Rock Creek Cemetery

This list is not a complete list, but those who have lineages and attached photos at Our Family Tree.

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Ellen J. Ellen J. 18521905Nathaniel Elbridge Thompson
Georgia A. Georgia A. 18821935Thomas A. Dorsey
Helen L. Helen L. 7 MAR 187229 AUG 1956Alfred S. Baird
Mary Esther Mary Esther 26 JUL 1894Daniel McCarty
S. Elizabeth S. Elizabeth 18451921William H. Harding
Sarah F. Sarah F. SEP 18361915Eli A. Berry
Mary Abell Mary Abell 18641941James Dudley Morgan
Margaretta Addison Margaretta Addison 6 DEC 18082 NOV 1900
Olivia C. Addison Olivia C. Addison 14 FEB 184518 JUN 1904
Sarah C. Addison Sarah C. Addison 19 AUG 18364 SEP 1899George Mitchell
William Farrington Aldrich William Farrington Aldrich abt 1889
William Farrington Aldrich William Farrington Aldrich 11 MAR 185330 OCT 1925Josephine Cables
Ethan Allen Ethan Allen 12 MAY 18327 DEC 1911Eliza Clagett
Hesse Alston Hesse Alston 29 OCT 186121 MAR 1951Richard Shubrick Trapier
George Burgwin Anderson George Burgwin Anderson 18 OCT 18622 MAR 1910
Alfred S. Baird Alfred S. Baird 6 JUN 186423 APR 1918Helen L. ___
Catherine Barrett Catherine Barrett 182014 JUL 1901John Riggles
Frank A. Beale Frank A. Beale 29 APR 186818 MAR 1939Nellie Kennedy
Howard Kennedy Beale Howard Kennedy Beale 8 APR 189927 DEC 1959
Doris K. Beall Doris K. Beall 4 OCT 18967 MAY 1965
Gladys B. Beall Gladys B. Beall 24 MAY 189827 OCT 1983William Landon Turner
Rignald W. Beall Rignald W. Beall 3 DEC 187210 NOV 1959Florence M. Grady
Sarah Beall Sarah Beall 30 JUL 179928 MAY 1842Gassaway Perry
Theodore Lee Beall Theodore Lee Beall 29 FEB 186417 JUN 1911Hettie P. Mattingly
Virginia T. Beall Virginia T. Beall abt 18396 SEP 1887Richard H. Willet
William B. Beall William B. Beall 18181877Elizabeth Thorn
James M. Beck James M. Beck 17 APR 18924 DEC 1972
James Montgomery Beck James Montgomery Beck 9 JUL 18612 APR 1936Lilla Mitchell
Edward B. Beckwith Edward B. Beckwith 21 JAN 187410 SEP 1959Maggie I. Boteler
Ada Benham Ada Benham 15 MAY 183026 SEP 1888Charles Snowden Fairfax
Eli A. Berry Eli A. Berry OCT 18391929Sarah F. ___
Mary Elizabeth Berry Mary Elizabeth Berry 5 FEB 182913 SEP 1831
Mary Louisa Berry Mary Louisa Berry 14 SEP 183124 JUL 1835
Washington Berry Washington Berry 13 AUG 1800abt 1856Eliza Thomas Williams
Lucina Bingham Lucina Bingham 29 SEP 18154 NOV 1903Guy Moses
Francis Preston Blair Francis Preston Blair 12 APR 179118 OCT 1876Elizabeth Violet Howard Gist
Gist Blair Gist Blair 10 SEP 186016 DEC 1940Laura Lawson
James Blair James Blair 7 OCT 181915 DEC 1853Mary Serena Elizabeth Jesup
Maria G. Blair Maria G. Blair 12 JAN 185111 SEP 1862
Montgomery Blair Montgomery Blair 10 MAY 181325 JUL 1883Mary Elizabeth Woodbury
Montgomery Blair Montgomery Blair 14 MAR 186528 APR 1944Edith Draper
Montgomery Blair Montgomery Blair 18981974Virginia Mason
William Draper Blair William Draper Blair 19021994Mary Mason
Woodbury Blair Woodbury Blair 1 SEP 185214 OCT 1933
Marie Bontz Marie Bontz 11 NOV 188831 DEC 1921Roscoe W. Cook
Robert H. Bontz Robert H. Bontz 5 DEC 185229 MAR 1910Margaret A. Epler
Susie Harrison Bontz Susie Harrison Bontz 31 DEC 188117 MAR 1953Rudolph Jose
Carrie A. Boteler Carrie A. Boteler 20 FEB 18634 JAN 1935Samuel W. Maddux
George M. Boteler George M. Boteler 2 DEC 187424 MAR 1938
Maggie I. Boteler Maggie I. Boteler 6 NOV 187420 JUL 1955Edward B. Beckwith
Theophlius Boteler Theophlius Boteler 20 APR 181823 APR 1907Margaret Waddell
Rena Vernon Bowie Rena Vernon Bowie 15 AUG 18738 MAR 1932
Richard Somervell Bowie Richard Somervell Bowie 6 MAR 187129 DEC 1924
Thomas Truman Somervell Bowie Thomas Truman Somervell Bowie 12 JUN 184212 FEB 1910Agnes W. MacGregor
Louise Reed Boyd Louise Reed Boyd 18881949
William Godfrey Boyd William Godfrey Boyd 1 JAN 185925 JAN 1917Anna Bell Reed
Alexander Negus Breckinridge Alexander Negus Breckinridge 1 NOV 183121 APR 1895Betty C. Wright
Providence Dorsey Brice Providence Dorsey Brice abt 18011 JUN 1861Darius Clagett
Rebecca F. Britton Rebecca F. Britton 22 OCT 184211 JAN 1939Charles Worthington
Anne Clymer Brooke Anne Clymer Brooke 28 MAR 187024 DEC 1903Blair Lee
Samuel Clagett Busey Samuel Clagett Busey 23 JUL 182813 FEB 1901Catherine Anne Morton Posey
Josephine Cables Josephine Cables 12 JUN 184312 AUG 1917William Farrington Aldrich
Araminta Calvert Araminta Calvert 18621946Thomas John Chew
Charles Baltimore Calvert Jr Charles Baltimore Calvert Jr 9 OCT 187815 APR 1964Lucy Harrison Dorsey
Charles Baltimore Calvert Charles Baltimore Calvert 5 FEB 184331 AUG 1906Eleanor Mackubin
Charles Benedict Calvert Charles Benedict Calvert 8 NOV 18712 JUL 1872
Eleanor Calvert Eleanor Calvert NOV 18676 OCT 1929W. Gibson Carey
Ella Calvert Ella Calvert 20 MAR 184017 FEB 1902Duncan G. Campbell
George Calvert George Calvert 21 JAN 18798 MAY 1946Rosalie Eugenia Stier Calvert
George Henry Calvert George Henry Calvert 2 OCT 187420 OCT 1950Cornelia Peyton Russell Knight
John Wentworth Calvert John Wentworth Calvert 12 DEC 18849 AUG 1947
Rosalie Eugenia Stier Calvert Rosalie Eugenia Stier Calvert 29 JUL 18765 SEP 1964George Calvert
Anne Mandeville Carlisle Anne Mandeville Carlisle 18 AUG 18538 SEP 1854
Calderon Carlisle Calderon Carlisle 27 FEB 185216 SEP 1901Kate Cornick Thomas
Emeline Sophia Macleod Carlisle Emeline Sophia Macleod Carlisle 8 SEP 185419 OCT 1855
James Mandeville Carlisle James Mandeville Carlisle 9 JUL 18559 JUL 1882
James Mandeville Carlisle James Mandeville Carlisle 22 MAY 181419 MAY 1877Emmeline Sophia Macleod, Mildred Butler Ewing
Katherine Carlisle Katherine Carlisle 18 MAR 185721 MAR 1857
Mandeville Carlisle Mandeville Carlisle 5 AUG 185016 JAN 1854
Pierce Butler Carlisle Pierce Butler Carlisle 4 AUG 18732 APR 1886
Richmond Carlisle Richmond Carlisle 23 OCT 18481 AUG 1866
Elizabeth Claggett Chew Elizabeth Claggett Chew 18551929
Rev John Hamilton Chew Rev John Hamilton Chew 1 AUG 18216 JUL 1885Sophie Genevieve Clagett
John Hamilton Chew III John Hamilton Chew III 13 JAN 185317 MAY 1916
Thomas John Chew Thomas John Chew 25 FEB 18462 MAY 1904Araminta Calvert
Elizabeth Bertha Chinn Elizabeth Bertha Chinn 1 SEP 187122 NOV 1947
Charles Clagett Charles Clagett abt 18291882
Darius Clagett Darius Clagett abt 17901 OCT 1860Ann Louisa Thompson, Providence Dorsey Brice
E. L. Clagett E. L. Clagett 25 JAN 188026 JAN 1880
Elbert Clagett Elbert Clagett 20 FEB 183530 MAR 1905
Eliza Clagett Eliza Clagett 20 AUG 18368 FEB 1898Ethan Allen
Eliza C. Clagett Eliza C. Clagett 6 JUL 187512 APR 1885
Howard Clagett Howard Clagett 30 MAY 185818 APR 1893Mary DuHamel
John Brice Clagett John Brice Clagett 1 MAR 18241888Alice Irene Gunnell, Margaret A. Gunnell
Mary Ann Clagett Mary Ann Clagett 1 SEP 18251905Smith Thompson
Mary B. Clagett Mary B. Clagett 6 AUG 18828 APR 1885
Maurice Clagett Maurice Clagett 7 AUG 183313 JUL 1900
Sarah Brice Clagett Sarah Brice Clagett 18391843
Sophie Genevieve Clagett Sophie Genevieve Clagett 4 FEB 182625 AUG 1902John Hamilton Chew
William Brice Clagett William Brice Clagett 18491891Ella Louise Hall
William Henry Clagett William Henry Clagett 11 MAR 182722 OCT 1892Adele Clare
Adele Clare Adele Clare 14 JUN 183612 DEC 1917William Henry Clagett
Mary Elizabeth Collier Mary Elizabeth Collier 18501925Samuel H. Edmonston
Mary Emma Craig Mary Emma Craig 7 FEB 18493 NOV 1919Lucius F. Randolph