Parish Fair 1977


By Pam Crabtree
Queen Beaufair 1973-74

My first thoughts of what the Beauregard Parish Fair means to me are the glitter of lights as the Ferris wheel goes round, the familiar sound of music as the hobby horses began to go and shout of “He, win your gal a teddy bear.” But the Beauregard Parish Fair means much more to me for you see I am the 4th generation of Fair participants in my family. My great-grandmother began the tradition, therefore handed down to me.

As I live in a changing world, I look back into time and see many changes. I see a day of antiques – my great-grandmother’s wood stove has become an antique. No longer do we see by kerosene lamps or drive down dirt roads in A Models. Yet these changes have been good. Many antiques from these days are worth saving. Yet when we see some of our modern day changes, the desecration of our flag, the drug cult, and yes, Watergate, I see few things that will be worth saving.

But then I think again of the Beauregard Parish Fair – you know, I see good clean fun – I see youth showing their most prized achievements, I see joy on the faces of people, and I see our senior citizens being recognized and cared for. I see nothing but good in the few changes in our fair. So if I could put into words what the Beauregard Parish fair means to me – I would say, “TRULY, IT’S AN ANTIQUE WORTH SAVING.”

Royal Court
Pages: Curtis Thompson & John Lehto
Crown and Sceptor Bearers:Erika Person &
Joetta Lynn Foshee

49th King and Queen Beaufair
Mr. Frank Pollacia &
Miss Patty Calhoun