1896 Business High School Graduates

Transcriber’s Notes: Mr. Wolf’s address to the students was of an anti-war nature. He described soldiers as the takers of life and a menace to peace. He next compared them to teachers, described as those who build up civilizations and instill a love of humanity. A singular incident was the presentation of a diploma by Commissioner Ross to his son, Lee Ross. Information was taken from the June 16, 1896, edition of the Washington Post (Washington, DC) at Page 11.

Commencement Program:

Presiding Official: Commissioner John R. Ross.
Invocation: Rev. Dr. Wallace Radcliffe.
Address to the Students: Mr. Simon Wolf.
Shepherdess Drill by Ladies of the Graduating Class: Misses Elizabeth Keady, Josephine Hiatt, Grace Kneessi, Lucy Loeffler, Rosann Smith, Grace Cramer, and Laura Fearson.
Reading of Names of Graduates: Principal Allan Davis.
Presentation of Diplomas: Commissioner Ross.
Music: U. S. Marine Band Orchestra.
Opening Number: The newly-composed “Business High School March,” composed by Prof. Fanciulli and played by the Marine Band Orchestra.

Graduating Class of 1896
(List of Ladies):

Minnie Amelia Bruseke
Grace Mabel Cramer
Maude Dexter
Laura Josephine Fearson
Mamie Adlena French
Bessie Elsie Gresham
Mary Helen Helm (Mary Helen Heim?)
Josephine Evangeline Hiatt
Anna Veronica Jones
Marguerite Loretta Keady
Mamie Teresa King
Gracie Alice Kneessi
Bertha Gray Linton
Lucy Hayes Loeffler
Debbie Elizabeth Lukel
Gertrude Corrine Lyddane
Katherine Ellinor Manning
Mabel Martin
Alice Helen McArthur
Helen Christine McGinnell
Adelaide Gracie Miller
Emma Clements Mudd
Margaret Marie O’Gorman
Florence May Parr
Nettie Agnes Payne
Alice Virginia Scrivener
Ida Van Horn Shirley
Irene Florence Shirley
Anna Marion Simonds
Rosann Shaw Smith
Rhoda Thomas
Nettie May Tolson
Ruby Ray Troup
Eva Marie Waugh
Winnifred Mae Will
Annie Yeatman

Graduating Class of 1896
(List of Gentlemen):

Henry Teller Archibald
William St. John Blanchard
Herbert Sydney Bryant
Albert Guy Carpinter
Thomas Reed Clift
William Hayden Collins
Edmund Walker Duvall
Charles Theophilo Felter (Charles Theophilo Pelter?)
Newton Harvey Ferree
Herman Middleton Grimes
Worth Leighton Harper
Melville Ambrose Hays
Frederick Seymour Hazard
Milton Milford Herman
Ellis Hughes
Bernard Raphael Kelly
Arthur Lahue Kitchin
Edgar Morlan Kitchin
William Houston Littlepage
Avon Morse Nevius
Joseph Sidney Parker
George Bassett Pitts
Lee Ross
Joseph Cabell Sheehy
William David Shoemaker
William Aaron Simonds
William Howe Somervell
David Edgar Stephan
Robert Laurence Stone
Henry Edmund Stringer
George Edward Sullivan
William Cleary Sullivan
Henry Randolph Thomas
Joseph Scott Walsmith
Cyrus Wheeler