Oak Hill Cemetery

This list is not a complete list of the 20,000+ burials, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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A. C. Henrietta A. C. Henrietta 1 SEP 181820 JUN 1853Charles Edmonston
Annie C. S. Annie C. S. 23 SEP 18432 JUL 1901Francis Colton
Cynthia L. Cynthia L. 18361899Addison M Brown
Eleanor Eleanor abt 181120 JAN 1867Samuel Cropley
Eliza C. Eliza C. abt 1828MAY 1908John William Eli
Elizabeth Elizabeth abt 18091864Thomas James Duncan Fuller
Emily Emily abt 181015 FEB 1854Thomas Corcoran
Estella Mary Estella Mary 18381916Thomas Sewall Gartrell
Fannie Fannie 19 APR 177413 SEP 1858Thomas Munroe
Jane Jane 18 JUN 1856James P. Heath
Lizzie J. Lizzie J. 27 OCT 184719 FEB 1874William A. Beall
Margaret G. Margaret G. 18891977George Gartrell Israel
Mary A. Mary A. 20 SEP 18165 NOV 1899Joseph Casey
Mary A. Mary A. abt 180126 MAR 1877Joseph P. Moore
Mary A. Mary A. abt 184613 SEP 1863William B. Edmonston
Rosannah Rosannah abt 17742 FEB 1853Jesse Brown
Sarah J. Sarah J. abt 184020 JAN 1896Richard A. Edmonston
Anna B. Abbot Anna B. Abbot abt 18511928
Ellen R. Abbot Ellen R. Abbot 184219 DEC 1861
George D. Abbot George D. Abbot 27 DEC 180722 OCT 1874Mary Duncan
Jane Oliver Abbot Jane Oliver Abbot abt 18453 FEB 1907
John Abbot John Abbot 18479 MAY 1862
Martha D. Abbot Martha D. Abbot abt 184329 NOV 1914
Maria Bache Abert Maria Bache Abert 17 MAR 185510 JAN 1940William Dickson Baldwin
Henry Addison Henry Addison 24 JAN 17983 JAN 1870Martha Eleanor Clagett
Isabel C. Addison Isabel C. Addison 18751959
Lucy Belt Addison Lucy Belt Addison 8 MAY 182921 JUN 1900James Cresap Sprigg
Lydie Addison Lydie Addison 17 NOV 185917 MAR 1945
Mary W. Addison Mary W. Addison 18771877
Murray Addison Murray Addison 28 AUG 184316 JAN 1910Margaret Clare Gantt
Watkins Addison Watkins Addison 23 DEC 182031 MAY 1883Mary Jane Cox
Watkins Addison Watkins Addison 18531881Margaret Dodge
Columbus Alexander Columbus Alexander 15 SEP 181514 FEB 1898
Harriet Alexander Harriet Alexander 180825 MAR 1882Joseph Henry
Walter Stoddard Alexander Walter Stoddard Alexander abt 17825 MAR 1847Catherine Francelia Dade
Sarah Ann Arnold Sarah Ann Arnold 4 SEP 181812 JUL 1862William T. Duvall
Lucy J. Arundel Lucy J. Arundel 18451916Arthur W. Fairfax
George Mifflin Bache George Mifflin Bache 18411896
Harriet Patterson Bache Harriet Patterson Bache 18451863
Charles Brooks Bailey Charles Brooks Bailey 18391924Lois A. Chase
Lucy Hunter Baird Lucy Hunter Baird 8 FEB 184819 JUN 1913
Spencer Fullerton Baird Spencer Fullerton Baird 3 FEB 182319 AUG 1887Mary Helen Churchill
Virginia Clotilde Baker Virginia Clotilde Baker 9 JAN 182519 MAY 1852Hilleary Lyles Offutt
George Vinson Balch George Vinson Balch 11 NOV 18457 AUG 1902
Stephen Bloomer Balch Stephen Bloomer Balch 18481923Grace Chaney
Stephen Bloomer Balch Stephen Bloomer Balch 5 APR 174722 SEP 1833Elizabeth Beall
Henry Baldwin Henry Baldwin 28 JUL 18041 MAR 1868Mary Florida Dickson
Katie Baldwin Katie Baldwin 10 AUG 185023 MAY 1862
Mary Florida Baldwin Mary Florida Baldwin AUG 18381890Mason Cooper
William Dickson Baldwin William Dickson Baldwin 30 SEP 18348 MAR 1915Margaret Manadier, Maria Bache Abert
Mary Thomas Barbour Mary Thomas Barbour 17951884Daniel Bryan
Catharine Chase Barney Catharine Chase Barney 18091896Thomas Oldfield
Samuel Chase Barney Samuel Chase Barney 18191886
Buchanan Beale Buchanan Beale 22 APR 184717 FEB 1909Helen M. Hill
Cora Beale Cora Beale 11 JUL 185225 NOV 1893Joseph H. Key
Elizabeth Forbes Beale Elizabeth Forbes Beale 27 SEP 18429 JUL 1922Wythe Denby
Elizabeth Forbes Beale Elizabeth Forbes Beale OCT 18841902
Ellen Beale Ellen Beale 18 OCT 18743 JUN 1932Walter Gibson Peter
George T. Beale George T. Beale 30 SEP 18346 SEP 1835
Hilda Beale Hilda Beale 27 NOV 188921 SEP 1963
Dr James Shields Beale Dr James Shields Beale 11 NOV 184412 FEB 1884Fannie Marbury
John Forbes Beale John Forbes Beale 18501923Eliza Catharine Moore
Mary Dixon Beale Mary Dixon Beale DEC 18381872
Robert Beale Robert Beale 4 AUG 180010 NOV 1866Elizabeth Jane Forbes
Robert Beale Jr Robert Beale Jr 20 JUN 18327 JUN 1835
Robert Marshall Beale Robert Marshall Beale 13 MAR 1858JUN 1866
Robert Somervell Beale Robert Somervell Beale 9 DEC 18762 AUG 1952Sophie Clarkson Stuart
Alexander Beall Alexander Beall 18281910Mary Stevens
Bessie Gordon Beall Bessie Gordon Beall 18741891
Ella Beall Ella Beall 185826 NOV 1889Richmond Irving Bowie
Frances Beall Frances Beall 10 MAR 185910 FEB 1920
Frank D. Beall Frank D. Beall 18741893
Harriet Virginia Beall Harriet Virginia Beall 21 SEP 184431 DEC 1872
Horatio Beall Horatio Beall 28 MAR 182127 MAR 1865Elizabeth Ann Simms
James Lemuel Beall James Lemuel Beall 18421928Harriett S. Trissler
John J. Beall John J. Beall 18351898
Rev John Wesley Beall Rev John Wesley Beall 18631953Nellie Vinson
Lloyd Simms Beall Lloyd Simms Beall 21 NOV 1846MAY 1877
Mary Ann Beall Mary Ann Beall 6 AUG 181329 NOV 1858Timothy Remick
Ninian Beall Ninian Beall 16 AUG 178224 JAN 1856Rachel H. Grove
William Dent Beall William Dent Beall 2 FEB 180322 MAR 1875Martha Louisa Marbury
William Dent Beall William Dent Beall 18491935
William M. Beall William M. Beall 18761961
William McGee Beall William McGee Beall 18631931Ida Fairfax Newman
Virginia Beers Virginia Beers 10 JUN 182926 NOV 1903William Wallace Kirby
Ann C. Belt Ann C. Belt abt 181526 SEP 1848Richard Levin Mackall
Mary Bentley Mary Bentley abt 18089 NOV 1875Eben Gage Brown
Benjamin Berry Benjamin Berry 8 NOV 179310 SEP 1863Margaret Duvall
Horatio Edwin Berry Horatio Edwin Berry 15 JUL 181411 MAY 1883Martha L. Manning
John Stoddert Berry John Stoddert Berry 21 AUG 182922 MAR 1870
Lucinda Alice Berry Lucinda Alice Berry 26 JUN 183318 JAN 1929
Margaret Ann Berry Margaret Ann Berry 4 APR 18419 JAN 1919
Margaret Foxall Berry Margaret Foxall Berry 14 JUN 18969 FEB 1911
Marion Berry Marion Berry 21 SEP 18446 NOV 1922
Martha Virginia Berry Martha Virginia Berry 25 NOV 183125 DEC 1929
Mary Ellen Berry Mary Ellen Berry abt 183514 SEP 1912Allen Dodge
Philip T. Berry Philip T. Berry 20 JAN 180010 JAN 1879Sarah McKenny, Mary Ann Haw
Philip Taylor Berry Philip Taylor Berry FEB 18472 MAY 1904Harriet C. Welch
Philip Taylor Berry Philip Taylor Berry 31 MAY 190111 AUG 1929
William Henry Berry William Henry Berry 3 DEC 182719 FEB 1839
Frances E. Berryman Frances E. Berryman 7 DEC 183224 APR 1893Charles Edmonston
Helen M. Birch Helen M. Birch 19 AUG 188122 MAY 1960Albert W. Howard
Maria Biscoe Maria Biscoe 18171898Frisby Feeland Chew
Charlotte G. Blease Charlotte G. Blease 28 MAR 18194 JUL 1895Henry Dixson Darlington
Elizabeth Booth Elizabeth Booth 26 APR 176719 JAN 1798Charles Worthington
Basil Delashmutt Boteler Basil Delashmutt Boteler 18821960Dorothy Sidney Rohrer
Victoria Dandridge Bowers Victoria Dandridge Bowers 17 APR 184019 JUL 1924
Elizabeth Davis Bowie Elizabeth Davis Bowie abt 184221 JAN 1875
Evelyn Bowie Evelyn Bowie 18781970Laidler Mackall
R. Vernon Bowie R. Vernon Bowie 4 NOV 188817 JUN 1889
Edward Boyce Edward Boyce 17 OCT 183128 FEB 1862Blandina Dudley "Nina" Wood
Emily McEuen Boyce Emily McEuen Boyce 23 MAR 183029 AUG 1855
Jane Boyce Jane Boyce 8 APR 181331 JAN 1892George Washington Peter
William Boyce William Boyce 15 NOV 18339 JUN 1855
William M. Boyce William M. Boyce 27 JAN 180129 AUG 1855Mary McEuen
Annie Odle Brewer Annie Odle Brewer 17707 FEB 1847William Marbury
Arthur Tilghman Brice Arthur Tilghman Brice 18501935Jane Frances Pendleton
Margaret Carroll Brice Margaret Carroll Brice abt 181111 SEP 1833Daniel Wesley Middleton
Louise Brockenbrough Louise Brockenbrough 18501926
Addison M Brown Addison M Brown OCT 18321917Cynthia L. ___
Adelaide Brown Adelaide Brown MAR 18593 JUL 1859
Arvin Brown Arvin Brown 24 DEC 186018 SEP 1865
Rev B. Peyton Brown Rev B. Peyton Brown 5 JUL 183026 AUG 1896Harriet Ann Dorsey
Dorsey Brown Dorsey Brown 9 NOV 18597 FEB 1902
Eben Gage Brown Eben Gage Brown abt 180813 SEP 1870Mary Bentley
Edward Kingsford Brown Edward Kingsford Brown MAR 185916 JUL 1859
Jesse Brown Jesse Brown abt 17687 APR 1847Rosannah ___
Jesse Brown Jesse Brown 18471904
John Beardsley Brown John Beardsley Brown 16 JUL 18079 DEC 1867Cornelia Layton
Marshall Brown Marshall Brown 16 SEP 181616 DEC 1881Louisa Stuart
Obadiah Bruen Brown Obadiah Bruen Brown 20 JUL 17792 MAY 1852Elizabeth Riley
Peyton Brown Peyton Brown 4 SEP 186210 SEP 1928
Rebecca Lee Brown Rebecca Lee Brown 18701939J. William Strobel
Rosa Brown Rosa Brown 16 DEC 183816 JAN 1916Richard Wallach
Sarah Brown Sarah Brown abt 184631 JUL 1869Charles H. Sanborn
Sarah Bentley Brown Sarah Bentley Brown abt 18421 APR 1880John Ridgely Parks
Wilbur Brown Wilbur Brown 27 NOV 18642 FEB 1886
William Van Horne Brown William Van Horne Brown 14 DEC 181229 JUL 1862Adelaide J. Harington
William Van Horne Brown William Van Horne Brown 27 NOV 18504 JUL 1914
Mary Laidler Bruce Mary Laidler Bruce 18351908Louis Mackall
Charles Page Bryan Charles Page Bryan 18551918
Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan 17921871Mary Thomas Barbour
Thomas Barbour Bryan Thomas Barbour Bryan 18281906Jennie Byrd Page
Helen M. Burbank Helen M. Burbank 24 FEB 181613 AUG 1895William S. Lincoln
Marcia Burnes Marcia Burnes 9 MAY 17829 SEP 1832John Peter Van Ness
William G. Busey William G. Busey 15 MAR 183118 FEB 1881Elizabeth Dunlop