Submitted by Ray Marshall - - October 30, 2000
Duluth Minnesotian, January 10, 1874

Marriage Licenses

Issued During The Year 1873 in St. Louis County

We are indebted to the courtesy of  J.R. Carey, 
Clerk of the District Court for this county, for the 
following list of marriage licenses issued by him
during the year 1873 and to which we have added
the names of the person performing the ceremony
in each case.  The total number is 56 against 57 in


Andrew Peterson to Christina Haggelund by Rev. E.N. Jorlander
Thorwald Jacobson to Agnata Blomgren, by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
Edward Benson to Charlotte Dahl, by Rev. E.N. Jorlander
William R. Abbey to Eleanor Nayder?  by  Rev. E.P. Halburton
Swen Dart to Augusta Carlton by Rev. E.W. Johnson
Henry Noelle to Susan Jimeson by Rev. G. Keller
Joseph Wozniak to Teresa Frankowska by Rev. G. Keller


Albert Milostan to Mary Maczreaka by Rev. G. Keller
William Wenizlaff to Mary Acker by Rev. John Leader
Joseph Beckman to Mary Wedel by Rev. J.M. Genim


Toriane Tourison to Lona Peterson by J.R. Casey, J.P.
Philip Bray to Sarah Bray by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
Gottlieb Martin to Willemine Siebner by Rev. John Lueder
Mortimore J. Jackson to Catherine C. Mollerstrom by Rev. J.L.A. Fish
John C. Luckaroi to Jennie C. Tibbets by A.J. Simonds, J.P.
Andrew Swanson to Mary S. Johnson by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.


Daniel Kerr to Margaret Stewart by J.C. Fleischman, J.P.
John H. Jeffrey to Emma Walker by Rev. S. Bolles
Felix Duclos to Martha M. Anderson by J.R. Carey, J.P.
lb. Winfeldt Thompson to Maria C. Hoyer by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
James Morrow to Swak? A. Clary by Rev. G. Keller
John K. Lang to Anna Margaretha Sertes by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
John Bagot to Elizabeth Burns by F.C. Fleischman, J.P. 


Andrew Kalstrom?  to Carrie Callson? by J. Holmes, J.P.
Leonidas Meritt to Lizzie K. Wheeler by Rev. S. Bolles
William Hoskin to Martha S. Crane by Rev. C.C. Salter
William Gerrard to Eliza Chirgwis by J.R. Carey, J.P.
William S. Keen to Emogene S. Hardes by Rev. J.L.A. Fish
John Chalsom? to Gustava Anderson by Rev. P.W. Johnson 
William Volgt to Emma Weber by Rev. John Lueder
Nils Rosswald to Laura Sveningson by J.R. Carey, J.P.


Charles Hamerstram to Anna G. Bloom by Rev. P.W. Johnson
Edward E. Sand to Julia Rosevolid by H. Holmes, J.P.
William Oliver to Susan Default by F. Berkelmann, J.P.
Wesley Finch to Elizabeth Tetheway by Rev. C.C. Salter
Robert Morris to Kate Griffin by Rev. C.C. Salter
Henry Graham to Caroline Davidson by Rev. A.J. Wilson
John P. Johnson to Kate Smith by Rev. C.C. Salter
Ole Nelson to Mary Lind by H. Holmes, J.P.  




Chas. R. Haines to Amanda M. Randall by Rev. W.M. McKinley
Anton Tortenson to ? Jackson, by Rev. G. Hoyme
Edward A. Evenson to Amanda M. Swendson by Rev. G. Hoyme
Andrew Ragebretson to Tonetia Thorson by Rev. G. Hoymes
Samuel J. Thompson to Margaret Morrison by Rev. A.J. Wilson


Freeman Keen to Annie Randall by Rev. C.C. Salter
James P. Brasel to Emma Johnson by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
William Fritz to Mona Jonslug by W. Bray, J.P.


Alick Bergman to Alvina Everson by Rev. E.P. Heberton
William McKervan to Anna Grant by Rev. J.A. Laurie
Adam Bellmuth to Johana Radeu by F.C. Fleischman, J.P.
John Lief to Ingrid M.Swenson by Rev. P.W. Johnson
Henry A. Kilchli? To Henrietta Loranger by Rev. A.J. Wilson
Christian? T. Foreson to Marilna Lunster by Rev. G. Hoyme
James McCurdy to Helen Prescott by Rev. C.C. Salter


Jacob Schaler to Sarah Tiecher by Rev. J. Lueder
Peter Holmes to Emma Nelson by Rev. G. Hoyme



Duluth Minnesotian, January 10, 1874