Beauregard School Histories and Photos

We are in need of school histories, photos and/or descriptive information. If you wish to contribute, please submit them to me.

Schools for African-American students have existed in the Beauregard Parish towns of Merryville, Ludington, Bon Ami, Carson, Longville, Center Hill, Bancroft and DeRidder at least as early as the 1917-1918 term.

Bannister 1916 off of Hauser Rd. South of DeRidder on hwy 171
Beauregard Alternative DeRidder
Beauregard Training School

Class of 1942 - Does anyone have names of these students?  Picture is on display at the BP Museum.

Bon Ami

- started around 1903
1915 Kindergarten
Teacher - Mrs. Percy Myers
some students were: Kermit Nelson, Oscar Stewart, Howard Pontius, Doris Ferguson, Mignonne Harris, Elizabeth Myers, Euclid Morris, Fred Martin, Elmer Gill, Lester Thomas, Leonard Harris, and Norman Coward.

The new Bon Ami school was built in 1920.
Principal - Mr Mitchell   Teachers - Mrs. Lacaze, Miss Benner, Miss Behnke, Miss Everett, Miss Swain, Miss Bishop and Mr & Mrs Draughon.

Broadlands ca 1920

still standing it is on hwy 171, on the left side of the road right past Lumas road.

Carson School ca 1922 shows the Pollacia children - submitted by Phil Pollacia
Carver Elementary DeRidder
DeRidder Grade School

Students ca 1906: Teacher, John Jones. Hanson Miers, Tom Pitman, Andrew Miers, FloraFord, Luchen Ford, Lizzie Davis, Pearl Lindsey, Pearl Hoyt, Alma Williams, Amanda Robertson, Lillian Shaw, Bertie Wyett, Esther Malsteadt, Mary Cannon, Clyde, Lee & Essie Nichols, Ruth Morrison, Essie & Lessie Linscom, Walter Jones, Chic Green, Ettie Shaw, Hortense Bosswell, Lulu Kate Hammond, Billie Sue Hammond, Sadie & Merrell Pannett, Pos Green, Green Walker, Mary Harringeon, and Murphy Leavens.

ca 1923 - small group includes Frank Pollacia
2nd Grade 1946/47 – Teacher: Millie Fite 
3rd Grade 1947/48 – Teacher: Mrs. Kilman
4th Grade 1948/49 – Teacher: Mrs. R.L. Terry
6th Grade 1950/51 – Teacher: Mr. Vincent Garafolo
All of the above were submitted by Phil Pollacia

5th grade class 1948-49 Miss Martin, teacher - he is in the front row kneeling - 2nd from right to left
4th grade 1947-48 - he is in the second row (on the first STEP) 4th from right to left.
These two were submitted by Barry Hutton

DeRidder High

- DeRidder
1913 - picture of school, from the DeRidder Enterprise (thanks to Cindy Prince).
Unknown date ------ early postcard of high school

1921 football team included:  Frank Halpin, Lewis Bennett, Pete Terry, Marvin Baden, George Crocker, Pete Terry, George White, Shelton Blue, Ellis Nichols, Peck Mattison, Harry Warren, Howard Patterson, Ellis Nichols, Hubert Stracener, Sid Crocker, Lloyd Gibson, Red Thomas, Eugene Winberry, R T Peters, Alva Huffman, Otto Mattison, Howard Hamilton, Robert Hernandez, Ray Simmons, Dutch Switzer, Robert Lewis, Diston Shirley, Milford Green, Mike Hernandez, Percy Winberry, Tommy Hernandez, Bob Brown, and George Hartman.

1922 Yearbook - Great pictures. Submitted by Linda Bowden

1923 football team included:  Tubby Nichols, Milford Green, _______Toney, Poncho Hernandez, Earnest Crocker.

Good Times Book - 1928-1929 DeRidder High School

List of the 1935 Twirlers & Cheerleaders

1938 Girl's Basketball Team

1944-45 & 1945-46 Girl's Basketball Teams - State Runner-Ups both years.

Beta Club 1956 Sponsors: Belle Singletary and Loraine Stracener.  - submitted by Phil Pollacia

Senior Class 1957 - submitted by Phil Pollacia

DeRidder Junior High

- DeRidder Founded in 1908

7th Grade 1951/52 – Teacher: Mrs. Rathburn - submitted by Phil Pollacia

Diamond Mill School

1920-1921 (Don't know where located---anyone know???)
This list of students was found at the DeRidder Museum)
Thelma Burgess, Dempsey Davis, Mamie Koonce, Johnnie Teere, Eugene Stracener, Homer Simmons, Emit Davitt, Kenneth Parks, Dave Lee, James Lee, Irene Mullford, Elsie Deason, Lavenia Walker, Mildred Copeland, Bertie West, Ida West, Nina Baker, Nancy Davis, Ruth Wood, Essie Simmons, Kelsey Walker, Helen Davis, Helen Loftin, Ima Elsey, Ida Davis, Lillian Conner, Gladys Baker, Opal Connor, Pauline Davis, Ruby West, Evelyn Stracener, Jewell Connor, Irene Glasgow, Arnold Loftin, Carl Lockhart, Julius Hayward, Dan Lee, Harlow Watkins, Ivey Deason, Emil Person, Reginald Loftin, Russell Dunwoodie, Hubert Wood, Morris Dunwoodie, Cully Glasgow, Buck Simmons, Garney Glasgow, Ennis Davis, Clarence Aldridge, Glen Dunwoodie, Clarence Lockhart, Wilburn Deason, Elbert Davis, Norris Walker, Albert Davis, Buster Simmons, Alvin Deason, Walter Baker.

Dry Creek High Picture ( no date) Listed on the National Historic Registry. Combined with East Beauregard. (picture submitted by Susie)
East Beauregard Elementary DeRidder
East Beauregard High DeRidder
Hyatt High Fields
picture of school group - date unknown, from the James Albert Johnson Collection; contributed by BevAnnie
K R Hanchey Elementary DeRidder
Longville Elementary Longville built in 1908 picture  built for the sawmill workers children
Unknown school picture Submitted by Linda Bowden
Merryville High School Merryville - unknown date
Pinewood Elementary DeRidder
Shady Grove The link no longer works for this school photo.

1935-36    1st row:  Reba Neale, Bernice Hutson (not sure about last name), Mamie Dozier, Geraldine Seaman, Rosemary Alexander, 2nd row:  Ruth Holland, Kemper Russel, Leola Mae Ross or Rose, Violet Stracener,
Back: Otto Bolin, John Pugh, Everett Crowder.
Submitted by Elaine Adam

School Class, probably in Singer - looks to be late 40's maybe early 50's listing of names on back:  NOT in order.
Geraldine Walston, H H Pugh, Melba Gous____, Bonnie Bell Rice, Arlene Alston, Everett Ashworth, Verda Lee Burge, Joyce Brister ?, Webb Carlton, Monique Cooley, Naomi Lee Doyle?, Cleo Eggbroad, Archie Murl Havens, Donzal McVoight?, J C Mericle, Arthur Mitchell, John Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Verna Mae Mitchell, Carl LeRoy Nelson, Bonita? ___ Rice, Janice F Slaydon.
Submitted by Vera

School Class probably in Singer - looks to be early 50's.
List of a lot of the names on back - not all of them:
Rachel Ann Havens, Mabel Beaumont, Miriam Pierce, Evelyn Pierce, Patricia Bickers, Faith Clark, Mae Lynn Warden, Betty Lou Cagle, Grett? Perkins, Allene Cooley, Bessie Atteberry, Aline McKnight, Bernice Buxton, Neva Lee Carter, Yvonne Jackson, Betty Jean _____, Georgia Rae Elston?, Leonard EggBroad, Leo Mitchell, Truitt Mitchell, Allen Daugherty, Harlon McKnight, Camille Nelson, Mancel Clark
submitted by Vera

The first schools in the Singer area were Singer, Beckwith, and Oretta. The Singer school, built in 1915, consisted of a two-story wooden building located at the present site. After the Singer School was destroyed by fire in 1923 and rebuilt in 1924, it consisted of a two-story brick structure allowing for the consolidation of all three schools into Singer High School.

That building stood until 1973 when it, too, was destroyed by fire. The present building was then constructed, consisting of a one-story structure with three wings. The building was occupied in 1974, and was partially destroyed by fire in 1976. It was rebuilt under the auspices of the Beauregard Parish School Board and the State Department of Education to accomodate and educate the present student enrollment.

Story of Fire includes picture - submitted by Vera

Singer High School date unknown - submitted by Vera

1926 class - no names; from the James Albert Johnson Collection; contributed by BevAnnie

From Jerry Miers

My grand mother, Mildred Whiddon , and Mrs. Irene Cole, whose son is Raymond Cole , there in DeRidder, would drive every day to Singer to teach school in the early '40's. My grandmother was also the first teacher at the old "Puejoe" community school. It was located out pass the Graybow community just south of where Seth Cole lived on the old Merryville highway.

South Beauregard Elementary Longville
South Beauregard High Longville
Sugartown High Picture (no date) Combined with East Beauregard (thanks to Susie)