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The Rayne Tribune October 15, 1927


Two killed, one seriously wounded and the murderer himself dead sums up the tragedy which occurred near Church Point Saturday night. This crime, one of the most atrocious in the history of this section was committed three miles northeast of Church Point by Will Daigle 32, who killed his common law wife Rosa Boudreaux 21, her sister, Emily 11, and hideously wounded another Eugenie 9. After shooting those three he turned the pistol on himself and died almost instantly with a bullet thru the heart.

The family lived in a mere shack and the three girls were spending the night there. They were in the bed while the man and his wife were on the floor. In a temporary fit of jealous insanity, Daigle arose and fired a bullet through the brain of his wife who was sleeping, killing her instantly. He then began firing at the children in the bed. Eugenie was shot thru the head, the bullet entering near her nose and passing entirely thru the skull coming out on the opposite side. At first she was thought to be mortally wounded however, recent reports from the Duson sanitarium where she was taken, are to the effect that her condition is improved slightly. Emily ran from the house in an attempt to reach a neighboring house for help but died near Bayou Plaquemine where her body was found Sunday. Marie Boudreaux, age 13, received only a slight flesh wound in the palm of her hand as she grappled with Daigle to prevent his killing Rose Boudreaux’s four year old child and hid in a nearby barn. During the night she said she heard the murderer stalking in and out of the house and the dread fear of his finding her hiding place nearly drove her insane. Finally she said, she heard him go in to the house and mourn over the body of his wife, reproaching himself for having killed her, when he could stand his fear and grief no longer, he turned his pistol, a Smith & Wesson 38 on himself and fell across the body of his dead wife. About six o’clock Sunday morning Marie entered the house and covered the forms with blankets, then taking the smaller child with her went for assistance.

Daigle was known to the Church Point section as a “bad man” and he had threatened the lives of several people. He had recently been arrested and was to have stood trial in November.


October 22, 1927

The fourth victim, Eugenie Boudreaux, of a murder and suicide in Church Point community on Sunday morning, October 9, died early Thursday morning.

The little girl had lingered between life and death since the shooting when she was mortally wounded, the bullet entering by her nose, passing entirely thru and coming out on the opposite of the head. The three other persons dead in the tragedy are Will Daigle, 32, who suicided after killing his wife, Rosa Boudreaux, 21, and her sister, Emily, 11, Eugenie 9 and the two other victims were sisters. The affair will be one long remembered in this community due to the gruesomeness and horror of it.

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