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Hello, my name is Martha and I will be the new County Coordinator for the Hennepin portion of the MNGenWeb.

I can be contacted via email by using this link

My thanks to Claudia for all the great work she has done on Hennepin County.

I do not live in Minnesota, but have roots deep in her soil.
However, if I can, I'll be happy to try and direct you to where information might be found.  We have several great volunteers on the "Odds & Ends Page that will are willing to do research or lookup information in resources available to them. There are also many contributed records on some of our pages. Please take a look around, send me your feedback with any ideas and of course contributions.
Questions? Send 'em along- Martha



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Hennepin County Neighbors:

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Ramsey [St Paul]

Hennepin County Townships [Scroll Down]
Interactive Map of Minnesota [1916]

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Towns Settled in 1862
Hennepin County was named after Father Louis Hennepin, a Catholic friar of Belgian birth and an explorer in the service of France. Father Hennepin named the falls of the Mississippi "St. Anthony" after his patron saint, Anthony of Padua. Father Hennepin, in 1683, published his memoirs of the exploration in a publication, Description of Louisiana, Newly Discovered of the Southwest of New France Father Louis Hennepin
Native Americans ~ Wiki +
Additional History which includes the Dakota Wars

There are 11 federally recognized Tribes in Minnesota

A search on the Archive.org Site shows these results.

News Article: Burial Mounds
U.S.,Records Related to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-1910
"Cyber Gleanings"

"What's New"

"Shelley's Finds: Photos"
This will be an ongoing quest:
Shelley 'rescues' family photos and looks for family members so that they can be reunited.
The name[s] on the photo will be listed here and on the Odds & Ends page with a link:
Rose Butts Meacham


"The Fine Print"

 Hennepin County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham

Co-State Coordinators: Shirley Cullum & Tim Stowell

Assistant State Coordinator: Karen De Groote
For information about adopting a Minnesota County, please contact Shirley or Tim

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