T-Z - Abbreviations for Genealogy Research

T. township.
t. ton(s); tonne(s)..
T. & A.V.R. Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve.
T.A. Territorial Army.
T.A.V.R. Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve.
T.B. [1] torpedo-boat; [2] tubercle bacillus, hence tuberculosis.
T.C. Tank Corps (formed 1917; "Royal" 1923).
T.C.D. Trinity College Dublin.
T.D. Territorial (Officer’s) Decoration; [2] (Ir.) Teachta Dala, Member of the Dáil.
T.L.S. Times Literary Supplement.
T.M.O. telegraph money order.
T.R.H. Their Royal Highnesses.
T.S.H. Their Serene Highnesses.
T.T. Tourist Trophy (motorcycling).
T.U. Trade Union.
T.U.C. Trades Union Congress.
T.V.R. [1] Taff Vale Railway Company. [2] Tees Valley Railway. [3] Trent Valley Railway Company.
TAG The American Genealogist
TAG The American Genealogist (quarterly journal published since 1922)
Tam. Tamsin or Thomasin.
Tanner One who tans (cures) animal hides into leather
Tante Aunt
Taper candlewick maker or seller
Tapley One who puts the tap in an ale cask
Tarletan a thin - stiff - transparent muslin
Tasker Reaper
TAY Tayside (CCC).
tbsp. tablespoon.
Teamster One who drives a team for hauling
techn. technical, technically.
Technol. Technology, Technological.
Telegr. Telegraphy
Teleph. Telephony.
temp. temporarily
terr. territory.
test. testament.
Testament the disposition of one's personal property by will
testate died leaving a valid will.
Testate having made or left a valid will
Testator a man who died leaving a valid will
testator man who writes a valid will.
Testatrix a female who died leaving a valid will
testatrix woman who writes a valid will.
testis witness.
Texan "1835-36 Texas"
THA Thailand
Thatcher Roofer
Theatr. theatrical.
Theol. Theology, Theological.
Theoret. Theoretical.
Thess. Thessalonians (O.T.).
Thirdborough tithing man or deputy constable
Thoro marriage - union
Thorus bed
Thos. Thomas.
Thrush childhood disease characterized by spots on mouth - lips and throat
Thurs. Thursday.
Tide waiter Customs inspector
Tinker Am itinerant tin pot and pan seller and repairman
Tinker itinerant mender of kettles and pans
TIP Tipperary.
Tipstaff Policeman
Tit. Titus (N.T.).
tithable a person taxable by law.
Tithable person subject to a tax
tithe in English law, the tenth part of one's annual increase paid to support noblemen and clergy; amount of annual poll tax.
TMG The Master Genealogist (computer software)
TMG The Master Genealogist (software)
TN Tennessee
Toc H Talbot House Society of (orig. ex
Toledo "1835-36 Ohio & Michagan"
Tolvet a measure - holding half a bushel
Tory a resident of the American Colonies who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary War (see Loyalist)
township in a government survey, is a square tract six miles on each side containing thirty-six square miles of land; a name given to the civil and political subdivisions of a county.
Toxemia of Pregnancy eclampsia (high blood pressure & seizures)
tp. township.
tr., transl. translated, translation.
Trans. Transactions.
trans. transitive.
transf. transferred sense.
transfrd transferred
Transientibus in transit form - traveling
Trav. Travel(s).
Travers Toll bridge collection
Treas. Treasury.
Treat. Treatise.
Treatm. Treatment.
Trench Mouth painful ulcers along gum line - usually caused by poor nutrition and poor hygiene
Tres three
Tribus Mensibus three months
Trig. Trigonometry.
Tripper dancer
Troi Three
Trop. Tropical.
Truckle Bed trundle bed with casters to run under a higher bed
Trug a basket with fixed handle like an old american woven wooden grape basker
Trustee a person or agent holding the legal title to property
TSSF Third Order of St. Francis
Tucker Cleaner of cloth goods
Tue(s). Tuesday.
Tunnel a funnel
Turk. Turkish.
Turner A person who turns wood on a lathe into spindles
Turnout an equippage - a carriage with horses - attendants - and equipment
Tuscarora 1711-12 Virginia
Tussis Convulsiva whooping cough
TVC Texas Veterans Commission
twp. township
twp. township, division of land
TWR Tyne and Wear (CCC).
TX Texas
TX & NM Indian "1849-55 "
Typhus infectitious fever characterized by high fever - headache and dizziness
Typog., Typogr. Typography.
TYR Tyrone (CCC).
U.C. University College.
U.C.C.A. Universities Central Council on Admissions.
U.D. Urban District.
U.D.C. Urban District Council.
U.K. United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
U.K.A.E.A. United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.
U.M.C.A. Universities Mission to Central Africa.
U.N. United Nations.
U.N.A. United Nations Association.
U.P. Uttar Pradesh (formerly United Provinces, India)
U.S. United States (of America)
U.S.A. [1] United States Army; [2] United States of America.
U.S.A.F. United States Air Force.
U.S.D. Urban Sanitary District.
U.S.M.C. United States Marine Corps.
U.S.N. United States Navy.
U.S.S. [1] United States Ship; [2] United States Steamer; [3] Universities Superannuation Scheme.
U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
UBCJA United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America
uc under care of (Quaker)
UCV United Confederate Veterans
UDA United Daughters of America
UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy
UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy
UFT Ultimate Family Tree (software)
UG Users Group
UGA Utah Genealogical Association
UKI United Kingdom
UKR Ukraine
ult. ultimo (last month, as in on the 5th ult.
ult. ultimo (last month, as in on the 5th ult.)
ult. ultimo (Latin), of the preceding month
Ultimo last
ultimo the preceeding month
Un One
unc. uncle
Univ. University.
unk. unknown.
unk., unkn. unknown
unkn. unknown.
unm. unmarried.
unm. unmarried
unm. unmarried.
unm. unmarried
unprobated will will never submitted for probate.
unsolemn will will in which an executor is not named.
Unus one
upl using profane language (Quaker)
USA United States
USCT United States Colored Troops
USD 1812 Daughters of the War of 1812
USGW USGenWeb (online collective providing genealogical resources via linked webpages)
USIGS United States Internet Genealogical Society
usu. usually.
USV United States Volunteers (US Civil War)
UT Utah
Utah Indian "1850-53 "
ux. uxor or uxoris, wife
ux. uxor or uxoris, wife.
Uxor wife - the married state
uxor. wife, spouse, consort.
v. [1] verse; [2] verso; [3] versus; [4] very.
V. & A. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
V.A. [1] Veterans’ Administration (U.S.A.); [2] Vicar Apostolic; [3] Vice-Admiral; [4] Order of Victoria and Albert.
V.A.D. (Member of) Voluntary Aid Detachment.
V.B. Volunteer Battalion.
V.C. [1] Victoria Cross; [2] Vice
V.D. [1] veneral disease; [2] Volunteer (Officer’s) Decoration.
V.G. [1] Vicar-General; [2] very good.
V.G.R. Vale of Glamorgan Railway.
V.I. Virgin Islands.
V.I.P. very important person.
v.m. Vita matris (during mother's life)
V.N.R. Vale of Neath Railway.
V.O. Royal Victorian Order.
v.p. Vita patris (during father's life)
V.P. Vice-President.
V.R. vital record.
V.R.C. Volunteer Rifle Corps.
V.S. Veterinary Surgeon.
VA Virginia
valid that which is legal and binding.
var(r)., vars. variant(s) of.
VE day Victory Europe, 8 May 1945.
Ven. Venerable.
Venator huntsman
Venesection bleeding
Vero certainly - to be sure
Vers Towards
Vertebr. Vertebrate(s).
vestry administrative group within a parish; the ruling body of a church.
Vet. Veterinary.
Vet. Sci. Veterinary Science.
Vevir brother-in-law
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars (USA)
VI Virgin Islands
Victualer A tavern keeper, or one who provides an army, navy, or ship with food supplies
vide see
vidua widow.
Vidus widow
Viduus widower
viduus widower.
Villicus village
Vincinitate neighboring area
Vineroon wine grower
Vintner wine merchant
Viper's Dance St. Vitus' Dance - chorea
Vir husband
Virgo unmarried girl
virgo used to describe an unmarried woman in English and European marriage records.
Vis. Viscount.
Visitation a visit for the purpose of making an official inspection or examination. This term was used to describe census activities.
Vita life
vital records birth, marriage, and death records.
Vitner/Vintner wine merchant
viz. videlicet, namely.
viz. videlicet (Latin), namely
VJ day Victory over Japan, 15 Aug 1945 (2 Sep 1945 in U.S.A.).
Vo. (verso), On the left-hand page (see Ro.)
vol. volume, volunteer (military)
vol. volume, volunteer (military).
Vol. volume.
vol. volume.
Voy. Voyage.
VR vital record
VRC Veteran Reserve Corps (US Civil War)
vs. versus, against.
VT Vermont
Vulcan Blacksmith
vulg. vulgar.
vv. [1] verses; [2] volumes.
VVI Vermont Volunteer Infantry (US Civil War)
W white, Caucasian
W. [1] West(ern); [2] womens; [3] Welsh.
w. [1] wicket; [2] wide; [3] wife; [4] with.
w. wife
W. Yorks West Yorkshire.
w., wf. wife
W.A.A.C. Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (Waac).
W.A.A.F.(S.) Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (Services) (Waaf).
W.A.C. Women’s Army Corps (U.S.A.).
W.A.F. Woman in the Air Force (U.S.A.).
W.A.F.S. Women’s Auxiliary Fire Service.
W.A.R. West Africa Regiment (formed 1898; disbanded 1928).
W.B. Willbook.
W.C. water closet (toilet).
W.C.C. World Council of Churches.
W.C.R. [1] West Cornwall Railway. [2] Whiteland & Cardigan Railway.
W.C.Y. The Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry.
w.d. will dated
W.D. [1] War Department; [2] Works Department.
W.E.A. Worker’s Educational Association.
W.E.R. Wrexham & Ellesmere Railway.
W.E.U. Western European Union.
W.F.J.R. Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway.
W.F.T.U. World Federation of Trade Unions.
W.G. Welsh Guards (raised 1915).
W.I. Women’s Institute.
W.I.P.O. World Intellectual Property Organisation.
W.I.R. West India Regiment (disbanded 1927).
W.K.Y. The West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own).
W.L.A. Women’s Land Army.
W.N.W. west-north-west
W.O. Warrant Officer.
w.p. will approved
W.P. weather permitting.
w.p.b. waste paper basket.
W.P.C. woman police constable.
W.R. [1] The Welsh Regiment (redesignated 1921 "Welch"); [2] The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's); [3] The Worcestershire Regiment; [4] Wirral Railway Company. [5] Wycombe Railway.
W.R.A.C. Women’s Royal Army Corps.
W.R.A.F. Women’s Royal Air Force.
W.R.N.(S.)R. Women’s Royal Naval Supplementary Reserve.
W.R.N.R. Women’s Royal Naval Reserve.
W.R.N.S. Women’s Royal Naval Service (Wren).
W.R.V.S. Women’s Royal Voluntary Service.
W.S. [1] West Saxon; [2] Writer to the Signet.
W.S.R. Watton & Swaffham Railway.
W.S.W. west-south-west
W.S.W.R. Wilts, Somerset & Weymouth Railway.
W.S.Y. The West Somerset Yeomanry.
W.T.S. Women’s Transport Service.
W.V.S. Women’s Voluntary Service.
W.W. I World War One (also W.W. 1).
W.W. II World War Two (also W.W. 2).
W.W.1 World War One (also W.W. I).
W.W.2 World War Two (also W.W. II).
W.Y. [1] The Warwickshire Yeomanry; [2] The Worcestershire Yeomanry (The Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars).
W.Y.R. The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own).
w/c with consent of
W/Cdr. Wing Commander.
w/o wife of, never widow of
w/o wife of (never widow of).
w/o wife of
w/pwr with power (Quaker)
WA Washington
Wagoner Teamster not for hire
Wainwright Wagon maker
Waiter Customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in
WAR Warwickshire (CCC).
War In North 1676-78 Maine
War of 1812 1812-15 General
War of Rebellion "1860-65 General"
War with France 1798-1800 Naval
War with Tripoli(Naval) 1801-05 North Coast Africa
Warks Warwickshire (CCC).
warranty deed guarantees a clear property title from the seller to the buyer.
WAT Waterford (CCC).
Water on Brain enlarged head
Waterman Boatman who plies for hire
wd warranty deed
wd. word.
Webster Operator of looms
Wed. Wednesday.
WEM Westmeath (CCC).
WES Westmoreland (CCC).
Westm. Westminster.
WEX Wexford (CCC).
wf. wife.
WGM West Glamorgan (CCC).
WGmc. West Germanic.
Wharfinger Owner of a wharf
Wheelwright a person who builds wagon wheels
Wheelwright One who made or repaired wheels; wheeled carriages,etc.
wheelwright person who makes and repairs vehicle wheels, such as carts, wagons, etc.
Whiskey Insurrection 1794 Pennsylvania
Whitcher maker of chests
white rent blackmail; rent to be paid in silver.
White Riv. (Ute Indians) "1879 Utah & Colorada"
Whitesmith one who finishes and polishes; tinsmith
Whitesmith Tinsmith; worker of iron who finishes or polishes the work
Whitewing Street sweeper
Whitlow boil
Whitster Bleach of cloth
WI Wisconsin
WIC Wicklow (CCC).
wid. widow
wid. widow.
wid. widow
widow a widow is a woman whose husband has died.
widower a widower is a man whose wife has died.
WIG Wigtownshire (CCC).
WIL Wiltshire (CCC).
will a document stating how a person wants real and personal property divided after death.
Will the legal document containing the statement of a person's wishes regarding the disposal of his or her property after death
Wilts Wiltshire.
Winnebago Indian "1827 Wisonsin"
Winter Fever pneumonia
WIS Western Isles (Includes islands: Lewis, North Uist and South Uist) (CCC).
wit. witness
witness a witness is an individual present at an event such as a marriage or the signing of a document who can vouch that the event took place.
wk. [1] week; [2] weak; [3] work.
Wks. Works.
WLN West Lothian (CCC).
WLS Wales
Wm. William.
WMD West Midlands (CCC).
WOR Worcestershire (CCC).
Worcs Worcestershire.
Worm Fit convulsions associated with teething - worms - elevated temperature or diarrhea
WOTW Woodmen Of The World
WOW Woodmen Of The World
WRC Women's Relief Corps
Wright Workman, especially a construction worker
writ of attachment court order authorizing the seizure of property sufficient to cover debts and court costs for not appearing in court.
writ of summons document ordering a person to appear in court.
wrkd worked
WRY West Riding of Yorkshire (CCC).
Wt. Warrant.
wt. weight.
WV West Virginia
WY Wyoming
WYK West Yorkshire (CCC).
Wyoming Valley 1782-87 Pennsylvania
Xian Christian.
Xing crossing.
XL extra large.
Xmas Christmas.
Xpr Christopher.
y. young, years
y. [1] young; [2] years.
Y. Yeomanry.
Y.& L.R. The York and Lancaster Regiment.
Y.H. The Yorkshire Hussars (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own).
Y.H.A. Youth Hostels Association.
Y.M.C.A. Young Men’s Christian Association.
Y.N.B.R. York Newcastle & Berwick Railway.
Y.N.M.R York & North Midland Railway Company.
Y.W.C.A. Young Women’s Christian Association.
Yakima Indian 1855 Local
yd yard
Yellow Jacket yellow fever
yeo Yeoman
yeoman farmer; freeholder who works a small estate; rank below gentleman.
YKS Yorkshire (CCC).
YM yearly meeting (Quaker)
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
Yorks Yorkshire.
yr. year.
Yrs. Years.
YT "Yukon "
ZAF South Africa
Zeph. Zephaniah (O.T.).
Zéro Zero
ZMB Zambia