V Mails from Ciro J Pollacia - WWII

Ciro J. Pollacia served in the US Army during WWII. He was stationed in numerous locations including England and France. Below are links to actual V mails that were sent by Ciro to his father,Phillip Pollacia, and to his brother Frank Pollacia during WWII.

V-Mail used during that time in history. The soldiers did not have the benefit of e-mail, telephones, Internet, etc. that are used today. The V mails were photographed onto reels of film. The reels were then shipped to the US, printed out on lightweight photo paper and delivered to the addressee. This saved considerable bulk and weight in a time when both were hard to manage.

The originals of these V mails from Ciro are on display at the War Memorial Civic Center in DeRidder.
Submitted by Phil Pollacia.

Ciro J Pollacia
Technical Sergeant Ciro J Pollacia

The following are links to copies of the original V mail documents.

V Mail definition
Military Change of Address Notice
V Mail letter from Ciro to his father Jan 10 1944
V Mail letter from Ciro to his father Mar 12 1944
V Mail letter from Ciro to his brother Frank Jul 8 1944