Oak Hill Cemetery

This list is not a complete list of the 20,000+ burials, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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Mary Cady Mary Cady 4 SEP 18655 JAN 1943Robert S. Chew
Mary Ellen Cammack Mary Ellen Cammack 3 MAR 183429 JUN 1863Charles Edmonston
Rev Charles L. Carhart Rev Charles L. Carhart 18651951Alfreda Post
Margaret P. Carlin Margaret P. Carlin abt 183012 JUL 1861Richard A. Edmonston
Samuel Sprigg Carroll Samuel Sprigg Carroll 21 SEP 183228 JAN 1893
William Thomas Carroll William Thomas Carroll 2 MAR 180213 JUL 1863Sally Sprigg
Ann Eliza Carter Ann Eliza Carter abt 181930 OCT 1846
John Carter John Carter abt 179120 JUN 1850Ellen Marbury
Alice Jane Casey Alice Jane Casey 24 JUN 184617 OCT 1860
Isaac Knettle Casey Isaac Knettle Casey 17 JAN 18445 MAR 1867
Joseph Casey Joseph Casey 17 DEC 181410 FEB 1879Mary A. ___
Joseph William Casey Joseph William Casey 13 MAY 184213 APR 1843
Mary Catherine Mary Catherine abt 1792abt 1877John Moore
Grace Chaney Grace Chaney 18751946Stephen Bloomer Balch
Lois A. Chase Lois A. Chase 18441928Charles Brooks Bailey
Matilda Chase Matilda Chase 17632 FEB 1835Henry Ridgely
Stephen Mason Chase Stephen Mason Chase 18621929Helen Stirling Lincoln
Elsie French Chew Elsie French Chew abt 18458 JUL 1862
Fielder B. Chew Fielder B. Chew 18491945
Leonard Covington Chew Leonard Covington Chew 2 OCT 185615 MAR 1902
Louis Forsyth Chew Louis Forsyth Chew 12 DEC 18526 FEB 1918
Richard Smith Chew Richard Smith Chew 7 SEP 184310 APR 1875Louisa Harrison Coffin
Robert S. Chew Robert S. Chew 10 OCT 184813 JAN 1923Mary Cady
Robert Smith Chew Robert Smith Chew 4 NOV 18112 AUG 1873Elizabeth Ringold Smith
Walter Hill Chew Walter Hill Chew 2 OCT 185612 NOV 1923
Walter Scott Chew Walter Scott Chew 184018 FEB 1900Marion Waters
Adair Childress Adair Childress 19101989James Otey Urquhart
Charles C. Churchill Charles C. Churchill 18 JUL 18256 MAR 1908Alice Dow
Franklin Hunter Churchill Franklin Hunter Churchill 22 APR 182324 MAY 1889
Mary Helen Churchill Mary Helen Churchill 30 AUG 182123 DEC 1891Spencer Fullerton Baird
Sylvester Churchill Sylvester Churchill 2 AUG 17837 DEC 1862Lucy Hunter
Dorsey Clagett Dorsey Clagett 18431899Leah A. Kendig
Edith C. Clagett Edith C. Clagett 18761891
Martha Clagett Martha Clagett 18321906Joseph Gerard Waters
Martha Eleanor Clagett Martha Eleanor Clagett 6 JAN 17963 MAY 1874Henry Addison
Ella Clark Ella Clark 8 MAR 185318 MAY 1935Frank Eliot Middleton
Gen. Henry Francis Clarke Gen. Henry Francis Clarke 9 NOV 182010 MAY 1887Arabella Taylor
Mary Armitage Cochrane Mary Armitage Cochrane 25 MAR 181519 FEB 1882James Alexander Magruder
Louisa Harrison Coffin Louisa Harrison Coffin 9 APR 18485 JUN 1888Richard Smith Chew
Emily Marion Colton Emily Marion Colton 24 JUN 187728 SEP 1954Archibald Hilliard Davis
Francis Colton Francis Colton 22 MAY 18349 MAR 1913Annie C. S. ___
George Radcliffe Colton George Radcliffe Colton 10 APR 18656 APR 1916
Julia Carmina Colton Julia Carmina Colton 14 MAY 18816 SEP 1886
Marguerite Colton Marguerite Colton 5 SEP 18839 AUG 1960Randall Hagner
Mary Compton Mary Compton 18721963John Goode Urquhart
Mary Compton Mary Compton 29 OCT 18054 MAR 1884Edward Magruder Linthicum
Mary Conrad Mary Conrad 25 DEC 18453 JUN 1908James Heath Dodge
Martha Elizabeth Cook Martha Elizabeth Cook 11 MAY 182823 SEP 1848Ignatius Davis Read
Guy Cooke Guy Cooke 21 JUL 187014 FEB 1874
Henry D. Cooke Henry D. Cooke 16 JUL 18509 OCT 1914Anna Howell
Henry David Cooke Henry David Cooke 23 NOV 182524 FEB 1881Laura Serena Humphreys
Jay Cooke Jay Cooke 21 MAY 186115 JUL 1937
Kate Cooke Kate Cooke 20 AUG 18562 NOV 1929John Fitzhugh Magruder
Lizzie Cooke Lizzie Cooke 11 FEB 185219 AUG 1852
Pitt Cooke Pitt Cooke 6 JUN 18571 JAN 1914
Ellen Corcoran Ellen Corcoran 30 AUG 18436 JAN 1849
Emily Corcoran Emily Corcoran 14 JUN 183819 FEB 1912Charles McIlvaine Matthews
James Wilson Corcoran James Wilson Corcoran 6 SEP 184510 APR 1912Margaret Beck
Louise Corcoran Louise Corcoran 20 MAR 18384 DEC 1867George Eustis
Lucy Corcoran Lucy Corcoran 10 MAY 18476 MAR 1849
Martha Ellen Corcoran Martha Ellen Corcoran 22 JAN 180711 MAY 1879Stephen Prescott Hill
Sarah Corcoran Sarah Corcoran abt 179724 SEP 1843William Jones
Thomas Corcoran Thomas Corcoran 22 JUN 184125 DEC 1857
Thomas Corcoran Thomas Corcoran abt 175427 JAN 1830Hannah Lemmon
Thomas Corcoran Thomas Corcoran abt 179426 OCT 1846Emily ___
William Matthews Corcoran William Matthews Corcoran 18 AUG 183312 NOV 1890
William Wilson Corcoran William Wilson Corcoran 27 DEC 179824 FEB 1888Louise Morris
Mary Jane Cox Mary Jane Cox 24 MAR 182731 DEC 1900Watkins Addison
Mary Ann Cragear Mary Ann Cragear 18041 MAY 1889Richard Cruit
Alice Edna Cropley Alice Edna Cropley abt 188310 NOV 1905
Arthur Bird Cropley Arthur Bird Cropley 11 AUG 184824 APR 1912Harriet C. Welch
Lucretia Cropley Lucretia Cropley 8 JUL 18428 DEC 1919
Robert Barnard Cropley Robert Barnard Cropley 1 APR 184716 AUG 1891
Robert Charles Cropley Robert Charles Cropley 15 MAR 18822 OCT 1910
Samuel Cropley Samuel Cropley 4 AUG 187823 FEB 1908
Samuel Cropley Samuel Cropley 14 FEB 180117 JUN 1869Eleanor ___
Thomas Lawrence Cropley Thomas Lawrence Cropley 11 JUL 184622 OCT 1908Alice Julia Janes
Christine Crowley Christine Crowley abt 182813 MAY 1899Samuel Higgins Duvall
Richard Cruit Richard Cruit 25 SEP 18082 NOV 1886Lydia ___, Mary Ann Cragear
Maurice Booth Cunningham Maurice Booth Cunningham 18781921
William Archibald Cunningham William Archibald Cunningham 18381915Jessie Genevieve Lipsicomb
Dolley P. Madison Cutts Dolley P. Madison Cutts 13 JUL 181218 DEC 1839
Harry Randolph Cutts Harry Randolph Cutts 4 SEP 18564 SEP 1856
James Madison Cutts James Madison Cutts 18051863
Mary E. Cutts Mary E. Cutts 18141856
Richard Cutts Richard Cutts 6/22/17714/7/1845Anna Payne
Richard Dominicus Cutts Richard Dominicus Cutts 21 SEP 181713 DEC 1883Martha Jefferson Hackley
Catherine Francelia Dade Catherine Francelia Dade 178427 NOV 1854Walter Stoddard Alexander
Anne Charlotte Darlington Anne Charlotte Darlington 29 JUN 18878 AUG 1963
Elizabeth Darlington Elizabeth Darlington 31 OCT 188916 MAR 1967Charles Augustus Simpson
Joseph J. Darlington Joseph J. Darlington 10 FEB 184924 JUN 1920Elizabeth R. Meador
Mary Elizabeth Darlington Mary Elizabeth Darlington 5 DEC 185118 JAN 1927
Walter Dorsey Davidge Walter Dorsey Davidge 18231901Anna Louisa Washington
Archibald Hilliard Davis Archibald Hilliard Davis 22 SEP 186618 SEP 1934Emily Marion Colton
Frances Rebecca Davis Frances Rebecca Davis 13 DEC 180028 NOV 1872Robert Read
Virginia Elizabeth Davis Virginia Elizabeth Davis 18281882Esau Pickrell
Hannah Day Hannah Day 27 JUL 17807 MAR 1855Roger Boyce
Charles Edwin Denby Charles Edwin Denby 6 NOV 187510 JUL 1876
Stephen Field Denby Stephen Field Denby 18771882
Wythe Denby Wythe Denby 31 MAR 18325 FEB 1890Elizabeth Forbes Beale
Wythe Beale Denby Wythe Beale Denby 5 SEP 187424 JUN 1933
Edward Linthicum Dent Edward Linthicum Dent 5 JUL 186119 OCT 1899
Josiah Dent Josiah Dent 26 AUG 181728 OCT 1899Kate Linthicum
Robert Dick Robert Dick 15 OCT 180021 DEC 1870
Mary Florida Dickson Mary Florida Dickson abt 181121 FEB 1887Henry Baldwin
Allen Dodge Allen Dodge 21 AUG 18226 MAR 1908Mary Ellen Berry
Carrie Heath Dodge Carrie Heath Dodge JAN 1876Balch Beall Wilson
Forest Dodge Forest Dodge 28 DEC 185828 JAN 1891Meta Helen Marbury
Francis Dodge Francis Dodge 7 NOV 180912 MAR 1881
James Heath Dodge James Heath Dodge 30 JUL 184516 DEC 1917Mary Conrad
Margaret Dodge Margaret Dodge 18541928Watkins Addison
Robert Perley Dodge Robert Perley Dodge 1 SEP 181721 MAY 1887Caroline R. Heath
Samuel Davidson Dodge Samuel Davidson Dodge 26 FEB 18417 MAR 1841
Jane Doolittle Jane Doolittle 18401921Thomas Joseph Duncan Fuller
Harriet Ann Dorsey Harriet Ann Dorsey 3 MAY 183826 AUG 1917B. Peyton Brown
Dr. Lloyd Dorsey Dr. Lloyd Dorsey 31 AUG 182613 NOV 1900
Presley W. Dorsey Presley W. Dorsey 27 NOV 181228 MAR 1872Mary Hood Worthington
William Henry Dorsey William Henry Dorsey 12 DEC 18741959Ethel Harryman
Worthington Dorsey Worthington Dorsey abt 183529 MAY 1908Mary Jane Godey
Malvina Dougal Malvina Dougal 25 APR 185217 OCT 1942Walter T. Wheatley
Alice Dow Alice Dow 183613 JAN 1900Charles C. Churchill
Mary Adelaide Drury Mary Adelaide Drury 18341888George Franklin Gulick
Mary Duncan Mary Duncan 19 AUG 181527 FEB 1868George D. Abbot
Elizabeth Dunlop Elizabeth Dunlop 2 MAR 183722 APR 1903William G. Busey
Helen Dunlop Helen Dunlop 180512 JUN 1892William Laird
Eli Duval Eli Duval abt 183826 AUG 1892
Andrew Jackson Duvall Andrew Jackson Duvall abt 182826 JAN 1879
Anna Duvall Anna Duvall 1840/184515 OCT 1918John McAlpin Robison
Bettie Duvall Bettie Duvall 18453 JUL 1891
Christine Duvall Christine Duvall 7 JUN 187918 APR 1951William Dunaway Hanback
Margaret Duvall Margaret Duvall abt 179511 JAN 1876Benjamin Berry
Mary Susanna Duvall Mary Susanna Duvall abt 183020 AUG 1918George Williamson Smith
Samuel Higgins Duvall Samuel Higgins Duvall 30 MAY 181824 FEB 1885Christine Crowley
Washington Duvall Washington Duvall 23 JUN 179626 FEB 1874Eliza Ann Perry
William T. Duvall William T. Duvall 21 SEP 181723 JUN 1894Jane S. Sedgwick, Sarah Ann Arnold
Charles Edmonston Charles Edmonston 16 FEB 181627 JAN 1897Mary Ellen Cammack, Frances E. Berryman, A. C. Henrietta ___
Charles R. Edmonston Charles R. Edmonston 17 MAY 186131 MAR 1927
Decius Edmonston Decius Edmonston abt 17964 SEP 1879Charlotte B. Griffith
Decius W. Edmonston Decius W. Edmonston abt 183226 JUL 1856
Kate Edmonston Kate Edmonston 185023 MAY 1935George W. Pearson
Lily Edmonston Lily Edmonston 11 FEB 18719 MAY 1904
Mary Ann Edmonston Mary Ann Edmonston 8 JUL 180417 FEB 1878
Richard A. Edmonston Richard A. Edmonston abt 182914 APR 1886Sarah J. ___, Margaret P. Carlin
Upton B. Edmonston Upton B. Edmonston 9 MAY 186931 JAN 1929
William B. Edmonston William B. Edmonston abt 183510 JAN 1866Mary A. ___
Annie J. Eli Annie J. Eli 9 JUN 185715 MAR 1915
Daniel Eveland Eli Daniel Eveland Eli abt 18528 DEC 1911
John W. Eli John W. Eli 18681953
John William Eli John William Eli MAY 182027 MAY 1877Eliza C. ___
Lizzie J. Eli Lizzie J. Eli 18621937William W. Magruder
Mary Agnes Eli Mary Agnes Eli 18551874
Catharine Eliot Catharine Eliot 18071886Lemuel James Middleton
Henry Randall Elliott Henry Randall Elliott 26 NOV 184812 APR 1908Helen C. Tompkins
Julian Laurence Elliott Julian Laurence Elliott 13 APR 188111 SEP 1881
Samuel Bonnyman Elliott Samuel Bonnyman Elliott 20 MAR 182228 APR 1876Juliana Marshall Randall
Thomas Munroe Elliott Thomas Munroe Elliott 31 MAR 18515 MAR 1896Marian Virginia Galt
Walter Burland Elliott Walter Burland Elliott 25 JUL 18875 APR 1897
George Eustis George Eustis 29 SEP 182815 MAR 1872Louise Corcoran
William Corcoran Eustis William Corcoran Eustis 20 JUL 186224 NOV 1921Edith Livingston Morton
Evanina Florence Evans Evanina Florence Evans 22 MAY 18488 JAN 1923James McVean Mackall
Sarah Eveleth Sarah Eveleth 17 JUL 181122 MAY 1899William Maynadier