M-N - Abbreviations for Genealogy Research

m i-l
m meridies, noon; meter.
M male
m. married.
M. [1] Master; {2] Member of; [3] Monsieur, [4] Manufacturer (1841 Census)
m. [1]married; [2] month; [3] masculine, [4] mare, [5] Maker, as in ‘Shoe m.’ (1841 Census)
m. married; month
m., md. married
M.A. [1] Master of Arts (f. L. Magister Artium); [2] Military Academy.
M.B. Bachelor of Medicine (f. L. Medicinae Baccalaureus).
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration.
M.B.E. Member (of the Order) of the British Empire.
M.B.S.I. Member of the Boot and Shoe Industry.
M.C. [1] Master of Surgery (f. L. Magister Chirurgiae); [2] Master of Ceremonies; [3] Member of Congress; [4] Military Cross.
M.C.C. Marylebone Cricket Club.
M.C.E. Master of Civil Engineering.
M.C.R. Maryport & Carlisle Railway.
M.C.S. Malayan Civil Service.
M.Ch(ir). Master of Surgery (F. L. Magister Chirurgiae)
M.Com. Master of Commerce.
M.D. [1] Doctor of Medicine (f. L. Medicinae Doctor); [2] Managing Director; [3] mentally deficient.
M.D.G. Medical Director-General.
M.D.S. Master of Dental Surgery.
M.Du.. Middle Dutch.
M.E. Mining (or Mechanical) Engineer.
M.E.C. Member of the Executive Council.
M.E.F. Middle East Forces.
M.Ed. Master of Eductation.
M.F.H. Master of Foxhounds.
M.G. Minister of the Gospel
M.G. [1] machine-gun; [2] Morris Garages; [3] Minister of the Gospel.
M.G.B. motor gun boat.
M.G.C(orps). Machine Gun Corps (formed 1915; disbanded 1922).
M.G.R. Middlesborough & Guiseborough Railway.
M.H. Medal of Honour.
M.H.G. Middle High German.
M.H.R. Member of the House of Representatives.
M.Hy. Master of Hygiene.
M.I. [1] Military Intelligence; (M.I.5 security service, M.I.6 espionage department); [2] Mounted Infantry; [3] Monumental (or Memorial) Inscription.
M.I.A.E. Member of the Institute of Automobile Engineers.
M.I.C.E. Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.
M.I.Chem.E. Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.
M.I.E.E. Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.
M.I.Loco.E. Member of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers.
M.I.Mar.E. Member of the Institution of Marine Engineers.
M.I.Mech.E. Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
M.I.Min.E. Member of the Institution of Mining Engineers.
M.I.Mun.E. Member of the Institution of Municipal Engineers.
M.I.O.B. Member of the Institute of Builders.
M.I.W.T. Member of the Institute of Wireless Technology.
M.Inst.M.M. Member of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
M.Inst.T. Member of the Institute of Transport.
M.J.I Member of the Institute of Journalists.
M.L.A. Member of the Legislative Assembly.
M.L.C. Member of the Legislative Council.
M.L.G. Middle Low German.
M.Litt. Master of Letters (f. L. Magister Litterarum).
M.M. [1] Maelzel’s metronome; [2] Military Medal.
M.M.R. Manchester & Milford Railway.
M.Mus. Master of Music.
M.N. Merchant Navy.
M.O. [1] Medical Officer; [2] money order.
M.O.H. [1] Master of Otter-hounds; [2] Medical Officer of Health.
M.O.T. Ministry of Transport.
M.P. Member of Parliament, Military Police
M.P. [1] Member of Parliament; [2] military police(man).
m.p. melting point.
m.p.g. miles per gallon.
m.p.h. miles per hour.
M.P.S. [1] Member of the Pharmaceutical Society; [2] Member of the Philogical Society; [3] Member of the Physical Society.
M.P.S.C. Military Provost Staff Corps.
M.Phil. Master of Philosophy.
M.R. [1] Master of the Rolls; [2] marriage record; [3] Mersey Railway. [4] Metropolitan Railway Company. [5] Midland Railway Company; [6] The Manchester Regiment; [7] The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own); [8] The Montgomeryshire Yeomanry.
M.R.A.C. Member of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.
M.R.A.S. member of the Royal Asiatic Society.
M.R.Ae.S. Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
M.R.C. [1] Medical Research Council; [2] Monmouthshire Railway & Canal Company.
M.R.C.P. Member of the Royal College of Physicians.
M.R.C.S. Member of the Royal College of surgeons.
M.R.C.V.S. Member of the Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons.
M.R.I. Member of the Royal Institution.
M.R.I.A. Member of the Royal Irish Academy.
M.R.R. Middlesborough & Redcar Railway.
M.R.S.T. Member of the Royal Society of Teachers.
M.R.San.I. Member of the Royal Sanitary Institute.
M.S. [1] Master of Science; [2] Master of Surgery; [3] motor ship, [4] Mine
M.S.A. Member of the Society of Architects.
M.S.L.R. Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Company.
M.S.W.J.R. Midland & South Western Junction Railway Company.
M.Sc. Master of Science.
M.T. mechanical transport.
M.T.B. motor torpedo-boat.
M.Tech. Master of Technology.
M.V. [1] motor vessel; [2] muzzle velocity.
M.V.O. Member of the Royal Victorian Order.
M.W.B. Metropolitan Water Board.
M.Y. motor yacht.
m/1 married first
m/2 married second
m1, m (1) married first
m2, m (2) married second etc.
MA Massachusetts
Ma.E. Master of Engineering.
Mag. Magazine.
Magn. Magnetic, ism.
Mai May
maiden name a woman's last name prior to marriage.
Maj. Major
Maj. Major(
major person who has reached legal age.
majores ancestors.
majority legal age.
Mal. [1] Malachi (O.T.); [2] Malay, Malayan.
Malender Farmer
Malster brewer of malted beverages (beer)
Maltster Brewer
Man. Manual.
Man. Manufacturer.
Managem. Management.
Manch. Manchester.
Manciple A steward
Mania insanity
manse parsonage; enough land to support a family.
Manuf. Manufacture, ing.
Manumission a formal written act to free slaves
manumission manumission is the act of being released from slavery or servitude.
manuscript manuscripts are usually unpublished family histories or collections of family papers. Depending on what the manuscript contains, you may be able to find all kinds of family information. Generally, you will find more than just names, birth dates, and death dates.
Mar. [1] March; [2] Marine.
Marasmus similar to malnutrition - progessive wasting away
Mariage Marriage
Marié Married
marita married woman, wife.
Marita wife
maritus bridgroom, married man.
Maritus husband
Marriage Bond a document executed to guarantee that no legal or moral impediments existed to an intended marriage
marriage bond a marriage bond is document obtained by an engaged couple prior to their marriage. It affirmed that there was no moral or legal reason why the couple could not be married. In addition, the man affirmed that he would be able to support himself and his new bride.
marriage contract legal agreement between prospective spouses made before marriage to determine their property rights and those of their children.
marriage records a marriage record contains information about a marriage between two individuals. On a marriage record, you can at least find the bride's and groom's full names, the date of the marriage, and county where the marriage took place. Many marriage records include other information, such as the names and birthplaces of the bride's and groom's parents, the addresses of the bride and groom, information about previous marriages, and the names of the witnesses to the marriage.
Mars March
Mart. Martha.
masc. masculine.
Mason Bricklayer
Master today would be known as The Captain
mat. maternal
Mataph. Metaphysics.
Mater mother
maternal line line of descent traced through the mother's ancestry.
Math. Mathematics, al.
matric matriculated (entered and recorded at college or university)
matric. matriculated (entered and recorded at college or university).
matron older married woman with children.
Matt. Matthew.
Max maximum.
MAY Mayo (CCC).
Mayer physician
MB Manitoba
mbr member
mbrp membership
mcd married contrary to Discipline (Quaker)
MCD minor civil division (Census Soundex)
MD Maryland
md. married.
MDX Middlesex (CCC).
ME Maine
Me. Maître (title of French advocate).
ME. Middle English.
MEA Meath (CCC).
Mech. Mechanics, al.
Med [1] Mediterranean Sea; [2] Medicine, ical.
med. medium.
med.L. medieval Latin.
mem. [1] member; [2] Remember (memento)
Mem. Memoir(s).
Mensis month
mensis month.
ment. mentioned
ment. mentioned.
Menuisier Carpenter
MER Merionethshire (CCC).
Mère Mother
Messrs Messieurs, Gentlemen, Sirs.
Meteorol. Meteorology, ical
metes measurements of distance in feet, rods, poles, chains, etc.; pertains to measuring direction and distance.
metes and bounds method of surveying property by using physical and topographical features in conjunction with measurements.
MEX Mexico
Mexican "1846-1848 Mexico"
mf mezzo forte, moderately loud (music).
mfg manufacturing.
MG Minister of the Gospel
mg. milligram.
MGM Mid Glamorgan (CCC).
Mgr. Mosseigneur; Monsignor.
MGY Montgomeryshire (CCC).
MH meeting house
MI Michigan
mi miles
mi. mile.
m-i0l mother in law
Miasma poisonous vapors thought to infect the air
Mic. Micah (O.T.).
Mich. Michaelmas, the Feast of St. Michael.
Mics. Miscellany, eous.
Middx Middlesex.
midl. midland (dialect).
m-i-l mother-in-law
mil. military.
Mil. military.
military records the US government has always kept records on all military and civilian workers. Most of these files have very detailed information, such as the individual's name, their spouse's name, date of birth, place of residence, which wars the individual served in, their military organization (Navy, Marines, or Army), when the individual's service began and ended, where and when the individual died, and where the individual was buried.
militia a citizen army; a military organization formed by local citizens to serve in emergencies.
Milk leg postpartum thrombophlebitis
Milk Sickness disease from the milk from cattle which had eaten poisonous weeds
Millwright one who designs or builds mills
min. [1] minim; [2] minimum; [3] minute(s).
Min. [1] Minister; [2] Ministry [3] Mineralogy, ical
Min. Plenit. Minister Plenipotentiary.
Mineral. Mineralogy, ical.
minor a person under legal age; historically, the legal age differed from place to place and over time. (Check prevailing law to determine the legal age requirement at a specific time.)
Mintmaster One who issued local currency
misc miscellaneous.
Mk. mark.
Mkt. Market.
ml. mile(s)
Mlle Mademoiselle.
Mlles Mademoiselles.
MLN Midlothian (CCC).
MM monthly meeting
MM. Messieurs.
Mme Madame.
Mmes Mesdames.
MN Minnesota
mnth month
MO Missouri
mo. month.
mo. month, mother
mo. [1] mother; [2] month.
Mo. month.
Mockadow moccado - stuff made of wood and silk and apparently a mixture of either with flax - a substitute for more expensive velvet
mod. modern.
mod.L. modern Latin.
Modac Indian "1872-73 Oregon"
MOG Monaghan (CCC).
MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MON Monmouthshire (CCC).
Mon Monmouthshire.
Mon. Monday.
Monger Seller of goods (ale, fish)
Mont Montgomeryshire.
MOPH Military Order of the Purple Heart
MOR Morayshire (CCC).
Mormal gangrene
Mormon "1838 Missouri"
Mormon "1844 Illinois"
Morsal Gangrene
Mortaility Schedule the enumeration of deaths during the 12 months preceding census day - Mortality Schedules were included in the U.S. Census from 1850 - 1900 (1890 and 1900 schedules have been destroyed)
mortality schedule a section of the federal census listing information about persons who died during the census year.
Mortis death
mos. months; married out of society (Quaker)
mou married out of unity (Quaker)
MOWW Military Order of World Wars
MOZ Mozambique
mp mezzo piano.
mph miles per hour.
MR marriage record
Mr. a title that could only precede the names of gentlemen - clergymen - or government officials
Mr. Mister, title of man without higher title, or prefixed to designation of office, etc. (Mr. Speaker).
Mr. Mister, a title of respect
Mrs. a feminine equivalent of Mr. - it did not denote marital status - but social position (women of the aristocracy)
Mrs. [1] Title of married woman without higher title; [2] Mistress.
MS Mississippi
MS. manuscript.
ms. manuscript.
ms., mss. manuscript, manuscripts
Msgr. Monseigneur, Monsignor.
MSS. manuscripts.
mss. manuscripts.
MSY Merseyside (CCC).
MT Montana
mt married to
Mt. Mount, Mountain.
mtg meeting
Mu mulatto, person with one Caucasian and one Negro parent
mulatto a mulatto is legally considered to be an individual with mixed black and white heritage. However, some individuals who were designated mulattos may have a slightly more mixed parentage, perhaps including Native American blood.
Muleskinner Teamster
Mulierem woman
Mus. [1] Music(al); [2] Museum, [3] musician.
Mus.B(ac). Bachelor of Music (f. L. Musicae Baccalaureus).
Mus.D(oc). Doctor of Music (f. L. Musicae Doctor).
mvd moved
MWA Modern Woodmen of America
MX. Middlesex.
My. Mary.
Myelitis inflammation of the spine
Myocarditits inflammation of the heart muscles
Myst. Mystery.
Mythol. Mythology.
n. [1] neuter; [2] nominative; [3] noon; [4] note; [5] noun.
N. North(ern).
N. Yorks North Yorkshire.
N.&Q. Notes and Queries.
N.A. Native American, North America
N.A.F.F.I. Navy, Army & Air Force Institutes.
N.A.M. National Asociation of Manufacturers.
N.A.S. [1] National Association of Schoolmasters; [2] Noise Abatement Society; [3] Nursing Auxiliary Service.
N.A.T.O. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
N.Amer. North America(n).
N.B., n.b. [1] nota bene, note well; [2] North Britain.
N.B.J.R. Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway.
N.B.R. [1] Neath & Brecon Railway Company, [2] North British Railway Company.
N.by E. North by East
N.by W. North by West.
N.C.B. National Coal Board.
N.C.C. Non Combattant Corps (formed 1939; disbanded 1946?).
N.C.O. non-commissioned officer.
N.C.R. Newcastle & Carlisle Railway Company.
N.C.U. National Cyclists Union.
N.C.Y. New Church Yard.
n.d. no date; not dated.
n.d. no date (of publication).
N.D.A. National Diploma in Agriculture.
N.D.D. National Diploma in dairying.
N.D.J.R. Newcastle & Darlington Junction Railway.
N.E. New England
N.E. North East(ern).
N.E.A. National Education Association.
N.E.D. New English Dictionary, original title of the Oxford English Dictionary (first edition).
N.E.R. North Eastern Railway Company.
N.E.R.C. National Environmental Research Council.
N.F. The Northumberland Fusiliers.
N.F.U. National Farmers Union.
N.Fr. Northern French.
n.g. no good.
N.G.A. National Graphical Association.
N.H. The Northumberland Hussars.
N.H.S. National Health Service.
N.I. [1] National Insurance; [2] Northern Ireland.
N.I.H. North Irish Horse.
N.K. Not Known.
N.L.C. National Liberal Club.
N.L.R. North London Railway Company.
N.N. not named (name unknown)
N.N. not named (name unknown).
N.N.E. North-North-East
N.N.S. Naval Nursing Sisters.
N.N.W. North-North-West
N.O.D. Naval Ordnance Department.
n.p. no place listed; no publisher listed.
n.p. [1] new paragraph; [2] no place of publication.
N.P. Notary Public.
N.P.A. Newspaper Publishers’ Association.
N.P.I. National Physical Laboratory.
n.pub. no publisher given
n.q. no quotations.
N.R. [1] The Norfolk Regiment; [2] The Northamptonshire Regiment; [3] North Riding (of Yorkshire).
N.R.A. National Rifle Association.
N.S. New Style date (Gregorian calendar)
N.S. [1] New Style date (Gregorian calendar); [2] new series; [3] Nova Scotia.
N.S.B. National savings Bank.
N.S.C. National Security Council.
N.S.F. National Science Foundation.
N.S.P.C.C. National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
N.S.R. [1] North Staffordshire Railway Company. [2] North Sunderland Railway Company; [3] The North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's).
N.S.W. New South Wales.
N.S.W.J.R. North & South Western Junction Railway Company.
N.S.Y. The North Somerset Yeomanry.
N.T. [1] New Testament; [2] Northern Territory (Australia).
N.U.J. National Union of Jouralists.
N.U.M. National Union of Mineworkers.
N.U.P.E. National Union of Public Employees.
N.U.R. [1] National Union Railwaymen; [2] North Union Railway Company.
N.U.S. National Union of Students.
N.W. North West(ern).
N.W.T. North-west Territories (Australia).
n.x.n. no Christian name
n.x.n. no Christian name.
N.Y. [1] The Norfolk Yeomanry (The King's Own Royal Regiment); [2] The Northamptonshire Yeomanry; [3] The Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers); [4] New York.
N.Y.C. New York City.
N.Z. New Zealand.
na not applicable; not attending meeting (Quaker)
na. naturalized; not applicable.
NAI Nairn (CCC).
Naissance Birth
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
narr. narrative
nat. natural.
Nat. Hist. Natural History.
Natum born
naturalization records naturalization records document the process by which an immigrant becomes a citizen. An individual has to live in the United States for a specific period of time and file a series of forms with a court before he or she can become naturalized. Naturalization records provide the following information: place and date of birth, date of arrival into the United States, place of residence at the time of naturalization, a personal description, and sometimes the name of the ship that the individual arrived on and the individual's occupation.
Naturalize to grant full citizenship to one of foreign birth
Natus born
natus born.
Naut. nautical.
Navy Members of HM naval forces, including marines, of whatever rank (1841 Census)
NB New Brunswick
NBL Northumberland (CCC).
NC North Carolina
NCWA National Civil War Association (USA)
nd no date
ND North Dakota
nd no date(s).
nd no date, not dated
NE Nebraska
Neatherder Herds cows
Necrology register book of deaths
Necrosis mortification of bones or tissue
nee born, used to denote a woman's maiden name, ie., Anne Gibson nee West.
neg att neglecting attendance (Quaker)
NEHGR New England Historical and Genealogical Register
NEHGS New England Historic Genealogy Society; the oldest genealogical society in the United States
NEHGS New England Historic Genealogical Society
NEHGS New England Historical and Genealogical Society
NEHGS New England Historic Genealogical Society
nem. con. nemine contradicente, "no one contradicting," unanimously.
neph. nephew.
Nepos grandson
Nepritis inflammation of the kidneys
Neptis granddaughter
Nervous prostration extreme exhaustion from inability to control physical and mental activities
Neuf Nine
Neurol. Neurology.
Neveu Nephew
Newf., Nfld. Newfoundland.
newspaper announcements normally, newspapers announce events of genealogical interest such as births, deaths, and marriages. The amount of information in these announcements will vary. Most likely you will find the names of the individuals involved in the event, the date of the event, and where the event took place. Sometimes you can even find pictures.
Nez Perce "1877 Idaho"
NF Newfoundland
NFK Norfolk (CCC).
NFMP National Fraternity of Military Pilots
nfr no further record
NGS National Genealogical Society
NGS National Genealogical Society
NGS National Genealogical Society
NGS National Genealogical Society (USA)
NGSQ National Genealogical Society Quarterly
NH New Hampshire
NHS National Huguenot Society
Nicaraguan "1854-58 Naval"
Nièce Niece
NIGR National Institute of Genealogical Research
NJ New Jersey
NLD Netherlands
NLW National Library of Wales.
NM New Mexico
nm never married
nmn no middle name
No. Number.
no. numero, number.
NOB Naval Order of Battle
nom. nominative.
Nomen name
non seq. non sequitur, it does not follow.
NOR Norway
Northants Northamptonshire.
Northumb Northumberland.
Northwestern Indian 1790-95 Ohio
Northwestern Indian 1811 Indiana
Norw. Norwegian.
Notary a person officially authorized to draw up or attest to contracts - wills - deeds - or similar documents
Notts Nottinghamshire.
Nov. November.
Novem nine
Novembre November
Now Wife exclusively found in wills - this term implied that there was a former (or ex-) wife
np no page (or publisher) given
NR not reported (Census Soundex)
nr. near
Nr. near.
nr. near.
NRY North Riding of Yorkshire (CCC).
NS Nova Scotia
NSCD National Society, Colonial Dames of America
NSCD-17 National Society, Colonial Dames of the 17th Century
NSDAR National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
NSSDP National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
NT Northwest Territories
NTH Northamptonshire (CCC).
Nth. North.
NTT Nottinghamshire (CCC).
Nuber Huc Adventis recently arrived here
nunc. nuncupative will,oral will.
nunc. nuncupative (oral, as opposed to written)
nunc. nuncupative (oral, as opposed to written).
Nuncupative Will an oral will declared by the deceased before dying - in the presence of witnesses
nuncupative will oral will declared or dictated by the testator in his last sickness before a sufficient number of witnesses and afterwards put in writing.
Nupr -A -AE bride - wife
Nuptias celebrare to marry
NV Nevada
NY New York
NYK North Yorkshire (CCC).
NZL New Zealand