Eastern High School, 1930 Yearbook “Punch and Judy”

Transcriber’s Note 1: Eastern had four graduating classes in 1930: a 4-year February class; a 4-year June class; a 2-year February Class; and a 2-year June class. Names in UPPER CASE are names of graduating students. Where nicknames are listed, those have been included in the transcript. Except where noted, the yearbook includes a headshot photograph of each four-year graduate. For the two-year graduates, there are no headshots. Instead, each class appears in a group photograph; the individual students aren’t identified. There are no head- or group-shots of underclassmen. They are only listed in connection with a club or organization.

Transcriber’s Note 2: Here are a few notes about some of the students:
Transcriber’s Note 3: This book is inscribed with the name Julia Cunningham. While she is not listed anywhere in this yearbook, it is a good guess that she was a junior, based on the number of juniors who autographed the yearbook. If you have questions about an entry or would like a copy of a student’s photograph, contact the transcriber Susan Salus.

ABEL, LAURA VIRGINIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
ABELMAN, DAVID (2-Yr June Graduate)
Ackerman, Emory J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Adams, Emery J. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Adlung, George E. (Freshman, ’33; Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Allen, Andrew W. (Private, Cadet, C Company; Student Chairman, Locker Club)
ALLEN, CLARA ELIZABETH (“C-Liz”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
ALLEN, KATHERINE MAE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Allen, Marjorie (Vice-President, Latin Sodalitas Club)
ALLISON, CONRAD BERTRAM (“Con”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Allison, Maurine (’31; Autograph)
Allwine, Martin (Vice-President, Debating Society)
ALTHEN, ALICE REGINA (4-Yr June Grad.; Girls’ Basketball; Vice-Pres., Hiking Club)
Anderson, Bryon (Autograph)
ANDERSON, HELEN BELLE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Arkin, Morris (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Armhold, Clifford R. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company)
Armstrong, John D. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Arnold, Richard J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Aronoff, Joseph E. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Ashmun, Van S. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
AVERILL, DOROTHY LOUISE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Ayers, Mary (Captain, Girls’ Rifle Club)

Babbitt, Dorrida (Autograph)
Baker, Dorothy (Asst. Editor, Newspaper Staff)
Baker, Dorothy (Office Force Club)
BAKER, DOROTHY ROSE (2-Yr February Graduate)
BAKER, DOROTHY STEELE (“Dot”) (4-Yr February Graduate; Yearbook: Asst Editor)
Bandel, Andre (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Banker, Paul C. (Cpl, Roster Regimental Band)
BARR, DALLAS MORGAN (4-Yr June Graduate)
Barteman, Hugh (’31; Autograph)
BASS, MARTHA SYLVIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Battenfield, William A. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Bauer, Henry (Boys’ Rifle Club)
Beall, Ward H. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Bean, Leonard G. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Bean, Walter R. (1st Sgt., Cadet, F Company)
BEARDSLEY, JOHN DEE (“Jack”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
BECHTOLD, EMMA MARY (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon)
BECK, BERNICE ELIZABETH (2-Yr February Graduate)
BECK, HAROLD MARSHALL (4-Yr June Graduate)
Belfield, Lois May (Corresponding Secretary, Constitution Club)
BELFIELD, LOIS MAY (“Corky”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club; Newspaper Staff)
Bell J. Edward (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Bell, Mildred (Sophomore, ’32)
Belt, John A. (Sgt., Cadet Staff; Boys’ Glee Club)
Benjamin, Park (Editor, Poet, Publisher; Dedicatee, Library Book Drive)
BERGER, JOSEPH ROBERT (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Berman, Benjamin I. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
BERNHARD, IRENE HELEN (2-Yr February Graduate)
BERNHARDT, CLARENCE MURRAY (“Murray”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Bernhardt, Murray (President, Constitution Club; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
BIGELOW, ROBERT PRESTON (4-Yr February Graduate)
BILEK, MARGARET JSOEPHINE (2-Yr February Graduate)
BIONDI, ALYCE MAY (4-Yr June Graduate)
Birmingham, Alfred N. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
BISHOP, MILDRED ELSIE (“Milly”) (4-Yr June Grad; Phi Pi Epsilon; Girls’ Basketball)
Blakely, Josephine (Junior, ’31; Bank Club)
BLAKENEY, LUCILLE (“Lucy”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
BLICK, FRANCES ELLEN (2-Yr February Graduate)
Blond, Bernard (Private, Cadet, F Company)
BLUMBERG, ETHEL (2-Yr February Graduate)
BLUMBERG, JACOB (“Dr.”) (4-Yr February Graduate; Beta Phi Epsilon)
Blumberg, Milton (Private, Cadet, F Company)
BOLLMAN, MARY ELLEN (4-Yr June Graduate)
Bonham, John D. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
BONTZ, CATHERINE ERMA (“Erma”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
BORTNICK, BERTHA (“Bert”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
BORZI, DELA ELENA (2-Yr June Graduate)
BOSLEY, CHARLES ANDREW (“Charlie”) (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
BOSWORTH, MARY ANITA (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
Botts, John A. (Private, Cadet, D Company; Locker Club)
Bovey, Margaret Louise (Treasurer, Girls’ Glee Club)
BOVEY, MARGARET LOUISE (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club; Library Club)
Bowdler, Robert (Flowers) (Advertisement)
BOWMAN, MARY ISABELLE (2-Yr February Graduate)
BOWMAN, MILDRED ELIZABETH (“Milly”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
BOWSHER, ROBERT OSCAR (4-Yr June Graduate)
Bradley, Allan (Printing Club)
Branca, James L. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Brannock, Walter W. ()
BRANNOCK, WALTER WALLACE (“Wallace”) (4-Yr June Grad; 1st Lt., Cadet, A Co.)
BRENNAN, LILLIE HELEN (2-Yr February Graduate)
Brennen, Sam H. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Bresnahan, Billy A. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Brown, Bill (Autograph)
Brown, James W. (Sgt., Cadet, B Co.; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; Dramatic Club)
Brown, Jimmie (Cheer Leader)
Bryam, Carrie V. (Mrs.) (Faculty Advisor, Girls’ Glee Club)
Bryant, Harry R. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Bryarly, William A. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
BRYDE, MARGARET MADDOX (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
Bryde, Philip G. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Buckheit, William A. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
BURCH, CATHERINE AGNES (“Kitty”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Burdett, N., Tailor (Advertisement)
BURGESS, MARY LOUISE (“Lou”) (4-Yr February Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
BURKA, MILTON MORRIS (“Moses”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Beta Phi Epsilon)
Burka, Morris M. (1st Lt., Cadet, D Company)
Burke, William S. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
BURLINGAME, CLAUDIA MARIE (“Boots”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
BURNS, HAROLD JOSEPH (4-Yr February Graduate)
BURNS, JAMES THEODORE (“Jimmy”) (4-Yr June Graduate; 1st Lt., Cadet Staff)
Burns, Robert E. (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
Burton, J. Robert (Private, Cadet, D Company)
BUSH, PAUL JOSEPH (4-Yr June Graduate; Capt., Cadet Staff; Orchestra)

Canter, J. Roger (Private, Cadet, F Company)
CAPONITI, JOHN (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club)
Carlin, G. Joseph (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Carmody, P. Joseph (Private, Cadet, C Company)
CARRIGAN, ANNE (4-Yr June Graduate)
Carroll, Bernard D. (1st Sgt., Cadet, B Company; Printing Club)
Carry’s Ice Cream (Advertisement)
Carter, Steward R. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Casel, William B. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Casson, J. E., Photographer (Advertisement)
CASTEEL, MIRIAM ELIZABETH (4-Yr June Graduate; Orchestra)
CERCEO, AMELIA (2-Yr June Graduate)
Chalkley, Budgy (Junior, ’31)
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES MOULTON (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Chamberlin, Charles (Dramatic Club)
CHANEY, DOROTHY ELVIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
CHAPPELLE, BEATRIX (“Bee”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Chernikoff, Jack (Junior, ’31)
Chernikoff, Jacob (Dramatic Club)
Chilcoat, Ralph L. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Chinn, Raymond F. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
CITRANO, CATHERINE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Clarke, Edward P. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Clem, “Reds” (’31; Autograph)
Clem, Margaret (’31; Autograph)
CLEMENTS, MERRILL LEE (4-Yr June Graduate)
CLIFTON, NELLIE MARTIN (2-Yr February Graduate)
CLOW, KENNETH ARNOLD (“Kenny”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
COATES, CLEVELAND PAUL (“Cleve”) (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
COFFMAN, VIRGINIA LEE (4-Yr June Graduate)
Cohen, Morris D. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet Staff)
Cohen, Robert (Boys’ Glee Club)
Coiner, Thomas (Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Collins, John (Faculty: Lunchroom Staff Supervisor)
Collins, John P. (Assistant Principal)
Columbia Fruit and Candy Co (909 Louisiana Ave) (Advertisement)
Conklin, Norris I. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Conner, J. Wilver (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Cooksey, C. Everett (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Cooper, Charles L. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Corridon, Alice (Freshman, ’33)
CORRIDON, MARGARET MARIE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Corridon, Phil (Junior, ’31)
COUNTS, BASIL CLAYTON (2-Yr February Graduate)
COX, BERNARD EDGAR (2-Yr February Graduate)
Cox, Edward C. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Cox, Eugene E. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Craig, Betty (Autograph)
Crain, D. C., Pearson & Crain Jewelers (Advertisement)
Crandall, Hugh L. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Crane, Cloise A. (Junior, ’31; Bank Club; President, Debating Society)
Crane, Cloise A. (Vice-President, Constitution Club; Sgt., Cadet, F Company)
CRAWFORD, LILLIAN VIRGINIA (“Sis”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Critchfield, Clara Etta (Girls’ Basketball; Secretary, Science Club)
CRITCHFIELD, CLARA ETTA (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon; Phi Pi Epsilon)
Critchfield, Ruth (Phi Pi Epsilon)
Crossfield, Philip (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Crow, Walter A. (Sgt., Cadet, B Company; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
CRUIT, CHARLOTTE LULAMAE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Culbertson (Miss) (Faculty: Advisor, Panhellenic Council)
CURTIN, CURTIS EDWARD (“Cac”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
CURTIN, JULIA OLIVE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Curtiss, William (Private, Cadet, A Company)

D’Antuono, Michael J. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
DAIKER, RUSSELL FRED (4-Yr June Graduate; Cadet Staff; Office Force Club)
Daly, John B. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
DANIEL, HELEN INEZ (2-Yr February Graduate)
David, John (Junior, ’31)
DAVID, MARY ELIZABETH (2-Yr June Graduate)
Davis, John H. (1st Lieutenant, Roster Regimental Band)
DAVIS, JACK BUTLER (4-Yr June Graduate)
Davis, Kenneth (Corresponding Secretary, Latin Sodalitas Club)
DAVIS, MABEL ESTELLE (2-Yr June Graduate)
DAVIS, MARGARET GWENLLIAN (“Gwenny”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
Davis, Margaret Gwenllian (Treasurer, Panhellenic Council; Dramatic Club)
DAVIS, RALPH LEONARD (2-Yr February Graduate)
Davis, Warren B. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company; Boys’ Glee Club)
DAY, RALPH (4-Yr June Graduate; Printer, Newspaper Staff; Printing Club)
Dean, D. (Sophomore, ’32)
DEANE, RUTH ELIZABETH (2-Yr February Graduate)
DeLand, L. Mason (Sgt., Cadet, D Company)
Denning, Ruth (Mrs.) (Faculty Advisor, Latin Sodalitas Club)
DEVENDORF, DOUGLAS PORTNER (“Dougie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Di Francesco, Vincent (Private, Cadet, F Company)
DIDDEN, ALBERT JOSEPH (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Didden, Joseph R. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
DIFRANCESCO, FRANK JOHN (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Dike, James B. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Dittle, Guy T. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Dodge, Edith (Manager, Girls’ Rifle Club)
Doffermyrl, Louise (’31; Autograph)
DONALDSON, DOROTHY HELEN (2-Yr February Graduate)
DONNELLA, GERTRUDE LOUISE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Donovitz, Sylvia (Junior, ’31; Dramatic Club; Newspaper Staff)
DORMAN, EDGAR ANTHONY (4-Yr June Graduate)
Dove, Norman (Autograph)
Doyle, C. M. (Mrs.) (Faculty: Lunchroom Business Staff Supervisor)
Drake, Harley D. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Drexel Cooperative School, Philadelphia (Advertisement)
DUDLEY, ETHEL MAUDE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Duncan, Madeline (Theta Alpha Chi)
Dunn, Robert E. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Dunnigan, Rosemary (Phi Pi Epsilon)
Duryee, Mildred D. (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Pi; Dramatic Club; Library Club)
Dyar, Wallace J. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
DYER, EDNA ESTELLE (2-Yr June Graduate)

E. Morrison Paper Co. (Advertisement)
Earnshaw, Helen (Theta Pi)
Eastern Cleaners & Dyers (Advertisement)
EATON, LOISE ALICE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Eckert, Thomas J. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
EDLAVITCH, SAMUEL LOUIS (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
EDWARDS, THEODORE CARL (“Snitz”) (4-Yr February Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Effenbach, Leah (Sophomore, ’32; Orchestra, Piano)
Eisinger, Fred (Junior, ’31; Printing Club; Newspaper Staff)
EISINGER, FREDERICK LOUIS (2-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Ellis, Jean (Major Drawing Class Club; posters, stage scenery)
ELLISON, ALMA MAY (4-Yr February Graduate)
Elmore, Lynn B. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet, B Company)
EMBREY, BLANCHE ELEANOR (2-Yr February Graduate)
ENO, HELEN LOUISE (4-Yr June Grad; Theta Alpha Chi; V-P, Panhellenic Council)
Errico, Carmine (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
EVANS, ELTA, PATTERSON (4-Yr June Graduate)
Everett, Grover (Junior, ’31 ; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Everett, Harvey V. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
EVERS, HENRY MARTIN (4-Yr June Graduate)

Falvey, Vincent J. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
FARWOOD, VICTOR (4-Yr June Graduate)
Fawcett, Francis M. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Felton, Charles L. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Fenstermacher, Harvey F. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
FERGUSON, RUTH ALMA (4-Yr June Graduate; Girls’ Basketball)
FICK, JULIA RUTH (4-Yr June Grad; Phi Pi Epsilon; Bank Club; President, Hiking Club)
FILIPPONE, SAVERIO (4-Yr June Graduate; Orchestra; Sgt., Cadet, A Company)
Fineran (1st name not listed) (Junior, ’31)
FIROR, JANE ELIZABETH (4-Yr June Graduate)
Fisher, Vance (Office Force Club)
FISHGANG, MORRIS (2-Yr June Graduate)
Fitzgerald, John H. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Flannagan, Mary Ann (Theta Pi)
FLAX, ETHEL (4-Yr June Graduate)
Flinn, H. M. (Faculty Advisor, Printing Club; Newspaper Staff Advisor)
Flury, H. (Autograph)
FORSYTH, JAMES LYNWOOD (4-Yr February Graduate)
Foster, Edward L. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
FOSTER, LASCA CHARLOTTE (4-Yr February Graduate)
FOSTER, NORINE SHIRLEY (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
Fowler, Margaret (Junior, ’31; Phi Pi Epsilon)
Franck, Philip D. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Franck, Stanley L. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Frank, Stanley (Boys’ Glee Club)
Franklin, Henry H. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Franklin, Virginia (Autograph)
Frantz, Daniel R. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
FRAYSER, EDNA MAE (“Eddie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Frazier, Edward C. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Frazier, Marjorie (Theta Pi)
Freeman, F. Windsor (Autograph)
FREEMAN, MARION VIRGINIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
FRENCH, EDITH LOWERY (4-Yr June Graduate)
Friedman, Shirley (Secretary, Debating Society)
FROEHLICH, SARAH JANE (“Sally”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Fuller, Marjorie (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Alpha Chi)
FUNKHOUSER, RAY RIKER (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Funkhouser, Vida (Junior, ’31; Bank Club)

GALATZO, VIRGINIA ALLYNE (“Bee”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
GALIHER, RICHARD WILKINSON (“Dick”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Gallaway, Linwood D. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Gardner, Bertha (Miss) (Faculty: Literature) (Dedication)
Gardner, Henry R. (Sgt, Roster Regimental Band)
Garrett, Katharyn (“Kitty”) (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Pi)
GEIGER, HELEN MARY (4-Yr June Graduate)
Geiger, Maurice (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Geigir (Geiger?), Maurice (Boys’ Glee Club)
GEMENY, ALMA ELISE (4-Yr February Graduate)
Gendrean, Horace (Dramatic Club)
GEORGE, DOUGLAS ELMER (“Dougie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Gernand, John William (Major Drawing Class Club; stage design)
GERNAND, JOHN WILLIAM (4-Yr June Graduate; Capt., Cadet Staff; Newspaper Staff)
Gibbons, Louisa (Freshman, ’33)
GIBSON, ETHEL LOUISE (“Louise”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
GIBSON, HELEN LOUISE (“Rusty”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
Gilbert, Beryl (Secretary-Treasurer, Girls’ Rifle Club)
Gill, Elbert B. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
GILL, NORMAN WILLIAM (4-Yr February Graduate)
Gladstone, LeRoy L. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company)
GLASCOCK, MILDRED DUNCAN (“Millie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Glaze, Russell A. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
GLEASON, BERNARD JOHN (2-Yr June Graduate)
GLUCK, FRANCES (2-Yr February Graduate)
Goddard, Louise (Phi Pi Epsilon)
Golden, Lex B. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Goldman, Julius L. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)
Goldstein, Max (Beta Phi Epsilon)
GOODMAN, THOMAS ANDERSON (“Anderson”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
GOODSON, FLORENCE EVELYN (2-Yr February Graduate)
Gordon, Robert (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Graham, James B. (1st Lt., Cadet Staff)
GRAHAM, JAMES BURNSIDE (“Jimmy”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Grant, Robert Hugh (Circulation Mgr, Newspaper Staff; Yearbook Advertising Mgr)
Grant, Robert Hugh (1st Lt., Cadet, F Company; Dramatic Club)
GRANT, ROBERT HUGH (“Bobbie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
GREEN, MAE LOUISE (4-Yr June Graduate; Office Force Club)
Greenberg, Leonard (Freshman, ’33; Private, Cadet, A Company)
Griffith, Grace (Student cashier, Lunchroom Club; Office Force Club)
Griffith, Jack T. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
GRIMES, MILTON LESTER (“Mike”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
GRINDER, MILDRED JANNETT (2-Yr February Graduate)
Groves, Horace A. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Guyon (Coach) (Faculty: Baseball Team; Tumbling Club)

H. Krahling & Co, Bakers and Confectioners (Advertisement)
HAGEN, GRANT LOWELL (4-Yr June Graduate; 1st Lt., Cadet Staff)
Hagen, Stanley E. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Hais, Harry J. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Hall, Catherine (Freshman, ’33)
HALL, JONATHAN (“Jonny”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Hamann, Robert E. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company)
HANCOCK, MARY LOUISE (4-Yr June Graduate)
Handy, Mary (’31; Autograph)
HANGER, VIRGINIA MAE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Hanlein, Harry (Private, Cadet, B Company)
HARBAUGH, HELEN MARIE (2-Yr February Graduate)
HARDY, LILLIAN CATHERINE (“Duckie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Hardy, Margaret B. (Autograph)
Harper, Clarke Heagy (Phi Alpha Epsilon)
HARPER, CLARKE HEAGY (“Horseface”) (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Harper, Grafton (Phi Alpha Epsilon)
HARRIS, KATHRYN NAOMI (“Kitten”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Vice Pres, Les Camarades)
Harrison, Joseph O. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company)
Hart, Charles (Principal)
Hart, Charles William (Capt., Cadet, D Company)
HART, CHARLES WILLIAM (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Hawkins, Clayton R. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Haworth, Ellis (Dr.) (Faculty: Advisor, Boys’ Rifle Club)
HAYDEN, JAMES ROBERT (“Jimmy”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
HAYDEN, ROSE HERBERT (“Herbert”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Hayes, Franklin O. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet, A Company; Boys’ Glee Club)
HAYES, LANDON CARTER (2-Yr June Graduate; Private, Cadet, A Company)
Hayes, Marguerite (Dramatic Club)
Hayes, William I. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
HAYFORD, MARIAN ALICE (2-Yr June Graduate)
HAYNIE, HAZEL (4-Yr February Graduate)
Hazard, John Henry (Business Mgr, Newspaper Staff; Yearbook Business Mgr)
Hazard, John Henry (Pres, Student Coun; Capt., Cadet, B Co.; Vice Pres. Officers Club)
HAZARD, JOHN HENRY (“Jack”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
HAZES, ARTHUR JOHN (“Otts”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Healy, Frank J. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
HEARD, LUCIE ELLEN (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon)
Hebrew, Helen (Yearbook: Asst Bus. Mgr; Asst. Bus. Mgr, Newspaper Staff)
Hedges, A. B. (Mrs.) (Faculty: Newspaper Staff Advisor)
HEIL, ILA ODELL (2-Yr February Graduate)
HELM, ALTON HATHOWAY (4-Yr June Graduate; Sgt., Cadet, C Company)
Helms, William H. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
HENDERSON, RALPH (4-Yr February Graduate)
HERNDON, RAYMOND WEEDON (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Herriman, Melvin D. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Hertz, Ethel (Sophomore, ’32)
HESS, ROBERT CAMPBELL (4-Yr June Graduate)
HICKEY, MARGARET JOAN (2-Yr June Graduate)
Hickey, William (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Hickox, William A. (Private, Cadet, B Company; Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Higdon, Richard C. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company)
Higgins, Henry G. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Higgs, J. Albert (Private, Cadet, F Company)
HIGHAM, HARRY WILLIAM (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Hild, Georgianna (Junior, ’31; Bank Club)
Hill, Clark D. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Hoffman, Sidney C. (Sgt., Cadet, C Company)
Holland (1st name not listed) (Junior, ’31)
Holland, Edwin (Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Holloway, James Preston (Capt., Cadet, F Company)
HOLLOWAY, JAMES PRESTON (“Jimmie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Holmes, Grace (Miss) (Faculty: Newspaper Staff Advisor)
Holmes, Grace B. (Autograph)
Holtzclaw, Margaret (’31; Autograph)
Homiller, Earl M. (Private, Cadet, A Company; Boys’ Glee Club)
HOOK, MILDRED MARY (2-Yr February Graduate)
HORAN, CECELIA GENEVA (“Celia”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
HUBACHER, ROSE ELLA (4-Yr June Graduate)
HUGHES, JAMES THOMAS (2-Yr June Graduate)
Hunt, C. Bernard (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
HUSS, JAMES PORTER (4-Yr June Graduate)

Iroff, Abie (Private, Cadet, B Company)

J. D. Milans & Sons, Master Printers (Advertisement)
Jaeger, Eugene W. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
James, Margaret (Sophomore, ’32)
Jarrett, Charles (Dramatic Club)
JARRETT, CHARLES SCOTT (“Scotty”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Jarvis, Charles S. (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
JASPER, ANNA (2-Yr February Graduate)
JENKINS, CHARLES WALTER (“Charlie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
JENKINS, REGINA FRANCES (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
JENKINS, RUTH JEANETTE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Jenkins, William (Junior, ’31; Epsilon Mu Sigma; Drama Club, Stage Hand)
Jenkins, William (Major Drawing Class Club, scenery construction)
JETT, GLADYS LILLIAN (4-Yr June Graduate)
Johnson, Bradley T. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
JOHNSON, EDNA (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi; Secretary, Hiking Club)
Jokumsen, A. M. (U. S. Poster Co.) (Advertisement)
Jones, Chester (Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Jones, William (Boys’ Glee Club)
Jones, William J. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Julius Linder & Son Delicatessen (Advertisement)

KAISER, ANNIE AGNES (2-Yr June Graduate)
Kane, Barney (Junior, ’31; Letterman, Basketball)
KARTOFEL, MARY (4-Yr June Graduate)
Kathryn Garrett, (Secretary, Student Council)
KATZ, ROSE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Keatts, Cecil (Phi Pi Epsilon)
KECKLER, GEORGE EDWARD (“Keck”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Kelley (Coach) (Faculty: Football; Track)
Kelly, James A. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Kelso, Dorothy Kathleen (Girls’ Basketball)
KELSO, DOROTHY KATHLEEN (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
Kennerly, Gilbert Monroe (Dramatic Club)
Kennerly, Gilbert Monroe (Drawing Class Club; The Easterner newspaper cartoons)
KENNERLY, GILBERT MONROE (“Gill”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
KENYON, WILLIAM ELBERT (“Bill”) (4-Yr February Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Kerby, John (“Jack”) (Dramatic Club; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Kerchbaum, Matthias R. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Kerwin, Francis (Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Kessler, Danny (Junior, ’31; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Dramatic Club)
Kettler, William J. (Col., Cadet Staff)
Kiatta, Jack (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Kiley, Jack (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Kimball, Donald S. (Sgt, Roster Regimental Band)
Kimball, Walter C. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
King, Ethel (’31) (Autograph)
KING, MILDRED ANNETTE (2-Yr February Graduate)
KING, RUTH (4-Yr June Graduate)
Kise, Paul L. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)
Kite, William R. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
KOCHER, CHARLES (4-Yr June Graduate; Orchestra; President, Science Club)
Kocher, Charles (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Kochka, Joseph (Faculty: Phi Alpha Epsilon Advisor)
Kotzin, Charles S. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company)
Krucoff, Morris (Private, Cadet, D Company)
KUEVER, NELLIE LYDIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Kuhns, Eugene L. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)

L. Kavakos & Sons Luncheonette & Confections (Advertisement)
La Fontaine, Joseph J. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
La Porte, Talfourd L. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Lacy, May (Theta Alpha Chi)
Lady, D. Franklin (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
Lady, Thurston (Sophomore, ’32)
Lady, W. Thurston (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Lamb, Charles (Locker Club)
Lamb, Richard F. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Lanahan, Dick (Pitcher, Baseball Team)
Land, Robert O. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Landsman, Herbert (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Landvoigt, Carroll (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Lane, Franklin M. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Lantell, Catherine (Miss) (Faculty: Lunchroom Staff Supervisor)
Larman, Charles W. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
LATIMER, LAURA BEATRICE (2-Yr February Graduate)
LATONA, SEBASTIAN FRANCIS (“Bennie”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Laut, Herbert (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Lauxman, Alice Alberta (Major Drawing Class Club; stage costume design)
LAUXMAN, ALICE ALBERTA (4-Yr February Graduate)
Law, Charles E. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)
Law, Frank G. (Cpl., Cadet, A Company)
Lazaroff, Edythe (Dramatic Club)
Leapley, William C. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
LEE, GILBERT PARKER (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club)
Lee, Hoburg B. (Sophomore, ’32; Private, Cadet, D Company)
LEE, RUTH ELOISE (4-Yr June Graduate)
Lee, You How (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
Leek, Elizabeth (“Betty”) (Junior, ’31; Phi Pi Epsilon; Bank Club)
Leiper, Rita (Freshman, ’33)
LeMat, (LeMot?) Charles W. (1st Sgt., Cadet, D Company; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Lentz, Oscar B. (Cpl, Roster Regimental Band)
Leonarda, Margaret (Dramatic Club)
Lewis, George F. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Lewis, John S. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Lewis, Puffy (Junior, ’31)
Lewis, Truman D. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Lieb, Bernard (Letterman, Basketball; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
LINDBLOOM, MILDRED LOUISE (“Lindy”) (4-Yr June Grad; cashier, Lunchroom Club)
Lindsay, Frank G. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Linthicum, Ernest L. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)
Linthicum, Raymond E. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Lipske, Catherine (Freshman, ’33)
Little, Guy (Freshman, ’33)
LLEWELLYN, LILLIAN (Graduating student; no photo; Drama Club; Sec, Glee Club)
LONG, JOHN A. (“Johnny”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Lord, Edward L. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Love, I. Eugene (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet, C Company)
Ludlow, Francis W. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Lunson, John (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Lusby, Newell (Junior, ’31; Dramatic Club)
Lynch, Joseph F. (Junior, ’31 ; Sigma Kappa Lambda; Cpl., Cadet, A Company)
LYNCH, MARGARET MARY (2-Yr June Graduate)
Lyons, Clarence (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Lyons, Ida (Office Force Club)
LYONS, KATHRYN MARY (4-Yr June Graduate; President, Les Camarades)

Mades, Charlie (Junior, ’31; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Printer, Newspaper Staff; Printing Club)
MAGEE, HELEN EVELYN (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi)
MAGEE, WILEY (4-Yr February Graduate)
Magruder, Barney (Autograph)
Magruder, Lewis (’30; Autograph)
Magruder, Lewis W. (Lt. Col., Cadet Staff; President, Officers Club)
MAGRUDER, LOUIS (Lewis?) WALTER (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Magruder, Milton E. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Manders, Robert W. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Mann, A. Wilbur (Sgt., Cadet, D Company)
MANN, AGNES GENEVIEVE (2-Yr June Graduate)
MANN, HARVEY WADE (“Tubby”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Manoly, Ludwig (Mr.) (Faculty: Director, School Band)
MANUEL, AUDREY EVELYN (2-Yr February Graduate)
MARCERON, ELMER IGNATIUS (“Duke”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Marion, Franklin E. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Marshall, Jonn M. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Martin, Aubrey (Junior, ’31)
Martin, Edith (Dramatic Club)
Martin, William E. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Matthews, John Henry (1st Lt., Cadet, B Company)
MATTHEWS, JOHN HENRY (“Jack”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Matthews, William (Lieut., Sgt at Arms, Officers Club)
Mauck, Frank (Private, Cadet, C Company)
May, Alice (Library Club; Theta Pi)
May, James N. (2nd Lt., Cadet, A Company)
MAY, JOHN BOOKER (“Buddie”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
McAboy, Lyman (Baseball Team)
McCARTHY, MARIAN VIRGINIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
McClosky, William A. (Sgt., Cadet, C Company; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
McCormick, Robert ()
McCORMICK, ROBERT KNIGHT (4-Yr June Grad; Sigma Kappa Lambda; Drama Club)
McCUE, JOSEPH FRANCIS (4-Yr February Graduate)
McCullough, Benjamin Owen (Team Captain, Baseball Team)
McCULLOUGH, BENJAMIN OWEN (“Benjie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
McCullough, Frances (Sophomore, ’32)
McGillicudy, Dan J. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
McIntyre, Mynor F. (Sgt., Cadet, F Company)
McKENZIE, LAWSON MORRELL (“Mac”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Sgt., Cadet, A Company
McLaughlin, Chester W. (Private, Cadet, C Company; President, Latin Sodalitas Club)
McMahon, Ben B. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
McQUEENEY, DOROTHY PHOEBE (4-Yr June Graduate; cashier, Lunchroom Club)
Meads, Johnnie H. (Junior, ’31 2nd Lt., Cadet, F Company; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Menefee, Lou (Sophomore, ’32)
Merrick, Clyde, H. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Metzler, Cuvier (Dramatic Club; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Michael, Marian (Student Bookkeeper, Lunchroom Club)
MILEO, JOSEPH MARTIN (4-Yr February Graduate)
Miles, Chester Ellsworth (President, Panhellenic Council)
MILES, CHESTER ELSWORTH (“Ches”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
MILES, FRANKLIN TERRANCE (“Frank”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
MILLAR, CHARLES MARMADUKE (“Charlie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
MILLER, ERNEST YATES (“Ick”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Miller, James A. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Minkoff, Leonard (Beta Phi Epsilon)
MITCHELL, FRANCIS RAY (2-Yr June Graduate)
Mitchler, Albert E. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Mockabee, Lloyd T. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
MOFFETT, RICHARD PAUL (“Paul”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Montague, James (Printer, Newspaper Staff; Printing Club)
MOODY, ELSIE NAOMI (4-Yr February Graduate)
Moore, Donald R. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Moore, James (Boys’ Glee Club)
Moore, James M. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
MORRIS, DAVID WILLIAM (4-Yr June Graduate)
MORRIS, LILLIAN MARGARET (2-Yr February Graduate)
Mourhess, Mary Janet (Recording Secretary, Constitution Club)
MOURHESS, MARY JANET (“Teddy”) (4-Yr June Grad; Bank Club; Girls’ Basketball)
MULDOWNEY, ELLEN ANGELA (“Angela”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
MULDOWNEY, THOMAS FRANCIS (2-Yr June Graduate; Sgt., Cadet Staff)
Mulford, Mary Jane (’31; Autograph)
Mullane Masquerade Costumes (Advertisement)
Mulvey, Lawrence V. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Mumaw, Norman (Private, Cadet, D Company)
MUNRO, LESLIE JOHN (“Les”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
MURPHY, ALTON GLYN (2-Yr February Graduate)
Murray, G. Edward (Cpl, Roster Regimental Band)
MURRAY, HELEN CECELIA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Mutschler, William O. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
MYERS, RUTH (4-Yr February Graduate)

NAECKER, LOUIS JOSEPH (4-Yr June Graduate; Sgt, Roster Regimental Band)
Nagel, Frances (Junior, ’31)
Nalls, James W. (Sophomore, ’32; Private, Cadet, B Company)
Nally, John William (Capt., Cadet, A Company)
NALLY, JOHN WILLIAM (“Johnny”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
NALLY, THOMAS JOSEPH (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Nally, Tom (Dramatic Club; Office Force Club)
Naylor, Arninta (’32; Autograph)
NAYLOR, MILDRED LOUISE (4-Yr June Graduate; Girls’ Basketball)
Naylor, William H. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
NEBEL, FLORENCE GLADYS (2-Yr February Graduate)
NEETZ, HELEN FRANCES (4-Yr June Graduate)
NEILL, MILDRED FRANCES (4-Yr June Graduate; Girls’ Basketball)
NELSON, GRACE LOIS (“Skeezix”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Yearbook: Associate Editor)
Nelson, Lois (Newspaper Staff)
Nestler, Charles R. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
NOHILLY, DORIS CATHERINE (2-Yr June Graduate; Treasurer, Fidelis Club))
NOLAN, MARGARET MARY (2-Yr June Graduate)
Noonan, William (Letterman, Basketball)
NORBECK, HELEN KNIGHT (4-Yr June Graduate; Library Club)
Norquest, Carl C. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
NORRIS, DOROTHY DUFF (4-Yr June Graduate)
Norris, Simms B. (Private, Cadet, D Company)

O’Callaghan, Edwin A. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
O’Conner, Daniel J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Oehm, William G. (1st Sgt., Cadet, C Company)
OLIFF, IRVING L. (2-Yr February Graduate; Private, Cadet, B Company)
Oliveri, Melvin (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Oppenheimer, Celia (Miss) (Faculty: Newspaper Staff Advisor)
ORNDORF, LELIA (Leilia?) ELIZABETH (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon)
OTT, ANNA HELEN (4-Yr June Graduate; Student Stenographer, Lunchroom Club)
Owens, Walter T. (Private, Cadet, B Company)

PADGETT, MABEL ELIZABETH (2-Yr February Graduate)
Paine, Mabel (Sophomore, ’32)
PALADINI, LOUIS CHARLES (“Polly”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Palmares (first name not listed) (Boys’ Glee Club)
Palmer, Anthony (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Panetta, John (Private, Cadet, D Company)
PAPPALARDO, ANELINA MARY (2-Yr February Graduate)
Parker-Bridget, Clothes for High School Boys (Advertisement)
Parrish, Joseph W. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Pascoe, Olga (Student Inventory Clerk, Lunchroom Club)
PASCOE,OLGA GRACE (4-Yr June Graduate)
PAUL, SYLVIA BERTHA (2-Yr June Graduate)
Paull, Hugh (Boys’ Glee Club); Dramatic Club)
Paull, Mary (Dramatic Club)
Payne, Jack C. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Payne, James A. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Pearson, C. A., Pearson & Crain Jewelers (Advertisement)
Pearson, Ethan R. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
PECKER, ARNOLD JACK (4-Yr June Graduate)
Pennington, Florence (Junior, ’31; Bank Club)
Pepper, Lena (Freshman, ‘33) (Girls’ Basketball)
Perry’s Cleaning & Dyeing (Advertisement)
Pestell, John L. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Peters, Conrad F. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Phillips, Bernard (Junior, ’31 ; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
PHILLIPS, JULES LUDEN (4-Yr June Graduate)
Pierce, Philip E. (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
Pierce, Robert J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
PLAGER, MORA LILLIAN (“Pudge”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Poetker, David (Dramatic Club; Boys’ Glee Club)
Poor, Anna May (Library Club)
POTE, ETHEL (4-Yr February Graduate)
Poteets Business College, 14th & Eye Sts, NW (Advertisement)
Power, Roger C. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
PROCTOR, THOMAS REGINALD (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Pruitt, Mary (Office Force Club)
PRUITT, MARY DANGERFIELD (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon; Girls’ Basketball)
PYLE, ELIZABETH ADALINE (4-Yr February Graduate)

R. Harris & Co, Jewelry (F St at 11th) (Advertisement)
Raab, David (Boys’ Glee Club)
Raab, J. David (Sgt., Cadet, C Company)
Rabbit, Anthony D. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet Staff)
Rabbit, Joseph (Dramatic Club)
Rabbitt, Joseph (President, Bank Club; Officers Club)
Rabbitt, Joseph W., Jr. (Capt., Cadet, C Company; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Radice, Daniel F. (Sgt., Cadet, B Company; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Randall, Helen (President, Fidelis Club)
Rankin, Joe (Junior, ’31)
Rankin, Josephine (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Alpha Chi; Girls’ Basketball)
RECTOR, MARY WOODROW (2-Yr June Graduate)
Reed, James W. (Sgt., Cadet Staff)
REED, NAOMI FREDA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Reed, Preston B. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Reed, Wilson (Dramatic Club)
Reeves, Winifred (Office Force Club)
REPLOGLE, JACOB (“Jake”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Reznek, Louis (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet, D Company)
RHODEN, CLARENCE ALBERT (“Horse”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Roster Reg. Band)
Rice, Eddie (Junior, ’31)
Rice, Edwin (Office Force Club; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Richards, Franklin (Junior, ’31; Bank Club)
RICHARDSON, MARY CATHERINE (4-Yr June Grad; Sec’y, Les Camarades)
RICKETTS, THELMA LOUISE (4-Yr February Graduate)
Riesterer, Karl F. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
RIFKIN, MAX (4-Yr February Graduate; Beta Phi Epsilon)
RIFKIN, SARAH DOROTHY (2-Yr February Graduate)
Riggles, Zelda (Major Drawing Class Club; posters, block prints)
Righter, Burdett W. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Riordan, Elizabeth (’31; Autograph)
Roach, William (Private, Cadet, A Company)
ROBBINS, MARY LOUISE (4-Yr June Graduate; Stenographer, Locker Club)
Rock, Janet (Sophomore, ’32) (Girls’ Basketball)
Roesle, Charles J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
ROHRER, SAMUEL HOWARD (“Sam”) (4-Yr June Graduate; 1st Lt., Cadet Staff)
ROLLINS, HELEN LOUISE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Rosenbloth, Ann (Autograph)
ROSENFIELD, MARJORIE DORAN (“Margie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Rossner, Benny (Private, Cadet, A Company)
ROSSNER, EVA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Rothwell, Richard M. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
ROUDABUSH, LELIA GERTRUDE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Ruffner, Ralph W. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company)
RUSH, MARY KATHERINE (4-Yr June Graduate)
RUSSELL, DOROTHY FLORENCE (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
RYAN, ELEANOR ANNA (2-Yr February Graduate)
Ryan, James ()
RYAN, JAMES JOSEPH (4-Yr June Grad; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Letterman, Basketball)

Sadttler, Laurence (Boys’ Glee Club)
Saffell, S. Silas (Private, Cadet, B Company)
SAIDMAN, ROSE ESTER (4-Yr February Graduate)
SAKOLSKY, REBECCA (“Betty”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
SAKS, HELEN (2-Yr February Graduate)
Salloom, Eddie (Junior, ’31)
SALLOOM, EDWARD (4-Yr June Graduate)
Salloom, Edward A. (Maj., Cadet Staff)
Samsel, Howard M. (Sgt., Cadet, A Company; Dramatic Club; Boys’ Glee Club)
Sandridge, Allie (Yearbook Editor; Editor, Newspaper Staff; Sec, Panhellenic Council)
SANDRIDGE, ALLIE MAUDE (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon)
Satterfield, James F. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Savage School for Physical Education, NYC, NY (Advertisement)
Savage, Watson L., Dr., Savage School (Advertisement)
SCALA, DORISS MILDRED (2-Yr February Graduate)
SCATES, LYNDON LAWAH (4-Yr June Graduate; Bank Club)
Schroeder, Robert W. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Schrott, Frances (’31; Autograph)
Schuerger, Albert L. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Schuman, Robert C. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
SCOFFONE, AUGUST (“Augie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Scull, Bruce B. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
SCULLY, KATHERINE MARIE (“Kitty”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Scully, Kathryn (Student Typist, Lunchroom Club)
Seaton, Donald F. (Cpl., Cadet, A Company; Boys’ Glee Club)
SEATON, DOROTHY ELTON (4-Yr June Grad; Girls’ Basketball; Les Camarades)
Sebastian, Walter A. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
SECRIST, FRANCES PAULINE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Seidler, Albert E. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Sengstack, Warren G. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
Shank, Phyllis (Freshman, ’33)
Shannon, Frances (’31; Autograph)
SHARRETT, RUTH (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
SHEEHAN, MILDRED LOUISE (“Pat”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Pi Epsilon)
Sherfey, E. C. (Filling Station) (Advertisement)
Sherman, Oscar (Private, Cadet, B Company)
SHIPLEY, GERTRUDE (“Gertie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Shirley, Dallas (Junior, ’31 ; Phi Alpha Epsilon; Letterman, Basketball)
Shorb, George (Junior, ’31 ; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
SHORB, MARIE ELIZABETH (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Alpha Chi; Girls’ Basketball)
Shorts, Mr. (Faculty: Advisor, Locker Club)
Shrout, William C. (Cpl., Cadet, A Company)
Shuey, Kenneth T. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Shulman, Israel (Sgt., Cadet, F Company)
Shulmann, Israel (Orchestra)
SHUTTERS, MALCOLM DARE (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club)
SICLAIR (SINCLAIR?), ARTHUR W. (No Photo) (4-Yr June Graduate)
SIGNOR, HAZEL MAE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Silling, Norval E. (Cpl., Cadet, A Company)
Sillings, Norval (Boys’ Rifle Club)
SIMON, BENJAMIN (4-Yr February Graduate; Beta Phi Epsilon)
SLADEN, LOUISE COVINGTON (2-Yr February Graduate)
SLOCUM, ELINOR (2-Yr February Graduate)
Slye, Robert W. (Private, Cadet, A Company; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Slye, Virginia (Freshman, ’33)
Smith, Albert (Letterman, Basketball)
Smith, Billy (Junior, ’31)
SMITH, CLARENCE IRVING, JR. (2-Yr June Graduate)
Smith, George T. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Smith, John (Boys’ Rifle Club)
Smith, Joseph (Printer, Newspaper Staff; Printing Club; Boys’ Glee Club)
Smith, Joseph M. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet Staff)
SMITH, JOSEPH P. (4-Yr June Graduate; Capt, Roster Regimental Band))
SMITH, PAUL BERNARD (“Bernie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
SMITH, TALBERT ALOYSIUS (“Bert”) (4-Yr June Graduate; 2nd Lt., Cadet, C Co.)
Smith, William (Bank Club)
Smith, William A. (2nd Lt., Cadet, B Company; Sigma Kappa Lambda)
Smoak, Roger (Junior, ’31)
SNIFFIN, MILLARD THEODORE (“Sniff”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Snyder, Bob (Junior, ’31; Catcher, Baseball Team)
SPAHR, GLADYS SARAH (4-Yr June Graduate)
Spellbring, William (Private, Cadet, D Company)
Sperry, Josephine (Autograph)
SPIES, EDWARD RICHARD (4-Yr June Graduate; 1st Lt., Cadet, C Company)
Sprinkle, David (Freshman, ’33)
STAMPER, THELMA ELLA (4-Yr June Graduate; Orchestra)
Standard Engraving Company (930 H St, NW) (Advertisement)
STAPLES, COLBY WILSON (2-Yr February Graduate)
Steiner, Sylvan A. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)
Steiner, William (Bank Club)
Steiner, William (Vice-President, Science Club)
STEINKUELLER, PAUL FREDERICK (“Dutch”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
STINE, IRENE CRANDALL (4-Yr February Graduate)
Stockett Fiske Co, Stationers (Advertisement)
STROBEL, MARIE PAULINE (4-Yr February Graduate)
Stultz, Mason (Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Sullivan, Dan (Boys’ Glee Club)
Sullivan, Dan (Junior, ’31)
Sullivan, Daniel A. (Drum Major, Roster Regimental Band,)
SUTER, CHARLES FRANCIS (“Chick”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
SWAIN, LYNDA NAOMI (“Lindy”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Sweeney, Egan H. (Sgt., Cadet, F Company)
SWEENEY, LEE EDMOND (4-Yr June Graduate)
Swick, Eunice (Vice President, Fidelis Club)
SWIFT, CLIFTON EUGENE (2-Yr February Graduate)
SWIFT, CLIFTON EUGENE (4-Yr June Graduate)
SWIFT, HAROLD MUNSON (4-Yr June Graduate; Newspaper Staff)
Swing, Margaret (Theta Alpha Chi)
SWOPE, DONALD ARTHUR (4-Yr June Graduate)

Talbert, John E. (Cpl., Cadet, B Company)
Talburt (Talbert?), John (Junior, ’31)
TALCOTT, JOHN WALLACE (“Wallie”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Epsilon Mu Sigma)
Talcott, John Wallace (Cpl, Roster Regimental Band)
Talcott, Wallace (Dramatic Club; Orchestra)
TALTAVULL, EDITH AGNES (“Agnes”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Taylor, “Toby” (Baseball Team)
TAYLOR, ALBERT HICKMAN (“Hickman”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
TAYLOR, BEATRICE (4-Yr June Graduate; Office Force Club)
TAYLOR, JOHN ELLSWORTH (“Johnny”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Taylor, Olivia (Autograph)
Taylor, Toby (Junior, ’31)
Taylor, William (Autograph)
Taylor, William L. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
TEACHUM, MARGUERITE EVELYN (“Margy”) (4-Yr June Graduate; Dramatic Club)
THOMAS, KATHRYN LENA (“Kitty”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Thomas, Marvin C. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
THOMAS, MARY WARING (4-Yr June Graduate)
Thomasson, Ruth (Book Plate Designer, Library Book Drive)
Thomasson, Ruth (Major Drawing Class Club; The Easterner newspaper cartoons)
THOMASSON, RUTH CONKLIN (“Skinney”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Thompson, Margaret (’31; Autograph)
TINDAL, LEVY RHAME (4-Yr February Graduate)
TOLSON, ANNE MARGARET (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
TOLSTOI, GEORGE (4-Yr February Graduate)
Totten, Ross L. (Quartermaster Sgt., Cadet, F Company; Locker Club)
Towers, Charles F. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
TRABAND, FRED WILLIAM (4-Yr June Graduate; Sgt., Cadet Staff)
TRANEN, DOROTHY (2-Yr February Graduate)
Treynor, Bert W. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
Tripp, John J. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Trotter, John (Phi Alpha Epsilon)
TUCKER, AL-VA (4-Yr June Graduate)
Tucker, Frances (Dramatic Club; President, Girls’ Glee Club)
Tucker, Joseph R. (Private, Cadet, A Company)
TURNER, BRENT ALLEN (4-Yr June Graduate)
TURNER, HELEN LINDSAY (4-Yr June Graduate)

Valestine, Richard B. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
VAN GEUDER, RICHARD A. (2-Yr February Graduate)
Vincent, Theodore (Boys’ Glee Club)
Vincent, Theodore (Dramatic Club; Private, Cadet, A Company)
Voehl, Gladys (’31; Autograph)

W. H. Harrison Co., Inc (Fruits and Vegetables) (Advertisement)
Wade (1st name not listed) (Junior, ’31)
Wade, William L. (Cpl., Cadet, D Company)
WAGNER, ELEANOR ROSE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Wagner, Merle J. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
WAHLER, FRANCES MARIE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Wahler, Fred J. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Wahler, Vincent C. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
WAIKART, WILLIAM HENRY (“Billy”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Waldon, Cleo (Secretary, Fidelis Club)
Walker, F. Leroy (Sgt., Cadet, D Company)
Walker, Leroy (’31; Autograph)
Wallace, Lila (’31; Autograph)
Wallace, Louise (Office Force Club)
Walters, Bertha (Theta Alpha Chi)
Walther, Janet (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Pi)
WANNER, CAROL FRANCES (“Buckie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
WARD, ROSE VIRGINIA (4-Yr June Graduate)
Warner, Burton (Major Drawing Class Club; The Easterner newspaper cartoons)
Warner, Carol (Phi Pi Epsilon)
Warner, William O. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
WATTS, HELEN LOUISE (2-Yr February Graduate)
Watts, Mary J. (Assistant Principal)
Watts, William V. (Cpl., Cadet, F Company)
Weaver, Ernest (Boys’ Glee Club; Epsilon Mu Sigma; Dramatic Club)
Weaver, Ernest E. (1st Sgt., Cadet, A Company)
WEBB, MARIAN BUTLER (Spelled “Marion” elsewhere) (4-Yr June Graduate; Theta Pi)
Webb, Marion (Dramatic Club)
Weiner, Eli (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Wells, Billy (Junior, ’31; Phi Alpha Epsilon)
Werner, Henry J., Pharmacist, Werner’s Pharmacy (Advertisement)
WEST, JOHN LEONARD (2-Yr June Graduate)
Wheeler, John P. (Private, Roster Regimental Band)
White, Walter W. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
White, William M. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Whitmire, Marguerite (Library Club)
Wiblitzhouser, Kenneth F. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Widome, Abraham A. (Private, Cadet, D Company)
WIDOME, BLANCHE (4-Yr June Graduate; Bank Club)
WIESBERG, ESTHER (2-Yr February Graduate)
Willey, Edward J. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
William E. Benjamin (Mr.) (of New York City; Grantor, Library Book Drive)
Williams, Carlton S. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Williams, Greta (Office Force Club)
Williams, Louis (Sophomore, ’32)
Williamson, Janice (Girls’ Basketball)
WILLIAMSON, JANICE STONE (“Jan”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
WILLIAMSON, KATHRYN LEVETTE (“Kitty”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Williamson, W. Ralph (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Willis, Arthur (Bank Club)
Willis, Arthur (Junior, ’31)
Willis, Arthur B. (2nd Lt., Cadet, D Company)
Wilson, Elinor (Junior, ’31 ; Theta Pi)
WILSON, ELIZABETH TRACY (“Bibs”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
WILSON, GEORGE ALEXANDER (2-Yr February Graduate)
Wilson, J. Gibson (Cpl, Roster Regimental Band)
WILSON, JOHN JOSEPH (2-Yr June Graduate)
Wilson, Woodrow W. (Sgt., Cadet, D Company)
Winchester, Francis W. (Cpl., Cadet, A Company)
Wise, Charles (Dramatic Club)
WISE, CHARLES CONRAD (4-Yr June Graduate)
Wise, Frank A. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
Wise, George W. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Wolff, Cordelia (’31; Autograph)
WOLLETT, WINIFRED (“Winnie”) (4-Yr June Graduate)
Wood (Miss) (Faculty: Director, Boys’ Glee Club)
WOOD, ALICE LOUISE (2-Yr June Graduate)
Wood, Bennet (Boys’ Glee Club)
Wood, Bennett W. (Private, Cadet, C Company)
WOODALL, GEORGE OREN (2-Yr June Graduate)
WOODCOCK, DEWITT CLINTON (2-Yr February Graduate)
Woods, Charles S. (Col., Cadet Staff)
WORLEY, ADOLPHUS MAY (“Dolly”) (4-Yr February Graduate)
Wright, Warren K. (Cpl., Cadet, C Company)

YATES, DOROTHY LEE (2-Yr February Graduate)
YOST, LOIS ADAMS (4-Yr February Graduate)
Young, Earle W. (Private, Cadet, B Company)
Young, James M. (Private, Cadet, F Company; Locker Club)
YOUNG, PEARL MAURICE (4-Yr February Graduate)

Zabrek, Herman M. (Private, Cadet, F Company)
Zimmerman, Elaine (Secretary-Treasurer, Latin Sodalitas Club)
Zola, Sam (Letterman, Basketball)
ZUST, MAE GERTRUDE (2-Yr June Graduate)