1935 Twirlers & Cheerleaders

DeRidder High School

This list was copied by Cindy Prince from below a photo that is housed at the Beauregard Parish Museum in DeRidder. I am sorry that we were unable to get a copy of the picture.

These are listed in rows, as shown in the picture.

Twirlers - these read left to right

Top row:
Dorothy Davenport
Louise Morrison
Bab Corbett
Nettie Faye Cooper
Floye Nichols
Jackie Jackson
Nell Welborn

Middle Row:
Francis Sailor
Gretchen Smith
Vonnie Shirley
Evelyn Wolfe
Lucy Manino
Irene Cryar

Front Row:
Margaret Kleinpeter
Margaret Dempsey
Theda Rose Bilbo
Linda Rose Davis
Marion Sailor
Pansy McMahon
Eloise Frusha

C H Watson
Madelyn West
and unknown little girl