LaSalle Par., La. World War II Dead

US Army & Army Air Force



Transcribed by B. Jo Branch
© 14 Jan 2010

Abbreviation: Types of Casualties
DNB - Died, non-battle
DOI - Died of injuries
DOW - Wounded and later died
FOD - Under Public Law 490, Finding of Death
KIA - Killed in Action
M - Missing

Tabulations for LaSalle Par., La.
KIA = 17
DOW = 4
DNB = 8

Serv. No. Rank
Barnes, Joseph W. Jr. 14010706 SSgt xxx
Bell, Raymond C. 38520198 Pvt. xxx
Breland, Ruben C. 34029794 Sgt. xxx
Cornwell, Frank M. 34028867 Cpl xxx
Cox, John P. 38337273 SSgt xxx
Deshotel, Varance L. 38483159 Pfc xxx
Doughty, Kaga A. 14006375 TSgt xxx
Durham, Farris L. 14002156 Pvt xxx
Ellis, Lloyd G. 38520196 Pfc xxx
Enterkin, Jewell I. 38652765 Pvt xxx
Flawerty, Lamar 38658152 Pfc xxx
Franklin, Melvin C. 0-664387 1st Lt. xxx
Fuller, William A. 38335222 Pvt xxx
Gough, James E. 7002756 Pfc xxx
Green, William 341566580 Pvt xxx
Hemphill, Walter E. 38173185 Pfc xxx
Holton, John B. 0-306499 Capt xxx
Keene, Mayo 38172468 Pvt xxx
Labatt, Simon E. 14053711 Cpl xxx
Leach, Bobby E. 38390256 Pfc xxx
Leeper, Otis P. 34230053 Pfc xxx
McCall, Roger B. 38520183 Pvt xxx
Miller, Floyd O. 14151511 SSgt xxx
Pauley, James L. 0-765059 2nd Lt. xxx
Poe, Leslie E. 01640821 1st Lt. xxx
Renfrow, Robert E. 38522385 Pvt xxx
Smith, C. W. 34235704 Pfc xxx
Whitten, Archie E. 38652778 Pfc xxx
Yeager, Richard O. 0-790448 2nd Lt. xxx


























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