O-Q - Abbreviations for Genealogy Research

O. Old.
O. & M. organisation and methods.
O.& B.L.I. The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry ("Buckinghamshire" added 1908).
O.A.P. old-age pensioner.
O.A.S. [1] on active service; [2] Organisation of American States.
O.A.U. Organisation of African Unity.
O.B. Old Boy.
O.B.E. Officer (of the Order) of the British Empire.
O.C. Officer Commanding.
O.C.S. Officer Candidate School.
O.C.T.U. Officer Cadets Training Unit.
O.D. ordnance datum.
O.E. Old England
O.E. Old English (= Anglo-Saxon).
O.E.C.D. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
O.E.D. Oxford English Dictionary.
O.E.E.C. Organisation for European Economic Co-operation.
O.F.M. Order of Friars Minor.
O.F.S. Orange Free State.
O.Fr. Old French.
O.Fris. Old Frisian.
O.H.G. Old High German.
O.H.M.S. On His (Her) Majesty’s Service.
O.I.J.L.C. Otley & Ilkley Joint Line Committee (Midland & North Eastern Railway Companies).
O.Ir. Old Irish.
O.M. Order of Merit (decoration).
O.N. Old Norse.
O.N.C. Ordinary National Certificate.
O.N.D. Ordinary National Diploma.
O.N.F. Old Northern French.
O.P. [1] Dominican (f. Order of Preachers, L. Ordo Praedicatorum); [2] observation post; [3] opposite prompt.
o.p. [1] out of print; [2] overproof.
O.P.E.C. Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
O.R. [1] operational research; [2] other ranks.
O.S. Old Style date (Julian calendar, used until 1752 in US)
O.S. [1] Old Style date (Julian calendar, used until 1752 in UK/US); [2] ordinary seaman; [3] ordanance survey; [3] outsize; [4] out of stock; [5] Old Saxon.
O.S.A. Order of St. Augustine.
O.S.B. Order of St. Benedict.
O.T. Old Testament.
O.T.C. Officers’ Training Corps.
o.t.p. of this parish.
O.U. Oxford University.
O.U.D.S. Oxford University Dramatic Society.
O.U.P. Oxford University Press.
O.W.W.R. Oxford Worchester & Wolverhampton Railway.
O.Y. The Oxfordshire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars).
OA Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts)
Oath of Abjuration sworn statement renouncing a former allegiance
Ob before - in front of - because of - on account of
OB order book, as in court order book.
ob. obit, deceased,
ob. obiit, died.
Obad. Obadiah (O.T.).
OBE Order of the British Empire
obiit. he or she died.
Obit died
obit. obituary.
obit. obituary
obit. died.
obj. object.
obl. oblique.
OBLI Ox and Bucks Light Infantry
Obs., obs. obsolete.
Obstetrix midwife
OC Order of Canada
occ. occupation, occuring
occ. occupation, occuring.
occas. occasionally.
oct. octavo.
Oct. October.
Octo eight
Octobre October
octoroon child of a quadroon; person having one-eighth black ancestry.
OES Order of the Eastern Star
of color black, Indian, persons of mixed blood.
OFF Offaly (Before 1921 it was called King's County, or simply King's) (CCC).
OFPA Order of Founders and Patriots of America
OH Ohio
OHC Order of the Holy Cross
OK Oklahoma
OKI Orkney (Also Orkney Isles, or Orkney Islands, but NOT The Orkneys) (CCC).
Old Dominion Virginia.
old style calendar Julian calendar, used before the Gregorian calendar.
olographic will an olographic or holographic will is handwritten and signed by the individual that the will belongs to.
OM Ordained Minister; Order of Merit
OMM Order of Military Merit
ON Ontario
Oncle Uncle
ONS Office for National Statistics.
OP Order of Preachers (Roman Catholicism; Dominican)
op. operation.
op. cit. opere citato (the work cited above)
op. cit. opere citato, in the work cited.
OPCS Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (now ONS).
Ophthalm. Ophthalmology.
opp. opposed (to), the opposite (of).
Oppido town
OPR Old Parochial Records (for Scotland, see Scottish Registry Office).
Opt. Optics.
OR Oregon
oral history an oral history is a collection of family stories told by a member of the family or by a close family friend. Normally, an oral history is transcribed onto paper, or is video or tape recorded. Oral histories can yield some of the best information about a family -- the kinds of things that you won't find written in records.
oral will nuncupative will - oral will declared or dictated by the testator in his last sickness before a sufficient number of witnesses and afterwards put in writing.
ord. ordained
ord. ordained.
Ordinary public house or tavern
Ordinary Keeper Innkeeper with fixed prices
Oregon Indian "1854 Oregon"
org. organic.
orig. origin, al,
Ornith. Ornithology, ical.
orphan a child whose mother, father, or both have died.
orphan assylum an orphanage.
OS old style calendar.
OS Old Style (referring to dates)
OSA Order of St. Anne; Ordinis Sancti Augustini (of the order of St. Augustine)
Osage Indian "1837 Missouri"
OSB Order of St. Benedict
OSIA Order of the Sons of Italy in America
OSL Order of St. Luke the Physician
Osler bird catcher
OSM Order of Servants of Mary
OSSB Order of the Star Spangled Banner
ou out of unity (Quaker)
OUAM Order of United American Mechanics
outl. outline.
Outrider mounted attendant riding before or behind a carriage
OXF Oxfordshire (CCC).
Oxf. Oxford.
Oxon Oxfordshire (Oxon is an abbreviation of Oxonia, the Latin name for Oxford).
oz ounce.
P & O. Peninsular and Oriental Steamship Company.
p & p. postage and packing.
p. page, post (after); piano, soft (music).
P. Pensioner in HM armed forces (1841 Census)
p. page
p., pp. page, pages
P.A. [1] personal assistant; [2] Press Association.
p.a. per annum.
P.A.L.I. Prince Albert's Light Infantry (Somersetshire Regiment).
P.A.S.I. Professional Associate of the Chartered Surveyors Institution.
P.C. Privy Council
p.c. [1] per cent; [2] postcard.
P.C. [1] police constable; [2] Privy Council; [3] Pioneer Corps (designated "Royal" 1946).
P.C.C. Prerogative Court of Canterbury (Wills pre-1858).
P.C.O. The Prince Consort's Own (Rifle Brigade).
P.C.W. The Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Berkshire Regiment).
P.C.Y. Prerogative Court of York (Wills pre-1858).
p.d.q. pretty damn quick.
P.E. physical education.
P.E.I. Prince Edward Island.
P.E.N. International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists.
p.f. piu forte, a little louder (music).
P.F.C. Private First Class (U.S.)
P.L. Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders).
P.L.A. Port of London Authority.
P.L.P. Parliamentary Labour Party.
P.L.R. Public Lending Right.
P.M. [1] Prime Minister; [2] Provost Marshall.
P.M.G. [1] Paymaster General; [ 2] Postmaster General.
P.M.O. Principal Medical Officer.
P.N.E.U. Parents’ National Education al Union.
P.O. [1] Petty Officer; [2] Pilot Officer; [3] postal order; [4] Post Office.
p.o.a. power of attorney.
P.O.E. port of entry.
P.O.W. prisoner of war.
p.p. per procurationem.
P.P., p.p. parcel post.
P.P.C. pour prendre conge, to take leave.
P.P.S. Parliamentary Private Secretary.
p.r. parish register.
P.R. [1] The Palestine Regiment (formed 1942; disbanded 1948); [2] The Parachute Regiment (formed 1940).
P.R.A. President of the Royal Academy.
P.R.B. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
P.R.O. [1] Public Record Office; [2] public relations officer.
P.R.S. President of the Royal Society.
P.S. [1] Police Sergeant; [2] private secretary; [3] prompt side.
P.S. post scriptum, postscript; public school..
p.s.a. Graduate of Royal Air Force Staff College.
p.s.c. Graduate of Military (or Naval) Staff College.
P.S.S.L. Preston Steam Packet Line.
P.S.T.O. Principal Sea Transport Officer.
P.S.V. Public Service Vehicle.
P.T. physical training.
P.T. boat motor torpedo-boat.
P.T.A. Parent-Teacher Association.
P.T.O. please turn over.
P.T.R.D. Port Talbot Railway & Dock Company.
P.V. Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusiliers).
p.v. prorare vexilla, patriotically
P.W.D. Public Works Department.
P.W.E. Police War Reserve.
P.W.L.R. The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)(disbanded 1922).
P.W.O. The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment).
P.W.V. The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment).
P.Y. The Pembroke Yeomanry (Castemartin).
p/e price/earnings (ratio).
PA Pennsylvania
pa.t. past tense.
Packman itinerant peddler
PAF Personal Ancestry File, genealogy program of the Mormon Church (LDS).
PAF Personal Ancestral File (computer software)
PAF Personal Ancestral File (software)
Palatinate area in Germany known as the Pfalz, Rheinland Pfalz and Bavarian Pfalz from which thousands of families immigrated to colonial America.
Palatinate the area west of the Rhine River in West Germany
paleography study of handwriting.
Paleography the study of ancient forms of writing
Palsy paralysis or loss of muscle control
par paragraph.
par. parent, parish
parent county the county from which a new county is formed.
parish ecclesiastical division or jurisdiction; the site of a church.
Parochia parish
Parochus rector - pastor
Paroxysm convulsion
passenger lists passenger lists are lists of the names and information about passengers that arrived on ships into the United States. These lists were submitted to customs collectors at every port by the ship's master. Passenger lists were not officially required by the United States government until 1820. Before that date, the information about each passenger varied widely, from names to number of bags.
pat. paternal, patriot (Revolutionary War service)
patent a government grant of property in fee simple to public lands; land grant.
Pater father
paternal line line of descent traced through the father's ancestry.
Patrina godmother
Patrinus godfather
Patritius paternal
Patronymic a name derived from a paternal ancestor - such as "Johnson - the son of John"
patronymics patronymics is the practice of creating last names from the name of one's father. For example, Robert, John's son, would become Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson's son Neil would become Neil Robertson.
Pattern Maker A maker of a clog shod with an iron ring. A clog was a wooden pole with a pattern cut into the end
Paucis Hebdomadibus a few weeks
PBA Patrolman's Benevolent Association
PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury (UK)
pd paid.
Pd. paid.
PE Prince Edward Island
pedigree a person's ancestry, lineage, family tree.
Pedigree recorded ancestry or line of descent
pedigree chart a chart showing a person's ancestry.
Pedigree Chart a standard genealogical form for recording several generations of ancestry
PEE Peebles-shire (CCC).
Peel a long handled broad shovel used for putting bread into an oven
Peever pepper seller
PEM Pembrokeshire (CCC).
Pen. [1] Peninsula, [2] Pensioner.
pension (military) a benefit paid regularly to a person for military service or a military service related disability.
pensioner person who receives pension benefits.
Peoria Indian "1813 Illinois"
Pequot War 1636-37 New England
Per for
PER Peru
PER Perth (CCC).
Per Stirpes a method of dividing an estate so that children act as a group - rather than individually - taking what their deceased ancestor was entitled to
Père Father
Peregrinator Itinerant wanderer
perh. perhaps
perh. perhaps.
Pers. Persian.
pers. person, al.
PERSI Periodical Source Index
Personal Property property other than land
Peruker A wig maker
Pettifogger A shyster lawyer
pf, pfd preferred.
pf. perfect.
Pf. pfennig.
pfc private first class (American).
pg. page
pg. page.
Pg. Portuguese.
PH The Order of Patrons Of Husbandry (Grange)
Ph.B. Philosophiae Baccalaureus, Bachelor of Philosophy.
Ph.C. Pharaceutical Chemist.
Ph.D. Philosophiae Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy.
Ph.G. Graduate in Pharmacy.
Phar.D. Doctor of Pharmacy.
Pharm. Pharmacology.
Phillippine Insurrection "1899-1902 Philippine Islands"
Philol. Philology, ical.
Philos. Philosophy, ic.
phonet. phonetic, ally.
Photogr. Photography, ical.
phr. phrase.
Phthiriasas lice infestation
Phthisis chronic wasting away - tuberculosis
Phys. physical; (rarely) in Physiology.
Physiol. Physiology, ical.
pict. picture, pictorial.
Pigman Crockery dealer
pish. parish.
pk. peck.
pkg package.
Pl. Place.
pl., plur. plural.
PLAV Polish Legion of American Veterans
Pleurisy Inflammation of the lung - chest pain
Plumber One who applied sheet lead for roofing and set lead frames for plain or stained glass windows.
Plus Jeune Youngest
Plus Vieux Oldest
PM preparative meeting (Quaker)
PM, p.m. post meridiem, after noon.
Podagra gout
poet. poetic, al.
POL Poland
Pol. Polish, Politics, al.
Pol. Econ. Political Economy.
Pol. Of. Police Officer.
polit. politics, al.
poll used in early tax records denoting a taxable person; person eligible to vote.
pop. population.
Population Schedule a completed population census questionnaire
porc. porcelain.
Porcher pig keeper
Porter Door keeper
Porter gate-keeper or door-keeper
POSA Patriotic Sons of America
poss. possibly, possession
poss. possibly.
posthumous a child born after the death of the father.
Posthumous born after father's death
pott. pottery
Pott's Disease tuberculosis of the spinal vertebrae
POW Powys (CCC).
power of attorney written instrument where on persons, as principal, appoints someone as his or her agent, thereby authorizing that person to perform certain acts on behalf of the principal, such as buying or selling property, settling an estate, representing them in court, etc.
Pox Syphilis
pp. [1] pages; [2] pianissimo, very soft (music).
pp. pages
pple. participle.
PR Puerto Rico
pr. proved, probated.
Pr. pair.
pr. present.
Pr. Provencal.
pr. pple. present participle.
pract. practice, al.
Prae in front - before - through
Praecende previous - preceeding
prc produced a certificate (Quaker)
prec. preceding (word or article).
pred. predicative.
pref. [1] prefix; [2] preface.
prep. preposition.
preponderance of evidence evidence of greater weight or more convincing than the opposing evidence; evidence more credible and convincing, more reasonable and probable, and can be circumstantial in nature.
pres. presumed, present
pres. present.
Pres. President.
pres. presumed, present.
Pridie/Priede the previous day
primary evidence original or first-hand evidence; the best evidence available that must be used before secondary evidence can be introduced as proof.
Primary Record a record created at the time of the event (birth - marriage - death - etc.) as opposed to records written years later
primary source primary sources are records that were created at the time of an event. For example, a primary source for a birth date would be a birth certificate. While you can find birth dates on other documents, such as marriage certificates, they would not be primary sources for the birth date, because they were not created at the time of the birth.
Primogenitor the earlies known ancestor or forefather
primogeniture insures the right of the eldest son to inherit the entire estate of his parents, to the exclusion of younger sons.
Primogeniture the right of the eldest child (especially the son) to inherit the estate of both parents
Princ. Principle(s).
Pro tem. (pro tempore), For the time being.
pro. probated or proved (as in a will)
pro. probated or proved (as in a will).
prob. probably; probated.
prob. probably, probate
prob. probably, probate.
prob. probably
Probate legal establishment of the validity of a will
probate legal process used to determine the validity of a will before the court authorizes distribution of an estate; legal process used to appoint an someone to administer the estate of someone who died without leaving a will.
probate records probate records are records disposing of a deceased individual's property. They may include an individual's last will and testament, if one was made. The information you can get from probate records varies, but usually includes the name of the deceased, either the deceased's age at the time of death or birth date, property, members of the family, and the last place of residence.
probl. problem.
proc. proceedings.
Procurant stand instead of - proxy
Procuratorem in behalf of
prof. professor.
Progenitor an originator of a line of descent - frequently used in reference to the immigrant ancestor
progeniture a direct ancestor.
Progenitus firstborn
Progeny children
PRONI Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.
pronunc. pronunciation.
prop. properly.
propr. proprietor (land owner)
propr. proprietor (land owner).
Prov. Province.
Prox. (proximo), Next month.
PS Patriotic Service
Ps(s) Psalm(s) (O.T.).
Psych. Psychology.
Psychol. Psychology, ical.
pt. [1] part; [2] pint; [3] point; [4] port.
Pte. Private (soldier).
pub. published.
pub., publ. published (intent to marry made public)
publ. publications.
publ. published.
public domain land owned by a government.
Puddler Wrought iron worker
Puella girl child
Puellus boy child
Puerperal exhaustion death from childbirth
Purrell made of a lace called purl
Putrid Fever diptheria or typhus
Pvt. military rank of private
pvt. private.
Q boat, Q-ship
Q Dept of quartermaster.
Q.A.I.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service.
Q.A.L.A.S. Qualified Associate, Land Agents’ Society.
Q.A.R.A.N.C. Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps.
Q.A.R.N.N.S. Queen Alexandra’s Royal Navy Nursing Service.
Q.B. Queen’s Bench.
Q.C. Queen’s Council.
Q.E.D. quod erat demonstrandum, which was to be shown.
Q.E.F. quod erat faciendum, which was to be done.
Q.F. quick-firing.
Q.M. Quartermaster.
Q.M.A.A.C. Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps (formed 1917; disbanded 1919?).
Q.M.G. Quartermaster General.
Q.M.S. Quartermaster Sergeant.
Q.O. The Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).
Q.O.C.H. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.
Q.O.R.G.L.W.L.Y. The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow and Lower Ward of Lanarkshire Yeomanry.
Q.O.R.W.K.R. The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment.
Q.O.Y.D. The Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons.
Q.P.M. Queen’s Police Medal.
Q.R.R. The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey).
Q.S. Quarter Sessions.
q.v. quod vide, 'which see' (usually within same document).
q.v.(abbreviation) quod vide (see above)
QC Quebec
Qkr Quaker
Qld. Queensland (Australia).
QM quarter master (military); quarterly meeting (Quaker)
QOCH Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
qt. quart(s).
qtr quarter.
qu. query.
quadroon child of a mulatto and white parentage; a child with one black grandparent.
Quaker a member of the Society of Friends
Quarrier Quarry worker
Quarryman stonecutter
Quarta four
Quatre Four
Que. Quebec.
Quearne a handmill for grinding grain or seed
Queen Anne's 1702-13 New England
Queen’s, The (Royal West Surrey Regiment).
ques question.
Qui who - whereby
Quinque five
quit rent roll in early Virginia, a list of those who paid the annual fee to the King in exchange for the right to live on and farm property.
quitclaim deed transfer of land or claim without guaranting a clear title.
quod vide directs the reader to look in another part of the book for further information.
quot(s). quotation(s).
qy. (quaere), query.