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1/20/2015 Added photo for Powell Junior High School.
1/21/2013 Added the remaining alphabet P through Z of the 1834 Georgetown Directory.
1/9/2013 Posted 1855 Georgetown directory
9/1/2012 Posted two unknown photographs
7/29/2012 Added list of early divorces, list of schools in 1868
6/18/2012 Added 9 old photographs of Businesses and Schools
4/10/2012 Added 1843 Washington City Directory
3/24/2012 Added World War I Memorial for DC residents
3/20/2012 Added Eastern High School photos
2/20/2012 Added two early photographs
2/20/2012 Added Some Early Marriages Reported in DC Papers (1803-1810)
2/18/2012 Added Grace Episcopal Burials
2/12/2012 Added Grace Episcopal Families and Baptisms
2/9/2012 Added Selected Georgetown Records, 1834-1919
1/23/2012 Added Anacostia Methodist Episcopal Baptisms, 1893-1903
1/9/2012 Added Businesses page and Central High photograph
1/8/2012 Added Some Early Marriages Reported in DC Papers (1796-1802)
12/18/2011  Added Business High and Western High photos.
12/6/2011  Added 1889 Spencerian, 1909 Snowden, and 1920 Armstrong graduating classes.
12/5/2011  Added 4 schools and building pictures on the schools page.
12/4/2011  Added 2 business photographs on the photograph page.
12/3/2011  Added 41 grade school 1889 graduate lists.
12/2/2011 Added photo of 1891 glee club of Central High
12/1/2011 1822 Directory of Washington DC
11/20/2011  Added 1834 Alexandria Directory.
11/20/2011  Added 1894 Sidwell, 1881 Spencerian, 1888 Washington High, 1888 Washington Normal Graduates.
11/04/2011  Added 1834 Georgetown Directory.
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