Compiled by Ethel Crowther and Corinne Odell









ACOMB, Fred G. 3325 First Ave South
"Of all the arts, great music is the art to raise the soul above all earthly storms.
ADIE, Jean H. Toronto Canada
Ques. "What would you do if you didn't have Madame for French?" Ans. Study
ALBUM, Sara 734 E 18th Street
"Her air had a meaning, her movements a grace."
BARBER, Ruth 1725 Irving Ave. So.
"Youth is full of sport."
BARNABY, Louise 2627 Park Ave. So.
"She has the gift of gab in French."
BARNARD, Tom 206 Lumber Exhange
"Peace has her victories, No less renowned than war."
BENEDICT, Beth 361 Dakota Street, Winona
"Do thou as thou art wont reepair My heart with gladness and a share Of they meek nature."
BENJAMIN, Monroe 605 Baltimore Blk., St. Paul
"With lokes Crulle as they were leyd in presse."
BENTSON, Jeanette 603 W. Franklin
"I was short when I was young, And I have been short ever since."
BERGLUND, Roscoe 2708 3rd Ave. So.
""he wears the rose of youth upon him."
BIBB, Eugene 2208 Girard Ave. So.
"A youth ight-hearted was he."
BINLIFF, Claude 1958 Penn Ave. So.
"Costly thy habit as they purse can buy,, And oft expressed in fancy, rich and gaudy."
BLOOMQUIST, Hazel 3136 Park Ave. So.
"Tis the little things that count in life."
BOSTWICK, Marion 1916 Lyndale Ave. So.
"Long may such goodness live."
BOSTWICK, Ralph 2708 Girard Ave. So.
"Heaven lies about us in our infancy."
BREWSTER, William 717 Kenwood Parkway
"Endu'd with the sanctity of reason."
BROOM, Alice 3111 Second Ave. So.
"Her hair's the raven's wing in hue."
BUCKBEE, Colgate 2651 Fremont Ave. So.
""First in fight and in all graceful deeds."
BUCKMAN, Eleanor 129 E. 25th St.
"Deep versed in books."
BYRON, Edward 219 Fifth St. So.
"Atrewe swinkere and a good was he, Living in Peace and parfit chharitee."
CANFIELD, Avis 3335 Portland Ave.
"Silence is the perfectess hearld of joy."
CARD, Delbert 2401 Aldrich Ave. So.
"There are others just as bad, but few as good."
CARPENTER, Glenn 2201 Girard Ave. So.
"He loved chivalrye Trouthe and honour, fredom and and curteisye."
CIRKEL, Florence 147 Aldrich Ave. No.
"For she was just the quiet kind Whose natures never vary, LIke streams that keep a silent mind Snow-hid in January."
CIRKEL, Scott 147 Aldrich Ave. No.
"For French he spak full faire and fetisly, After the school of Stratford-atte-Bowe, For French of Paris was to him unknowe."
CLARKQUIST, Effie 3732 Nicollet Ave.  
"She is of a noble sweet nature."
CLAYPOOL, Agnes 2020 Park Ave.  
"All the world's a stage". "There's hope for you Agnes!
COFFIN, Clinton 2826 Second Ave. So.  
"Some o' you necely ken the laws to round the period an 'pause, An' wi' rhetoric clause, on clause, to mak' harangues."
CONKEY, Hazel 1509 First Ave. S.  
"How happy could I be with either Were tother dear crusher away."
CONWAY, Roy 2008 Bryant Ave. So.  
"He who is so bashful and mild, Glances aside with a maidenly smile."
COOKE, Leah 2415 Bryant Ave. So  
"Mildness ever attends thy tongue."
CRANE, Eugene 504 Globe Bldg-  
"A good thing in a small package."
CRAWFORD, Mabel 3027 Harriet Ave. So.  
"Come then express your silence."
CRESWELL, Chester 2900 Girard Ave. So.  
"His voice was ever soft, gentle and low, But deep as a deep, deep well."
CROZIER, Perry 2739 Grand Ave. So.  
"Merry as the day is long."
CROWTHER, Ethel 82 Ninth St. So.  
"For she is wise, if I can judge her."
CURRIE, Paul 1811 Vine Place  
"There's mischief afloat." "But he's not in it."
DAILY, Irene 2510 Stevens Ave. So.  
"Curteys she was, discreet and debonaire."
DAY, Frances 3701 Pleasant Ave. So.  
"Seek out the source of all knowledge." "Miss Day come to the desk, please."
DEMARAIS, Lucille 2815 Lake Isles Blvd.  
"A girl who can take seven subjects in six periods has our sympathy."
DIBBLE, Karl 85 Dell Place  
"The Moving spirit of the Senior Class."
DINSMORE, Arthur 514 W. 32nd St.  
"Few words are wise men's counters."
DOUGLAS, Frank 726 E. 16th St.  
"Joyous and clear and fresh Thy music doth surpass."
DREW, Vera 2512 Colfax Ave. So.  
"A still small voice."
DUNLOP, Edna - - - - - - -  
"For she was fair to behold."
EDWARDS, Junius 2244 First Ave. So.  
"For him was levere have at his bedes head, Twenty bokes clad in black or reed, Than robes rich or fithele or gay sautrye."
ENGLER, Emily Randolph, Minn.  
"Sweetly did she speak and more."
ERICKSON, Florence 3733 Stevens Ave. So.  
"Sweet floweret of the rural shade."
EVANS, Pearsall Care E. H. Evans, U.S.I. Realty co.  
"He produces many new grins of his own invention."
EVERLOF, Leonard 2200 Oakland Ave.  
"A would-be charmer."
FUEDNER, Oswald 3224 Clinton Ave. So.  
"Tho ' that he were worthie he was wys, And of his part as meke as a mayde."
ELLIOT, Jeanette Estelline, S. D.  
"There is a gift beyond the reach of art, of being eloquently silent."
FIELD, Edmund 630 E 18th St.  
"Sleep on and dream awhile."
FRANKE, Marry 2510 Fifth Ave. So.  
"She spake not a word."
FREEMAN, Theodore Washburn Park, Minneapolis  
"The mirror of all courtesy."
FREEMAN, Zela H. 2009 Fourth Ave. So.  
"What sweet delight a quiet life affords."



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