Beauregard Vital Records

Neal McMullen And Ella Brister

Marriage License, State of Louisiana, Parish of Beauregard Clerks Office, Fifteenth District Court

To any Ordained Minister of the gospel, Judge, or to any Justice of the Peace

You are hereby authorized and empowered to unite in the

Mr. Neal McMullen
Age: 34 Color: White Occupation: (Blank)
If previously married or divorced how many times? Once - Divorced Of: DeRidder, La.


Miss Ella Brister
Age: 16 Color: White Occupation: None
If previously married or divorced how many times? No Of: DeRidder, La.
Give name of parents or gaurdian if
Either or both parties under age:
And to solemnize and to celebrate said Marriage between said parties according to laws and customs of the State, and make your return here of as the law directs, and this your authority for so doing.

Given under my hand and seal of office this 25th day of April 1942.
Signed: D. E. Moore, Clerk of District Court
State of Louisiana
Parish of Beauregard

I hereby certify that I have on this day in pursuance of the foregoing license, celebrated and solemnized a marriage between Mr. Neal McMullen and Miss Ella Brister agreeably to the laws and customs of the state of Louisiana.

In faith whereof, I have, together with the parties and the undersigned witnesses,
Signed this present at (Blank) on this 25th day of April 1942.
Three Witnesses: Contracting Parties:
Herbert Lewis Neal McMullen
Lylia Lewis Ella Brister
Riley Brister R. H. Armmett ? (hard to read)