Pension Office Promotions

Transcribed by Susan Salus

A list of promotions made in the Pension Office as published in The Evening Star, August 18, 1882.

(Transcriber's Note: It is not clear from the Star article if these are D.C. promotions or promotions across the United States. However, the first four entries suggest they are US-wide.)

Joseph W. HOWELL, N.J., assistant chief clerk, from $1,800 to $2,000

Dr. Thomas B. HOOD, Ohio, medical referee, from $2,250 to $2,500

Dr. Niel F. GRAHAM, Minn, assistant medical referee, from $1,800 to $2,230

Bradford RIXFORD, Wisc, law clerk, from $1,800 to $2,000

Chiefs of Divisions, from $1,800 to $2,000:

W. T. FORD, Frank MOORE, David L. GITT, Alexander VANGEUDER

Assistant Chiefs of Divisions, from $1,600 to $1,800:


From $1,400 to $1,800:

Louis E. PAYNE, Henry W. HALL, Nathaniel E. ROBINSON, Frederick H. TAFT, Mark FILTON, Samuel P. KELLER, Theodore SMITH, Theodore F. SARGENT.

From $1,200 to $1,800:

William L. SALEAN

Principal Examiners, from $1,800 to $2,000:

John H. BANTON, James M. CURTIS, Jacob C. DePATRON, Samuel J. DAVIS, Thomas W. DALTON, Urbane A. DENISON, Christian EKEL (EXEL?), George W. HALL, William HANNA, Albert F. KINGSLEY, William W. KINSLEY, Joseph LOUGHRAN, Tolbert LANSTON, David A. McKNIGHT, Dominic J. MURPHY, James A. MACAULEY, Milton S. ROBERTS, Henry S. STOTLER, Thomas D. YEAGER, Phoenix BARTLETT, William W. CURRY, Morris KETCHAM, John W. MORRIS, Adolph STRECKER, John D. SMITH, George W. TAYLOR, John W. WELLS

From $1,600 to $2,000:

Thomas H. MacBRIDE, Francis W. VAUGHN

Clerks, from $1,600 to $1,800:

Edson A. BURDICK, Matthew C. BAXTER, Benj. C. FULLER, Edwin A. HARDING, Frank HODGES, Henry F. HUTTON, Thomas D. HADDAWAY, Thomas S. HURSEY, George W. KELLOGG, Gideon A. LYON, Daniel McMAHON, Francis A. SMITH, Charles M. TOMPKINS, Franklin WOOD, William P. ALDEN, Thomas J. REED, William SMITH, David ROTH, George W. WARMELLE, P. H. BERKAN

From $1,400 to $1,600:

William S. BROCK, Howard W. BLANCHARD, Thomas S. BELL, Frank B. CURTIS, James A. COMPTON, Louis D. CARMAN, William F. EATON, Everett T. GETCHELL (GOTCHELL?), Allen B. HAYWARD, Charles E. MOTT, James U. MASON, William S. McCAFFREY, Elmer R. REYNOLDS, Roscoe E. REDWAY, Joseph C. SQUIRES, Paul R. VAN MATER, H. L. MILLER, A. A. MacDONALD, William E. VALK, J. EDGAR ENGLE, Daniel J. WATERS, Edward F. WAITE, John W. WHEELER, William W. WHITTLESEY, James S. ERLY (EARLY?), Chapin F. GREEN, William W. LOCKE, Archibald M. McLACHLEN, Robert McMORRIS, Mrs. Nettie SURBRIDGE, Benjamin VALL (VALT?), Jr., Joseph D. MORGAN, Marshall G. KIMBALL, Marshall H. PARKS, Henry ROGERS, George ALBERTSON, Samuel V. PROUDFIT(?), J. Howard LARCOMBIE(?), George H. READ

From $1,200 to $1,400:

S. A. KEPLER, John BRESNAHAN, Miss M. E. HARTWELL, Charles E. BEHLE (BOHLE?), Frank E. BROWNELL, George J. BOND, James M. BESSEY, John W. BATES, George W. FROST, Leroy R. FINNEY, Mrs. Alice M. GOODWIN, Miss Josephine C. GRINING (GRIFING?), William B. GORE, Alfred HEDBERG, Charles C. HORTON, James A. HUNT, Lawrence B. HOFF, Jerry JOHNSON, Arthur T. KING, Edward S. KAUFMAN, Hiram A. KINGSLEY, Robert J. KIRKWOOD, William H. KLOPTER (KLOPFER?), Franklin S. LAMSON, Charles McCARTHY, Dayton MORGAN, George T. McWHORTER, James C. McGOWAN, William C. (G?) MASON, Philip METZGER, William M. MARCY, John P. O'NEIL, Edgar J. PERRY, James J. PURMAN, WILLIAM K. PAGE, Samuel P. PEARSON, Elisha F. RODGERS, Allen M. SHEPHARD, George D. SIDMAN, Herbert P. C. SHAW, Louis D. STONE, Rudolph H. SCHWICKARDI, Samuel A. SAFFORD, John W. THOMAS, Benjamin M. VAN KEUREN, Edgar L. VINCENT, Henry W. VINCENT, Charles B. ANDERSON, Charles W. BIRD, Francis P. BISHOP, N. N. BETHELL, George W. CARR, Joseph C. COOK, James E. CURRAN, Roland C. CHEESMAN, George T. DUDLEY, William W. DOUGLAS, C. P. EPPERT, James H(?). L. EAGER (ENGER?), Anderson L. GILL, Charles H. GAGE, Henry H. HOUGH, Henry P. HOLDEN, Osborne HUNTER, Jr., Joseph E. JACOBS, Thomas A. BROADUS, Karl S. LOOMIS, Thomas P. LINE, Charles McCARTEE, Calvin S. MONTAGUE, Francis MEAGHER, Isaac W. MOORE, Nathan M. McLAUGHLIN, Samuel W. McELLERRY (McENTERRY?), William E. F. MILBURN, William H. MILLER, Donelle S. PORTER, Eugenius N. REID, Richard E. ROBERTS, Ashland B. STEWART, James H. SIMPSON, Lew I (L?) STURGIS, Max SPRAESSEN(?), Napolean J. SMITH, Edwin B. H. TOWER, Francis M. TAYLOR, Francis A. WARFIELD, Webb C. WILKINSON, Miss Emma B. SMITH, William P. WETHERELL, Mrs. Alice H. LYMAN, William G. PENNY, R. D. GOODELL, Warren L. PUSHAW, F. W. MITCHELL, William H. BELL, William M (E?). BUTLER, William W. BUCK, Azro J. CORY, Benj. F. CRANSHAW, Miss Sallie F. CHANDLER, Elliott D. JARNETT, Elbridge S. DAVIS, Richard A. DURNAN, Thomas DAWSON, Erastus M. FINCH, William F. FORD.

From $1,000 to $1,200:

Melville C. DAVIS, Miss Anna ELLIS, Otto G. ECKSTEIN, Alvin T. GREGORY, Harrison S. HARRELL, Bernard R. HUGHES, J. H. HARPER, William H. HARRIS (?), William H. HOWE, John F. KEENAN, Miss Lizettee D. LAMPARTER, Silas S. LINCOLN, Charles F. McGILL, Ezekiel H. MAXWELL, Mrs. Kate MULLALY, W. J. McDONALD, Ethan A. H. NICHOLS, Hugh R. STOCKMAN, J. McDonald STEWART, Mrs. Mary B. Saunders, Sylvest T. F. STERICK, Mrs. Clara von ENTRESS, David I. WILLIAMS, Miss Eva C. WARE, John WILLANS, Joseph M. WILSON, Winfield F. WORKS, George BARBER, John H. ELLS(?), Ferd. H. GERDES, Jacobus S. JONES, David MESSER, Thomas H. MORRIS, Joseph ADAMS, Albert B. BAKER, E. Key BUCHANAN, Herbert E. BATES, Henry F. BENDER, Samuel K. BURCHE, Thomas J. BROWN, William R. BRADFORD, Cyrus W. CHAPPEL, Alva H. DOAN, James W. DONOHOE, Hamilton S. SMITH, Jno. T. SUTTON, Mrs. Sudie(?) B. TAYLOR, John B. PEYTON, George VELLAM, William H. SUMMERS, Charles H. BRAINARD, A. DERNBINGER, T. F. WILSON, E. H. HARMER

From $900 to $1,200:

Russell E. BROWN, Thomas H. COLE, William A. JACK, Jr., Mrs. Mary E. COLEMAN, August FLYNNE, William H. GREER

From $900 to $1,000:

Peter H. GRISHAM, Charles KING, Mrs. Mary A. KELLOGG, John W. LATROUTTE, Charles H. SHORTER, William P. THOMAS, Mrs. Mattie C. BURGESS, William H. BURNSIDE, Thomas J. FITZSIMMONS, Mrs. Lizzie P. HALLOWAY, Mrs. Rita HUNTER, George L. PRYOR, John E. PURDY, Mrs. E. A. TRUSSLER, Fred N. WEBBER, Miss Julia F. SUTHERLAND

From $840 to $1,000:

William T. FIZER, Jno. B. HYMAN, Miss Annie E. OBER, Daniel E. BARRETT, Mrs. Martha A. WALKER

From $720 to $1,000:

Bernard A. CLARK

From $840 to $900:

Miss Fannie M. SIMPSON, LAMSON LINDSLEY, Miss Mary J. SHINN, Mrs. Carrie BOWER, Mrs. S. A. COLLINS, Mrs. Lizzie FORD, Hamilcar (sic) TURLEY, John W. THOMAS, Morris CURRY, Miss Frances C. DARRELL, George GODRON, Robert W. STEVENS, Mrs. Mary E. WALKER

From $720 to $900:

Mrs. Cornelia BLACK, Miss Martha E. HAMILTON, Miss Laura R. MOHUN, Mrs. Sarah E. PAGE, Mrs. Lottie C. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Lizzie F. KELLY, Mrs. Elizabeth H. KEY, Miss Mary C. MITCHELL, Miss Kate RYLAND, Curtis CHEYNEY, William BOSWELL, Robert P. FLETCHER, Albert S. SEELEY, Miss Bertha H. SCOTT, John H. WOODS, Mrs. Nellie C. FRIEND. R. H. PARDEE

From $720 to $840:

Robert CARTER, Louis JACKSON, John McKENNEY, John A. STOKES, William H. SMITH, Francis WESTBY, Russell P. FINNEY, William H. FUSS, John GARRETT

From $660 to $900:

Alfred H. JACOBS, William L. LACY

From $660 to $720, Copyists:

Abraham HAYSON, George WEBSTER, Miss Anna E. PIPER

From $480 to $660:


Superintendent of building, from $1,200 to $1,400:


Engineer, from $840 to $1,200:

William J. ORR

In a separate article in the same edition of the Evening Star:

INCREASED SALARIES IN THE PENSION OFFICE: Calvin B. WALKER, Indiana, the 2d deputy commissioner of the Pension Office, was to-day advanced in salary from $2,400 to $3,600, and Abiel W. FISHER, N. C., the chief clerk, from $2,000 to $2,500.