Membership Records 1869-1874

This is a transcription of membership records from Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church, from 1869-1874. Transcribed by Ray Gurganus, 4/2011.
See below for a map of addresses.

Status: M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow/Widower
Unk: Meaning Unknown
How: P=by profession of faith, C=by certificate of transfer
Gray: Name was crossed out on page - Deceased or no longer at church
The default sort order is the order names appear in the original records.

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Last NameFirst NameStatusUnkHowWhen ReceivedResidenceNotes
AshfordCravenMA423 7th St. Island bet E & Fdied Dec 31 1876
AshfordEmmaMA423 7th St. Island bet E & F
AshfordFrances A.SNY AvenueReceived by Certificate
AshfordCharles C.MReceived without Certificate
AmeryMrs.MP804 7th St. Island
AdamsIdaS5th St bet G & H (728)Withdrawn
ArnoldHarrisonPG St bet 4 & 5 (423)
ArnoldMary AnnPG St bet 4 & 5 (423)
ArnoldWilliamSPG St bet 4 & 5 (423)
ArnoldHenryPG St bet 4 & 5 (423)Removed Grace ME Church without Certificate
ArnoldAnniePG St bet 4 & 5 (423)Removed to New York
AndrewsElizabethWCSept 5 1869Removed by certificate
AdamsGeorgiettaSCJuly 3 18701244 8th NWRemoved by certificate
AdamsMarthaAPNov 12 1871911 9th St
AtchisonAliceAPNov 19 1871734 NY Avenue(illegible)
BurnsJ. W.MAH St bet 4 & 5; 631 Mass AveAsk Prather
BurnsMaryMA631 Mass Ave(illegible)
BallJohnMA707 5th bet G & H
BallMargaretMA707 5th bet G & H
BarkerAliceMA8th St bet M & N
BellAnnie E.WACor 10th & L St
BryanWilliamMACor 9th & L St
BryanSallie A.MACor 9th & L St
BeallRichard J.M.Left A941 Rhode Island AveAsk Edmonson
BeallCorneliaMLeft A941 Rhode Island Ave
BarkerLucretiaSP6th St bet N & O (1318)
BarkerAndrewSP6th St bet N & O (1318)
BotelerRev. J. WesleyMA8th St bet M & N
BotelerSusan HMA8th St bet M & N
BangsJames C.MA12th St bet Q & R.I. Ave
BangsMaryMA807 M bet 9th & 10th
BangsSusieSARemoved birth certificate Oct 6 1875807 M bet 9th & 10th
BangsJames E.SA807 M bet 9th & 10th
BatesSarahMP5th St bet O & P1546 Columbia St
BatesAlberta G.S(illegible)5th St bet O & PMarried & removed
BarkerWesleyMA8th St bet M & N
BrownMaryMM St bet 7 & 8
BondWilliamSAdied Nov 31 1876PA Ave bet 2 & 3
ButlerThomas S.M317 6th St; 434 11th St
BaconLouisaSmarried to John F. Digges
BowmanSusan E(illegible)
BoswellEugeneSLeftCor ? Ave & 7th StLeft
BarkerJames WMAH St bet 11th & 12th
BarkerSarah A.R.MAH St bet 11th & 12th
BarkerHoward ASAH St bet 11th & 12th
BarkerMary J.SAH St bet 11th & 12th
BarkerElla J.SAH St bet 11th & 12th
BarbourSamuel S. G.MA7th bet H & IBookseller
BarbourAnna M.MA7th bet H & I
BillupsJohn W.MAR bet 8th & 9th
BillupsMary C.MAR bet 8th & 9th
BangsMargaret M.W(illegible)Cor 10th & M StRemoved by certificate
BellMaryMPL St bet 9th & 10th
BovisStephenMM St bet 7 & 8wandered off
BovisRachelMM St bet 7 & 8wandered off
BovisElizabethSM St bet 7 & 8wandered off
BeckE. A.WAE St bet 9th & 10th (938)
BarrettFranklinMANY Ave bet 12th & 13th
BarrettJulia A.MANY Ave bet 12th & 13th
BaylyJennieMRemoved to Baltimore
BrownR. R.MAPSept 5 18691244 8th NW
BrownLucindaMAPSept 5 18691244 8th NW
BeallMargaretMACSept 5 1869451 P St
BotelerFannieSPOct 3 1869Rev. J.W. BotelerSister of ___ Digges
BaconSallieSAPOct 3 18691002 6th
BallIda MaySAPNov 7 1869John Ball
BovieJ. W.MACDec 5 1869L. 638 bet 4 & 5Removed by certificate
BovieAnnie E.MACDec 5 1869L. 638 bet 4 & 5Removed by certificate
BowenLucy L.SPCJuly 3 18701252 8th StRemoved
BachelderCaroline E.SCNov 6 1870Mrs. Kuchwal'sRemoved by certificate
BrownHenry B.PNov 6 1870Mrs. Mary BrownRemoved by certificate
BuseyJennieSAPJan 1 18711316 6th, M & N
BullE. MargaretAPNov 12 1871M St bet 5th & 6th
BotelerWillieAPNov 19 1871Rev. J.W. Boteler
BryanOctaviaSAPDec 3 18719th & L St
BairdR. E. E.MCMay 18721210 K St NWRemoved to Baltimore
BangsLilySAPOct 6 1872807 M St
BallLilySAPOct 6 1872386 5th St
BellDavid R.SACFeb 2 1873S.E. Cor 10th & S Sts NW
BentleyMary R.MA1116 9th St
BarkerFannie R.MA1110 H St
BarkerBenjamin R.MP921 12th St NW
ClaphamMarielSLeftNavy YardLeft
CrownGeorgieSPAsk Mrs Alice Barker
CunninghamJaneMMass AveDeceased
ChristieMary KateW9th St bet L & MMarried to A. J. Butler
CrumpCatherineWAat Mrs Alice Barker's 1122 8th St
CavisJulian W.MA9th St
CavisElla L.MA9th St
CampbellRichard H.MAI bet 3 & 4th(illegible)
ChipleyEzekiel SSRemoved by certificate
ClarkeAlethiaWDeceased March 1872
ConnerAliceSPM - 7th & 8th
CarverRebeccaS146 8th StWithdrawn
CookMaggieSPOct 10 1869(illegible)
CoxRobertMPPApr 3 18704th St 2 doors south of VA Ave(illegible)
CoxLucyMPPApr 3 18704th St 2 doors south of VA AveRemoved
CullA. H.SAPSept 3 1871(illegible)
ClaryMrs.WA1007 H St(illegible)
CrumpThomas RogerSPPNov 3 18721122 8th StRemoved to the country
CrumpMay CatherineSPOct 4 18741103 7th St NW
DavisEliW816 11th St
DanielJosephM715 5th St
DanielLizzieS715 5th St
DanielTacieS715 5th St
DemingIsraelME St
DemingLindaME St
DearingGeorge T.M1008 Mass Ave
DaltonSallieS1008 M St.
DubantPhoebeM1413 9th St bet O & P
DavisJuliaS409 11th St
DardinJosephW9th StDeceased
DukesIsaac P.F St.
DuvallAlice V.S813 F St
DraperSarah E.WRemoved by certificate (illegible)
DorseyAnna M.WNY AveDeceased Nov 16 1870
DavisAmericusM1338 13th St
DayR. H. B.M
DeatesLiveria Y.SDr. Latimer
DiggesJohn F.SPOct 3 18691572 12th St
DealeEmily F.WCNov 7 18696th St
DealeWillie G.SPNov 7 18696th StWithdrawn by joining another church
DrishSallie A.SPOct 2 1870Removed by certificate Apr 11 1872
DaySamuel E.MPOct 2 1870902 G StRemoved by certificate
DayVirlinda F.MPOct 2 1870902 G StRemoved by certificate
DavisMary L.SCJan 1 1871(illegible)
DraneSophroniaMPOct 1 18711223 9th
DivineJennie W.PNov 12 1871Removed by certificate
DayWm. MartinPNov 19 1871902 G StRemoved by certificate
DulinThaddeusPNov 19 1871Removed with certificate
(illegible)CSept 26 1872Removed
DiggesLouisaM1512 12th St NW
(illegible)MCOct 5 187211th St NW
Duvall(illegible)SPOct 4 18741519 12th St NW
DavisIda MayM
EliottJohn W.Removed by certificate to Balt.
EllisJames G.M
EverettJoanna C.WMatthew TurnerDeceased Dec 1871
EdmonsonGabrielWAPOct 29
ElyAlice T.SNov 5 1871POct 29Removed by certificate Feb 5 1873
EskridgeMargaretWPCJune 2 1872“Louise Home”
FolkeMrs.1213 7th St
FowlerHannahM12th St
FaulknerSarahSMass Ave bet 6 & 7
FarisEmisilla E. MMCraven Ashford (423 7th St)
FoxAddison C.SRemoved by certificate
FarleyLaura A.W6th St
FrenchPhilippa M.MPOct 3 1869914 L St
FarsonEmmaMPOct 3 18699th St
FullerPhoebe J.MPOct 2 18708th St
FarsonGeorge W.MPDec 4 1870(illegible)
FergussonMaryMPNov 5 1871
FarquhlMary EllaPMarried to P.R. Wilson
FergussonMary E.SP
FlynnHarriet C.MCJune 2 1872
FlynnMary A.SCJune 2 1872
FrenchEliza J.MPOct 6 1872616 D St SW
FrenchEdithSPOct 6 1872616 D St SW
(illegible)Removed by certificate
(illegible)married to Mrs. Pumphrey
GarnerThomasMSW cor 9 & L StsDeceased
GarnerMarthaW713 K St / P bet 4th & 5th
GarnerEmma J.S713 K St / P bet 4th & 5th
GarnerMary C.M713 K St / P bet 4th & 5th
GrahamImogene D.M
GohunsMaryS1449 F St
GriffithMatildaM6th bet M & NDeceased
GatesTeresa A.SJohn O. WilliamsSaid to have found (illegible)
GarnerElmira E.SPOct 3 1869Thomas Garner
GarnettMrsWColumbia CollegeRemoved to Virginia & deceased
(illegible)MCFeb 1 1874713 7th St NW
GoldinJohnWPNov 8 1874731 7th St NW
HallMarthaSInquire of A. N Hall near Zimmerman's
HandsMary1249 8th St / 1018 M St SE
HandsLizzieM1249 8th St / 1018 M St SEmarried to Mr. Campbell
HoyleMrsMNE Cor 9 & M Stdid not join. Name in error
HoyleLizzieSNE Cor 9 & M St
HarknessLydiaSRemovedmarried to H. H. Northup Sept 14 1889
HandsMary AnnM
HarmonCharles P.SAOffice opp city hall
HalleyAmeliaMA340 11th St
HarlowAnnieSMary Brown(illegible)
HarmonAaronS523 3rdLeft
HowardThomas W.W523 3rdWithdrawn
HowardSallie J.S9th H & IWithdrawn
HowardFlorence E.S9th H & IWithdrawn
HowardDr Joseph T.MA9th St
HowardLizzieMA9th St
HawkinsAnne P.Sin the countryRemoved by certificate
HemmageIndiana M1140 8th / 917 19th St bet I & K
HenningBennettMPNov 7 1869621 I Stdied Saturday Oct 11 1873
HenningMary A.MACFeb 6 1870621 I St
HoyleRev. Samuel V.CFeb 6 1870travelling in the conference
HoyleMary S.CFeb 6 1870travelling in the conference
HughesGeorge H.MACMar 6 1870426 O St
HughesGinnetteMACMar 6 1870426 O St
HartElizabeth H.CJuly 3 18701244 8th NW
HydonJulianAPOct 2 18701406 10th StRemoved by certificate Apr 11 1874
HarfordLucieACNov 6 18701110 4th
HowardThomas A.CJan 1 1871Thompson's Dry Store
HurdleMatthew(illegible)PAug 20 1871in the insane asylum
HartEmilySNov 5 1871PAug 20 1871unknown
HempstonSnowden L.Nov 19 1871PAug 20 1871(illegible)
HowardDavidMCFeb 4503 D St
HowardMary E.MCFeb 4503 D St
HarperHon. P. C.Removedmember of Congress – NC
HanksHon. P. M.Removedmember of Congress – Ark
HanksMrs.Removedwife of member of Congress – Ark
HalleyH. H.M.11th Stname down in error
IsraelLizzieWNY AveRemoved by certificate
HeikmanMaryS1125 8th StReceived by cert Aug 11 1872
(illegible)CJune 1873Georgetown?
HutchinsonGeorge W.13th St SW(illegible)
HarmonElizabeth R. F.MCJul 5 1874from Presbyterian Ch
JohnsonInezS1126 8th St bet L & K1217 8th St
JohnsonIsaac L.M916 NY Ave
JohnsonBettie O. NM916 NY Ave
JordanRebeccaM1537 6th St NWNew York – Removed
JonesJuliaM1109 K St
JarvisThomasM426 9th St
JonesAnnie M.W(illegible)
JohnsonAlbanusWPOct 3 186912th & Water Sts & 526 11th Cor F.
JonesZephaniahCJan 29 1871Cor 9th St & L
JonesMary EllenSCJune 1 1871Cor 9th St & L
JacksonMariaPNov 12 18719th St near L
KingsburyMary L.M1127 9th NW
KeeferMary E.M
KnottsJohn W.M
KingLaura V.M1227 10th St
Kidwell (Busey)MaryMNW Cor 9th & N
KingAmandaPOct 10 1869Deceased
KesslerZ. WindsorACMay 1 18701017 O St
KesslerElizabeth V.ACMay 1 1870
SturgisAnna S.PNov 3 1872M St
KrumpThomas RoperPNov 3 1872
KidwellJennie E.
LatimerS. H.MA1431 L St
LatimerRebecca R.M1431 L StDeceased 1872
LyonsMary C.SLeft9th St bet E & FWithdrawn
LambdinAlethiaM516 I St Bet 6 & 7Removed to Baltimore
LambdinMary A.S516 I St Bet 6 & 7Removed to Baltimore
LowryLydiaSA1006 6th bet K & NY AveWithdrawn
LatimerEdwin W.MA(illegible)
LatimerLucy T.M(illegible)married to Americus Davis – Jan 4 1872
LutzFrancis A. JrSNE Cor C & 4 ½ StsWithdrawn
LeathersJennieSJ.W. BarkerRemoved by certificate
LloydBettie H.MAPSep 5 1869SE Cor 11th & N
LawsAnna R.SAPOct 10 18691245 8th St
LeckieHenry T.ACDec 3 18711104 12th Stat Mrs (illegible) 4 ½ St NW
McKeldenJ. C.M415 F Stwithdrawn with certificate
MelvinMrs.W1005 O St
MorsellS. T. G.M924 M St
MorsellSusanM924 M St
MorsellMinnie?924 M StMarried to Rev W.V. Tudor and removed
MagruderMaryMPrince Georges Co MD
MosesLizzieM202 NY Ave
MosesFannieS202 NY Ave
MosesKate V.M202 NY Ave
M NeirMary T.S
M NeirKateS15th StRemoved by certificate
MartinJoseph E.S
MarllMary C.M296 11th St / 1405 11th St
MorsellMaria L.SL StBro Latimer
MarshallEzra A.M11th St
MarshallAngeline A.M11th St
MarshallLouise A.S11th St
McCabeRichie E.M15th St
McKeldenSallie W.S415 F Stmarried and removed to Staunton without certificate
MullenR. H.MRemoved
MullenMartha L.MRemoved
MarkBenjamin F.SRemoved by certificate
McNeirAnna J.SCSept 5 186914th bet O & PDeceased (illegible)
MiddletonMaryMPSept 5 1869942 L St near 10th
MilnesWilliamMCFeb 6 1870Member of Congress, removed
MeedMaryWCJune 26 1870Schively's 20 I St
MiddletonSamuel C.MPOct 2 1870940 L St
MorsellHerndonAPOct 2 1870M St
MurphyWilburSACJan 1 1871Brudettes818 9th St
MullenMarthaSACJan 29 1871Cor 7th & L SW
MosesS. PrestonAPAug 20 1871
MiddletonM. Isabel(?)APNov 12 1871940 L St near 10th
MattinglyFrankPPNov 19 1871
MitchellKateSAPOct 6 1872612 D St SW (Island)
(illegible)A(illegible)1230 8th St NW
(illegible)A(illegible)1223 9th St NW(illegible)
NicholsSusan K.SPOct 6 1872Miss Kate Williams
NixonJoseph W.SCJune 1873632 Mass Ave
MurrayElizabeth O.MACNov 2 18721233 9th St NW
MartinJ. M. T.S1210 K St NW
McNeirLolaSPMay 3 18741453 14th St NW
MurrayBasil EdgarSPOct 4 187448 Myrtle St NW
MurrayMary ElizSPOct 4 187448 Myrtle St NW
OttCarrieS1139 9th St
OwensJohn W.SCor 4th & D
O'NeillJane E.W
PlunkettA. RebeccaS222 3rd St
PettitCarrieS45(?) Mass Ave
PumphreyB. F.MDeceased in Frankfort KY
PumphreyBelindaMRemoved to Louisville KY
PratherIsaiah T.M(illegible)419 M St
PratherMary T.M(illegible)419 M St
PratherMary P.S(illegible)419 M St
PowellAdelaideWMr. Kercheval(illegible)
PayneMary E.S564 K Stmarried to P.F.H. Keefer
PutneyHester Ann R.MNE Cor M & 13th St
PiperLizzieSM StRemoved by certificate
PriggLizzieM227 H St
PageSarahW406 7th St Island
PettyJames T.M659 D (cor 7th)
PettyHenry S.SRemoved with certificate
PiperJ.R., M.D.MPFeb 6 187012th St near Ideceased March 16 1871
PrattMargaretMPJune 2 18721236 8th St
PorterBenjamin D.PDec 1 1872at Bro Zimmerman's
PoeRosalieSCJune 7 1874died in peace Wednesday July 22 1874
RussellMrs.Wremoved to Ga____ville, Tenn
RussellEliza JaneWAGeo. T. Dearing
ReedLauraSA936 I St
RennoldsElizaWPPJune 2 1872Louise Home
RisdonMaryMCJuly 14 1872616 M bet 6 & 7Removed by certificate
RoszellJ. R.CSept 26 1872removed to (illegible)
RoweMaryMA1122 8th St NW(illegible)
RhodesCharles C.S
RhodesMittie (?)S
SwiftSophiaMAThomas Garner
Stissons (Rowe)Mary VMWesley Barkermarried to Mr Rowe 1122 8th St
SmootEmilyWAK St
ShreveCarrieMnear Bladensburg
SearsEliza S.Mremoved to New Jersey
SmithJohn GMA214 G St bet 2 & 3
SmithLora B.MA214 G St bet 2 & 3
SmootWilliam H.M33 K StRemoved by certificate
StringerThomas C.S
SchickelsBroWP24th bet H & ILittle House on the Hill
SchickelsElizabethS24th bet H & I
SmithLouisaMAK St
ShawFrederick C.MA1219 8th St
ShawKate M. K.MA1219 8th St
SmithRebeccaMAK St
SebastianEmmaSA421 9th St
SebastianRebeccaS421 9th St
StoneHannahSNE Cor 11 & LMarried & removed without certificate
StierF.A.MA9th St
StierAnnieMA9th St
ShaferMary VMP912 M St(illegible)
StewartEdwin W.doubtfulunknownDied 1873
SlagelLauraPOct 10 18691131 8th StRemoved
ShivelyMargaretCDec 5 1869638 L bet 4 & 5Removed
ShivelyMarthaCMay 1 187020 L St
SmootSamuel C.APOct 2 18701109 K St NWRemoved to Philadelphia
StiersJohnPOct 8 1871Removed with certificate 1873
SimmonsJosephMCJune 15 1871Removed with certificate 1873
SimmonsJaneMCJune 15 1871
SchlegelElizabethPP18711131 8th St NW
SkipponAlicePPNov 12 1871(illegible)Received by Certificate Apr 17 1872
SturgisAnna S.MAPNov 3 1872M St
StevenbonEllaAPDec 1 1872805 F St SW
(illegible)MAPSept 7 1873(illegible)
ThumbertHesterW446 M Stdied in peace Sunday Nov 2 1873
ThornB. T.MA44 E Capitol St
ThornEliza E.MA44 E Capitol St
TablerW. J.MP36 3rd Stdead
TablerCatherineMP36 3rd St
TablerGinnetteSAdead36 3rd St
TalbertCharleenSremove by certificatemarried to Charles Stratton Nov 9 1869
TriplettMarthaMRemoved to Ohio
TooleJohn SrSRemoved to Virginia
ThomasGeorge A.SA8th & G Sts
TennisonWhitnyMdoubtfulin the countrywithdrawn without honor
TennisonEmma V.MA1238 8th Stwithdrawn without honor
ThompsonA.E.WRemoved by certificate
TuckerCarrieSPN.E. Cor 8 & L, 1318 V St NWWithdrawn
TaylorMarianneSPOct 3 1869261 8th St, 1525 5th Stremoved by certificate Oct 8 1873
TerrettJulia E.POct 10 1869Removed
TroneJuliaSCNov 7 1869486 I, 7th & 8thRemoved by certificate
TiltonPeterSAPOct 2 1870Shusters
ThompsonEllen H.WAPJune 2 18721215 M St
ThomasKate M.SOct 4 1874PJune 2 1872804 I St NW
TravisHester Ann R.SNov 8 1874PJune 2 18721236 6th St / 417 H St NW
StewartAlice A.MPFeb 1 1874911 9th St NW
Via(illegible)SCDec 8 1874Withdrawn Jan 27 1877
WarderMrsWA11th Stmother Willow Holley
WallingsfordWP7th St bet N & O
WashingtonSallieWSaid to have died
WindsorH. C.MAI St
WindsorHarriet R.MAI St
WilliamsCatherineSA933 L St
WilliamsJohn O.MA933 L St
WallachAliceSLeft923 G StRemoved to Baltimore without certificate
WebsterKateMA142 NJ Ave
WebsterMary E.SA142 NJ Ave
WilsonAnnie A.MA429 6th St
WilsonFannie R.SA429 6th StMarried to D. R. H. Barker
WilsonPhilip R.SA(illegible)Withdrawn
WalkerSamuel H.SdoubtfulCPrince Georges Co MD
WheatleyFrancisMGay St GeorgetownWithdrawn by joining another church
WheatleyCarolineMGay St Georgetown
WheatleyR. VirginiaMAGeorgetownWithdrawn by joining another church
WilsonMary AnnSAGeorgetown
WilliamsWilliam H.doubtfulunknown(illegible)
WebsterMatildaSA1114 4th St NW
WilliamsonFannie B.MAPOct 2 18701003 11th StRemoved by certificate Nov 10 1874
WebsterMary A.SAPOct 2 1870
WilliamsonCharles B.MAPNov 6 1870N St / 1322 12th StRemoved by certificate Nov 16 1874
WilsonJesse B.APJan 29 18716th St near E
WilsonJohn EdwinAPJan 29 18716th St near E
VandeverEdward G.COct 1 1871Removed by certificate to K. M. College
WilsonS. J.PNov 5 1871
VeitchClaraMCJan 26 1872B St near 10thremoved with certificate Nov 10 1872
VeitchFlorenceSCJan 26 1872B St near 10thremoved with certificate Nov 10 1872
WellingJennieSCColumbia College
WilsonMary EllaM726 10th St NW
WoodEliasS12th & Dremoved by certificate Nov 1875
Wilson(illegible)MAC(illegible)1246 11 St NW
(illegible)(illegible)AC(illegible)1418 (illegible)
(illegible)(illegible)AC(illegible)1418 (illegible)
WalkerSamuel H.C(illegible)
YostArenthia CatherineWAPOct 7 18721125 8th St
WebsterGeorgianaSPSept 6 1874742 New Jersey AveA. W. Wilson
WilsonCorneliaPOct 4 18761246 11 St NWA. W. Wilson
ZimmermanH. F.MA608 M St
ZimmermanEmma C.608 M St
ZimmermanMary C.S608 M Stremoved by certificate to Alexandria
ZimmermanArcher M.MAA & 4th Stsdied April 14 1874
ZimmermanArch B.SPPOct 3 1869H. H. Zimmerman

To the right is a sampling of the addresses listed above. The present-day location of the church is the blue pin
in the middle.