Compiled by Ethel Crowther and Corinne Odell






MCCALL, Harrison 2757 Fremont Ave. So.
"His heart (?) and soul are in the class."
MCCANNA, George 2025 Second Ave. So.
"Discreet he was and of greet reverence, He semed swich his words weren so wise."
MCCANNA, Mable 2026 Second Ave. So.
"Silence often pursuades."
MCDONALD, Millard Care McDonald Bros. Co., 3rd St. & 1st Ave. N.
"Not much talk; a great sweet silence."
MC DONOUGH, James 2737 1st Ave. So.
"Short of stature he was, but strongly built and athletic."
MC ENARY, Dale 2324 Pleasant Ave. So.
"If I were a nightingale, I would act the part of a nightingale, Were I a swan, the part of a swan."
MCINTYRE, Jean 316 Bank of Commerce Bldg.
"She loved Basket Ball."
MCLEAN, Edwin 2523 Portland Ave.
"Conny is a bashful lad-------------at times."
MCMULLEN, Rita 1220 Linden Ave.
"Least said, soonest mended."
MAJOR, Lynne Eureka, Ill
"Diligence is the mother of good fortune."
MALMQUIST, Myrtle 631 East 18th St.
"We must laugh before we are happy."
MARTIN, Bessie 2705 Pillsbury Ave.
"Nowhere is a busier girl than she ther nas, And yet she seemed busier than she was."
MAY, Walter 128 S 8th St. Terre Haute, Ind.
"For every why he has a wherefore."
MEARKLE, Edith Care of Security Nat'l Bank
"O maid so calm."
MELIN, Eleanor 2611 Third Ave. S.
"How I adore civics and Miss -------"
MERRILL, Raymond 2317 Aldrich Ave. S.
"A geometry shark."
MINTENER, Royce 2317 Girard Ave. S.
"The sweetness of his music will untune the sky."
MONROE, Elsie 2632 Pillsbury Ave.
"Nothing is more useful than silence."
MOORE, Margerite 616 East 22nd St.
"Her modest look the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn."
MURPHY, Agnes 4203 Pleasant Ave.
"Tis a lesson you should heed, If at first you don't succeed, Try, try again."
MEYERS, Nora 340 East 22nd St.
"She mixes reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth."
NELSON, Vera Care National Cash Register Co.
"How sweet and fair she seems to be."
NIMOCKS, Edna 605 Security Bank
"A delight it is to behold her."
NODELL, Irene Richfild Minn. R. No. 4
"Silence has many advantages."
NUNAN, Florence Care Minneapolis Gas Light Co.
"Such a want-wit sadness makes of me."----Wow!!!
ODELL, Corinne 2836 Irving Ave. S. 416 Bank of Com. Bldg.
"You can't for the life of you learn how to frown."
ORR, Milton Afton, Washington Co. Minn.
"We grant, 'tho he had much wit, He was very shy in using it."
OVERHOLT, Flossie 302 Lyndale Ave. N.
"May we ask how it is some people can talk and Mac will only tap.?"
PARDEE, Charles A. 72 Lyndale Ave. N.
"He has lately come into our midst."
PARKER, Paul S. 3308 First Ave. S.
"Gum, gum, gum, morning night and noon."
PASSMORE, Hunter 324 Flour Exchange Bldg.
"He possesses a peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever he does or says."
PATTEE, Dorothy Care of T. C. R. T. Co. Minneapolis
"Mindful not of herself."
PATTERSON, George D. Fort Benton, Mont.
"His eyen twinkled in heed aright, As doon the sterres in the frosty night."
PAYNE, Catherine B. 2303 Bryant Ave. S.
"You can see in her eyes and everpresent, sunny beniginity."
PEASE, Raymond 3214 Oakland Ave.
"This naughty word disturbs me much ----reaction."
PEHRMAMN, Anna ------------------
"According to her standard, school every other day is quite enough."
PETERSON, Mabel F. 4908 Girard Ave. S.
"Oh, that geometry, will it never end?"
PETERSON, Victor 3100 First Ave. S.
"Merit is born with men; happy those with whom it dies."
POOL, William D Farmington, Minn.
"A very unclubable fellow."
PUTNAM, Roy W. 3105 Garfield Ave.
"He's a lover of himself without a rival."
No Q surnames
RAINE, Irene 2525 Colfax Ave. S.
"Ah me, I'm sure my heart is affected."
RAVICZ, Harry 1921 Third Ave. S.
"But now tear on, in me is no delay."
RAY, Minne E. 52 S. Tenth St.
"On her mouth a doubtful smile dwelt like a clouded moon."
RECORD, Marguerite 343 Oak Grove St.
"But O she dances such a way! No sun upon an Easter day Is half so fine a sight."
REED, Francis Care of J. A. Reed, 717 Chamber of Commerce
"She is the pink of womankind, And blooms without a peer."
REEDALL, Allen H. 1800 Irving Ave. So.
"A steam engine in trousers."
REED, Julia E 2602 Pleasant Ave.
"Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood."
RHEA, Justina 814 Linn St. Peoria, Ill.
"Her hobby---Teddy Bears."
RICHMOND, Hewitt W. Care of Nye, Jenks and Co., Chamber of Commerce.
"He freshly and cheerfully asked me how a man should kill time."
RICKELL, Cyrus K. 4629 Fremont Ave. So.
"Silence is golden."
ROBERTS, Marie G. 1908 Kenwood Parkway
"Wanted ----- a voice."
ROSS, Raymond F. 760 Temple Court
"That of his smile was full simple and coy."
RUDOLPHE, Elsie A. 3927 Upton Ave. So.
"A maiden never bold of spirit, so still and quiet."
RUSSELL, Grace E. 2608 Pleasant Ave.
"Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece."
RUTLEDGE, Jeanette 2536 Third Ave. So.
"Wisdom and goodness are twin born, one heart here holds both sisters and they are never seen apart."



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