District 66- Grade School 1912
District 66 - grade school in 1912.  The school was located in Corcoran Twp, Hennepin County.  It was replaced by a modern one classroom school around 1946.  After school consolidation, it was turned into a municipal building for the maintenance dept of Corcoran Twp.  

Description: Back (L to R): *Adeline Ebert, *Otto Ebert, William Cain, Rollie Rivers, *Christ Ebert.   Middle (L to R): + Christ Oswald, Bill Reinking, Nara Cain, Alice Meyer, Edmond Cain, * Richard Ebert. Front (L to R): Lilly Reinking, Lilly Meyer, * Erich Ebert. Note: * Grandchildren of Frederick & Julia Ebert. + Great Grandchild of Frederick & Julia Ebert.