DeRidder High School Senior Class 7-8 1922

Top Row left to right: Hollis Stracener, Ennis Thomas, Leon Thomas.
Bottom Row left to right: Blanche Toy - Salutorian, Harry Warren, Eugene Winberry.

Top left to right: Adelia Winter, Martha Winter.

Senior Class Poem by Hollis Stracener

We are gathered today, and the days that are past,
And have now rolled themselves from our times,
Come up in a vision with memories blest,
As we scatter to different climes.

We have met with life's issues, have lost or have won,
But our efforts have lifted us higher,
Struggles await-for no one they're done,
And all to the best shall inspire.

We have thrown ourselves in the midst of the fray,
And have studied in joy or in sorrow,
We are still pressing onward in live's devious way,
And yearningly wait for the morrow.

Then we'll look to the future without fear or dismay,
And do what our hands find to do,
That our work and our lives a tribute may pay,
to D. H. S. all our years through.