World War I Veterans

Dedicated to those who fought to keep us FREE

Twenty men from Beauregard Parish died during the war of which at least two were killed in action. Some of the others are known to have died of influenza and pneumonia. Need names of others.

Killed in Action
Alvion Ruth - DeRidder
Murphy J Cole - DeRidder
Pvt Mayo Droddy - Singer
Tom E.Ford - De Ridder
Frank Miers - Newlin
Herbert S. Houk - DeRidder
Frank Miers - Newlin
Herbert J. Simon - Carson

I assume these two fellows were born in BP but were drafted somewhere else.

Alphin, John Worn
Birth Date: 13 Feb 1888
Ethnicity: W
Birth Place: Sugartown LA
City/County: Cameron
State: LA

Davenport, James Thomas
Birth Date: 23 Nov 1887
Ethnicity: W
Birth Place: Sugartown LA
City/County: Val Verde
State: TX

The following is from headstones in Beauregard Parish: (still working on them) Includes cemetery.
Those that served

Abrego, Carroll O- MM-La Cpl US Army Beauregard
Asby, Hulon Schuyler US Army Shiloh
Austin, Eddie E MM-La Pvt USArmy Beauregard
Bagwell, Tom O MM-USArmy Beauregard
Bolton, William Mason MM-Pvt USArmy Beauregard
Cagle, Henry Joel MM-La Pvt 1 Co 306 Supply TN Beauregard
Carpenter, Como C MM-La Pfc Co B 213 TN HQ & MP Beauregard
Clark, William H MM-Tx Cpl Co I40 US Vol Inf Beauregard
Dear, Ordie HQ Co 23 RD Inf Shiloh
Dougharty, John M La PvtCo 7 156 Inf Shiloh
Gimnick, Uster La Sfc Motor Trans Corps Alston
Green, Manuel Curtis USARMY Shiloh
Harper, J.Alvin PvT 346 Inf 87 Div Shiloh
Harper, Lonnie D Pvt US ARMY Shiloh
Myers, Henry -La Pvt USARMY Bilbo
Neely, Walter J (Jake) - Merryville Walter J.(Jake) Neely, born in Merryville, La.Enlisted in US Army May 27th 1918 in DeRidder La. He was assigned to the 126th infantry and sent overseas 8-22-1918, where he served in Germany, France, Belgium and other places I cannot recall. He told me that they had very little transportation and had to walk everwhere they went once they were taken to each country. They had to get their own food however they could. They had no medical support, he told me he almost died in a foxhole because of what he thought was the flu. He returned to the USA May 14th 1919 and was discharged May 30 1919 because of demobilization, according to his discharge papers. My Mother told me several years ago, after his death, that he received $500.00 dollars in 1937 for his service to his country. (submitted by Maxie Neely)

Royer, Jackson Pfc USARMY Alston