Central High 1940
Faculty and Staff
Last Name First Name Subject taught
Jarvis Calvin W. Principal
Thomas Anna Belle Assistant Principal
Addington Charles Social Science
Baker Maxine Art
Bell Clara English
Berg Marie Social Science
Bruce Evelyn Natural Science
Carey Agnes Commercial
Chamberlin Gladys English
Cheney Amy Commercial
Classon Robert Social Science
Conway Estelle Language
Cunningham Thomas Industrial
Daniels Dorothy Home Economics
Dreschsler Alice Language
Edlund Elsie Natural Science
Emerson Byron Natural Science
Erdhal Absalom Language
Gamble Helen English
Gay Anna Language
Grosz Lorine English
Hawker William Social Science
Henry Laura English
Hepp Maylon Industrial
Hosmer Frank Commercial
Hutchinson Drusilla Social Science
Iles Louise English
Karon Zelma Commercial
Korista Frances Natural Science
Krueger Edward Social Science
Kuenster Orrin Social Science
Lander Guy Industrial
Liskey Ella Language
Lobdell Lucile Social Science
Mansfield Dorothy Physical Education
Markley Joseph Physical Education
Miller Harriet English
Mitchell Weston Industrial
Morse Sydney Music
Mulligan John English
Nickerson Eleanor Mathmatics
Nordby Walter Commercial
Northey Olive English
Nutter Hannah Mathmatics
Peck Ross Natural Science
Pelto Armas Commercial
Pink Hellen Social Science
Powers Mary Social Science
Ranks Harry Applied Music
Reed Carolyn English
Rohde Henry Natural Science
Rodgers Walter Mathmatics
Ruhnke Kate Home Economics
Schadegg Miltom Social Science
Scott Georgia Commercial
Setterberg Ruth English
Shoemaker Isabel English
Smith Nora English
Strand Stanford Mathmatics
Sweet Earl Natural Science
Thorvilson Helen English
Towler May Home Economics
Trufant Nellie Industrial
Turner Constance Art
Turnquist Myrtle Commercial
Utley Lulu English
Weber Edmund Physical Education
Witter Ella Art
Wohlford Charles Music and Social Science
Zanger Helen Commercial
Ziemer Eugenia Physical Education
Zittleman Henry Industrial
Not Pictured:
Buresh Anthony Mathmatics
Connor Ellen School Nurse
Cook Luella English
Ericson Wilma Physical Education
Fox Amy English
McDill Genevieve English
McGovern Earl Industrial
O'Leary Abigail English
Parkell Irene English
Philips Jennie Mathmatics
Other Staff
Dornak Mary Locker Clerk
Faughnder Dorothy Chief Clerk
Gustafson Grace Attendance Clerk
Olson Mildred Requisition Clerk
Sondcrup Loretta Credit Clerk
Brice Jeanette Chief Librarian
Putnam Katherine Assistant Librarian
Boyd Marion Visiting Teacher
Chalgren Gertrude Lunchroom Manager
Martin Eben Chief Engineer
We Remember:
Crounse Emma English Retired
Goode Dorothy History Retired
Day Alice Hussey Retired/Married
Percy Mary Retired
Thompson Carrier Charlotte Librarian Retired
Travis Marie Home Economics Retired
Kaus Leone History & English Transferred to Washburn High
Nordquist Ruth Spanish Transferred to Washburn High
Swanson Lucile Requisition Clerk Transferred to West High
Harris Mary C. Latin & German Deceased 1939