Directory of Georgetown Businesses, 1855

Transcribed and submitted to this website by Susan Salus, Posted 1/9/2013

Abbreviations used in this directory:
dw: Dwells at

Business NameAddress
"Advocate" Office92 High
Applebee, William, Cotton Manufacturer7 Market Space
Arny's Confectionery84 Bridge
Arny & Shin's Bottling Establishment57 Green
Ballinger R., Wheelwright9 Congress, dwells 11 Congress
Bangs, Thomas, Shoe Store80 High; dwells 111 Gay
Bank of Commerce118 Bridge
Barnard & Buckey, Auctioneers114 Bridge
Barret & Mearn, Carpenters12 Prospect
Baumback, A., Tin Shop104 High; dwells 106 High
Berry, P. T. & Son, Flour Merchants97 & 99 Water; dwells 121 Dunbarton
Berry, Horatio, Dry Goods98 Bridge; dwells 93 West
Berry, Peter, Flour Dealer77 Water, dwells 130 Bridge
Boarding School120 Washington
Bohrer, George, Grocer116 High; dwells 91 High
Boucher, O., Butter Merchant13 Market Space
Boucher, T. F., Grocer and Hardware188 Bridge
Boucher, Theodore T., Grocer25 Market Space
Boyce & Taylor Gristmill148 & 150 Water
Boyne, John I., Variety Store38 Market Space
Brown, Alfred, Grocer25 Market Space
Brown, James, Tobacconist7 Market Space
Burch, J. F., Cabinetmaker63 & 65 Bridge
Burrows, H., Butter Merchant13 Market Space
Calvert, Caleb, Wagoner6 Market Space
Carter, J. E. Dry Goods Merchant117 Bridge; dwells 44 Gay
Chamberlin & Pow, Wheelwrights98 High
Cigar Store70 High
Clemments, John, House PainterShop at 50 First
Cleveland, Ann, Boarding House34 Market Space
Colburn, Randel, GroceryStore at 89 Green
Criddle, A.Tavern, 26 Market Space
Cropley, H. Dyer & Scourer10 Market Space
Cruit, James, Grocery45 Bridge; dwells 103 Washington
Cruit, R., Coach Shop4 Bridge; dwells 34 Bridge
Dans, J., Farmers' Hotel126 & 128 High
Darnes, R. H. & J. W. Livery Stable199 Bridge
Davidson, John, Mill61 Water; dwells 25 Gay
Dawson, William, Grocery30 Fayette; dwells 32 Fayette
Dickson & King, Lumber Dealers53 Water
Dodge, F. & A. H., Shipping Merchants63 Water
Donahue & Gale, Carpenters62 Congress
Donahue, Peter, Tailor30 Market Space
Donohaught, Mrs., Store30 Water
Dray & Co.118 Water
Edes, William H., Grain Store62 Water; dwells 113 Gay
Edes, William H., Grist Mill64 Water
Ellicoach & Brothers, Iron Foundry171 & 174 Water; Office at 178 Water
Ellis, Mrs. A. A., Shop4 Market Space
Ellis, George, Merchant54 Prospect; dwells 50 Prospect
English & Sons Hardware138 Bridge
Essex, James F., Cooper10 High; dwells 14 High
Farmers & Mechanics' Bank85 Bridge
Farmers & Mechanics' Bank52 Congress
Fitzgerald, Henry, Cotton Manufacturer9 Market Space
Franklin Hotel (J. Van Dorn, Prop.)168 Bridge
Ganbert, John A., Confectioner27 Market Space
Gauther, A., Coffin Maker19 Market Space
Goddard, A. & Co. Dry Goods130 Bridge
Gray, G., Boot & Shoe Dealer108 Bridge; dwells 31 Bridge
Grimes, J. A., Commission Merchant107 Water; dwells 127 West
Grimes, George, Shoemaker96 Bridge; dwells 127 High
Hagan, R., Carpenter11 Market Space
Howell, S. H., Merchant81 Water; dwells 89 Gay
Hozel, W. C., Boot Maker36 Market Space
Hughes, E., Editor, "Georgetown Advocate"104 West
Hunter, G., Cooper32 Water; dwells 48 Jefferson
Hunter, T. Boot & Shoe Store42 Market Space
Hurdle, H. M., Grocery118 High; dwells 120 High
Jones, R., Blacksmith & Wheelwright32 & 34 High
Kenny, Mrs., Restaurant33 & 33-1/2 High
King, John H., General Insurance & Property Agent35 High
Knowles, William, Carpenter123 Washington; dwells 35 Green
Korff & Brother, Tin & Sheet Iron Workers95 Bridge
Lazenby, T. A., Store124 Bridge; dwells 120 Bridge
Leach, Misses J. & C., Fancy Store83 Bridge
Lee, Alfred, Feed Store41 & 43 Bridge
Linthicum, E. M. & Co., Hardware144 Bridge
Linthicum, O. M. Drugs, Medicines &c.127 High (corner of High & Bridge)
Littleton, L. Flour Store23 Market Space
Mackall, Dr. L.Office 70 Congress; dwells 150 Green
Mackall, Dr. L.Office 43 Dunbarton, dwells 150 Green
Magruder, James A., Commission Merchant117 Water; dwells 117 West
Magruder & Young, Guano Depot14 and 16 Water
Marbury, John, Attorney at LawOffice 88 Bridge; dwells 215 Bridge
Marll, Joseph W., Tin & Coppersmith178 High; dwells 167 West
Mayfield & Brown Dry Goods Merchants121 Bridge
McKnight, S., Cabinet Maker51 & 53 High
McPherson, R. L., Grocery & Tavern27 Market Space
McQuillan, J. J., Undertaker86 High; dwells 71 Second
Meren, George A. Carpentry47 & 49 Frederick
Metropolitan Rail Road Office58 Bridge
Muncaster, Otho Z. (Late Muncaster & Dodge), Hardware123 Bridge
Murray, William, Huckster44 Market Space
Myers & Baker Wood Yard27 Water
Newton, J. B., Exchange Office28 Market Space
Offut, A. F. & Co., Dry Goods165 Bridge
Offut, B. M., Painter35 Second; dwells 64 Second
Orme, Jeremiah, Grocer87 Bridge; dwells 44 Market
Osborn, William McK Dry Goods Merchant134 Bridge; dwells 141 Dunbarton
Ossire, Julia A.13 Market Space
Paul & Brown, Flour Merchants89 Water
Paul & Brown, Coopers86 Water
Payne, L., Shoe Store59 Dunbarton; dwells 115 Dunbarton
Pearson, D. M., Variety Store39 Market Space
Pettit, Richard, Carpenter48 First; dwells 43 Second
Pickrell, E. & Co., Fish & Tar Store52 Water
Pickrell, E. & Co.59 Water
Police Office52 High
Pope, Matthew, BlacksmithShop 26 Prospect; dwells 140 Dunbarton
Potomac Insurance Office88 Bridge
Printing Office & Odd Fellows' Hall44 Congress
Ramsburg, J., Buckskin Dealer105-109 High
Ramsburg & Evert, Sumac Mills41 Fayette
Ray, A . Ross & Bro,100 Water
Redin, William, Lawyer74 Gay; dwells 76 Gay
Reed, Thomas, Blacksmith25 Prospect; dwells 64 Prospect
Reynolds, Joseph, Cooper121, 126, & 135 Water; dwells 3 Bank Alley
Riley & Bro. Harness Makers &c.74 High
Ritchie, Dr. J. A. 137 High; dwells 2 Third
Robison, Ann, Variety Store35 Market Space
Robison, Randolph33 Market Space
Rodier & Bro. Upholsterers106 Bridge
School, Sisters Visitation101 Fayette
Sheckell, R. A. Produce Dealer189 & 191 High
Sherwood, W. H., Blacksmith9 Water; dwells 15 Montgomery
Shoemaker, Edward J., Carpenter & JoinerCorner of Potomac & Prospect, dwells 65 Market
Smoot, John, Dry Goods store119 Bridge; dwells 41 First
Sothoran, J. W. & Co., IceGeorgetown
Spalding, Mary, Confectionery32 Market Space
Stone, Ellen15 Market Space
Strausberger, H. L.40 Market Space
Sweeney, H. M., Flour Merchant75 Water; dwells 44 First
Telegraph Office, Morse's104 Bridge
Tenny, C. & R. N., School92 Dunbarton
Thompson & Bro Plumbers & Gas Fitters88 High
Tucker, Thomas, Coach Maker7 & 9 Bridge
Tyler, Dr.Office 72 Gay
Union Hotel64 Bridge
Union Line Omnibus Office142 Bridge
Vallard, T. J., Dentist122 Bridge; dwells 45 Gay
Vanderwerken's Union Line Office48 High
Vanderwerken, George39 High; dwells 160 Bridge
Vernell, Mary, Porter House31 Market Space
Vigilant Engine Company37 High
Virginia House (R. Walker)190 Bridge
Vonessen, Peter, Swine Stable, &c.40 & 42 Congress; dwells 36 & 38 Congress
Waters & Shoemaker, Wholesale Grocers93 Water
Welsh & Wilson, Tailors116 Bridge
Wedenhall, Robert C., Silversmith122 Bridge; dwells 17 Lingan
Wheatley & Morrison Grain & Feed Store105 Water
White, R. W. Grocer167 Bridge; dwells 169 Bridge
Wilson, Charles144 & 146 Water; dwells 74 First
Wood, Jackson, Manufacturer17 Market Space
Wright, E. S., Auctioneer182 & 184 Bridge
Yerby, A. L.106 & 108 Gay