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MALORIN, MULHORAND, MULHORRAND, SCHEXNAYDER, STELLY, THIBODEAUX posted by Mary Malorin Lusk Email: Madmansmom@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Fri Jan 10 17:22:21 1997 searching for info on Elie MALORIN b.11-28-1900 Breaux Bridge and md. Emilie SCHEXNAYDER b. 1-2-1909 Arnaudville, St. Landry, father of Emilie, Frank SCHEXNAYDER mother Anita STELLY. MALORIN family has a number of mispellings. father of Elie is listed as Henry MULHORRAND b. Jan 1862 md. Corine THIBODEAUX most all of their children were born in Arnaudville,St. Landry. Info may be found at St. Bernard Catholic Church on Henry MULHORAND. But others will be Arnaudville, St. Landry

BEASLEY, RAYON, SCHLEVE posted by Mark Migura Email: MarkMig@tyler.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Fri Jan 17 18:31:45 1997 Looking for any info on Joseph Alcee RAYON, b.1860 , married Anne SCHLEVE 12-11-1881 .Children C.T. RAYON b.8-18-1886, His son was Henry RAYON b.04/15-1924 and he married Betty BEASLEY

BLANCHARD, DIAZ posted by Peggy Elliott Email: elliotts@dtx.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sun Jan 19 07:21:35 1997 I'm looking for any information on the family of Adelina DIAZ. She married Valmont BLANCHARD 5 Jan. 1861. Their children were Odile and Odilia (twins), Cleopha, Elvina, Theobert, Theodule, Adelina, Onezime, Edgard, and Louis. Thanks for any help.

BILLODEAUX, JEANSONNE posted by Chris Tomlinson Email: CKT@Worldnet.att.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sun Jan 19 20:22:06 1997 I am trying to find information on my g-g-grandmother. Elodie JEANSONNE. Have no info on her as to birth and death. She married Ulysse BILLODEAUX on 12-27-1858 (location unknown). He was born 2/7/1875 and died in St. Landry Parish (no death info). I have a feeling that they lived and were from the Eunice/Chita- gnier/Mamou/Ville Plate areas. They had 3 children (that I know of). Josephine,Olin b 8/8/1875, and Felicianne b 11/13/1877. Felicianne was my great grand-mother.

DEATON, FOX posted by Cheryl Nilsson Email: nilsson@oro.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Fri Jan 31 20:33:45 1997 FOX, Richard C. (or possible John Richard). He was born circa 1827 in La. Not sure of the parish but he moved to Garland Co. Ar around 1870 and then to Clark Co., Ar around 1880. He married Nancy DEATON. Can anyone help me trace him?

DESPALIER, DESPALLIER, ESPALIER, QUEBEDO, SPALLIER posted by Bert Vleugels Email: rubber.balls@innet.be on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sun Feb 2 04:09:20 1997 I'm looking for any information about DESPALLIER = D'ESPALIER = ESPALIER = SPALLIER in both Louisiana and Texas. Regarding St. Landry I'm looking for a marriage in 1868, when Roach DESPALIER married Arthemise QUEBEDO.

EASTMAN, HARMON posted by Connie Moretti Email: CWMoretti@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Mon Feb 3 12:19:57 1997 Abel EASTMAN in Opelousas by 1797 married Salome HARMON. Would like to share or exchange with others working on these families.

RICHARD posted by Cindy Richard Madrulli Email: PMadrulli@Dal.rtkl.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sat Feb 8 18:35:11 1997 Looking for verification information on the RICHARD family in St. Landry Parish 1800s.

EVANS, HETHERWICK, WALKER posted by Gisele Tremblay Email: rtrembla@cadvision.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Mon Feb 10 21:47:42 1997 Looking for John Robert HETHERWICK married to Maryann WALKER abt 1820. Cannot find him in the 1850 Census. Would like know where he was born and date of marriage. I beleive his father was Robert HETHERWICK and his mother was Mary EVANS.

GARNER, HARMON posted by Joe B. Williams Email: joekate@nol.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Tue Feb 11 08:03:56 1997 I have been told Bradley GARNER married Sarah Rachel HARMON about 1785 in Opelousas. There is a good possibility that one or more children were born in

COLEMAN, DEVER, DYER, HOLSTON, YOCUM posted by Doug Travers Email: IOS1@FLASH.NET on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Thu Feb 13 22:15:00 1997 Will exchange on: Philip P. DEVER, b. 1785 Ky, d. 1836 Texas, perhaps in E. Fel., while in La. Robert DYER, arrive La. ca. 1806 from NC, Want to find descendants for gen in progress Thomas YOCUM, Christopher YOCUM, or other YOCUMs related to DEVER fam. John COLEMAN fam. and Rebecca HOLSTON fam. related to DEVER

CHARLES, RIDER posted by Ernest Viturino Email: evit@cyberhighway.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Tue Feb 18 15:01:00 1997 We are trying to find out about Cyprien CHARLES that lived in St. Landry parish. We have been able to locate him, by marrage records stating in 1851, and 1859 when he got married to a Louisa RIDER. He served with CSA in 1862, from there we have been able to track him. What we are trying to find is where he came from and who were his parents. If you can help it would be most helpfull to us. Thank you so much. Ernie & Nora Viturino.

HUIE, LACROIX, LAMOTHE, MUELLION, POIRET, STAFFORD, WELLS posted by Robert Davis Email: RobertD974@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Thu Feb 20 18:48:40 1997 I am searching for information, especially pre-1838 that has not been printed in Dr. G. M. G. STAFFORD's book on the WELLS family, on Samuel Valcient LAMOTHE and other close relations. Samuel was the son of Polycarpe LAMOTHE and Editha WELLS (Possibly also known as 'Zoe'), daughter of Samuel Levi WELLS I and Dorcas HUIE. Samuel LAMOTHE immigrated to Austin County Texas with his then wife Alphia LACROIX. Samuels G-mother was Jeannette (POIRET)-LAMOTHE who married Dr. Edmund MUELLION after her husband Jacques, died. E-Mail Addr. RobertD974@aol.com.

CHACHERE posted by George Chachere Email: gchachere@global2000.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sat Feb 22 04:29:21 1997 I am looking for any vital records concerning one Walter A ( Alex, Alexander) CHACHERE b 2/1/1871 and his Fathership to one George Lawrence CHACHERE b 12/28/1905 I am looking to link what the family believes is my Great Grand Father and MY known Grand Father Any Help is greatly appreciated.

FELLIAN, HAWKINS, READ, STGAUDAIN posted by Barbara Hawkins Franz Email: bfranz@flex.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sat Mar 1 10:33:27 1997 I am researching Phillipe ST. GAUDAIN md. Jeanne Denise Elizabeth FELLIAN in France. Came to New Orleans early 1830's. Moved to St. Landry's Parish by 1842. Their daughter Marie Bernice md. John Stewart HAWKINS in Opelousas. I am trying to locate the burial place of Phillipe and Jeanne. John and Marie moved to Lake Charles where she died in 1876. I have info. back to Virginia on the HAWKINS line & to France on the STGAUDAIN & FELLIAN lines and will be glad to share. Marie had a sister Noile who md. Wm. S. READ, they had two children Blanche and William Fredrick READ.

SINIGAL, TRAHAN posted by J. Black Email: JBlack2991@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Tue Mar 4 05:08:18 1997 Evacista TRAHAN b.ca 3-29-1821 m.Julien SINIGAL b. ca 1826 daughter Ellen TRAHAN b. 2=23=1872. Parents and any other information on Julien SINIGAL.

CAMPBELL, HAYE posted by Deborah Neubauer Email: dnems@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Wed Mar 5 16:01:14 1997 HAYE and CAMPBELL--Looking for date of marriage of Louis CAMPBELL and Sarah HAYE. Located on microfilm but no date was given. Also looking for parents of Louis CAMPBELL. I only know father's first name is James. Also need parents of Sarah HAYE.

EASTMAN, GUICE, HARMON posted by Connie Moretti Email: CWMoretti@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Fri Mar 7 18:11:11 1997 Would like to share information with others working on the family of Jacob HARMON d.1809 and his wife Anne (Hannah) GUICE d.1803 or of their son-in-law Abel EASTMAN who married Salome HARMON in 1797.

DEVILLIERS posted by Becky Boggess Email: Becky-Boggess@msn.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sun Mar 16 13:45:37 1997 I am looking to make any connections with the DEVILLIERS of the area. I have many in my file and would be willing to share information. Any DEVILLIERS, time or place. Thanks.

AVIE, CROWELL, JAMES posted by Avie Heathcock Email: avie@icok.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Thu Mar 20 17:07:55 1997 I am researching my greatgrandmother Sarah Luann(Ludie) JAMES. She was born in 1874 in Corinth, Ms. I believe her mother was Mattie AVIE. Her father was Jim JAMES . I know of a Lester AVIE and a John AVIE. If decendants of these people would contact me I would appreciate hearing from them. I have worked on my JAMES family line for over twenty years and the above mentioned information is all I have been able to collect in the past years. John and Lester AVIE both lived in Eunice, St. Landry, La. Ludie had other siblings she being the youngest. Jim JAMES Jr., Newt JAMES, Chris JAMES, Quinton JAMES, Tug JAMES, Martha Avierilla JAMES. Martha Avierill JAMES married a man by the name of Harris CROWELL. Martha Avierill was also known as Avie CROWELL. Thanks I look forward to hearing from anyone with these names.

RIALS, STARK posted by Shari Email: shari@viptx.net on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sat Mar 22 21:16:32 1997 RIALS/STARK Looking for anyone researching the RIALS family in Rapides Parish. I have info to share, most of which is on my web site (www.hypertree.com). I am especially interested in the STARK family affiliated with the RIALS. Mary E. STARK married Anderson Franklin RIALS in St. Landry Parish in 1888. They apparently lived in Rapides Parish and this is where Mary probably died in 1895. Looking (desperately!) for information on where Mary is buried and anything about her STARK relatives. All help appreciated.

BELLEROSE, BIAS, DECLOUET, ROBESPIN, VANRIGHT posted by Patsy Fletcher Email: Omtino@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Thu Mar 27 20:32:37 1997 My StL queries: 1) anything on VANRIGHT (or a variation thereof) prior to 1865. 2) Giles BIAS (or a variation thereof) prior to 1880. He was born about 1843, married Onorine (last name unknown) about 1872; 3) Sosthene Mose ROBESPIN, b. @1861 who in 1881 married Octavie Billot DECLOUET in 1881; Sosthene later dropped ROBESPIN 4) Helene Ton dit BELLEROSE b. @1810 and died 1867. email Omtino@aol.com

CALLIHAM, INSALL posted by Desiree de Nantes Email: Texzilla@aol.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Mon Mar 31 18:40:50 1997 I should like to find any and all possible information on those bearing the surnames CALLIHAM and INSALL. Mary Ann INSALL and David S CALLIHAM (bn, LA, 1819 & 1812) married in Opelousas on 29 March 1838; their daughter Martha Lucress CALLIHAM from whom I come, was born at Bayou Chicot (now Evangeline Parish) on 7 April 1844. There were David, Joel, and Young CALLIHAM and Thomas H INSALL in the Parish. The other CALLIHAMs and INSALLs......?.Most had gone to south Texas by 1850. Thank you. Desiree de Nantes Texzilla@aol.com

BELAIR posted by Robert Belair Email: belai_1@hotmail.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sat Apr 5 04:31:05 1997 La. land records show grant to a Pierre BELAIR in Acadia/St. Landry parish dated 1884/12/20. Any one with information regarding him, please respond to E-Mail address. Any help will be much appreciated.

JEANSONNE, MAYEAUX posted by Calvin John Johnson III Email: fiddle-man@msn.com on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Sun Apr 6 05:14:32 1997 I am searching for any data that one may have on the JEANSONNE and/or MAYEAUX family of Avoyelles Parish. I am particularly interested in obtaining data pertaining to Civil War veterans with these surnames. Thanks!

FLORES, GARCILLE, JANEAU, POIRET, POIRIER posted by Cindy Tiemann Email: Cindy@collectorpages.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Thu Aug 28 07:58:08 1997 Searching for information on POIRIER family. My gggreatgrandfather, Adolphe POIRIER married Arcilae GARCILLE FLORES in 1871 in DeSoto Parish. I am looking for his parents. I believe they might have been Francois POIRET b. 1799 (?mispelled on 1850 federal St Landry census) and Celeste b. 1802. Francois and Celeste had at least six other children: Eulodie b. 1825, Florentine b. 1827, Caroline b.1829, Emma b. 1838, Estelle b. 1842, and Emile b. 1844. Adolphe and Arcilae died, I believe, in one of the yellow fever epidemics between 1870 and 1880 because their daughter, Susan (Sudie) Uraine POIRIER, was listed as an orphan on the 1880 census and living with Huston (Hauston) POIRIER (?son of Francois also) and his wife M. Louisa. Also, a Gerant (Grant)GARCILLE b. 1842 (? brother to Arcilae) is listed on the 1850 census living with a laborer Victor JANEAU and his family next door to Francois(who was a planter). Help me make some connections!

BOUILLON, BOURGEOIS, TIERCUIT, TURQUEY posted by Darryl Bouillion Email: ffwp26e@prodigy.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Sep 5 17:55:44 1997 Jean Baptist BOUILLON b. 6 Aug 1776, Opel. m. 14 Jan. 1800 Felicite TIERCUIT (Fraancisco TURQUEY & Barba BOURGEOIS. d. 23 Mar. 1845 in St. Martinville. Issue: Marie Felicitas b. 8 Dec 1800; Julia b. 1 Feb 1803; Jean Baptiste b. 8 July 1805; Nicolas Bouillon b. 25 Jan. 1808; Pierre b. 29 July 1810; Marguerite Phelonise b. ca. 1825; Celeste Coralie b. 23 June 1834; Emeranthe b. 3 March 1816; Rosalie b. 3 April. Will share information on the above.

ARDOIN posted by Debbie Rizzi Email: debriz@msn.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Deb Fri Sep 5 14:49:23 1997 Cyprien ARDOIN b 19 August 1846 Opelousas Church, d 1933 Welsh. Fought with the Texas Ragsdales. Does anyone have any info about my great grandfather or about the Texas Ragsdales?

ADAM, ADAMS, BAKER, BROWN, CHARLES, DAVID posted by Phae Eubanks Email: pgracelyn@aol.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Sun Sep 7 11:11:55 1997 I am seeking information on the second generation of the ADAM family. My grandmother and her siblings as we know it, begins the fifth generation of the ADAM family. We have marriage records of the third generation but cannot parental information. My genealogy begins with Betsy and Pierre ADAM(s) who arrived in America with their five grandchildren. Their slave ship arrive at the dock on the Bayou LaFourche near the Fruge Bridge. The grandchildren are Francois, Anatasie, Pierre, Carmelite and John Telesmas ADAM. We know that Betsy and Carmelite were sold as a unit to the DesElome Plantation. The others were sold to surrounding plantations. 1. Carmelite ADAM The grandchild Carmelite married William BROWN in the Catholic Church of Arnaudville of St. Landry Parish on September 12, 1877. Her brothers Francois and Pierre were witnesses during the ceremony. 2. John Telesmas ADAM The grandchild John Telesmas, married Eleonore DAVID on February 12, 1881 in the same Catholic church. He and his wife relocated to New Iberia, LA. He signed his name as ADAM on the marriage certificate. This grandchild was my grandmother's grandfather. However, my grandmother stated that she had never met her fraternal grandparents or great-grandparents. 3. Francois ADAM The grandchild Francois married Rose BAKER on December 1, 1880 at the same Catholic church. His brother John Telemas witnessed the ceremony. They lived in Prairie Boss on the Olivier Plantation. This grandchild signed her name as ADAMS instead of ADAM on the marriage certificate. He signed his name as ADAM on the marriage certificate. 4. Anatasie ADAMS The grandchild Anatasie married Paul CHARLES on August 19, 1872 in the Parish of St. Landry. Her brother Francois witnessed the ceremony. She signed her name as ADAMS on the marriage certificate. 5. Pierre ADAM The only information we have on the grandchild Pierre, is that he was the youngest grandson and he was a witness his sister Carmelite's wedding on September 12, 1877. To this date, we do not have any parental information on these grandchild except we know they are siblings. We do not know who the children are of Pierre and Betsy ADAM (Slaves). We do know their history in America (Louisiana) began in the early 1800 and they settled in the Parish of St. Landry. Can you help us with the missing second generation link to our tree?

BOUILLON, BOURGEOIS, TIERCUIT, TURQUEY posted by Darryl Bouillion Email: ffwp26e@prodigy.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Sep 5 17:55:44 1997 Jean Baptist BOUILLON b. 6 Aug 1776, Opel. m. 14 Jan. 1800 Felicite TIERCUIT(Fraancisco TURQUEY & Barba BOURGEOIS. d. 23 Mar. 1845 in St. Martinville. Issue: Marie Felicitas b. 8 Dec 1800; Julia b. 1 Feb 1803; Jean Baptiste b. 8 July 1805; Nicolas BOUILLON b. 25 Jan. 1808; Pierre b. 29 July 1810; Marguerite Phelonise b. ca. 1825; Celeste Coralie b. 23 June 1834; Emeranthe b. 3 March 1816; Rosalie b. 3 April. Will share information on the above.

DAIGLE, DUNBAR, OPRY posted by Diane Daigle Hicks Email: ladydyna@sprynet.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Thu Sep 11 09:44:14 1997 I'm trying to find info on the DAIGLE family of Opelousas. Etienne DAIGLE was my paternal grandfather. He married Cora O'PRY (sp?), probably in Iota. My father, born (1906) in Iota, was Lloyd L. DAIGLE. As far as I know, Etienne, Cora, Lloyd (d.1965) and the rest of Etienne's children are all buried in a church cemetary in Opelousas. I have some info on children's names, but knew them only as a very small child. One aunt, Ceil DAIGLE DUNBAR, may still be alive. Any info on forebears or descendents would be appreciated.

GUILLORY posted by A.L. Guillory Email: A.L.GUILLORY@worldnet.att.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Wed Sep 17 11:51:34 1997 GUILLORY mentor j. 9/211845- 10/16/1936 Born around Eunice La. Buried in Eunice La.

FONTENOT, LEDOUX, SAUCIER, SEILEY posted by Tom Seiley Email: TSeiley@aol.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Sep 22 04:39:00 1997 I am looking for information on the SEILEY family, many of whom lived in and around Evangeline parish. Also looking for information about the descendants of Auguste F. SAUCIER and Felicia FONTENOT. Auguste is the son of Arsan SAUCIER and Josephine LEDOUX. Auguste was born June 12, 1843 and he died January 1, 1949 in Lake Charles.

GOUDEAU, MARTIN, MOREAU posted by Cathy Lemoine Sturgell Email: meanbean@ix.netcom.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Sep 22 18:30:01 1997 Looking for info on the parents of Emily (aka: Amelie) MARTIN who married Auguste MOREAU I (s/o Pierre Antoine MOREAU and Adelaide GOUDEAU) on October 12, 1815 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. The marriage record lists her parents as "Samuel MARTIN and Isabelle MARTIN". However, I am unable to further identify this MARTIN family. Samuel MARTIN was deceased at the time of his daughter's marriage. Any info would be appreciated!

FAULIN, GRADENIGO, GRADNEIGO, GRADNEY posted by Annette Lockett Email: annette_lockett@MSN.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Wed Oct 1 22:34:05 1997 I am looking for information regarding the parents of Pauline FAULIN, married Joseph Cheney, April 11, 1891 in Washington, Louisiana at Immaculate Heart Catholic Church. Mother is reported to be Marie Theresa GRADNEY (GRADNEIGO) and father is reported to be Augustin GRADENIGO. The birth date of Pauline appears to be September 1860. There are eight children from this marriage, Albert Joseph, Helen, Clara, Marshall, Bertha,Willie and Milton. I have history on only one child, Clara, who died 12/20/1906, place unknown. Other family members are in Los Angeles and somewhere Northern California. Any information, past or present, will be greatly appreciated.

GREAR, GREARSON, GREER, GREERSON, GREIR, GREIRSON, GRIER, GRIERSON, GRIERSONS posted by David A. Grierson Email: dagrierson@mail.tqci.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Wed Oct 8 19:57:07 1997 Anyone interested in researching the GRIERSON, GREERSON, GREARSON, GREIRSON, GRIER, GREER, GREAR, GREIR, etc., -contact David A. GRIERSON at 37799 Apache Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. Interested in queries, & questions from researchers and genealogists alike. I have compiled extensively on these surnames and their variants for about nine years. Trading information is my aim. Anyone related to the GRIERSONS of Mississippi, collateral lines, female lines are most assuredly welcomed as well in all areas of research. No grandstanding, no fan-fair, only serious persons will be addressed.

DELAHUNT, DILLAHUNT, DUNN, HICKMAN posted by Henry Delahunt Email: delahunt@worldnet.att.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Thu Oct 9 15:54:42 1997 DILLAHUNT/HICKMAN/DUNN Any descendants of or anyone researching DILLAHUNT, HICKMAN, DUNN St. Landry Parish? Martin DUNN was planter in St.Landry c1840-1860. Wife Amelia DILLAHUNT DUNN. May have son John DUNN. Amelia DILLAHUNT brother Lewis (Denis?) DILLAHUNT m. Martha HICKMAN 1852 St. Landry Parish. Martha d/o Gabriel HICKMAN. Please contact Henry DELAHUNT Shreveport e-mail delahunt@worldnet.att.net

ASHWORTH posted by Kathryn DeMarco Email: research@wt.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Oct 10 09:47:15 1997 Wish to correspond with others concerning Moses ASHWORTH of SC. He is listed in the 1830 Claiborne Co.,LA census. When and where did he die? Did he live in Arkansas before coming to LA? Moses had a brother, James ASHWORTH, of SC who is listed in the 1810 census for St Landry Parish, LA. Will share info.

BERJAS, BLALOCK, BURLEIGH, DURAM, DURAND, HUTZLER, SAWYER posted by Jude Corley Email: groogroo@aol.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Sun Oct 12 11:16:14 1997 HUTZLER, DURAND, SAWYER, BLALOCK, BURLEIGH BERJAS. I am seeking information on any of these surnames. Specifically I am seeking information on Adam DURAND. In a St. Landry Parish list of marriages before 1895, he is listed as Adam DURAM who maried Melisia BERJAS (could be Bourgois) on Dec. 12, 1889. If these names are familiar and you have any information on them (locations etc.) please e-mail me! Thank you.

BORDELON posted by Mike Ryder Email: ryders@interserf.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Oct 13 14:52:37 1997 Seeking the names of the parents of Osie BORDELON. Osie lived most of his life in Opelousas, but I believe his ancestors were from Avoyles Parish. Thanks.

ANSELM, BELLARD posted by Joseph E. Ricks Email: jeRicks@juno.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Oct 13 22:57:02 1997 Request date of marriage Elice M. BELLARD and Jake J ANSELM daughter Odessa M. ANSELM born 12-04-1901 Opelousas La. died -7-16-1992 Santa Maria Ca.

ASHWORTH, BERWICK, BURNETT, FORMAN, HAYES, JOHNSON, ROBERT posted by Lois Culver Email: lois@chatlink.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Aug 9 10:56:23 1996 HAYES: Would like to contact researchers of William HAYES. The last of several William HAYESes b 1768 MS, d 1850 St Landry Psh LA. He mar Mary FORMAN, dtr of Edward FORMAN and Mary BURNETT. Their son James HAYES, b LA mar Mary JOHNSON, dtr of Moses JOHNSON and Nancy "Anna" ROBERT. Another of William's sons Jacob HAYES, b 1794 St Landry, mar 1st Zilphy BERWICK (what happened to this marriage?), then took as common-law wife Sarah ASHWORTH. Jacob's son Rudolph HAYES (b 1820 St Landry) mar James's daughter Alzena (b 1828 LA).

CLARK, DEVILLE, JEANSON, JOFFRION, JOHNSON, PETERS posted by Alexandra Steele Email: alexsteele@earthlink.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Aug 9 21:41:09 1996 I'm looking for the following families: JOHNSON [JEANSON], DEVILLE PETERS, CLARK, JOFFRION.

ARDREY, BRYANT, COE, ORMAND posted by Virginia Cottrell Email: ouachita@isc-durant.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Aug 26 21:29:49 1996 I'm seeking any information on the following: Joseph Nesbitt ARDREY b. c1794 York Co. SC.-d. 5 Apr 1854 St.Landry Parish, LA. m. as 2nd wife Missouri L. COE. They had one son, William E.A. ARDREY who m. Catherine BRYANT. William and Catherine had 2 children: one unnamed who died and Lucy A. ARDREY who married _?_ ORMAND. Any info will be most appreciated. TIA. Virginia Cottrell ouachita@isc-durant.com

CHAPPEL, SEAMAN posted by Charles Hall Email: ccrider@dti.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Sun Sep 22 16:46:25 1996 tion: G2 Computer Intelligence Inc To: geraldine.rankin@m.k12.ut.us I am looking for information on my grandparents who lived near Oakdale, LA until approximately 1950. His name is Pliny SEAMAN. Her name was Anna Belle or Annabel CHAPPEL. Thanks, Charles Hall ccrider@dti.net

BEAUGH, BLANCHARD, RICHARD posted by Charles Vickers Email: cvickers@ix.netcom.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Thu Sep 26 20:43:24 1996 I'm attempting to trace my mother's family tree. All the individuals listed were born in St. Landry or Acadia Parishes, Louisiana (to the best of may knowledge.) 1 Clemille RICHARD #2857 b. ?? Nov 1856 m. 18 Nov 1878 Aurelia BEAUGH #2856 b. 22 Oct 1862 2 Child1 RICHARD #1788 2 Child2 RICHARD #1799 2 Child3 RICHARD #1810 2 Cleuse Joseph RICHARD #2736 b. 27 Feb 1880 m. 7 Dec 1899 Zoe BLANCHARD #2737 b. 23 Sep 1883 2 Maurice RICHARD #1821 b. Jul 1893 2 Thomas RICHARD #1832 b. Sep 1896 2 Alice RICHARD #1843 b. Sep 1899 More than will to share what information I have with anyone researching the RICHARD line.

MARKS, NEZAT, ROY posted by Philip Spainhour Email: pspain@conterra.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri Oct 25 17:26:19 1996 I am seeking information on the Parents of Alicia MARKS b. 01/01/1851 d.10/31/1917 (1) m Homer ROY (2) 05/27/1878 Marcel NEZAT 15 children She supposedly buried at Arnaudville St. Landry's Parish Church. any inf. on first marriage could also be useful. Thanks.

BOUDREAUX, FISHER, HANS posted by Peggy Williams Email: Murrhee@worldnet.att.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Tue Oct 29 15:06:55 1996 Looking for information on Jean FISHER and Rachel HANS, parents of William FISHER. William FISHER was baptized on 9 Jul 1835 (at age 18) in Opelousas. William FISHER married Marie Arcene BOUDREAUX on 24 May 1841 in Grand Coteau. Where did Jean and

GALLIEN, WILLIAMS posted by Ted Williams Email: twill@aristotle.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Sat Nov 2 07:22:04 1996 I would like to obtain a copy of the birth certificate of my father (deceased), Alfred WILLIAMS. Born December 20, 1907. Mother's maiden name was ?? GALLIEN; Father's name was Alfred WILLIAMS. I am working on my family tree and need this information. Your assistance is sincerely appreciated.

LEBLEU, SIMER posted by Cherry Carter Email: ccarter@bwtelcom.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Tue Nov 5 12:03:31 1996 I am looking for information on Alexander SIMER married to Celeste LEBLEU July 7, 1831. I would really like to find Alexanders fathers and mothers name if possible.

FONTENOT, ODWYER, RANDOLPHE posted by Stephanie Inge Email: repcr@mail.airmail.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Tue Nov 19 11:31:42 1996 RANDOLPHE, Marie Alice "Elizabeth" of Eunice, LA, b. abt. 1863, d. 29 Jan 1888 VP Ch. m. 20 April 1883(Opel.Ch.) Osmin "Matthew" FONTENOT of Pine Prairie, LA. They had 4 children: Arthur, Avit (Arvie), Marie "Luda", and Jules Nouet. Her mother's name Nancy O'DWYER??, who allegedly had 12 children and out-lived all but 1 of them and died at the age of 105 years. I have access to Reverend Hebert's books at the Dallas Public Library, however, I have not been able to find anything on Marie RANDOLPHE. I need her DOB, place of birth, DOD, place of death, parent's names, and where they were from. I hope you can help. Thank you so much!!

ANDRE, AUCOIN, DESHOTELS, FONTENOT, HILDEVERT, VIDRINE posted by Stephanie Inge Email: repcr@mail.airmail.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Tue Nov 19 11:46:41 1996 Pierre Berghman "Berthmance/Batmos" DESHOTELS, b. 30 Dec 1875, d. 2 Sept 1919 VP Ch., s/o Andre H. and Felonise VIDRINE, m. 1 Dec 1896 Adolphine FONTENOT b.19 Nov 1879, d. 1935 VP Ch., d/o Adrien and Elesine AUCOIN. Pierre and Adolphine had 8 children, Marie Eude, Adrian, Delphine, Norris, Lelma, Aimee, Marie, and Joseph "Buzzie" DESHOTELS. I am actually looking for information about Pierre's parents and I think that I may have info on his father, however, there are so many ANDREs and so many HILDEVERTs that I can't really tell which one was his father. I hope you might be able to help, or point me in the right direction. Thanks so much.

CHAPMAN, VIDRINE posted by K Vidrine Email: kvidrine@linknet.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Dec 2 08:10:07 1996 I am looking for ancestors of Alibe VIDRINE & Alida CHAPMAN The information I have so far is from Evangeline & St Landry Parishes. Wife was Alida CHAPMAN b. 12/1/1897 d. 6/24/1957 Husband was Alibe VIDRINE b. 4/12/1890 d. 6/11/1945

BUNDICK, SINGLETON posted by Steve Meservy Email: smeservy@edge.net on Friday, January 16, 1998

Sat Dec 7 21:23:21 1996 Researching SINGLETON Family that lived in the county around the early 1800's.Particular Seth SINGLETON who married a Martha BUNDICK.Two of their sons-Leonard C.SINGLETON and Middleton SINGLETON moved to Missouri.Both fought for the Confederacy in the War of Northern Agression.Leonard came back from Missouri and served in a Louisana Cavalry Unit.Middleton stayed in Missouri and was an officer.Leonard C.SINGLETON was also a officer and resigned his commission to return home to take of the family business.I believe when he got home he joined a guerilla outfit and was killed close to home in Clinton County,Missouri.The SINGLETON family was from South Carolina.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

GARNER posted by Glenn Davis Email: ge@accessone.com on Friday, January 16, 1998

Mon Dec 16 13:14:38 1996 Seeking information on Bradley GARNER, b. abt. 1768 in MD, married abt. 1800 in Opelousas, moved to TX abt. 1828. Believe his marriage should be recorded at St. Landry Parish, and also possibly records of children born to this marriage. I know only of Jacob and Rachel, and do not know who Bradley married

BELON, FONTENOT, GUILLORY, HEBERT, LAFLEUR posted by Ross Hebert Email: bertsden@gulf.net on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

I am looking for information on the marriage of Emile HEBERT and Josephine BELON, their DOB and DOD. They had three son's, Alexon (Alexandre) b. 21Jul1889, O'Day, and Felician (unk. DOB's). Emile HEBERT had a stepson named Urban (last name unknown, probably BELON). Alexon HEBERT's baptism sponsor's were Allain GUILLORY and Emma HEBERT. Ophelia FONTENOT's (DOB 30 OCT1893, Alexon's wife) baptism sponsors were Octave GUILLORY and Gustine LAFLEUR.

COULON, MARCOTTE, TURNER posted by Toby Reynaud Email: toby@i-way.net on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

I recently found an entry in the 1810 Opelousas Parish census for William TURNER. I've been searching for my TURNER ancestors for quite a while. William TURNER m. 1) Elizabeth MARCOTTE 11 Dec. 1866 & 2) Lovinia COULON 23 Jan 1917. Were there any TURNERs in St. Landry parish?

JOHNSTON, KELLER posted by Michael Keller Email: tmkeller@bellatlantic.net on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

I am looking into records for Willliam Henry KELLER. I think I have found him in the 1870 census living in St Landry. He is listed as single (widowed if right man) and age 35. I have located him in 1880 living in Vernon Parish (Elmswood) with a family which appears to be a possible second marriage as the children's ages are widely separated. Oral history indicates that he was possibly an accountant or bookkeeper for the State of LA (unconfirmed at BR.) There is a possible identification of a Sarah JOHNSTON married to a William H KELLER Oct 17,1842 which would be a good match as he was born in 1824. Thanks for any guidance.

PERKINS posted by Kaye Hancock Email: hancock@coes.latech.com on Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Searching for the parents of Jacob PERKINS b.1815 LA, wife Mary 1826, Isaac 1842, Caroline 1844, Sarah A. 1845, Joshua 1849, Laura 1850, Jesse F. 1853, Cato (Dick) 1858. They were in Houston Co Tx in 1850, along with a James PERKINS b1825, Jim PERKINS b.1815, and Jordan PERKINS b1793. Can anyone help me with any of these families in LA from 1815 to 1848? Thanks Kaye Hancock, 1004 Maple St. Ruston, LA 71270

FONTENOT, REYNOLDS posted by Charlie Reynolds Email: Chareyn@aol.com on Wednesday, January 21, 1998

I am looking for info on Justin REYNOLDS who married Marie Francis FONTENOT 22 Dec 1841 in St. Landry Parish. Would like info also on Marie Francis FONTENOT.

DOUCET, LEBLANC posted by Winston Boudreaux Email: winston@asbank.com on Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Searching for information on my gg grandmother, Marie Melaide LEBLANC, born abt 1848. She married Joseph Julien DOUCET on 10 July 1861 in St. Landry parish. Their children were: Edmond, Joseph Lastie and Josephine who was born in 1866, which is the last date that I can find concerning her. There was a divorce and there is circumstantial evidence that would indicate that possible grounds for this divorce did exist in abt 1865 while Joseph was serving in the Civil war. Some family sources say Marie may have been from Acadia parish, some say her family came from Lafayette parish. I need any clue as to what happened to her after 1866. May help me find who her parents were. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.