World War II Casualties

They gave their lives so we could be free. The price of Freedom comes at a high price.

Major F Alford, Jr
Clarence Albert Bailey
Norris Bennett
Charles Ray Bratton
Hullen D Buchanan
Winfred E Burge
Leland Charles Butler
James H Cameron
Williiam M Caraway
Robert C Davis
Alvin C Deason
Arley A Doyle
Henry O Edwards
Lethan Franks
John O Glass
John S Hardin
Alvie R Jeans
Clyde Liles
Loice J McPherson
William H McPherson
Benjamin H Moore
Glenn E Morris
J D Naylor
Vidrie Nelson
Curtis Phillips
Edgar J Pruitt
Daniel W Richey
Anson F Rideout, Jr
Mance D Stark
John Allen Thompson
Eugene L Vos
W D West, Jr
William E Widdon
Franklin A Willis
Jake Young
Donald V Zimmerman