Churches of Beauregard Parish

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Abundant Life Church DeRidder
Anders Temple DeRidder
Antioch Baptist Church Merryville North
Apostolic Church of DeRidder DeRidder
Assembly of God Church DeRidder
Beach Grove Baptist Church DeRidder
Bear Church Kernan
Bearegard Church of Christ DeRidder
Beauregard Memorial Baptist Church Redhead Branch
Beckwith Baptist Church Singer
Beckwith Church Gordon
Beehive Congregational Methodist Church Singer
Bethel Grove Pentecostal Church Merryville North
Bethlehem Church Merryville North
Boxwood Church of Christ Merryville South
Broadlands Bible Church Redhead Branch
Brushy Creek Missionary Baptist Church Bancroft
Calvary Baptist Church Boneset Creek
Calvary Church Merryville North
Calvary Pentecostal Church Gordon
Charity Tabernacle Dry Creek
Christway Church DeRidder
Church of Christ DeRidder
Church of Christ Merryville North
Church of God Boneset Creek
Church of the Living God DeRidder
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ DeRidder
Church of the Nazarene DeRidder
Cile Baptist Church Boneset Creek
Community Church of Christ DeRidder
Cooper Church Neale
DeRidder Presbyterian Church DeRidder
Dry Creek Baptist Church Dry Creek - Conference Center
Dunning's Chapel Christ Sanctified Holiness Church Merryville North
Faith Baptist Church Kernan
Faith Mission House of Prayer DeRidder
Family Life Christian Church Merryville North
Fields Baptist Church Fields
First Apostolic Church of Merryville Merryville North
First Baptist Church Merryville North
First Baptist Church of DeRidder DeRidder
First Baptist Church of Longville Longville
First Community Church DeRidder
First Pentecostal Church DeRidder
First Pentecostal Church of Ragley Longville
First Presbyterian Church DeRidder
First Methodist Church DeRidder 1939
First United Methodist Church DeRidder
Four Corners Pentecostal Church Kernan - Once known as Bear Church
Friendship Baptist Church

Boneset Creek - A group of members from the immediate vicinity met in the home of Nathan Whitaker to organize a church in the summer of 1937. Reverend Warren Shirley was moderator of the organizational meeting. The 5 acres of land that the church was erected on after it was organized in July 1937 was the site for the Whitaker cemetery donated by Pleasant Hill Baptist Church byWilliam F. Whitaker father of Nathan Whitaker. December 1949 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church deeded the land to Friendship. Bro. Huey Bailey furnished the timber which the lumber was sawed and then hauled to the site and the church began to be built.

Friendship Church Bancroft
Full Gospel Temple DeRidder
Gambrell Baptist Church Shoats Creek
God's Temple of Deliverance DeRidder
Good Hope Baptist Church Oretta
Grabow United Pentecostal Church DeRidder
Grace Church DeRidder
Greater Zion Hill Church of God in Christ DeRidder
Green Oak Baptist Church Merryville South
Holly Grove Church Singer
Hopewell Baptist Church

Boneset Creek - Hopewell Cemetery surrounds this church. (pictures from Jimmy Cooley)

Kernan Baptist Church Kernan
Lone Pine Church Merryville South
Longville Church Kernan
Ludington Baptist Church DeRidder
Lutheran Redeemer Church DeRidder
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church Merryville North
Magnolia Baptist Church Longville
Memorial Baptist Church Redhead Branch
Methodist Episcopal Church DeRidder 1910
Morning Star Church of God in Christ Bancroft
Mount Canaan Baptist Church DeRidder
Mount Zion Baptist Church DeRidder
Mystic Baptist Church Fields
New Hope Christian Methodist Episcopal Church DeRidder
New Life Baptist Church DeRidder
New Life Pentecostal Church Gaytine
New Testament Holiness Church of Longville Longville
Norris Memorial Church of God DeRidder
Pentecostal Gospel Church DeRidder
Pentecostal Worship Center DeRidder
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church Gordon
Pine Ridge Baptist Church

DeRidder - Founded Jun 2, 1933 by Rev R L Miers, D J Miers, Clerk; Rev C N Green, Pastor Church located in the Graybow Com. south of DeRidder.  Close up of congregation. The picture includes a lot of young Miers, Hickman, Cooley, Welborn and I think some Whiddon children and adults. My father, Sampson Miers helped build the pews for the church. (picture and info submitted by Jerry Miers)

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Boneset Creek
Pleasant Home Church Boneset Creek
Rivers of Living Water Church Rosepine
Saint Josephs Catholic Church DeRidder
Saint Paul Church of God in Christ DeRidder
Saint Pius X Catholic Church Gaytine
Seventh Day Adventist Church Boneset Creek
Shady Grove Church Boneset Creek
Shiloh Baptist Church Dry Creek
Singer Baptist Church Singer
Singer Pentecostal Church Singer
Smoky Cove Church Oretta
Smyrna Baptist Church Sugartown
Souls Harbour Pentecostal Church Dry Creek
Southern Magnolia Mennoite Church Boneset Creek
Spring Creek Baptist Church Sugartown
Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church DeRidder
Starlight Missionary Baptist Church DeRidder
Sugartown Baptist Church Sugartown
Sugartown Pentecostal Church Sugartown
Sunrise Baptist Church DeRidder
Sweet Home Baptist Church DeRidder
Temple Baptist Church DeRidder
Texas Avenue Baptist Church DeRidder
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints DeRidder
Three Pines Church Boneset Creek
Trinity Episcopal Church DeRidder
Trout Creek Church Merryville North
True Light Baptist Church Merryville North
Warren Street Baptist Church DeRidder
Welcome Church Dry Creek
Wesley United Methodist Church DeRidder
Westview Baptist Church DeRidder
Zion Church Singer