Broadlands School 1920

This picture was taken abt 1920 at the Broadlands School.
The little boy holding the sign is Harry Baker.
The boy to his right is my Pawpaw, Attley Shirley and the boy to his right is Claudia Shirley.

L-R back row: Teacher,unknown, Clara Williams, Willie Mae Thompson, Margaret Cobb, Mildred Cobb, Edna Davis, George Cobb, William Shirley, Roy Hauser, Robbie Williams, principal.
2nd Row: Minerva Loftin, Minnie Loftin, Burkitt Shirley, unknown, Kenneth Stucky, unknown, Roland Baker, Gordy Shirley, Roy Baker, Walter Davis.
3rd Row: Althea Moses, unknown, Ethie Gay Shirley, unknown, unknown, Thelma Falls, Marguarite Williamson, Marjorie Loomis, unknown, Winnie Prather, unknown, unknown, and Essie Moses. Front Row: Boyd Loomis, Claudia Shirley, Atley Shirley, Harry Baker, unknown, and Albert Hauser.
(Burkitt, Atley, and Ethie Gay Shirley were the children of Dan and Margaret Shirley) and (Gordy and William Shirley were the sons of Calvin 'Callie' and Francis (Barentine) Shirley). Claudia Shirley was the son of Calvin 'Callie and Lillie (Green) Shirley.

Submitted by Dan Shirley, Jr