Compiled by Ethel Crowther and Corinne Odell






GAGE, Richard 4261 Sheridan Ave. So.
"Oh dost thou remember that first term Chemistry."
GALLWEN, Nona _ _ ____-_-_- - - -
"Shy she was."
GANSSLE, Grace 3313 Second Ave. So.
"How happy could I be with one, Were tother dear charmer away."
GARDNER, Elizabeth 3332 Aldrich Ave. So.
"The roaring of the "Brooks," silences all recitation."
GARLOCK, Ellen 65 Eleventh St. So.
"Ellen smiles as sweet I ween, To shepards as to queens."
GITTLESON, Florence 2446 Grand Ave. So.
"Where is the man who has the power and skill to stem the torrent of a woman's will?"
GIESSLER, Margaret 2030 Clinton Ave.
"Her goodness and her worth to spy, One needs but look in Margaret's eye."
GOLDSTEIN, Milton 1222 W. 31st. St.
"Brevity is the soul of wit."
GOODSPEED, Blanche Richfield, MN
"A happy life consists in tranquility of mind."
GREENLY, Marshall _- - - - - - - -
"Do you suppose She would hear if you gave Her a wi.eless message?"
GRIMES, Willard M. "The Pines," Corner 44th St. West and Grimes Ave.
"The poet's eye in a fine frenzy rolling."
GUERNSEY, Harold 3234 4th Ave. So.
"Be gone dull care, I prithee be gone from me, Be gone dull care, thou and I shall never agree!"
HAGLIN, Charles 321 8th St. So.
"Pardon a stranger If he interrupts your meditations."
HAGLIN, Edward 321 8th St. So.
"His size should assure him a high place in the world."
HAHN, Louis 2421 Bryant Ave. So.
"Gold! Gold! Gold! Bright and yellow, hard and cold." And poor Louis the sold treasurer of twenty-three cents."
HAMILTON, Martha 1613 W. 31st. St.
"A maiden never bold, Of spirit so still and quiet, that her notion Blushed at herself."
HAMMOND, Mary 1320 3rd St. E., Calgary, Alta., Canada
"The cautious seldon err."
HAMPTON, Guy 504 Eighth Ave. So.
"Be good and you'll be lonesome."
HANAHAN, Lenora 1726 Fifth St. No.
"You can discover many a contrivance because youn are a woman."
HANSEN, Harold 3447 Aldrich Ave. So.
"And a business man was he."
HARTL, Franke Kiner, N.D.
"Jumping Jehosaphat---but he is a shark!"
HARTMAN, Hazel 65 So. 10th St.
"There's little of the melancholy element about her."
HARTMAN, Leon 2616 Nicollet Ave. So.
"There's the humor of it."
HARWOOD, Laura Berkeley Hotel
"Oh this learning, what a thing it is."
HAVILAND, Kelsey 1318 Vine Place
"Tis now the summer of your youth; time has not cropped the roses from your cheeks, Tho sorrow long has washed them."
HELMERS, Anna 525 Ninth St. So.
"A lass, light-hearted."
HENRICKSON, Byron 2444 Lyndale Ave. So.
"Canst thou ken geometry my friend?" "Nay, Nay!"
HERBER, Jessie A. 3028 Third Ave. So.
"A bunch of humor loosely knit, Unexcelled for ready wit."
HILL, Florence 2415 Irving Ave. So.
"Her voice is soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman" "If it had been a little lower, Mac wouldn't have --------her!!
HILLMAN, Amelia 2642 Bryant Ave. So.
"All her faults were such, that one loves her still the better for them."
HALZSELAICK, Alma 300 West 28th St.
"I can't tell what the dickens her name is!"
HOMAN, Audrey 2724 Humboldt Ave. So.
"She is pretty to walk with. And witty to talke with."
HOPKINS, Gladys 1801 Emerson Ave. So.
"She moves like a goddess, And she looks like a queen."
HOPKINS, Irene 1801 Emerson Ave. So.
"Icily regular, splendidly null."
HUDSON, William Care of Dr. J.F. McAnally, Carbondale, Ill.
"Let the world slide."
HUTCHINS, Gertrude 2119 Third Ave. So.
"Smilingly we stroll along."
INGALLS, Katherine U. of M
"Katherine is such a nice quiet lady."
IRWIN, Nell 1123 Hennepin
"She hurls her contempt at the fashions and forms of the world."
JACKSON, Ruth 2627 Harriet Ave. So.
"Miss Prim."
JOHNSON, Mable McKinley, St. Louis Co. Minn.
"Thus she dwells in peach and contentment."
JONES, Alice 3033 Harriet Ave. So.
"She was a phantom of delight."
JONES, Mary 2856 Irving Ave. So.
"Be cautious." "But they say it pays to bluff, if I only knew how."
KILBOURNE, Fannie M. 1106 Chestnut Ave.
"Cheerfulness, a nympth of healthiest hue."
KOHEN, Dora 315 East 14th St.
"Music hath charms to soothe the troubled mind."
KUNTZ, Zora 4321 Aldrich Ave. So.
"A sprightly lass."
LARRABEE, Orrin 2020 Girard Ave. So.
"To him was it natural to please."
LARSON, Elvina 1916 Lyndale Ave. So.
"A virtuous and well disposed person."
LEWIS, Addison -------------------
"Still waters run deep."
LEWIS, Russell Wabasha, Minn.
"He never came a wink too soon, Peeping in at morn."
LINDEMAN, Edward 3104 Colfax Ave. So.
"It was but a dream, an old, old dream, I thot I had that problem."
LITTLE, Helen 2540 Portland Ave.
"All of the girls that e'er were seen, There's none so fine as Nelllie."
LONGFELLOW, Newton 1806 Vine Place
"Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once!" "Oh uncle, not so swift."
LOPER, Donald 2440 Garfield Ave.
"Who ever thought I'd be an actor-man."
LYFORD, Kenneth "Commodale" Snelling Ave., St. Paul
"Take care, stand off---I am not late--E'en tho ten miles I've covered since milking time."



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