ThompsonBennettKate E & Charles F. BennettNov 30 75Gospel Tent meetingChas T.Weede
09/25/77Charles HenryBennettKate E & Charles F. BennettMay 30 77Gospel Tent meetingChas T.Weede
09/09/77Eva MaudNallyIMary A & Jas.N. NallyJul 5 77North Capitol ME ChurchChas T.Weede
09/30/77MaudBoveeIJohn & Annie Bovee6 I st nwChas T.Weede
10/12/77ClaraOwensGrafton & Mariah Owensmar 22 77Sister Geddes,K stChas T.Weede
11/21/77James WiltonHardyILaura & John HardyOct 16 77, coloredHome 25th st nwChas T.Weede
12/13/77George WeedeDonaldsonGeo.W & Mary E DonaldsonOct 21 77I st btw 6th 7 7thChas T.Weede
12/24/77Harriett LouisaDutcherTheodore W & Martha Masters DutcherAug 8 75208 Massachusetts av nwChas T.Weede
12/24/77Theodore WashingtonDutcherTheodore W & Martha Masters DutcherMay 19 77208 Massachusetts av nwChas T.Weede
01/17/78Bronte AllighieriReynoldsR.E. & Susie ReynoldsSep 18 771110 G st nwChas T.Weede
01/20/78Frank MorganKeyserIH F & Annie M KeyserOct 13 7753 I st nwChas T.Weede
02/01/78Mary CeceliaCarsonIGeo B & Mary Elizabeth CarsonJun 17 771st st btw I & K neChas T.Weede
02/11/78Ida MayLonvetteA910 H st neChas T.Weede
03/08/78Clifton ElliottHarrisonIRobert V & Margaret HarrisonFeb 13 7417 Myrtle stChas T.Weede
03/08/78Elva MayHarrisonIRobert V & Margaret HarrisonJan 27 7817 Myrtle stChas T.Weede
04/20/78EllaScholloserAJ.T. Lighter
04/20/78JohnTerryAJ.T. Lighter
04/20/78CoraHodgkinsAJ.T. Lighter
04/28/78AliceGeddingsIChas & Annie Geddings215 H st neJ.T. Lighter
05/11/78Charles McIelvanKnottChas & Rosa KnottAug 8 7744 L st neBro K
06/30/78Robt ?MillerIJohn & Mary Miller823 1st st btw H & IJ.T. Lighter
06/30/78Tom GMillerIJohn & Mary Miller823 1st st btw H & IJ.T. Lighter
06/30/78Forrest CMillerIJohn & Mary Miller823 1st st btw H & IJ.T. Lighter
02/06/79SallieMillsI23 H st neBro Crist ?
02/16/79PeteTalbotA32 Myrtle stBro Crist ?
02/16/79MaryTalbotA32 Myrtle stBro Crist ?
02/23/79EllaJenningsA509 E st nwBro Crist ?
March 79Chas LWoodIChas H & Ella Wood1875, immersed37 H st neHarry Boggs
March 79Harry OwenWoodIChas H & Ella Wood1877, immersed37 H st neHarry Boggs
04/16/79Harry LeeSuppleeIAlfred I.D. & Catherine V SuppleeApr 18 78506 10th st nw Wash,DCJames McLaren
05/15/79AllieHoltzmanIChristopher & Albertine HoltzmanApr 10 78Myrtle st, neJames McLaren