Eastern High School, Graduating Class of 1895

Transcriber’s Note: This information was taken from an invitation to attend the commencement exercises for the 1895 graduating classes of the Washington, DC, high schools. The schools represented were Central High, Eastern High, and Western High. The invitation, which was hand-addressed to Mr. Robert Guard and Family, was in booklet format and listed the names of the 1895 graduates along with the names of the junior students slated to graduate in 1896. These are the Eastern High graduates and the list of Eastern High juniors. If you have questions about an entry, please contact the transcriber Susan Salus.

1895 Eastern High

Bartlett, Louise Frances
Bouton, S. Miles
Burnham, Royal Edwin
Burroughs, Clara Haye
Church, Grace Ella
Croissant, Dewitt Clinton
Diver, Mehettabel
Erly, Bessie Clare Marie
Hall, Maude Manuell
Halley, Pearl Anderson
Hart, Charles
Herrle, Theresa
Howell, Marie St. Clair
Lee, Emma
Leonard, Henry
Murphy, James Wilmot
Parson, William Edwin
Riordon, Raymond Robert
Robinette, Carolie Claribel
Sanford, Etta Louise
Sinclair, Carrie Blanche
Steward, John Walton
Thompson, Mabel Carleton
Tilton, Anna May
Yoder, Bessie Lee

Eastern High – Third Year
(Students Slated to Graduate in 1896)

Ashby, Henry Randall
Ball, E. Julia
Baum, Arthur Elmo
Bell, Edna May
Bowdler, Robert Adolph
Bowman, Lillian
Brett, Leila Silsby
Brock, Carl Julian
Brooks, Bella Marie
Bugbee, Mary Florence
Byrn, Isabella Cochran
Carmody, Mary A.
Carpenter, Lillian Evans
Carr, Joshia
Church, Clifford Volney
Copeland, Edward Pasquall
Deis, Irene Salome
Dows, Rosa Payne
Farnham, Lula
Freeman, Paul Lamar
Gapen, Nelson
Gardner, Debbie Ewin
Graft, John Theodore
Guerdrum, George Herbert
Haskell, Edith Louise
Hopkins, Hope Edna
Howard, John Chalmers
Hummer, Harry Reid
Hurst, Harry Walthall
Irwin, Alice Keepers
Keefer, Charles Blackburn
Kelly, Gilbert Walker
Manning, Herbert Miller
McKenna, Emma Webster
Putnam, Alice
Randall, Helen Burbank
Richmond, Helen Avis
Randall, Laura Louise
Riddleberger, Edna Vause
Robinette, Rosalie Agnes
Sanderson, Marie Louise
Shilling, Alphonso Walter
Sites, Elsie Maude
Sites, Frederick Robert
Smith, Harry Bradley
Sperry, Paul
Steward, Eva Ernestine
Stoutenburgh, Blanche
Swingle, Mary Duncan
Webster, Edward Harlan
Williams, James Hollingsworth
Yates, Frederick
Yoder, Bertha Alice
Yoeckel, Sadie Louise
Yount, Frederick Horn
Zurhorst, Mary Arline