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Historical Events

Court Cases
In all communities, there is the good with the bad. Unfortunately, in some incidences, the court record is all that remains of an historical event. In times past, the court records were detailed in description of events, names, etc. Be reminded that some material is graphic and may be found offensive to some individuals.
The actual handwritten Appeal Cases are available at the Texas State Archives in Austin, Texas. The following cases are to be found in the volumes of court reports located at the Tarlton Law Library at the University of Texas at Austin.
Note: Removed citations to other cases. Below find link to case, followed by brief description.
Abb Barham vs. The State.
     Sale of Intoxicating Liquor (Timely Notice in Newspaper)
Samuel Bittick and John Williams vs. The State.
     The Murder of J.H. Verner
W. M. Busby Alias Mat Bersma v. The State.
     Past conviction comes back to haunt Mr. Busby- denys perjury
Eliza Davis vs. The State.
     In 1877, Mrs. Eliza Davis stands trial for the murder of Miller, the peddler
Jim Fisher vs. The State.
     The Murder of Austin Hardy
E. C. Misso vs. The State.
     E. C. Misso plays cards and tells.
James C. Ray vs. The State.

     The Murder of Alfred H. Bledsoe
St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company of Texas v. J. K. Hall.
     Hall's Team of Horses Spooked by Train
Jim Walls vs. The State.
     Horse Theft
The links below are to petitions submitted to the Texas Senate & House of Representatives by the citizens of Delta County, Texas. Each petition signed by the petitioners has been transcribed (without proofing) and are linked to the a photocopy of the original petition. The original petitions are available for viewing at the The Texas State Archives.
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Transcription of early Delta County Records
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