Widow's Pension Application

Mrs Nancy White
Wife of John White

Parish of: Beauregard
No. 8172
Widow’s Application for Pension

Mrs. Nancy White
Widow of….John White
Company and Regiment… K 19th LA Inf.
P.O….Rosepine, LA
Filed…February 7, 1914
Allowed….March 12, 1914

Cause of Death of Widow’s Husband ?
When Did He Die ?
September 10, 1903
Vernon Parish, LA
Date of Granting Pension ?
Monthly Amount ?
Date of Application ?
February 5, 1914


On this the 5th day of February, 1914, personally appeared before me J. H. McMahon, Clerk of the District Court, within and for said Parish and state Mrs. Nancy White, aged 52 years,
A resident of the Village of Rosepine, Parish of Vernon and the State of Louisiana, who being duly sworn according to the law, declares that she is the widow of John White, who entered the service of the confederate states during the civil war under the name of John White, at New Orleans , LA on the - day of September 1862, in 19th La. Reg., Co. “K” from the State of Louisiana, that he served honorably until close of war at Meridian, Mississippi on the Month of May 1865; and that he remained true to the confederate states until surrender, at which time he was in the 19th Louisiana Reg., Co. “K”, as private, that she was married to said soldier under the name of NANCY BAILEY, on the 10th day of September 1883, by Joseph Beason, Justice of Peace in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, that she has not married again, and that she is now in indigent circumstances and unable to earn a livelihood by her own labor and skill, that she is not married or otherwise provided for by the State of Louisiana or by any other State or Government; that her said husband died on the 10th day of September 1903 in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, and that she has resided in the Sate of Louisiana for 52 years next preceding the date of this application , and that she claims the aid and benefit of Article 303 of Constitution of 1898 and subsequent Acts of the Legislature of the State thereunder as is futher shown by her answers to the following questions which she swears to be true and correct:

Under what circumstances did your husband die?
Answer: Contracted Measels during war, and never did recover. Died for this cause.
Where is he buried?
Answer : Providence, La.
What are your means of support ?
Answer : None
What is the value of your property, real and personal, if any ?
Answer : None
Have you conveyed property to anyone in the last few years ?
Answer : None whatever
If any, How much and to whom conveyed ?
Answer : None
Give your post office address and that of your two witnesses.
Answer : Nancy White, Rosepine, La., C.H. Johnson, Rosepine, La., A. M. Phillips, DeRidder, La.

Witness my hand on this 5th day of February 1914.

Nancy White X ( her mark)

C. H. Johnson
A.M. Phillips