R-S - Abbreviations for Genealogy Research

R. [1] Railways; [2] Regina, Queen; [3] Rex, King; [4] Royal; [5] River; [6] Regiment.
r. [1] right; [2] recto; [3] run(s).
R. and A. Royal and Ancient (Golf Club, St. Andrews, Scotland).
R. of O. Reserve of Officers.
R.A. [1] Royal Academy; [2] Royal Academician; [3] Royal Artillery (see also R.F.A.); [4] right accession.
R.A.A.F. Royal Australian Air Force.
R.A.C. Royal Automobile Club.
R.A.C.D. Royal Army Chaplains' Department.
R.A.D.A. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
R.A.F. Royal Air Force.
R.A.F.V.R. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music.
R.A.M. Royal Arch Masons
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps.
R.A.N. Royal Australian Navy.
R.A.O.C. Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
R.A.P.C. Royal Army Pay Corps.
R.A.P.D. Royal Army Pay Department.
R.A.S.C. Royal Army Service Corp.
R.A.V.C. Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
R.B. The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own).
R.B.A. Royal Society of British Artists.
R.B.H. The Royal Bucks Hussars.
R.B.R. The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's).
R.C. Roman Catholic.
R.C. [1] Red Cross; [2] Roman Catholic, [3] reinforced concrete.
R.C. Reconnaissance Corps (formed 1941; disbanded 1946).
R.C.A. [1] Royal College of Art, [2] Radio Corporation of America.
R.C.A.F. Royal Canadian Air Force.
R.C.Ch. Roman Catholic Church.
R.C.M. Royal College of Music.
R.C.M.P. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
R.C.N. [1] Royal Canadian Navy; [2] Royal College of Nursing.
R.C.N.C. Royal Corps of Naval Constructors.
R.C.O. Royal College of Organists.
R.C.P. Royal College of Physicians.
R.C.S. [1] Royal College of Science; [2] Royal College of Surgeons; [3] Royal Corps of Signals.
R.C.S. Royal Corps of Signals (formed 1920).
R.C.T. Royal Corps of Transport.
R.C.V.S. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
R.D. [1] refer to drawer; [2] (Royal Naval) Reserve Decoration; [3] Rural Dean, [3] Rural District.
R.D.C. Royal Defence Corps (formed 1916; disbanded 1936).
R.D.C. Rural District Council.
R.D.F. The Royal Dublin Fusiliers (disbanded 1922).
R.D.I. Designer for Industry of the Royal Society of Arts.
R.D.Y. Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry.
R.E. Royal Engineers.
R.E.K.M.R. The Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles (The Duke of Connaught's Own).
R.E.M.E. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
R.E.M.E. The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (formed 1942).
R.E.S. River Emergency Service.
R.F. The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).
R.F.A. [1] Royal Field Artillery [2] Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
R.F.C. [1] Royal Flying Corps, forerunner of R.A.F.; [2] Rugby Football Club.
R.F.C. Royal Flying Corps (formed 1912).
R.F.C.N.W. Royal Flying Corps Naval Wing.
R.F.R. Royal Fleet Reserve.
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery.
R.G.H. The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars.
R.G.S. Royal Geographical Society.
r.h. right hand.
R.H.A. [1] Royal Horse Artillery; [2] Royal Hibernian Academy.
R.H.G. Royal Horse Guards (The Blues).
R.H.S. [1] Royal Historical Society; [2] Royal Horticultural Society; [3] Royal Humane Society.
R.I. [1] King & Emperor (f. L. Rex et Imperator); [2] Queen and Empress (f. L. Regina et Imperatrix); [3] Rhode Island; [4] Royal Institute; [5] Royal Institution.
R.I.A. Royal Irish Academy.
R.I.B.A. Royal Institute of British Architects.
R.I.C.S. Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
R.I.F. [1] The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; [2] The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's).
R.I.N. Royal Indian Navy.
R.I.P. Requiescat in pace, May he rest in peace.
R.I.R. [1] The Royal Irish Rifles (redesignated 1922 "Ulster"); [2] The Royal Irish Regiment (disbanded 1922).
R.L. Rugby League.
R.M. [1] Resident Magistrate; [2] Royal Mail; [3] Royal Marines.
R.M.A. Royal Military Academy.
R.M.F. The Royal Munster Fusiliers (disbanded 1922).
R.M.L.I. Royal Marine Light Infantry.
R.M.O. Reserve of Medical Officers.
R.M.S. Royal Mail Steamer or Steamship (or Service).
R.N. [1] Royal Navy; [2] registered nurse.
R.N.(V.)R. Royal Naval (Volunteer) Reserve.
R.N.A. Royal Naval Academy.
R.N.A.S. Royal Naval Air Service.
R.N.A.S.A.A.C. Royal Naval Air Service Anti-Aircraft Corps.
R.N.A.S.B.R. Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Birth Reserve.
R.N.A.V. Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers.
R.N.A.W.R. Royal Naval Auxiliary Wireless Reserve.
R.N.C. Royal Naval College.
R.N.C.V. Royal Naval Coast Volunteers.
R.N.D. Royal Naval Division.
R.N.D.Y. The Royal North Devon Yeomanry (Hussars).
R.N.E.C. Royal Naval Engineering College.
R.N.F. The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
R.N.L.I. Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
R.N.M.B.R. Royal Naval Motor Boat Reserve.
R.N.P.S. Royal Naval Patrol Service.
R.N.R. [1] The Royal Newfoundland Regiment (raised 1914; disbanded 1919). see also Canadian Army; [2] The Royal Norfolk Regiment.
R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve.
R.N.R.(T.) Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Section.
R.N.T.S. Royal Naval Transport Service.
R.N.V.(S.)R. Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve.
R.N.V.(W.)R. Royal Naval Volunteer Wireless Reserve.
R.N.V.R. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
R.N.V.R.A.A.C. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Anti-Aircraft Corps.
R.N.V.R.P.S. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Pigeon Service.
R.N.W.A.R. Royal Naval Wireless Auxiliary Reserve.
R.N.X.S. Royal Naval Auxiliary Service.
R.N.Z.A.F. Royal New Zealand Air Force.
R.N.Z.N. Royal New Zealand Navy.
R.O.C. Royal Observer Corps.
R.O.I. Royal Institute of Oil Painters.
R.O.T.C. Reserve Officer’s Training Corps.
R.P.C. Royal Pioneer Corps.
R.P.S. Royal Photographic Society.
R.R. [1] Rhymney Railway Company; [2] Rolls Royce.
R.R.A. Royal Regiment of Artillery.
R.R.C. (Lady of the) Royal Red Cross.
R.R.F.A. Royal Regiment of Field Artillery.
R.R.G.A. Royal Regiment of Garrison Artillery.
R.S. The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), (The Royal Regiment) [2] Royal Society.
R.S.A. [1] Royal Scottish Academician; [2] Royal Scottish Academy; [3] Royal Society of Arts.
R.S.B.R. Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway Company.
R.S.D. [1] Royal Society of Dublin [2] Rural Sanitary District.
R.S.E. Royal Society of Edinburgh.
R.S.F. The Royal Scots Fusiliers.
R.S.F.S.R. Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic.
R.S.M. [1] Regimental Sergeant Major; [2] Royal School of Musketry.
R.S.P.C.A. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
R.S.R. [1] Raiding Support Regiment (formed 1943; disbanded 1945); [2] The Royal Sussex Regiment.
R.S.V. Revised Standard Version (of Bible).
R.S.V.P. please answer (f. Fr. Répondez s’il vous plaît)
R.Sigs. Royal Corps of Signals.
R.T. [1] radio telegraphy; [2] radio telephony.
R.T.C. Royal Tank Corps.
R.T.R. Royal Tank Regiment.
R.T.S. Religious Tract Society.
R.U. Rugby Union.
R.U.C. Royal Ulster Constabulary.
R.U.R(if.). The Royal Ulster Rifles.
R.V. [1] Revised Version (of Bible); [2] Rifle Volunteers.
R.V.C. Rifle Volunteer Corps.
R.W.F. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers (redesignated 1921 "Welch").
R.W.R. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
R.W.S. Royal water Colour Society.
R.W.Y. The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales's Own).
R.Y.C. Royal Yacht Club.
R.Y.S. Royal Yacht Squadron.
RA Royal Academy
RA Royal Arcanum
RAD Radnorshire (CCC).
Rail. Lab. Railway Labourer (1841 Census)
RCA Railway Carmen of America
rcd recorded; received
RCJ Rogationists Cordis Jesu (formal name for Rogationists, Roman Catholic Order of Men)
Rd. Road.
re reference; regarding.
real property land and anything attached to it, such as houses, building, barns, growing timber, growing crops, etc.
rec received
rec. record, recorded
rec. record, recorded.
rec'd received.
receiver person appointed by court to hold property until a suit is settled.
Recensement Census
reconveyance property sold to another person is transferred back to the original owner.
recrq received by request (Quaker)
Redemptioner a colonial emigrant from Europe to North America who paid for his voyage by serving as a bondservant for a specified period of time after arrival
redupl. reduplicating.
reeve churchwarden; early name for sheriff in England.
ref. refer, reference
ref. refer, reference.
refl. reflexive.
reg. register.
Reg. Register.
reg. regular.
Regt. Regiment
regt. regiment.
rel related to.
relecta widow
relectus widower
relfc released from care of (Quaker)
Relict widow - sometimes a widower
relict widow.
relicta widow.
relictus widower.
relrq released by request (Quaker)
rem. removed (moved, left the area)
rem. removed.
rem. remove, removed
Remitting fever malaria
Renatus baptized
rep. representative
rep. [1] report(s); [2] representative.
repr. representative, representing.
repud. repudiate.
repud. repudiated
repud. repudiated.
res. residence; research.
res. resides, resided
res. [1] research.[2] resides, resided.
researcher id card All researchers using original records at the National Archives or National Archives regional centers must get a researcher ID card. If you just plan to use microfilmed records, you do not need to get an ID card. To get an ID card you will be asked to fill out an application. You should bring photo identification, such as a driver's license, school identification card, or passport on your first visit to the archives. Researcher ID cards are free of charge and are valid for two years. The ID card must be presented at each visit.
ret mbrp retained membership (Quaker)
ret. retired.
ret. retired, returned
ret. returned.
ret. retired; returned
retd. [1] retired; [2] returned.
rev reversed
Rev. reverend.
Rev. Reverend, Revolutionary
Rev. [1] Revelation; [2] Reverend [3] sometimes Revolutionary.
rev. revised, review.
Rev. War Revolutionary War.
Revenuer federal officer enforcing the law against illegal manufacturing of whiskey
Revolution in MD 1689 Maryland
RFW Renfrewshire (CCC).
RGLI Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RHF Royal Highland Fusiliers
RI Rhode Island
Rickets disease of the skeletal system
Rigger Hoist tackle worker
Ripper Seller of fish
rit., ritard. ritardando, gradually slower (music).
ritn. ritenuto, retarding (music).
RJLI Royal Jersey Light Infantry
rly. railway.
rm(t) reported married (to)
rm. room.
RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
RNA Royal Neighbors of America
Ro. (recto), On the right hand page (see Vo.)
ROC Ross and Cromarty (Includes part of the island of Lewis) (CCC).
roc received on certificate (Quaker)
rocf received on certificate from (Quaker)
Rogue River Indian "1851, 1853, 1856 Oregon"
rol received on letter (Quaker)
rolf received on letter from (Quaker)
Rom. Roman, romance.
Roper Maker of rope or nets
ROS Roscommon (CCC).
Rot. rotalus (Roll, Rolls)
Rot. rotalus (Roll, Rolls).
Rower builder of small wagon wheels
ROX Roxburghshire (CCC).
rpd reported
rpm revolutions per minute.
rqc requested certificate (Quaker)
rqct requested certificate to (Quaker)
rqcuc requested to come under care (Quaker)
RQM Regimental Quartermaster (US Civil War)
rrq request, requests, requested
Rs. rupees.
RSF The Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSOF Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
rst reinstate, reinstated (Quaker)
rt. right.
Rt.Hon. Right Honourable.
Rt.Rev(d) Right Reverend.
RTT Royal Templars of Temperance
Rum. Rumanian.
Russ. Russian.
rustica country girl
rusticus country boy.
RUT Rutland (CCC).
Ry. Railway.
s. son.
s. [1] solidus, a shilling (English money); [2] second(s); [3] singular; [4] son.
S. [1] South(ern); [2] Saint; [3] Society.
s. son
s. & h. son and heir.
S. by E. South by East.
S. by W. South by West.
S. Yorks South Yorkshire.
s.a. sine anno (without year)
S.A. [1] Salvation Army; [2] South Africa; [3] South America; [4] South Australia; [5] Sturmabteilung (political militia of the Nazi party).
s.a. sine anno (without year).
S.A.C. Senior Aircraftman.
S.A.C.W. Senior Aircraftwoman.
S.A.E. Stamped, Addressed Envelope (British).
S.A.M.J.R. Stratford upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway Company.
S.A.R. Stratford Upon Avon Railway.
S.A.S. 1st Special Air Service Regiment (1st Regt formed 1941; 2nd Regt formed 1943; disbanded 1945).
S.A.S.E. Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope (USA).
S.Afr. South Africa(n).
S.B. Bachelor of Science.
S.B.N. Standard Book Number.
S.C. [1] small capitals; [2] Special Constable; [3] South Carolina.
S.C.E. Scottish Certificate of Education.
S.C.M. State Certified Midwife.
S.C.R. [1] Senior Combination Room; [2] Senior Common Room; [3] Swindon & Cheltenham Railway.
s.d. sine die (without date), step-daughter
s.d. sine die (without date), step-daughter.
S.D.J.L.C. Somerset & Dorset Joint Line Committee.
S.D.L.R. South Durham & Lancashire Railway.
S.D.R. [1] Sheffield District Railway Company. [2] South Devon Railway, [3] Somerset & Dorset Railway Company. [4] Stockton & Darlington Railway.
S.E. South East(ern).
S.E.A.T.O. South-East Asia Treaty Organisation.
S.E.C.R. South Eastern & Chatham Railway Companies.
S.E.N. State Enrolled Nurse.
S.E.R. South Eastern Railway Company.
S.F. [1] Sea Fencibles; [2] The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) ("Nottinghamshire" added 1902).
S.F.A. Scottish Football Association.
S.G. [1] senior grade; [2] Solicitor General; [3] specific gravity; [4] Scots Guards.
s.g. specific gravity.
S.H. [1] Scottish Horse; [2] The Seaforth Highlanders (Ross
S.H.R. Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway.
S.I.H. South Irish Horse.
S.J. Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
S.L.I. The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's).
S.L.R. The South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers).
S.M. Sergeant Major.
S.M.R. Swansea & Mumbles Railway.
S.N.D. Scottish National Dictionary.
S.N.H.Y. Southern Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry.
S.O. Stationary Office.
S.O.S. ("Save Our Souls") Distress signal.
S.P.C.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
S.P.C.K. Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.
S.P.G. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
S.P.Q.R. Roman Senate and people (f. L. Senatus Populusque Romanus).
S.R. [1] Southern Railway Company; [2] The Suffolk Regiment.
S.R.C. Science Research Council.
S.R.N. State Registered Nurse.
S.R.N.R. Shetland Royal Naval Reserve.
S.R.O. [1] standing room only; [2] Statutory Rules and Orders.
S.R.R.(D.) Special Repair Ratings (Dockyards).
s.s. step-son
S.S. [1] steamship; [2] Nazi special police force (f. G. Schutz-Staffel).
s.s. step-son.
S.S.A.F.A. Soldier’s, Sailor’s and Airmen’s Families Association.
S.S.C. Solicitor to the Supreme Court.
S.S.E. south-south-east
S.S.P.L. Stranraer Steam Packet Line.
S.S.R. The South Staffordshire Regiment.
S.S.R.C. Social Science Research Council.
S.S.S. Shore Signal Service.
S.S.W. south-south-west
S.T.B. Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Sacred Theology.
S.T.D. Doctor of Sacred Theology (f. L. Sanctae Theologiae Doctor).
S.T.P. Professor of Sacred Theology (f. L. Sanctae Theologiae Professor).
S.U.R.C. Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company.
s.v. sub voce, 'under the word'.
S.W.B. The South Wales Borderers.
S.W.R. South Wales Railway Company.
S.W.S. Shore Wireless Service.
S.Y. [1] The Shropshire Yeomanry (Dragoons); [2] The Staffordshire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Royal Regiment); [3] The Surrey Yeomanry (The Princess of Wales's); [4] The Sussex Yeomanry.
s/o son of.
s/o son of, sister of
s/o son of, sister of.
s/o son of
Sabine/Southwestern Indian "1836-37 Louisiana"
Sac & Fox Indian "1831 Illinois"
Saddler One who makes, repairs or sells saddles or other furnishings for horses
SAL Shropshire (CCC).
Salop Shropshire (Salop derives from Sloppesberie).
SAR Sons of the American Revolution
SAR Sons of the American Revolution
SAR Sons of the American Legions
Sat. Saturday.
Sawbones Physician
Sawyer One who saws; carpenter
Sawyer sawer of wood
say used with a date indicating a great degree of uncertainty (adverb)
sb. substantive.
SC South Carolina
sc. scilicet, Namely.
Sc. Nat. Dict. Scottish National Dictionary.
Sc., Scot. Scottish.
Sc.B. Bachelor of Science (f. L. Scientiae Baccalaureus).
Sc.D. Doctor of Science (f. L. scientiea doctor)
Scand. Scandinavia(n).
Scarlet Fever disease characterized by a red rash and sore
sch. school.
Schumacker Shoemaker
Scotl. Scotland.
Screws rheumatism
Scribler A minor or worthless author
Scrivener Professional or public copyist or writer; notary public
Scrivener scribe or clerk
Scrofula tuberculosis of the neck lymph nodes
Scrutiner Election judge
SCT Scotland
Scurvy weakness - spongy gums - hemorrhages under skin due to lack of vitamin C
SCV Sons of Confederate Veterans
SCV Sons of Confederate Veterans
SCW Society of Colonial Wars
SD South Dakota
SDWA Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge
sec., secy secretary.
secondary evidence evidence that is inferior to primary evidence or the best evidence.
Secondary Record or secondary source; a record created some time after the event
secondary source a secondary source is a record that was created a significant amount of time after an event occurred. For example, a marriage certificate would be a secondary source for a birth date, because the birth took place several years before the time of the marriage. However, that same marriage certificate would be a primary source for a marriage date, because it was created at the time of the marriage.
SEL Selkirkshire (CCC).
sel. selection.
self-addressed stamped envelope (sase) when you request records or other information from people and institutions, you should include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) in your letter. Of course, a SASE with U.S. postage stamps on it is only good in the United States. If you are expecting return mail from overseas, you should include an International Reply Coupon with your self-addressed envelope. This coupon serves as payment for any international postage you may need to pay. They can be purchased at your local post office.
Seminole Indian "1817-18 FL & GA"
Sempster seamstress
sen. senior (elder of two)
Sen. Senator.
Sen. senior (elder of two).
Senex old man
sep. separated
Sept Seven
Sept. September.
Septem seven
Septembre September
Septicemia blood poisoning
Sepulchered buried
seq. sequentia, the following.
ser. series.
Sergt. Sergeant.
Sergt., Sgt. Sergeant
serv. servant.
serv. served, servant
Serv. Servant (1841 Census)
serv. served
Servus/A Servarum servant/servants
sett. settled, settler
sett. settled, settler.
Sewer tailor or shoemaker
Sex six
SEYM South Eastern Yearly Meeting (Quaker)
SFK Suffolk (CCC).
sgd signed.
sgd. signed.
SGM South Glamorgan (CCC).
Sgt. Sergeant.
sh. shortly, ship
Sh. [1] shilling(s), [2] Shopman (1841 Census)
sh. shortly, ship.
sh. M. [1] Shoe Maker, [2] Shop Man.
Shakes delirium tremens
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe.
Shay's Rebellion 12/17861-87 Massachusetts
SHI Shetland (Also Shetland Isles, or Shetland Islands, but NOT The Shetlands, originally known as Zetland) (CCC).
Shingles viral disease with skin blisters
Ship's Fever Typhus
Shoe m. Shoe maker.
Shop K. Shop Keeper.
Shrieve Sheriff
SI sister
sib. sibling
sib. sibling.
Sibling a brother or sister
sibling a brother or sister, persons who share the same parents in common.
sic latin term signifying a copy reads exactly as the original; indicates a possible mistake in the original.
sic so written.
Siege of Quebec 1759 Canada
SIG Special Interest Group (another term for the chats)
Sig. Signor.
s-I-l sister in law
s-i-l son-in-law, sister-in-law
sil son-in
sing. singular.
Sioux "1862-63 Minnesota"
Siriasis inflammation of the brain due to sun exposure
sis sister
sis. sister
sis. sister.
Six Six
SK Saskatchewan
Sk. Sketch.
Skr. Sanskrit.
Slater Roofer
Slav. Slavonic.
SLI Sligo (CCC).
Sloes milk sickness
Slopseller Seller of ready-made clothes in a slop shop
Snobscat/Snob One who repaired shoes
soc. society
Soc. Society.
social security death index the Social Security Death Index is an index of Social Security Death records. Generally this includes names of deceased Social Security recipients whose relatives applied for Social Security Death Benefits after their passing. Also included in the millions of records are approximately 400,000 railroad retirement records from the early 1900s to 1950s.
Sociol. Sociology, Sociological.
Socor father-in-law
Socvusus mother-in-law
Sœur Sister
Softening of the Brain apoplexy
SoG Society of Genealogists.
sol. soldier
SOM Somerset (CCC).
Soror sister
Sorter Tailor
Soundex a filing system - usually for recording surnames - using one letter followed by three numbers. The Soundex system keeps together names of the same and/or similar sounds - but of variant spellings.
soundex phoenetic indexing system.
source the document, record, publication, manuscript, etc. used to prove a fact.
SOWD Special Order War Department (US Civil War)
sp. [1] speech; [2] spelling.
Sp. Spanish.
sp. gr. specific gravity.
Spanish American "1898-99 Cuba"
spec. specifically, specimen.
Spicer grocer
Spinster A woman who spins or an unmarried woman
Spinster unmarried woman
sponsor a sponsor is an individual other than the parents of a child that takes responsibility for the child's religious education. Sponsors are usually present at a child's baptism. Sponsors are often referred to as godparents.
Spotted Fever typhus - cerebrospinal meningitis fever
Spouse a husband or wife
Sprue tropical disease characterized by intenstinal disorders and a sore throat
Spurius illegitimate
Spurrer Maker of spurs
sq square.
Squire Country gentleman; farm owner; justice of peace
Sr. Senior
Sr. [1] Senior; [2] Señor.
src. source
src. source.
SRK Sark, Channel Islands (CCC).
srnm. surname, last name.
SRY Surrey (CCC).
SS. Saints.
SSDI Social Security Death Index
SSDI Social Security Death Index (USA)
SSX Sussex (CCC).
St. saint; street.
St. [1] Saint; [2] stokes; [3] Street; [4] Strait.
st. stone.
St. Vitus Dance nervous twitches - chorea
Sta. Station.
Staffs Staffs
stand. standard.
Standard a chest; the upright stem or support of a lamp or candlestick
statute a law.
STD Strathclyde (Includes islands: Arran, Bute, Islay, Jura and Mull) (CCC).
step used in conjunction with a degree of kinship.
stepchild child of one of the spouses by a former marriage who has not been adopted by the step-parent.
stepfather husband of a child's mother by a later marriage.
stepmother wife of a child's father by a later marriage.
STI Stirlingshire (CCC).
str. strong.
Stranger's Fever yellow fever
struct. structure, structural.
STS Staffordshire (CCC).
stud. studies.
Stuff gown Junior barrister
Stuff gownsman Junior barrister
Stupuet a stew pan or skillet
subj. subject.
subord. cl. subordinate clause.
subseq. subsequent, subsequently
subst. substantively.
suc. succeeded (followed)
suc. succeeded (followed).
succ. successively, succession
succ. successively, succession.
suff. suffix.
summ. summoned
summ. summoned.
Sun. Sunday.
suo juris in his (her) right
suo juris in his (her) right.
Supercargo Officer on merchant ship who is in charge of cargo and the commercial concerns of the ship
superl. superlative.
suppl. supplement.
supra above.
Supt. Superintendent.
surg. surgeon
surg. surgeon
Surg. [1] Surgery; [2] Surgical; [3] Surgeon.
surname last name, family name.
surv. survived
surv. survived.
SUT Sutherland (CCC).
Sutler accompanies troops in the field or garrison and sells food - drink - and supplies
SUVCW Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (USA)
SVK Slovakia
Sw. Swedish.
SWE Sweden
Sweating Sickness infectious & fatal disease common to the UK in the 15th century
SXE East Sussex (CCC).
SXW West Sussex (CCC).
SYK South Yorkshire (CCC).
Syr. Syrian.
syst. system, systematic.