Compiled by Ethel Crowther and Corinne Odell




SCHELDRUP, Elsie J. 622 E. Sixteenth St.
"Her smile is like a rainbow flashing from a misty sky."
SHROEDER, John Care of Berkeley Hotel
"The gretest clerks ben not the wisest men."
SCOTT, Elmer C. Station F. R. F. D. No. 3. Mpls.
"I just adore Virgil (? ? ? )."
SEDEY, Victoria --------------------
"Of every noble work the silent part is best."
SHEFFIELD, Blanche Care of B. B. Sheffield, Cham. of Com.
"When joy and duty clash, Let duty go to smash."
SHEPARDSON, Dorothy C 643 E Eighteenth St.
"Singing she was or floytinge all the day; She was as fresh as is teh month of May."
SHOL, Carolyn A. 2942 Park Ave.
"A virtuous mind in a fair body."
SIGAFOOS, Ida Excelsior, Minn.
"A countenance in which did meet, Sweet records, promises as sweet."
SIMMONS, Emily R. 2741 Park Ave.
"A spritely maiden of love's court."
SIMPSON, Jean 415 Syndicate Arcade
"True worth still shines clearer in closer meeting."
SLOANE, Marjorie F. 2747 Nicollet Ave.
"Whose talents to fill any station were fit."
SMITH, Ara L. Forest River, N.D.
"Athletics is her forte."
SMITH, Cedric B. 3000 Hennepin Ave.
"Oh chemist, canst thou tell with assurity, Dreadfully staring thru muddy impurity, Has a microbe hair?"
SMITH, Wilber Moscow, Idaho
"He loved chemistry, and shone therein full well."
SORENSON, Ruth G. 3442 Columbus Ave.
"She's a winsome wee thing, She's a handsome wee thing, She's a bonny wee thing."
STANLEY, Alice W. 4125 Upton Ave.
" I chatter, chatter as I go."
STANLEY, Maude A. 1717 Third Ave. So.
"Does it pay to talk in Mac's Virgil class?"
STEPHENS, Katherine 1515 W. 26th St.
"What wealth she possesess----she has a patient nature."
ST. MARTIN, Lillian --------------------------
"She is checked for silence, but never taxed for speech."
STONE, Ralph H. 3156 Columbus Ave.
"Dost thou remember for French?"
STORMS, Newell E. 2100 Aldrich Ave. So.
"The first in banquets, but last in fights,----"Say, Newell, did they serve doughnuts or ginger cookie?"
STROM, Agnes J. 314 E. Nineteenth St.
"Modesty in her in natural."
STUBBS, Mildred M. 3226 Clinton Ave.
"A nun demure of lowly port."
SUTHERLAND, David L. 1819 Dupont Ave. So.
"Well could he catch onto a forward pass or a Virgil construction?"
STEVENSON, John 818 Metropolitan Life Bldg.
"A little learning is a dangerous thing."
SWENSON, Charlotte 120 W. Grant St.
"As an actress, confessed without rival to shine."
TAUTGES, Genevieve E. 2631 Grand Ave.
"Be silent and safe, silence never betrays you."
THOMSON, Margaret M. 2655 Irving Ave. So.
"She never looses a "Minute."
THOMPSON, Charles Stanley Care of T. T. Thompson, Minn. Loan and Trust Co.
"He had no fear of the great, ---- I have seen him lay violent hands on the Great Junius."
THURAS, Albert L. 1520 First Ave. So.
""O Britzius say, what is this thing called light? You say the sun shines bright, I feel him warm, Bus how can he make it day or night?"
TOBIN, Paul H. 918 Mount Curve Ave.
"He always has a smile for everyone."
TUCKER, Marion C. 1225 Hawthorne Ave.
TURNQUIST, Myrtle 3232 Dupont Ave. So.
"Language was given us that we might say pleasant things to each other."
UNDERWOOD, Miles H. 2006 Sheridan Ave. So.
"Faint heart ne'er won fair lady."
UNDERWOOD, Nathan 2006 Sheridan Ave. So.
"He never looks nor speaks, Altho, he's been with us for weeks, and weeks, and weeks."
VAN FOSSEN, Alice 2115 Blaisdell Ave.
"Her cheeks are like the dawn of day."
VAN FOSSEN, Harriet 2115 Blaisdell Ave.
"She wisely tells the hour of the day the clock doth strike, by algebra."
VANSTRUM, Clarence G. 1714 Fourth Ave. So.
"He could never rightly distinguish a proposal from a proposition, for he studied Senior Comp.---Alas."
VANSTRUM, Robert 1812 Fourth Ave. So.
"And certeynly he was a good felawe."
VAUGHN, Catherine Cambria, Wis.
"Still in thy-right hand carry gentle peace."
WAGNER, Archibald F. 1712 Dupont Ave. So.
"Everybody likes Archie, but he has the habit of getting the English language in the wrong order when a little excited."
WARDEN, Lee M. 1418 Fifth Ave. So.
"On with the dance."
WELCH, Robert E. 3108 Stevens Ave.
"O it is excellent to have a giant's strength."
WESTON, Carlyle 2107 Colfax Ave.
"Didst thou say he liked German?"
WHITING, Beulah M. 36 Thirteenth Ave. So.
"If they taught Greek in Central, Beulah would stand 99.99 plus."
WIBERG, Meta L. 2617 First Ave. So.
"And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, That one small head should carry all she knew."
WILL, Francis H. 1909 Clinton Ave.
"Why do you walk as if you'd swallowed a ram-rod?"
WILIAMS, Ada L. Andrew, Iowa
"A fine volley of words quickly shot off."
WILLIAMS, Catherine ---------------------
" All things come to him who waits."
WOLF, Ethalena L. 2723 Harriet Ave.
"I steal thru life in my own quiet way."
WOODWARD, Earl Raymond Chamber of Commerce
"Boo Hoo, I had a seat of my own when I was in second grade."
WRIGHT, Charles P. Oswego, N.Y.
"My slumbers, if I slumber, are not sleep, Blessings on him who first invented sleep."
YERXA, Agnes 1803 Park Ave.
"Her frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maiden are."
ZOLLER, Clifford 3325 Nicollet Ave.
"What heavenly bliss,------a visit to the gas works amid the morning dew. O Piffle."



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