H-L - Abbreviations for Genealogy Research

h. [1] heir; [2] husband; [3] hecto-; [4] horse; [5] hot; [6] hour(s).
H.A.C. Honourable Artillery Company.
H.B.M. His (Her) Britannic Majesty(‘s).
H.B.R. Hull & Barnsley Railway Company.
H.C. [1] House of Commons; [2] Holy Communion. [3] Harvard College
H.C.F. [1] highest common factor; [2] Honorary Chaplain to the Forces.
H.C.T.C. High Commission Territories Corps (formed 1942; disbanded 1955).
H.E. [1] high explosive; [2] His Eminence; [3] His (Her) Excellency.
H.E.W. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
H.G. [ 1] His or Her Grace; [2] Home Guard.
H.G.D.H. His (Her) Grand Ducal Highness.
H.H. [1] His (Her) Highness; [2] His Holiness.
H.H.R. Hull & Holderness Railway.
H.I. Hawaiian Islands.
H.I.H. His (Her) Imperial Highness.
H.I.M. His (Her) Imperial Majesty.
H.J.R. Hampstead Junction Railway.
H.J.S. (Hic jacet sepultus), Here lies buried (cf. H.S.E.).
H.K. [1] Hong Kong; [2] House of Keys.
H.L. House of Lords.
H.L.I. The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment).
H.M. [1] headmaster or headmistress, [2] His (Her) Majesty(‘s).
H.M.A.S. His (Her) Majesty’s Australian Ship.
H.M.C.S. His (Her) Majesty’s Canadian Ship.
H.M.I. His (Her) Majesty’s Inspector (of Schools).
H.M.N.Z.S. His (Her) Majesty’s New Zealand Ship.
H.M.S. His (or Her) Majesty's Ship (or Service).
H.M.S.O. His (Her) Majesty’s Stationary Office.
H.N.C. Higher National Certificate.
H.N.D. Higher National Diploma.
h.p. [1] half pay, [2] horse power.
H.P. Members of HM armed forces on half pay (1841 Census)
H.Q. Headquarters.
H.R. [1] The Hampshire Regiment (designated "Royal" 1946); [2] The Highland Regiment (formed 1942; disbanded 1949), Highland Railway Company.
H.R.H. His (Her) Royal Highness.
H.S.E. (Hic sepultus est), Here lies buried (cf. H.J.S.).
H.S.H. His (Her) Serene Highness.
H.S.P.L. [1] Harwich Steam Packet Line. [2] Holyhead Steam Packet Line. [3] Hull Steam Packet Line.
H.S.R. Hull & Selby Railway Company.
H.W.M. high water mark.
H.Y. [1] The Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers); [2] The Hertfordshire Yeomanry.
h/o husband of
Hacker Maker of hoes
Haeretica heretical
HAM Hampshire (CCC).
Hansard weapon maker of seller
Hants Hampshire (Hants derives from Hantshaving, the original name for this county).
Hatcheler One who combed out or carded flax
Hawker peddler
Haymonger Dealer in hay
Hayward Keeper of fences
Head Tax tax on people - also called a poll tax or capitation tax
Headborough constable
Headright right to a certain number of acres (usually 50) of land guaranteed in advance for each settler in a new territory
Heatherly Distrubance "1836 Missouri"
Heb. Hebrew.
Hebr. Hebrew.
HEF Herefordshire (CCC).
heir person who succeeds, by the rules of law, to an estate upon the death of an ancestor; one with rights to inherit an estate.
heir apparent by law a person whose right of inheritance is established, provided he or she outlives the ancestor, see also primogeniture.
Her. Heraldry.
Heraldry the practice of devising - blazoning - and granting armoral insignia (coats of arms)
Hereditaments property that can be inherited
Herts Hertfordshire.
hf. half.
hh. hands
hhd. hogshead.
H-hour hour at which a military operation is to begin.
HI Hawaii
Hibernia Ireland
Higgler Itinerant peddler
High Sheriff the highest ranking sheriff - as opposed to deputy sheriffs. This term was popular in England and Colonial America.
Hillard/Hiller one who covers houses with slate
Hillier Roof tiler
Hind A farm laborer
Hind. Hindustani.
hist. historical, history, historian.
Hist.Soc. Historical Society.
Histol. Histology, ical.
HLD Highland (Includes the island of Skye) (CCC).
HLI Highland Light Infantry, Herefordshire Light Infantry
ho. house.
Holographic Will a document written entirely by the hand of the person whose signature it bears
holograpphic will a holographic or olographic will is handwritten and signed by the individual that the will belongs to.
Holster A groom who took care of horses, often at an inn
homestead a homestead usually is a home on land obtained from the United States government. Part of the agreement between the individual and the government was that the individual had to live on the land and make improvements to it, such as adding buildings and clearing fields.
Hon. [1] Honorable (title, not an adjective); [2] Honour.
hon. honorary.
Hooker Reaper
Hooper One who made hoops for casks and barrels
Horrors delirium tremens
Hort. Horticulture.
HOSJG Hospitaller Order of St. John of God
HOST GFS Genealogy Forum Staff (a prefix to a screen name for volunteers)
Hostler takes care of horses at an inn
househ. household.
housek. housekeeping.
hp horsepower.
hq headquarters.
hr hour.
hr(s). hour(s).
HRT Hertfordshire (CCC).
Huc here - to this place
Huckster sells small articles
Huit Eight
Hujus of this
Hujusidem of this month and year
HUM Humberside (CCC).
HUN Hungary
HUN Huntingdonshire (Also known as Huntingdon and Peterborough) (CCC).
Hunts Huntingdonshire.
hus. husband
husb. husband.
Husbandman a person whose occupation is in husbandry; a farmer
Hutch a chest - box coffer - or bin
HWR Hereford and Worcester (CCC).
hwy highway.
Hy. Henry.
I. Island(s), Isle(s).
I.A. Indian Army.
I.A.R.O. Indian Army Reserve of Officers.
I.C. Intelligence Corps (formed 1913).
I.C.E. [1] Institution of Civil Engineers; [2] internal combustion engine.
I.C.S. Indian Civil Service.
i.e. id est, that is.
I.E.E. Institute of Electrical Engineers.
I.G. Irish Guards (raised 1900).
I.H.S. (Jesus Hominium Salvator), Jesus the Saviour of Mankind.
I.L. Institute of Linguists.
I.L.P. Independent Labour Party.
I.M.M. Institution of Mining and Metallurgy.
I.M.S. Indian Medical Service.
I.Mech.E. Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
I.Mun.E. Institution of Municipal Engineers.
I.N.R.I. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (f. L. Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaerum).
I.O.O.F. Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
I.O.R.M. Improved Order of Red Men
I.O.W. Isle of Wight.
i.p.m. Inquisition post mortem
i.p.m. Inquisition post mortem.
I.R.A. Irish Republican Army.
I.S.B.N. international standard book number.
I.S.C. Indian Staff Corp (later Indian Army).
I.S.O. Imperial Service Order.
I.W.& D. Inland Waterways & Docks (Railway)
I.W.C.R. Isle of Wight Central Railway Company.
IA Iowa
ib., ibid. ibidem (Latin), in the same place, in the same book or passage.
ID Idaho
id. idem, the same.
IE. Indo-European.
IGHR Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research, Sanford University
IGI International Genealogical Index, created and maintained by the LDS FHL
IGS Irish Genealogical Society.
IHGS Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies.
IIGS International Internet Genealogical Society
IL Illinois
ILL Inter-Library Loan.
illegitimate child born to a woman who is not married to the father.
illus illustrated.
Illustr. Illustration, ted.
imit. imitative.
Immens to be near
immigrant person moving into a country from another country.
immigration immigration is when an individual goes into a new country to live.
Imminens eminent - immediate
Immunol. Immunology.
imp. imported.
imp. imperative.
impers. impersonal.
impf. imperfect.
Impositum the name bestowed
Impressment the act of seizing people or property for public service or use
IN Indiana
in. inch; inches.
inc. incorporated; inclusive.
Incola resident
Ind. Indian, indictment
Ind. Independent, people living on their own means (1841 Census)
ind. indicative.
indef. indefinite.
Indenture a deed - contract - or sealed agreement executed between two or more parties; a contract by which a person is bound over for services
Indentured Servant one who was voluntarily or involuntarily committed to working for someone for a fixed number of years (usually 4 to 7) in exchange for passage to America or some other financial advantage (i.e. - learning a trade). An indentured servant had few - if any - rights - but people without skills or money accepted this position in order to emigrate. After the period of work was over - the servant usually became a freeman. It was also common practice for parents to indenture their children with the intent of having their child learn a trade or craft.
indentured servant person who is bound into the service of another person for a specified period, usually seven years in the 18th and 19th centuries to pay for passage to another country.
index in genealogical terms, an index is an alphabetical list of names that were taken from a particular set of records. For example, a census record index lists the names of individuals that are found in a particular set of census records. Indexes mostly come in book form, but you can also find them on CD-ROM, microfilm, and microfiche.
Indian Campaign "1865-68 OR, ID, CA"
Indian Campaign "1867-69 KS, CO & Ind. Terr."
Indian Campaigns "1874-75 KS, CO, TX, NM,& Indian Territory"
Indian Stream "1835-36 New Hampshire"
Industr. Industry, ial.
inf. infantry.
inf. infant, information
Inf. Infantry
inf. [1] infantry; [2] infant; [3] information [4] infancy; [5] infinitive.
inf. infant
Infant a minor
infant person under legal age.
Infantem child
Infantile Paralysis polio
infl. influenced.
info. information
Infra down - below
inhab inhabitant; inhabited.
In-Law colonists used this term for any familial relationship that occurred from a marriage. Thus - a woman's father-in-law could be her husband's father or her stepfather. Her son-in-law could be her daughter's husband or her own stepson.
Inorg. Inorganic.
Inprimis in the first place
Inqus repeat - maintain
Ins. Insurance.
inst. instant
inst. instant (last, as in Wednesday inst.)
Inst. Institute, tion.
inst. instant (Latin), of the current month
instant of this month.
Instrument a formal document such as a deed or a will
int. interned, interest, marriage intention, interred
int. [1] intention; [2] interred; [3] interjection.
int. intentions, public notice of an upcoming marriage
International Genealogical Index (IGI) the International Genealogical Index (IGI) is one of the resources of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Containing approximately 250 million names, it is an index of people's names that were either submitted to the church, or were extracted from records that the church has microfilmed over the years. You can use the IGI to locate information about your ancestors.
Intestate having no legal will; not disposed of by legal will
intestate used to denote a person who died without leaving a will.
intl international.
intr. intransitive.
Introd. Introduction.
INV Inverness-shire (Includes islands: Lewis (part), North Uist, South Uist, and Skye) (CCC).
inv. inventory
inv. inventory.
Inventory a list of goods in the estate of a deceased person
inventory an inventory is a legal list of all the property in a deceased person's estate. The executor of the will is required to make an inventory.
IOF Independent Order of Foresters
IOF Independant Order of Foresters
IOGT Independent Order of Good Templars
IOJD International Order of Job's Daughters (freemason)
IOJD International Order of Job's Daughters
IOM Isle of Man
IOM Isle of Man I.O.M (CCC).
IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows (fraternal organization)
IOOF Independant Order of Odd Fellows
IOR Independent Order of Rechabites
IORG International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (freemasonry)
IORM Improved Order of Red Men
IOU I owe you.
IOUAM Improved Order of United American Mechanics
IOW Isle of Wight (Before October 1974, the Isle of Wight was administered with the county of Hampshire) (CCC).
Ipsius in person - of own accord
Ir. Irish.
IRC International Reply Coupon.
IRL Ireland
Ironmonger dealer in iron goods
Iroquois 1642-53 New Eng.; Acadia
irreg. irregular, ly.
ISBGFH International Society of British Genealogy and Family History
ISBN International Standard Book Number.
ISSN International Standard Serial Number.
issue children, descendants, offspring.
Issue offspring or children
It. Italian.
ITA Italy
J. [1] jack; [2] joule(s); [3] Judge; [4] Justice, [5] Journeyman (1841 Census)
j. joined (Quaker)
J.C.R. [1] Junior Combination Room; [2] Junior Common Room.
J.O.A.M. Junior Order of American Mechanics
J.O.U.A.M. Junior Order of United American Mechanics
J.P. Justice of the Peace
J.P. Justice of the Peace.
j.u. jure uxoris (right of wife)
j.u. jure uxoris (right of wife).
Jagger Fish peddler
Jail Fever typhus
Jan. January.
Janvier January
Jap. Japanese.
jas joined another society (Quaker)
Jas. James.
Jaundice condition caused by blockage of the intestines
jd jonge dochter/ young daughter (Dutch)
Jenkin's Ear 1739-42 Florida
JGS Jewish Genealogical Society
jm jonge man / young man (Dutch)
jno John or Johannes.
Jno. John (f. L. Johannes), should not be mistaken for Jonathan.
joc. jocular, ly.
John Brown's Raid "1859 VA"
joiner carpenter who does finish work.
Jon. Jonah, Jonathan.
Jonth. Jonathan.
Jos. Joseph.
Josh. Joshua or sometimes Joseph.
Journeyman craftsman hired day by day
Journeyman One who had served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but hired by the day
Joyner/Joiner A skilled carpenter
JP justice of the peace.
JP Justice of the Peace
Jr. junior (younger of two).
Jr., jun. junior (younger of two)
Jrnl. Journal.
JSY Jersey, Channel Islands (CCC).
jud. judicial.
Juillet July
Juin June
Julian Calendar calendar named for Julius Caesar and used from 45 B.C. to 1582, called the "Old Style" calendar; replaced by the Gregorian calendar.
Julian Calendar the calendar in use prior to 1752 (see Gregorian Calendar) - created by Julius Caesar
jun. junior (younger of two).
Jun. Junior.
Junior - Senior these terms were used in early times to differentiate between men (and sometimes women) with the same name whether they were related or not. These titles were not permanent - but rather conveniences in colonial families and communities.
junr. junior.
juvenis juvinile, minor, under legal age.
k. killed
K. King
k. killed.
K. King(‘s).
K.B. Knight of the Bath
K.B. [1] Knight of the Bath (decoration); [2] King’s Bench.
K.B.E. Knight Commander (of the Order) of the British Empire (decoration).
K.C. [1] King’s College; [2] King’s Counsel; [3] The King's Colonials.
K.C.B. Knight Commander (of the Order) of the Bath (decoration).
K.C.I.E. Knight Commander (of the Order) of the Indian Empire (decoration).
K.C.M.G. Knight Commander (of the Order0 of St. Michael & St. George (decoration).
K.C.S.I. Knight Commander (of the Order) of the Star of India (decoration).
K.C.V.O. Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (decoration).
K.G. Knight of the Garter
K.G. Knight of the Garter (decoration).
K.L.I. The King’s Light Infantry (Shropshire Regiment).
K.O. The King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment).
K.O.L.I. The King’s Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regiment).
K.O.R.R. The King’s Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster).
K.O.S.B. The King’s Own Scottish Borderers.
K.O.Y.L.I. The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
K.of C. Knights of Columbus
K.of P. Knights of Pythias
K.P. Knight (of the Order) of St. Patrick (decoration).
K.R. The King’s Regiment (Liverpool).
K.R.R.C. The King’s Royal Rifle Corps.
K.S. King’s Scholar.
K.S.L.I. The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.
K.St.J. Knight (of the Order) of St. John (decoration).
K.T. Knight of the Thistle (Scotland)
K.T. [1] Knight Templar; [2] Knight (of the Order) of the Thistle (decoration).
Kansas Troubles "1854-59 Kansas"
KC Knights of Columbus
KCD Kincardineshire (CCC).
Keeler a cooler - a broad shallow wooden vessel - where milk was set to cream or wait to cool
Keeler Bargeman
Keller salt keeper
Kellogg slaughter man
Kempster Wool comber
KEN Kent (CCC).
KER Kerry (CCC).
KGE Knights of the Golden Eagle
KID Kildare (CCC).
KIK Kilkenny (CCC).
Kilderkin a small vessel - the eighth part of a tun or vat
Kindred a group of blood-related persons
King George's 1740 GA & VA
King Philip's 1675-76 New England
King Willliam's War 1689-97 Canada
King’s, The (Liverpool Regiment).
King's evil tuberculosis of neck and lymph glands
Kith and Kin friends and neighbors
KKD Kirkcudbrightshire (CCC).
Klamath & Salmon River Indian "1855 Oregon & Idaho"
KLH Knight of the Legion of Honour; Knights and Ladies of Honor
knave servant boy.
knowl. knowledge.
knt. knight.
KOSB The King's Own Scottish Borderers
KOTM Knights of the Maccabees
KOYLI The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KP Order of Knights of Pythias
KRS Kinross-shire (CCC).
KS Kansas
KSLI The King's Shropshire Light Infantry
KT Knights Templar
Kt. Knight Bachelor.
kt. knight.
kt., knt. knight
KUV Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein
KY Kentucky
£.s.d. pounds, shillings, and pence, former British currency (f. L. librae, solidi, denarii)
L. [1] Latin; [2] Lake, [3] Liberal (Party).
l. [1] line; [2] left; [3] lire; [4] litre(s).
L.A.H. Licentiate of Apothecaries’ Hall, Dublin.
l.b. leg bye(s).
L.B.H.Y. The Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry.
L.B.R. London & Birmingham Railway Company.
L.B.S.C.R. London Brighton & South Coast Railway Company.
l.b.w. leg before wicket.
l.c. [1] letter of credit; [2] lower case (f L. loco citato)
L.C. Labour Corps (formed 1916; disbanded 1919).
L.C.C. London County Council-abolished 1963, superseded by GLC.
L.C.D.R. London Chatham & Dover Railway.
L.C.J. Lord Chief Justice.
L.C.P. Licentiate of the College of Preceptors.
L.D.S. Licentiate in Dental Surgery.
L.D.V. Local Defence Volunteers (later Home Guard).
L.E.A. Local Education Authority.
L.F. The Lancashire Fusiliers.
L.G. [1] Life Guards.; [2] Low German.
L.G.U. Ladies Golf Union.
l.h. left hand.
L.H.Y. The Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry.
L.I. [1] Light Infantry; [2] Long Island.
L.J. Lord Justice.
L.L. Lord Lieutenant.
L.M. Licentiate of Midwifery.
L.M.B.C. Lady Margaret Boat Club (St John’s College, Cambridge).
L.M.H. Lady Margaret Hall.
L.M.R. Liverpool & Manchester Railway.
L.M.S. [1] London Mathematical Society, [2] London, Midland, Scottish Railway, [3] London Missionary Society.
L.M.S.R. London Midland & Scottish Railway Company.
L.M.S.S.A. Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Society of Apothecaries.
L.N.E.R. London & North Eastern Railway Company.
L.N.L.R. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
L.N.R. Leeds Northern Railway.
L.N.W.R. London & North Western Railway Company.
L.R. [1] The Leicestershire Regiment (designated "Royal" 1946); [2] The Lincolnshire Regiment (designated "Royal" 1946); [3] The Lowland Regiment (formed 1942; disbanded 1949); [4] The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire).
L.R.A.M. Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music.
L.R.C.P. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians.
L.R.C.P.Ed. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.
L.R.C.P.I. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians Ireland.
L.R.D. Llanelli Railway & Dock Company.
L.R.D.G. Long Range Desert Group (formed 1940; disbanded 1945).
L.R.F.P.S.G. Licentiate of the Royal faculty of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow.
l.s. place of seal (on document) (f. L. locus sigilli).
L.S.A. Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries.
L.S.E. London School of Economics.
L.S.W.R. London & South Western Railway Company.
L.S.Y. Lovat Scouts Yeomanry.
L.T.A. Lawn Tennis Association.
L.T.M. Licentiate of Tropical Medicine.
L.T.S. London, Tilbury & Southend Railway Company.
L.W.M. low-water mark.
L.Y. [1] The Lanarkshire Yeomanry; [2] The Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own); [3] The Lincolnshire Yeomanry.
L.Y.R. [1] Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company. [2] Leeds & York Railway.
L/Cpl. Lance Corporal.
L’pool Liverpool.
LA Louisiana
Lab. Labour (Party).
Lafitte's Pirates "1814 Local"
Lafitte's Pirates "1821 Galveston"
LAN Lancashire (CCC).
Lancs Lancashire.
land records land records are deeds -- proof that a piece of land is owned by a particular individual. The information you receive from the records will vary, but you will at least get a name, the location of the property, and the period of ownership.
Lands and Tenements real property - as opposed to personal property
lang. language.
Lardner Keeper of the cupboard
Lardner official in charge of pig food
Lat. Latitude.
lat. latitude.
late denoting someone who is deceased, ie., the late John Thomas.
Lavender Washer woman
lb. Pound(s) (weight) (f. L. libra).
LBN Lebanon
lc lower case (type), e.g. small letter.
LCBA Loyal Christian Benefit Association
Ld. Lord.
Ldg. Leading (Seaman etc.)
LDRS GFH Genealogy Forum Helper (a prefix to a screen name of a new volunteer. Once they become more experienced, they will become HOST GFS.)
LDS Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (Mormons).
LDS Latter Day Saints (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
LDS Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints, Mormon Church
LDY Londonderry (Often referred to simply as Derry) (CCC).
lect. lecture(s).
Lederer Leather maker
Leech Physician
Legacy money or property bequeathed to someone by will
legacy property or money bequeathed to someone in a will.
legatee someone who inherits money or property from a person who left a will.
LEI Leicestershire (CCC).
Leics Leicestershire.
Leisler's Rebellion 1688-91 New England
less. lesson(s).
lessee person leasing property from an owner.
lessor owner leasing property to a tenant.
LET Leitrim (CCC).
Let., Lett. letter, letters.
Letters Testamentary court document allowing the executor named in a will to carry out his or her duties.
Levante witness
LEX Laois (Sometimes spelt Laoighis; also known as Leix. Before 1921 it was called Queen's County, or simply Queen's) (CCC).
LGAR Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
Lib. Liberal.
liber book of public records.
lic. license.
lic. license
lic. license.
lien claim placed on property by a person who is owed money.
Lieut. Lieutenant
life estate use interest in property until death.
Ligatus bound - joined - married
LIM Limerick (CCC).
Limner draughtsman or artist
LIN Lincolnshire (CCC).
Lincs Lincolnshire.
lineage direct line of descent from an ancestor; ancestry; progeny.
Lineal Descendant being in the direct line of descent from an ancestor
lis pendens notices of suits pending litigation, usually in matters concerning land.
lit. literal, ly.
Lit. Literary.
Lit.B. Literarum Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Literature.
Lit.D Literarum Doctor, Doctor of Literature
Lith. Lithuanian.
litigant person involved in a lawsuit.
Litt.D. Doctor of Letters.
liv living, lived
liv. living.
liv. living (alive), livery
liv. living (alive), livery.
LKA Sri Lanka
LKS Lanarkshire (CCC).
ll. lines.
LL.B. Bachelor of Laws (f. L. Legum Baccalaureus).
LL.D. Doctor of Laws (f. L. Legum Doctor).
LL.M. Master of Laws (f. L. Legum Magister).
LMA London Metropolitan Archives (was GLRO until 1997).
LND London (Following the London Government Act 1963, Greater London was formed from: London (LND) Middlesex (Middx, MDX) and parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey) (CCC).
LOC Library of Congress
loc. cit. loco citato (in the place cited)
loc. cit. loco citato, in the place cited.
local history a local history is usually a book about a particular town or county. Local histories were quite popular in the late 19th century. While they often give the history of the development of the area, they usually also include some information about the important families that lived there.
Lock Jaw tetanus
Loco to place - establish - give in marriage
loco parentis in place of the parent or parents.
Locus place
LOG Longford (CCC).
LOI The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
LOM Loyal Order of Moose
Long sickness tuberculosis
long. longitude.
Longshoreman Stevedore
LOOM Loyal Order Of Moose
Lormer Maker of horse gear
LOU Louth (CCC).
Louisbourg 1745 New England
Loyalist a Tory (person who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary War) who later moved to Canada or to another British possession
loyalist colonist who supported the British during the American Revolution; Tory.
LS locus sigilli (Latin), where a seal is placed
Lt. [1] Lieutenant( ); [2] Light.
Lt., Lieut. Lieutenant
ltd. limited.
Ltd. Limited Liability (Company).
ltd. limited.
ltm liberated to marry
LTN Lothian (CCC).
LTU Lithunia
Lung Fever pneumonia
Lung Sickness tuberculosis
LUX Luxemburg
lvd lived
lvg living
LXX Septugant; seventy.
Lying in time of delivery of a baby